White Robed Chief Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Manipulation

After enjoying a pot of tea, Yuan Kuohai looked up to see Chu Li appear from the skies whilst holding a letter in his hand. He undid the seal in midair with one finger and delivered the letter. "Is it from the madam?"

Yuan Kuohai was skeptical as he received the letter, taking a sweeping glance at it out of sheer curiosity. His expression changed slightly when his eyes actually fell on it.

He would obviously recognize his own madam's handwriting.

The two of them had agreed on a secret code beforehand. With this, only the two of them would be able to decipher its contents.

This was indeed a letter handwritten by his madam!

Chu Li spoke, "If you wish to free yourself from the Li Dynasty's control, then I can immediately take you and the madam away from here."

Yuan Kuohai went through the letter before heaving a long sigh and shaking his head.

Chu Li continued. "You know who I am."

Yuan Kuohai put the letter away and kept it close to his body.

Chu Li said, "Do you think that the Li Dynasty will be unable to find ways to assassinate you just because you are hiding in the High Duke's Public House?"

Yuan Kuohai thought for a moment and then shook his head.

He was the head of spies in the Ji Dynasty under the Li Dynasty's orders. He had personally dispatched informants to various public houses and imperial residences on their behalf whereby everything he had orchestrated thus far had gone smoothly. Now, only the Yi Public House remained as all of the spies had been cast out of the house. None of them learned anything valuable.

He was fearful, yet he did not report this to the higher-ups. He still had twelve Houses of High Duke and eight imperial residences in the palm of his hand. Furthermore, with the Yi Public House's decline in power, there was no need for him to concern himself with it.

Chu Li looked at Yuan Kuohai's calm demeanor and his respect for the man deepened.

This man was the real deal. He was skilled in methods of espionage, manipulated the minds of men, and managed his henchmen well all of which managed to execute their tasks swiftly and precisely. He was truly a top-notch mastermind.

Chu Li just couldn't let such a talented individual be. Moreover, as long as his wife was within their grasps, then Yuan Kuohai could be controlled.

Chu Li had Omniscient Mirror ready, so he could peek into Yuan Kuohai's thoughts at any time. As such, he was unafraid of this man trying any tricks.

Chu Li spoke, "Once your wife enters the High Duke's Public House, you will no longer need to fret over her safety."

Yuan Kuohai replied sternly, "What do you want me to do?"

When offered the choice of working with the princess of the Li Dynasty or with Chu Li, the clear choice would be to work princess. Although he despised her to the core, logically speaking, it was best to just bow down and devote his loyalty to her.

But Chu Li's use of divine power from a moment ago surprised him, and because of this, he didn't dare reject him.

With such divine power, it would be easy for him to murder his wife. One wrong word could end her life.

Chu Li said, "You don't need to betray the Li Dynasty. You only need to do me one favor."

"What would that be?" Yuan Kuohai stared at him warily.

Chu Li replied, "Have the people from the Imperial Residence of King An plant a type of herb. This type of herb is not poisonous and non-fatal. It will only cause people to become slightly euphoric. Basically, it gets them high."

Yuan Kuohai was not so easily fooled and asked again, "Are you sure it is not fatal?"

Chu Li sighed. "King An is a Grandmaster. Do you think that poison will even affect him?"

"If I agree to this, then will we part ways as strangers?" Yuan Kuohai replied sternly.

Chu Li grinned. "Mister Yuan, do you believe that you can hide anything from King An?"

"What do you mean?" Yuan Kuohai asked.

"Have you seen the small monk by King An's side?"

"I have."

"Do you know of his identity?"


Chu Li heaved a loud sigh. "He is Xu Ning of the Titanium Temple. He has the ability to read the minds of others."

Yuan Kuohai's expression became gloomy.

Chu Li chuckled as he continued, "You have been vigilant throughout your entire life, to think that you were careless in such an important matter. Why would you be so dumb as to underestimate the Ji Dynasty and King An?"

"How could this be?" Yuan Kuohai's brows furrowed in distress.

He would never have been this daring if he knew this small monk's identity. Initially, he wanted to see this King An for himself so that he could potentially make use of him in the future. He was too greedy for his own good!

He had indeed looked down on the Ji Dynasty.

Having entered the Ji Dynasty over two years ago, he had observed that most people were over-indulgent and pursued their own selfish desires. They were divided and susceptible to an attack it would take just a single attack from the Li Dynasty for all these decadent men to fall to ruin.

This overly arrogant view led him to try something particularly daring, which was to personally meet King An and advise him to continue his efforts against the Houses of High Duke.

To think that the inconspicuous idiot monk was in fact a divine journeyman from the Titanium Temple who possessed mind reading divine powers!

Chu Li stood up from the wooden couch. "If you don't believe me, then you can go see for yourself. I shall first take my leave!"

"Hold on!" Yuan Kuohai said urgently.

Chu Lu turned his head towards him "Did you change your mind?"

Yuan Kuohai bit his bottom lip and spoke sincerely, "Please save me, Sir Chu."

Chu Li nodded. "I can save you, but if you are unwilling to accept some brutal truths and began to doubt the authenticity of my words, then it would be best for you to seek proof for yourself right now."

"There's no need for that." Yuan Kuohai quickly replied.

As the head of espionage, it was very important for him to be decisive.

Besides if he was doubtful, he could always just ask for proof after he escapes. He didn't need to put himself in harm's way.

He begged urgently, "Please save me, Sir Chu!"

Chu Li huffed lightly, then grinned from ear to ear as he stared at him. "Then your life now belongs to me. Hand me a few strands of your hair."

Yuan Kuohai plucked out a few strands of his hair and passed them to Chu Li.

Chu Li took them and said, "With this, it doesn't matter where you are, I merely have to think of your name to be able to track you down. Do you know what sort of divine power this is?"

Yuan Kuohai smiled bitterly. "All-Seeing Divine Power. Are you perhaps someone from the Titanium Temple as well?"

"Though not a follower of the Titanium Temple, I have my own sources. "Otherwise, I wouldn't have known about Xu Ning's divine power." Chu Li smiled as he said.

"I, Yuan Kuohai, am willing to serve your every need!" Yuan Kuohai said with a fist salute.

He sighed inwardly, even though this man was not to the princess, he could only humble himself to serve. The life of his family rested in his hands. Besides, if he entered the High Duke's Public House, not even the princess could do anything to him.

Chu Li said, "You need not betray the Li Dynasty."

Yuan Kuohai eyes widened as he thought he misheard.

Chu Li continued, "Whatever it is that you must do, do while pretending that you do not know me. Once in a while, I will visit you for information. All I want you to do is relay the information truthfully. I would consider that a big help!"

"Very well!" Yuan Kuohai nodded sternly.

Chu Li grabbed him by his arm and suddenly disappeared from the house.

Moments later, the two reappeared outside Fairy's Capital.

Yuan Kuohai gazed at the vibrant city lake under the moonlight and tried to suppress his astonishment. This man wasn't using his Light-body Technique, but rather was using divine power!

Chu Li began speaking, "As a Grandmaster yourself, it won't be difficult for you to escape. As such, let us part ways!"

"You have my utmost gratitude for your kindness!" Yuan Kuohai said with a fist salute.

"We're only helping each other here, so there is no need for gratitude. I will deliver the seeds to you another time." Chu Li replied.

"All right," Yuan Kuohai nodded solemnly.

Chu Li waved his hand and instantly disappeared before his very eyes.

In the next moment, he reappeared in his small courtyard located in the High Duke's Public House.

Ever since mastering Divine Footwork, Chu Li had made a trip to the Imperial Residence of King An everyday to ensure that he would have all the intel he needed to guarantee his victory.

King An had Xu Ning by his side and Xu Ning always carried sarira Buddha beads with him. So, although he couldn't read King An's thoughts, he could still eavesdrop on his words.

If someone else had tried to do this, then Xu Ning would have been able to sense their presence the second they got close. However, by carrying sarira Buddha beads himself, Chu Li managed to dull Xu Ning's senses, hence he could enter and exit as he pleased.

The wounds King An had suffered were still there, but they were much more severe than before. If the cure for the Nine Days Mystical Goddess was left unfound, then it didn't matter how many types of spirit medicines could be found in the forbidden palace grounds, nothing could be done to heal him.

This made Chu Li shiver. He reminded himself to be cautious around Lu Yurong as it would take everything he had just to go against her. It was definitely best to avoid fighting her.

Chu Li didn't have the intention of killing King An himself at the moment. He decided not to act until the decisive moment came. If he were to act rashly, then he would be sacrificing his own life in order to take King An's.

Furthermore, with Divine Footwork, he could take Xiao Shi with him to escape from any dangers at any given time. This was all the more reason not to needlessly sacrifice himself.