White Robed Chief Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Success Again

The round mirror flickered in Chu Li's mind as the reflection started to glow.

A golden radiance suddenly shot out from the pagoda, causing the sarira beads around his arm to shimmer with a golden glow. The two gathered above him, concentrating into a ball of light similar to a mirror, before orbiting brilliantly around the back of his head.

The novice Buddhist monks all turned to look.

"He's going to master the divine powers!"

"He's going to succeed with the cultivation of divine powers!"

They chattered in low voices while looking at Chu Li excitedly.

Chu Li's face exuded a powerful solemnness.

Xiao Shi shook his head.

It seemed that he had realized the All-Seeing Divine Power and that the monks of the Titanium Temple had now witnessed and saw this. She wondered what they would think of this and whether or not they would solicit him into the temple.

The golden glow behind his head shrunk and eventually became a stream of light, shooting straight into Chu Li's forehead.

"Holding in all urges to focus the will on the present day!" Chu Li muttered and slowly opened his eyes.

"He succeeded!" the novice Buddhist monks looked at him with eyes gleaming.

Xiao Shi was all smiles as she asked, "Have you mastered it?"

Chu Li smiled back. "Yes!"

The withered old monk that earlier looked like he was about to breathe his last slowly walked over and greeted them with his palms pressed together. "Congratulations, Almsgiver Chu!"

Chu Li returned the greeting with palms pressed together and smiled. "Thank you, Revered Sir!"

The old monk added. "Almsgiver Chu has comprehended the divine power. Your time with destiny has ended. It is time to return."

Chu Li nodded. "Yes, I will leave today."

The old monk nodded and left sluggishly.

Xiao Shi frowned. "They were quick to chase us off! I was thinking of staying here for a few more days."

Chu Li smiled. "Little Revered Xu An?"

Xiao Shi smiled. "That little monk is shy. I proposed being his mother to him, but he's unwilling."

Chu Li started to laugh. "And you're seriously considering it?"

Xiao Shi answered. "This little monk really is pleasing to the eye. It's a shame we're leaving so soon!"

"All good things must come to an end. We'll have to part sooner or later." Chu Li remarked. "Little Revered Xu An is bound to become a Buddha."

Xu An was intelligent beyond his years. His cultivation would undoubtedly guarantee him success in the future.

Xiao Shi curled her lips up into a smile. "Become a Buddha? His teacher hasn't even given him the go-ahead to cultivate. Something about his destiny with the mortal world has not yet ended and that the time to cultivate has yet to arrive."

Chu Li was surprised. "Destiny with the mortal world has not yet ended? It looks like we could still be seeing him."

"I wonder what's his destiny, anyhow." Xiao Shi snorted.

"Well, there's no point in guessing. Let's pack up and leave." Said Chu Li.

Xiao Shi returned to the house and packed her cloth wrap.

The duo pushed the door to the yard open and walked out, leaving the Titanium Temple.

As Xiao Shi walked down the steps, she turned back suddenly, only to see the yard door open and Xu An walk out.

Xiao Shi let out a smile. "Little monk, take care with your cultivation. I'll return to see you if the opportunity arises."

Xu An greeted her with palms together and a serious face. "Almsgiver Siao, live life to the fullest and leave all worries behind!"

"I will!" Xiao Shi smiled as she waved goodbye.

After this, Chu Li grabbed a hold of Xiao Shi's wrist and, in a flash, they were gone.

Xu An quietly stood in front of the yard door, watching on.

Soon after, he turned and entered the courtyard, slowly closing the door of the temple behind him.

He returned to his room and took out a piece of cloth wear from under the book cabinet. He took out six of the garments, three middle wear and three cowls, all of which were crafted very detailed.

After gazing at them for a while, he rubbed the material between his fingers and put them away with the utmost care. Then, he fastened the wrap and placed it back under the book cabinet.

The Imperial Residence of King An was well lit, making it seem as bright as day.

The emancipated old man, Ding Jian crept toward the den and lowered his voice. "Your Highness, the man has been found."

The den was brightly lit by lamps but the courtyard was not, allowing Ding Jian to remain hidden in the dark.

"Oh? When did he arrive?" King An pushed the windows open and revealed his handsome face.

"Moments ago. He is now in an obscure courtyard." Ding Jian answered.

King An thought for a while before ordering, "Bring him over."

"At once." Ding Jian nodded, to which King An quickly added, "Make sure nobody else knows about this!"

"Do not worry, Your Highness. I handled this matter myself. No one else knows." Exclaimed Ding Jian.

"That better be the case. Go." King An lifted his chin and barked.

Ding Jian closed fist saluted and excused himself.

After this, King An shut the window and sat in the den as he laid deep in thought.

Not far from him stood a fat Xiao Monk who seemed to have an honest and good nature. He was none other than Xu Ning from the Titanium Temple.

King An explained, "Revered one, the person that I had been looking for is a fortune teller. He's quite accurate and can peer into the future."

Xu Ning asked, "Why does Your Highness seek such a person?"

King An shook his head. "I'm still not a hundred percent sure on whether or not to marry second young Lady Xiao."

"Master senior, Kong Jing would not lie." Xu Ning shook his head.

King An frowned. "I'm not doubting Revered Kong Jing, but one can't make decisions based on just one source. This is my personal practice."

Xu Ning maintained his composure and remarked, "This fortune teller must have divine powers."

King An smiled. "An oddball among the people. He's able to tell Yin from Yang, the good from the bad. He's quite reputable."

Xu Ning shook his head slowly. "Unless he mastered Eye of the Sky's Connection Otherwise to see through fate itself is just..."

King An smiled. "Not necessarily. Buddhism may have Eye of the Sky's Connection, but when it comes to looking for one's destiny and determining their luck, Taoism is the expert."

"Amitabha..." Xu Ning chanted and took a step back without saying any more.

King An smiled until his eyes were narrow. He wasn't bothered.

It wasn't long before Ding Jian led a man in a black robe into the courtyard where the den was.

Entering the courtyard, Ding Jian assisted him in removing his black robe, only to reveal a green Taoist robe underneath.

This middle-aged man had a clear complexion and a thick beard parted into three sections on his chin. He had a lean face and held a feather fan, which he lightly flicked a couple of times. He carried himself with a divine demeanor, as though detaching himself from the mortal world.

"Your Highness, Mister Yuan has arrived!" Ding Jian softly announced.

"Have Mister Yuan come in for a talk." King An's voice was heard from inside.

Ding Yuan smiled and gestured. "Please, Mister Yuan."

Mister Yuan closed fist saluted. Then, he strode naturally and elegantly into the den.

King An sat behind a huge desk and stared at him quietly. His gaze was profound as though it could see through one's desire.

After Mister Yuan entered the room, he gestured by closed fist saluting before greeting him humbly, "Your Highness."

King An spoke in a low voice. "Mister Yuan, I've been looking forward to meeting you. Please, come over and help me check my luck."

Mister Yuan's gaze swept through the room. Apart from a Xiao Monk who stood in attendance, there was no one else around.

Mister Yuan smiled as he close fist saluted, "I am lacking in knowledge and skill and with an honorable presence such as Your Highness, I'm afraid I may not be up to this task."

He carried himself with ease and spoke with an open heart.

King An flung his arm wide in laughter. ""Hehehe... How polite of Mister Yuan. I am a curious being and am interested in such things to see if luck genuinely can be read, and if so, how accurately it can be done. Recently, a great master had examined my future wife, after which I was told that she has the face of the future Empress. I don't quite believe it."

Thus, Mister Yuan sized up King An but remained silent as he did so.

"What do you see?" King An asked.

"Your Highness, your romance star is aligned. It really signifies an upcoming wedding." Mister Yuan muttered, "However..."

"Mister Yuan, please don't hold back. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, I will not blame you." King An smiled.

Fortune tellers commonly used blasphemy to mess with one's minds, something King An was well aware of.

Mister Yuan sighed. "Your Highness, it's best if I hold my tongue."

"Don't tell me there will be bloodshed in my fortune?" King An frowned.

Mister Yuan replied, "If you believe my fortune telling, then it would not be suitable for Your Highness to get married."

"Oh?" King An sat upright and leaned forward. He smiled as he beckoned for the man to continue. "Do tell!"

Mister Yuan sighed. "It is better for Your Highness and this lady to avoid contact."

"Why is that?" King An fixed his gaze on him, always as if silently demanding an explanation.

Mister Yuan explained, "Her lifeline is too tough, Your Highness may..."

He shook his head while explaining but did not say any more.