White Robed Chief Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Tease

Lin Quan answered, "Young Master, do not think too much of it. Second Young Lady may just be feeling slightly closer to Chief Chu after being saved by him so many times, just as you and I."

Xiao Tieying shook his head. "That's not the same... I know how my second sister is. She would not get close to anyone regardless of how many times you save her. Fine, I can't meddle in her affairs anyway!"

At this point, his face had turned gloomy and he was beyond pissed off.

Lin Quan continued to smile without commenting.

Xiao Tieying grit his teeth but sighed in the end. "It's a shame. Back then I should have broken off that engagement with King An and married her to Chu Li."

Lin Quan was speechless.

Xiao Tieying sighed, yet his face darkened.

His sister knew King An was up to no good, yet she still insisted on entering the Imperial Residence. He really was useless as a big brother.

The restlessness in him made him stand up to return to his garden where he proceeded to vent all his negative emotions through his martial arts.

Xiao Shi returned to the Titanium Temple and entered a house where she flopped down lifelessly on a chair. She took off her face veil before lifting her head to look at him. "Lu Yurong won't be that easy to convince."

Her stunning face that was similar to a white jade was emitting a gentle glow, making it very inviting to touch. Her eyes were deep pools which one could easily lose themselves in.

"I'll personally meet with her." Chu Li muttered in a low voice.

He couldn't read Lu Yurong's mind, but after their many encounters, he knew that she was the type where once she had made up her mind, no amount of convincing will make her budge. However, it was worth a try just to test his luck.

"Then I can only wish you good luck." Xiao Shi waved her pale hand. "Remember, you have a limited amount of time to cultivate in the Titanium Temple. Don't waste it."

"I'll be back today." Chu Li nodded and immediately disappeared.

The next moment, he appeared outside of Green Mountain Town in his swaying white robe. He slowly paced towards the entrance of Green Mountain Town and took out his white jade pendant from around his waist to show it to the guard.

The guard took one look at his jade pendant and his eyes lit up. After this, he respectably returned the item.

Once Chu Li entered the town, he promptly called for someone to replace him while he rushed to the Ren Public House as fast as he could.

The sun was setting in the west and Lu Yurong was in a pavilion in the back garden reading a book. She was dressed in a loose white robe with her hair let down whilst looking very bored.

Outside the pavilion, the blooming flowers were tainted red by the setting sun.

Beside her sat two beautiful maids who were feeding her melons with smiles on their face.

A slender-figured maid paced into the pavilion and gently mentioned, "Young lady, Chu Li from the Yi Public House has entered the town."

"Chu Li?" Lu Yurong put down her book, the boredom on her face disappearing in the blink of an eye. She immediately sat up straight. "When?"

"Just a moment ago. When Meng Zhanglin saw the waist pendant, he quickly reported the incident." The slender maid answered.

"How dare he," Lu Yurong slammed the book down and sneered. "How dare he enter my Green Mountain Town? What problem does he have with the High Duke's Public House?"

"Young lady," the slender maid asked, "Do we need to send someone to capture him?"

Lu Yurong snorted. "...Hold it for now. Let's wait and see what he is up to! Such a witty man wouldn't come here just to meet his demise. In any case, there's a high probability that he's coming straight here."

"To see the young lady?" The three maids widened their eyes in shock.

Lu Yurong sneered again. "He wouldn't dare enter the town if it was not for that... Xiao Xing, go wait at the entrance of the house. Call me once he arrives."

"Alright." Xiao Xing, the slender maid responded before swiftly leaving.

Lu Yurong lightly patted her book and fell deep into thought.

The two maids did not utter a word while remaining in their positions to avoid disturbing their master's train of thought.

A moment later, Lu Yurong laughed and slammed the book back onto the table.

She thought about it and figured that Chu Li should have come here for peace talks.

Was he here to ease the tensions caused by the disruption of the engagement? Perhaps to avoid destroying the engagement between the Ren Public House and Imperial Residence of King An altogether?

She snorted. Chu Li was wise, so how could he not realize the true nature of King An?

The reason why she had not acted immediately was because she wanted to watch everything unfold. She wanted to watch their Ren Public House fall into the hands of King An. That would save her a lot of trouble!

If they retaliated and exhausted King An's resources, that would be even better!

Could it be that Chu Li was here to beg her to take action, to cut off ties with King An so that it would save the Ren Public House all the trouble?

No way, Jose!

Xiao Xing rushed back into the garden as gracefully as the wind. When she reached the pavilion she remarked, "Young lady! Young lady! He left an invitation at the house."

After she said this, she handed over the antique-looking, yet elegant invitation.

Lu Yurong gestured for her to open it.

Xiao Xing opened up the invitation.

Lu Yurong skimmed through the contents and snorted. "Treat me to alcohol at Alfresco Inn... Ignore him!"

"Ah? Ignore? Just leave him be?" Xiao Xing was surprised.

"Hmph, so he thinks that he can just come to Green Mountain Town and everything will just fall into place for him?" Lu Yurong continued. "Do not bother with him, just let him wait."

"Won't he start spreading rumors that the young lady is scared and dare not take the invitation?" Xiao Xing was hesitant.

"Let him say whatever he wants. Leave him for a few days, and then we'll see how he reacts." Lu Yurong replied.

All the maids smiled with narrowed eyes. "Right, hurt his pride! Don't let him off easy!"

Chu Li was very hated. He had disrespected the young lady too many times and had caused her anger to flare. He needs to be given a warning and shown his place at Green Mountain Town!

The evening twilight fell upon the town as the inside of Titanium Temple was brightly lit up.

The lamps on the pagoda were ignited and the strong wind blew from outside, avoiding the lamps as they hung undisturbed.

Little Novice Buddhist monks had finished their evening meals and were now fooling around in the yard.

Xiao Shi exited the house and waved her hand. "Little monk, Xu An!"

The Novice Buddhist monks who were playing outside immediately quietened down as their eyes darted over to look at her.

Xiao Shi waved her hand again. "Come over here!"

Xu An ran near toward her. "Almsgiver Siao?"

"Help me to move a chair there." Xiao Shi pointed at the area under the pagoda where they had previously been playing.

"Alright." Xu An responded and moved the chair out of the house.

He was quite strong now despite his small size, so moving a chair didn't require too much effort. He could easily move it to the pagoda.

Xiao Shi sat on the chair and lazily stretched out her body. She took a glance at the Novice Buddhist monks around her and pursed her lips in laughter. "Little monks, I heard that if I remove my veil now, all of you might be able to keep yourselves calm. Well, what do you think?"

The Novice Buddhist monks were proud as they looked at her. "Madam Almsgiver, we have managed to break away from lust! Nothing will happen even if Madam Almsgiver were to remove your veil. We are not afraid."

Xiao Shi laughed softly and looked at Xu An. "Not bad. Weren't you healed of your illness recently? Not in a hurry to cultivate?"

Xu An showed a helpless expression as he frowned. "I'm still not able to cultivate."

"Oh, unable to cultivate even though you're all better? What logic is that?" Xiao Shi laughed.

Xu An sighed. "Teacher said that I have yet to break free from the bonds of this world, which is why it is not yet time for me to cultivate."

"Oh? Then when would that time be?" Xiao Shi asked.

Xu An shook his head and sighed. "Teacher said that patience is key. Patience is key."

"Don't tell me you can only cultivate once you're old?" Xiao Shi pursed her lips into a cheeky smile.

Xu An replied, "Teacher said that I am still a disciple of the Titanium Temple. It is just that my fate with the mortal world has not yet been broken and the right time has yet to come. There is no need to rush, because eventually, I will be able to cultivate the Divine Powers and master the Ten Lifetimes of Dharma."

"Then listen to your teacher." Xiao Shi smiled. "Cultivating isn't all great. It's not fun like it is to play around now. Look at me, I can't cultivate but I'm living the life."

"Almsgiver Siao, you're not living the life," Xu An shook his head.

Xiao Shi snorted, "Nonsense! What about your parents? They were willing to send you to the temple?"

Xu An answered, "I do not have parents."

"It seems like you have been ditched. Poor little monk. I too, am the same. I don't have any parents." Xiao Shi replied.

Xu An curiosity piqued and he asked, "What about Almsgiver Chu?"

"Him..." Xiao Shi shook her head.

"Almsgiver Siao is not living the life because of Almsgiver Chu?" Xu An asked.

Xiao Shi was caught off guard, but she still laughed when she heard this. "Little monk, do you understand the relationship between a man and woman?"

"We have to break free from every living thing." Xu An explained. "Resentment, hatred, separation, and suffering. We need to let everything go."

Xiao Shi laughed. "You're really like an old man!" Little monk, you do not have a mother. Would you like me to be your mother? I don't have a son yet, but I think having one will be interesting."

Xu An widened his eyes. He appeared to be caught off guard and was at a total loss for words.

Xiao Shi laughed.

Xu An immediately shook his head, then turned and ran away.

Xiao Shi snickered as the Novice Buddhist monks looked at her with amazement and a slight envy.

Wouldn't it be great if they had such a beautiful mother?