White Robed Chief Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Concocted Poison

Gu Yue was taken aback, retreated around ten meters back.

Chu Li stared at him coldly, "Does Prince An's tyranny know no bounds?"

Gu Yue shook his head, "You only have your overpowered self to blame, to had foiled His Majesty's plan for three times, it would have been the same if it was someone else, ...from my understanding, Chief Chu, for the sake of the princess, for the Yi House of Duke, it's best that you surrender yourself!"

"Surrender?" Chu Li calmly replied, "Surrendering meant satisfying Prince An?"

"Hoho, this is fate!" Gu Yue shook his head and sighed, "Think about it, no matter how much more capable you can be, can you triumph over His Majesty? If His Majesty brings death upon you, why can't you just die?"

"Why not?" Chu Li said.

Gu Yue hollered, "Your mastery of the martial arts is strong, impressive levitation, you could just run for your life if you face an enemy you can't defeat, escape from all the troubles that comes your way, but what of the princess? Because of you, the princess will surely be trapped in isolation."

"She is not one to fear of isolation from Prince An." Chu Li said.

Gu Yue said, "Chief Chu, you are mistaken, what women would not fear of isolation? One look on you and I could tell, you had not experienced marital matters between men and women, ...sigh, as you had not been married before, you wouldn't know any better of the bonds between two people, the struggles of acceptance of differences from each other, how they wouldn't hold a grudge against the other for too long, you're an outsider after all, you will bring burden upon the princess."

"Then there's no need of you to fret for her sake!" Chu Li hollered.

Gu Yue shook his head, his words weighed in sincere concerns, similar to a wise, honest elder contemplated for his sake, "You're still young, though you're capable, you do not yet understand the issues which burdened the world, if you're on your own however, then everything will be settled, Lord An wouldn't seek to make your life difficult, as you still have friends at your side, people loyal to you, surely you can't cast their lives aside?"

Chu Li's expression fell to a gloom.

Gu Yue smiled as he replied, "I heard that you were born from the Temple of Autumn?"

Chu Li coldly stared at him.

The Temple of Autumn had no need to fear of anyone, with formation set in place, no grandmasters will ever find its location.

Gu Yue worn a woeful look, "How unfortunate for the Temple of Autumn, I'm afraid that the entire temple grounds will turn into rubble, but since journeying monks transcends beyond death, there would be no need for sorrow, right?"

"Prince An dares to commit such acts?" Chu Li said.

Gu Yue said, "Why wouldn't His Highness dare to? It's only but a mere temple, not like it's the Temple of Tempest, so why wouldn't it be susceptible for annihilation?"

"Prince An must have annihilated many temples then?" Chu Li huffed.

Gu Yue shook his head in reply, "As none had crossed him or to act vengeance upon, for what reasons to annihilate temples!"

He suddenly became alert, faintly felt that Chu Li wasn't taking his words seriously, and played along with him.

He looked down towards his wound, as blood continued to spill still, his expression changed, "There's poison in the blade?'

Chu Li chuckled, "Many had said that grandmasters do not fear poison, I would like to test that out."

The inner energy of grandmasters were pure, it would be an ease to expel poison, along with a sense of awareness in their minds, they're sensitive to nearby poison. But once poisoned, there would be little to nothing a grandmaster could do against it.

He had coated Ashitaba leaf juice on his knife prior.

This Ashitaba leaf contained no poison, under normal circumstances it would cause no harm upon consumption, with only one side effect, it prevents blood coagulation.

With one cut, the wound itself will continue to spill blood.

He became more and more familiar with spirit herbs, and thus he thought of applying this advantage of his, with no time to mold it into a pill, he then drew a pattern onto the flying blade itself.

The moment the flying blade soared, it would be the crucial opportunity for a kill, in order to kill his opponent no matter what, it would be a shame to not apply poison.

Against the poison of Ashitaba, it won't alert a grandmaster's senses, easy to miss, but upon realization, blood had already spilled into a pool.

A grandmaster was still human after all, the more blood had been spilled, the weaker the body becomes.

After chatting with Gu Yue for so long, captured his attention, there was already a huge pool of blood formed on the ground.

Chu Li slowly said, "Do you feel strength leaving you?"

"I wouldn't have imagined that you're this despicable!" Gu Yue huffed.

Chu Li said, "Not as much as Senior Gu!"

Gu Yue laughed coldly, "You think you can kill me?"

"Doesn't hurt to try, right?" Chu Li said, "Do you feel more and more dazed, wanting to fall to slumber?"

The blood spilled from Gu Yue hadn't been that much in reality, it had not reached the state of dazed.

Gu Yue's face fell to gloom.

Triggered his inner energy to flow throughout his entire body, after one cycle, only the wound itself laid a faint invisible power.

This was the source of the non-stop blood flow, he sent a surge of inner energy towards it, fresh blood instantly flooded his left shoulder, expelled the Ashitaba poison effect.

He spilled yet another pool of blood, quickly pressed on vital meridians.

"Schring!" A beam of light flashed.

Gu Yue already predicted as such, the moment Chu Li disappeared, he then turned his attention to his back, yet didn't expect that Chu Li reappeared at his side, in one slash, his left shoulder suffered another wound.

Before his initial wound recovered, another had been added, Gu Yue thought of retreat at this moment.

He huffed, "You who is named Chu, His Highness will dispatch more people, you will never escape!"

He dashed away before he finished what he had to say, his speed was high.

His levitation was also above all, fully unleashed it at this moment.

Chu Li shook his head, appeared behind Gu Yue out of nowhere, as if sticking close to him, another blade flew out.

"Schring!" The flying blade shot out, Gu Yue shifted himself half a meter, vigorously shot out palm energy.

The palm energy couldn't block the flying blade, another hit landed on his right shoulder.

"You who is named Chu, do you wish to spare the lives of all the women in Leisure Cloud Pub!?" Gu Yue shouted frantically.

He didn't think that it would that Chu Li would be this stubborn in chasing him.

Levitation which could send people into despair paired with deadly flying blades, with each blade hungered for blood.

Chu Li narrowed his brows, disappeared in a flash, another flying blade shot out.

Gu Yue gave his all into attempting to dodge Chu Li's attacks, yet unable to avoid any, another slash to his right shoulder, shouted frantically, "If I were to die, then all of them will not live for long!"

Chu Li coldly replied, "Against the people in Leisure Cloud Pub? Is it Ding Jian?"

Gu Yue replied, "Not bad, he had already held all of the women in Leisure Cloud Pub, if I do not return, he will begin killing them!"

"Where did he take them to?" Chu Li hollered sternly.

Gu Yue laughed aloud, "Do you think that I would tell you?"

Chu Li said, "Then you will die!"

"You who is named Chu, you have forced me to do this!" Gu Yue's face raged in a red hue, aura surrounding his body rose sharply.

His body seemed to had expanded one fold, the blood flowed from his wounds instantly sealed shut, as if he transformed into a giant beast, his eyes gleamed as would the lunar crescent, his strength grew immense, stared at Chu Li with a cold grin, "To had forced me to use this, you shall die!"

He reappeared behind Chu Li in a blink of an eye, stretched out his palm.

The surging palm energy struk like raging waves onto Chu Li.

Chu Li disappeared in that instant.

Gu Yue's body tightened in anticipation, waiting for Chu Li's sudden appearance.

Chu Li never reappeared in the end.

The secret technique unleashed to its full potential by Gu Yue, his strength multiplied, as he thought of killing Chu Li, before he could finish him, Chu Li disappeared.

One instance of using this secret technique required of burning ten years of his life!

As he thought about this, hatred and rage filled his mind, figured out in an instant where Chu Li was headed Leisure Cloud Pub.

He chuckled emptily to himself.

Now it would be too late to reach Leisure Cloud Pub, Ding Jian had them in his grasps early on, already round them all up outside the city's woods, awaiting his return.

The moment the secret technique was unleashed, it would last for two hours, through combining efforts with Ding Jian, they will guarantee kill Chu Li!

Chu Li looked at Gu Yue unleashed a secret technique, knowingly didn't take his opponent lightly.

The moment a grandmaster's secret technique was unleashed, their powers were not to be trifled with, it was wise of him to escape.

He saw Ding Jian's whereabouts within Gu Yue's mind.

His suddenly reappeared in the woods outside Chong Ming Town, spotted Ding Jian in his mind.

Two beautiful maidens laid below Ding Jian's feet, they were servants from Leisure Cloud Pub, one of them was Chen Xue, the other was Deng Xin.

The two stared appalled at Ding Jian, their acupoints sealed from movement.

A long blade held in Ding Jian's hand, slowly approached the two women, snow bright knife swayed before their faces, about to cut their faces.