White Robed Chief Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Elimination

"Hehe, young maiden, it is a sin to be this pretty, you know that?" A crooked smile crept up to Ding Jian's gaunt face, "As allure reaps the wealth and riches of men, all of you delicate beauties, had always caused chaos across the lands, so many had perished because of this!"

Chen Xue and Deng Xin laid on the ground without even a flinch, only their eyes and lips could move freely.

Chen Xue and Deng Xin stared at him appallingly, especially his smile.

Not a single word came from Deng Xin, Chen Xue fidgeted with her lips, struggled to speak, "Senior, you... you better rethink about this!"

"Hehe, you're quite daring, young maiden!" Ding Jian gleamed in his eyes, stopped just before her delicate nose, "Your nose has such flair to it, incredibly beautiful, surely more than half of your allure came from it alone!"

"I'm sure you knew that my house's master is incredibly powerful, otherwise you wouldn't have employed such lowly schemes!"

"Chu Li?" Ding Jian shook his head and replied, "He is currently in peril himself!"

"Don't you feel that your words were odd, senior?" Chen Xue grew less and less nervous from all this, replied, "If my house's master is truly in peril, then why do you need to keep us tied up?"

"Such intelligent little brat!" Ding Jian grinned ear to ear as he said, "I always fancied smart women, especially those who lose their nose, I'm sure you won't speak with such clarity once it's gone, care to give it a go?"

The long knife rested upon her cheeks, as if the chill of the blade was about to freeze her body in place, her teeth couldn't help but wanting to clatter, yet she held back the urge, quietly looked at him, "You have no family, don't you senior?"

Ding Jian furrowed his brows and looked at her, "What do you mean? You even try to threaten me, seems I have to give you a stronger taste of what's to come!"

His long knife pressed against her cheek, slowly digged into Chen Xue's delicate nose.

Chen Xue held back the terror within her, continued to reply, "If you have your own family, senior, then my house's master shall return the favor tenfold, you can be sure that I'm not joking about this matter, I ask of you to rethink carefully about this!"

"Returning the favor tenfold?" Ding Jian stopped pressing his knife, laughed sarcastically, "You can tell me more about it if you survive!"

"If you're truly able to kill my house's master, then you wouldn't have captured us in the first place." Chen Xue said, "However, if you release us, perhaps my house's master will even show his gratitude, and show you mercy!"

"Show me mercy?" It was as if Ding Jian heard a hilarious joke, and howled in laughter, "Why would I need him to show me mercy?"

He shook his head and sighed, "Unfortunately for you, you're a smart one I'll give you that, disfiguring you will enrage Chu Li, his levitation is strong, I fear of him myself, as long as he is clouded in rage however, then there will be nothing to fear, he will guarantee to die!"

"And what if my house's master could still escape?" Chen Xue shook her head, "Then your family will need to take great caution! ... I have said all there's need to be said, I ask of you to reconsider, senior!"

The long knife stopped just short of the edge of the nose, a knife piercing sensation crawled to her mind.

She couldn't be sure whether or not the knife had cut through.

Ding Jian held her long knife, uncertainty clouded the eyes upon his gaunt face.

He knew that Chu Li was impressive, hence his joint forces with Gu Yue, even took advantage of the opportunity when Chu Li and Yue Jintao clashed.

These were the efforts behind scheming against an overpowered enemy, with the utmost precautions and careful planning.

Even so, a liver of doubt remained in his mind.

Chu Li's levitation was too incredible, if somehow he escaped, then it will truly be unfortunate for him.

With the thriving wealth of his family, his body at prime health, otherwise he wouldn't had to rely upon Prince An, at such an old age, plus as an extraordinary grandmaster, why did he need to bear this sin, to suffer as such?

Chen Xue bit her lip, not another word came from her.

"Impressive young maiden you are!" Ding Jian observed her, shook his head and replied, "A shame that you can train in the ways of the martial arts, otherwise you would've been a famed character! ...Shame! Shame! Even if I was to let you two go, Chu Li may not in return."

"That's a definite for you!" Chu Li suddenly appeared between the two women, another flash, and the three of them vanished.

Ding Jian huffed aloud, "Chu Li!"

His huff resounding as thunder, sent all the birds within the woods to soar to the skies in panic.

"Chu Li!" Ding Jian bellowed.

The figures of the three were not to be seen.

Ding Jian assumed the worst, this was what he feared the most!

Chu Li reappeared in the Chu residence in Chong Ming Town in the next instant, set the two women near the stone table in the small pavilion, "Rest well, I will first go and take care of them!"

Chen Xue frantically replied, "Be careful, master!"

Chu Li nodded with a smile, patted the shoulders of the two maidens, undid their acupoint seals, then vanished in an instant.

Chen Xue heaved a sigh of relief, and melted next to the stone table.

Deng Xin also laid herself melted on the table, not a single ounce of strength left in her.

"Sister Chen, you're so incredible." Deng Xin shook her head as she said.

She beared the appearance of someone skilled and cunning, sharp in her senses, a person with an iron will.

But upon encountering Ding Jian with his creepy gaze, his body went limp, mind became blank, her usual dauntless and unwavering nature was nowhere to be seen.

Chen Xue however was always sluggish in nature, her personality soft hearted, to think that in a critical moment, she managed to remain calm and daring.

Little did they knew that Chu Li was watching at the side, wanted to see how they would fair in that situation.

Chen Xue rested against the table and waved her hand, smiled bitterly as she said, "My nerves were wrecked till I felt pain in my stomach, my legs almost gave out to a cramp."

"Sister Chen, I think we should practice martial arts." Deng Xin hollered, "We can't always rely on our master to save us!"

"Yeah..." Chen Xue hollered, "I envy our sister so much!"

"After Sister Chen Ying entered Tai Hua Valley, it is said that she will definitely become a grandmaster one day." Envy filled Deng Xin's gaze as well, "By that time, she could then be of help to our master!"

"Life in the martial arts is a tough one, our master does not wish of us to go through such burdens."

"Better to suffer such burdens for the sake of being strong." Deng Xin tightened her lips, "I want to become a grandmaster!"

"...After our master returns, let's ask of him again." Chen Xue said.

Deng Xin nodded.

Chu Li appeared behind Gu Yue, and shot out a knife.

Gu Yue stretched out his palm.

"Ding..." A surging palm energy knocked the flying blade away,

A grin crept out of Gu Yue's face, "You dare to return still, Chu Li, I applaud you for your bravery!"

Chu Li replied, "Witness my secret technique!"

Surging spiritual energy gathered from all around, converted to Scripture of Duality inner energy, the flow inner energy from the Scripture of Duality tapped into the Infinite Sea of Azure heart technique, one fold, two fold, three fold, four fold, five fold, six fold, his meridians throbbed in warning him of the burden.

Seven fold!

His meridians nearly imploding, unable to hold for much longer!

"Schring!" A flash from a blade, suddenly appeared behind Gu Yue.

Gu Yue couldn't react in time, the blade flash already penetrated through his chest.

Chu Li suddenly vanished.

Reappeared behind Ding Jian.

Another flash of his blade, and penetrated Ding Jian's chest.

Ding Jian jolted in alert, as he was about to dodge, the blade flash had already shot through.

"Sploosh!" Chu Li shot out a stream of blood into the air.

The half of the meridians which covered his entire body were destroyed.

He meltedly positioned himself to sit on the floor, cross-legged in place.

Spiritual energy from his surroundings surged into him once more, triggered Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique, his mind pictured the Art of White Tiger, healing the destruction of his meridians.

It was at this moment, the Heavenly Demon aura which laid dormant in his chest suddenly begun circling around the meridians.

The falling apart of the meridians were abruptly stopped.

The Heavenly Demon aura swirled once more, the damage suffered by the meridians recovered a little.

He opened his eyes, looked straight at the black-clothed man slowly approaching him, shook his head and said, "Tell Prince An, if he did such things again, I will directly go to his Imperial Residence, keep watch outside the residence, and eliminate every single one of you!"

After he said so, he vanished in a blink of an eye.

Meng Zhi's expression sunk, upon arriving to the spot where Chu Li disappeared, he saw a pool of blood trickled down from the grassy field.

Upon seeing this pool of black blood, Meng Zhi tuned out any thoughts of pursuit to kill.

This was blood spat out of congestion, beneficial to the wounds from expelling it, Chu Li didn't suffer heavy damage, as Meng Zhi was alone, it would be wise for him to not ask for trouble!

His eyes widened, filled with disbelief as he stared at Ding Jian, shook his head, even the great and powerful Ding Jian fell in one strike as such, he must inform Prince An, that this Chu Li must me eliminated!