White Robed Chief Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Stratagem

After a moment, King An said in a deep voice, "The words of Mister Yuan cannot be trusted. However, there is some truth to them."

Xu Ning took one step back and did not say any more.

King An leaned on the spacious desk and smiled coldly with his sunken face. "We can't kill Second Lady Xiao, but that Chu Li fellow cannot be spared!"

Chu Li had ruined his plans one too many times. If he was left alone, then he would continue to rain on King An's parade.

Such a person needed to be removed from Xiao Shi's presence as soon as possible or risk causing them trouble when they enter the Imperial Residence.

Once King An thought of this, he called out, "Meng Zhi."

A low voice was heard from outside the courtyard. "Yes! I'm here."

King An ordered, "Have Yue Jintao kill Chu Li. He is the one coined Duan Lidao, right? What a fitting name, perfect for the one who will end Chu Li."

After he said this, he heard a cough from outside.

"Why are you still here?" King An snorted.

Meng Zhi explained from the courtyard, "Your Highness, Duan Lidao agreed to handle one task for Your Highness to return a favor. Using him for small fry like Chu Li..."

King An coldly responded, "I want him to handle this! Tell them that Chu Li's Light-body Technique is impressive. He will flee if he's unable to win. If he wants to prevent him from fleeing, then he better dispatch him in one hit. Actually, he could also target the people that Chu Li care deeply for."

"Could Your Highness explain further?" Meng Zhi requested.

King An replied, "Doesn't Chu Li care greatly for that Leisure Cloud Pub? That little maid of his too. Have Yue Jintao kill a few tenants of the Leisure Cloud Pub or murder that little maid. If he does that, then I'm sure Chu Li will present himself without trying to flee."

Meng Zhi nodded. "Yes, thank you, Your Highness. I shall leave now."

King An snorted. "Right. Anyway, how is the progress on our little plan to instigate a rebellion in the Ren Public House?"

Meng Zhi was hesitant and did not reply immediately.

"What? Things aren't going smoothly?" King An coldly asked.

Meng Zhi lowered his head helplessly. "It is due to my inability."

King An frowned. "What's going on?" You have successfully carried out your mission many times before. What happened this time?"

Meng Zhi sighed. "Your Highness, Glory Hill's Courtyard of Ren Public House is simply too influential. The guards of the residence revere it too much and wouldn't dare comply with your demands. It was pointless trying to bribe them with silver or threaten their families."

King An growled coldly. "Glory Hill's Courtyard... Is Chu Li the chief of Glory Hill's Courtyard?"

Meng Zhi nodded. "Indeed. Glory Hill's Courtyard investigate every crime committed against them. Even a Grandmaster was dissolved of his cultivation and chased out of the House when he wronged them. The people of Ren Public House firmly believe that becoming an informant to an enemy would not escape the prying eyes of Glory Hill's Courtyard."

King An smiled coldly. "Damn you, Chu Li! What a talent it's a shame I can't use him for my own purposes. It's really best to just kill him! Go now!"

"Yes!" Meng Zhi shouted as he disappeared into the darkness.

King An turned to fix his gaze on Xu Ning.

Xu Ning remained still as though he heard nothing.

Mister Yuan wore a black robe and left the Imperial Residence together with Ding Jian which the intention to return to a small courtyard not far away from the Imperial Residence.

The small courtyard was in a corner of Fairy's Capital. It was a regular house, not eye-catching in the slightest.

Ding Jian escorted him to the entrance of the courtyard before lowering his voice. "Mister Yuan, there are guards outside. Do call if you need anything. However, it's best if Mister Yuan does not leave the house in fear of someone recognizing you and causing unwelcome trouble for His Highness."

Mister Yuan smiled as he closed fist saluted. "I understand. I will not trouble you, Brother Ding."

A smile appeared on Ding Jian's skinny face. "Hahaha, very well. "If you need anything, please inform the guards. They will forward the news to me and I will personally attend to it."

"Thank you in advance, Brother Ding."

"It's no problem. We will also be troubling Mister Yuan for more of your guidance in the future." Ding Jian's smile became wider as he bowed.

"Let's take care of each other, then." Mister Yuan closed fist saluted.

Once Ding Jian left, Mister Yuan slowly entered the courtyard.

He sat at the stone table while gazing up at the bright moon. Then, he let out a long sigh.

He wondered if the moon back home was shining this brightly. What were his son and spouse doing? Have they gone to sleep yet and, if so, did they remember him in their dreams?

He sighed dejectedly as the face of his son and wife filled his mind.

He was on edge every single day he was in the Ji Dynasty. To think, this situation had to continue for three more years!

He stared blankly at the bright moon for a little longer before retreating into the house. He was about to light the lamp when suddenly, his face changed and he yelled at a shadow in the dark.

"Mister Yuan, light the lamp." A calm voice was heard.

"Who are you?" Mister Yuan frowned.

Judging by the voice, the person was on the bed. However, he had never heard this voice before.

"You'll know once you light the lamp."

Mister Yuan lit the lamp and immediately saw a young man sitting on the couch. He looked very spirited and somewhat heroic.

"I am Chu Li." Chu Li closed fist saluted.

Mister Yuan was surprised. "You are Chu Li?"

Chu Li nodded. "It seems that Mister Yuan knows who I am. It is an honor."

"Is there any reason why Mister Chu is here?" Mister Yuan's voice deepened as he asked.

He knew that Chu Li's Light-body Technique was superb, but he didn't think it was at the level where the guards of the Imperial Residence were not even obstacles to him.

Chu Li responded, "I heard the conversation you had with King An."

Mister Yuan's face changed.

This statement meant that nobody knew Chu Li had secretly snuck into the Imperial Residence. His Light-body Technique was truly impressive.

Furthermore, there was the horrifying discovery that if he could sneak into the Imperial Residence of the Ji Dynasty, then he could do the same to the Imperial Residence of the Li Dynasty. He was a dangerous person.

Chu Li asked, "Does Mister Chu wish to kill me?"

Mister Yuan's heart sank and he was somewhat in awe, but he maintained a dull tone as he spoke. "I quite surprised. I wasn't aware that Mister Chu's Light-body Technique was at this level."

Chu Li smiled, then he asked, "Mister Yuan is a top fortune teller. Could you read my fortune?"

Mister Yuan sized him up before frowning.

Chu Li raised his eyebrow and prodded the man, "Is there anything wrong with my facial features?"

Mister Yuan shook his head. "Your facial features are good. A life of smooth sailing and achieving dreams awaits you."

Chu Li broke out into laughter. "How can my life be so good?"

Mister Yuan did not answer this as he nodded and continued, "But this lifeline is peculiar. I can't read it."

Chu Li asked, "Which faction are you from?"

Mister Yuan shook his head. "Haha, I had been an apprentice of a wandering Taoist Monk since young. He did not belong to any factions or sects, he was just a rustic man."

He sat at the table and started to relax.

Chu Li's eyes sparkled with admiration as he continued, "How rare. What about your family?"

Mister Yuan expression was full of sorrow and he shook his head. "They are no longer around and I am doomed to journey through the earth alone."

After hearing this, Chu Li perked up. "Oh? That's not right. Mister Yuan's family, although not physically around, is very much alive!"

"How so?" Mister Yuan smiled.

Chu Li grinned. "Your name is Yuan Kuohai, right?"

Mister Yuan's smile disappeared.

This was his original name. The name he went by in the Li Dynasty. He never once used it in the Ji Dynasty.

He fixed his gaze on Chu Li and acted confused. "Yuan Kuohai? That doesn't ring a bell. Where did you hear this name?"

Chu Li kept his eyes locked on the man as he continued on cheerily. "There is an expert fortune teller in the Li Dynasty, and I believe that you are that man."

"Has Mister Chu been to the Li Dynasty?" Yuan Kuohai flatly asked.

Chu Li shook his head. "I've never been there."

"Then how did you know of Yuan Kuohai?"

Chu Li smiled. "I've heard of the great name. The Li Dynasty did much to accumulate information surrounding the Ji Dynasty so naturally, the Ji Dynasty did the same. I can't believe that this famous individual is now selling his soul to the Imperial Court!"

Yuan Kuohai unenthusiastically responded, "I do not understand a word you're saying."

Chu Li sighed. "You must've been threatened with the life of your family. Let me ask you, if your family was here, would Mister Yuan still be working to the bone for the Li Dynasty?"

"I am a rustic man. What the Li Dynasty or the Ji Dynasty do is unrelated to me!" Yuan Kuohai exclaimed.

Chu Li slowly nodded. "If that's the case, then I will fulfill Mister Yuan's wishes! Do you have any belongings from your spouse or child? Some of their hair would be best."

Yuan Kuohai shook his head and refused to give in. "I do not understand what you're saying!"

"I'm sorry for that, then." After this Chu Li pointed at the man with his finger.

Yuan Kuohai was stunned.

Chu Li sealed his martial arts to escape the notice of others before taking out an envelope. Inside the envelope was a tuft of hair.

Chu Li sat on the couch and intertwined the lock of hair on the tip of his finger before circulating the All-Seeing Divine Power.

A moment later, he vanished into thin air.

Yuan Kuohai's eyes nearly popped out of his head.