White Robed Chief Chapter 319

Chapter 319: An Indifferent Treatment

"So serious?" Xue Ling hesitated for a while then lowered her head to look at the file.

On the file, only one sentence was written, "River Offering Association joined the River Alliance on the seventeenth."

It looked like the Young Master compared informations from before and new informations then drew a conclusion from it, his memory was really far beyond hers.

Chu Li said: "This is the tenth association that the River Alliance annexed, moreover, it's an association from the Triad Underworld."

"Even if they control the river trading, what do they gain?" Xue Ling continued: "That's actually quite good, they can't easily create disturbances or get into troubles, the River Alliance can't crop up any chaos anyway."

Chu Li's face looked like he was in misery: "When they control the river trading, they can drive up prices as they please, and collude with the officials, how will there be any means of subsistence for the civilians? More importantly, by any chance a war happens, the River Alliance will have control..."

When he thought about that, he subconsciously shook his head.

If it was another boundary, he would not bother so much about it, after all, the landscape in the Great Ji was none of his worries.

However, it was happening in the boundaries of the Yi Public House, and it so happened that they were confined to the rules that were set by the First Emperor in the past, which stated that the Public House must not meddle in the conflicts of the innate masters, or the entanglements of the associations, they could only sit and watch.

The officials were not helping as well, they turned a blind eye to the matter, some from the offficials might even be involved in it, in a long run, the Path of Chong Ming would really be ruined, the foundation of the Public House would waver too.

Xue Ling said: "So what if they have the numbers, as long as a martial arts master makes a move, everything will be under control."

Chu Li shook his head as he looked at her.

Xue Ling had a vision the same as the people in the world then, where martial arts was above everything else, they all thought that force would solve everything.

As he came from another world, his ideas were utterly different from the people at that time, he knew very well the importance of the river trading, he needed to have a grasp on it.

It was closely related to intelligence and wealth, which were all important resources, how could they just hand them over on a silver platter?

The House of High Duke had always overlooked that matter, they only bothered about martial arts, spirit herbs and spirits flowers.

"I'll have to go take a look..." He sighed again.

Once he entered the Imperial Residence of Prince An, his time would probably be used up for intrigues and schemes that would happen, then he would have no mood to deal with this matter.

It was a serious snake in the grass that must be properly investigated before the big marriage, it would be best if he could settle it, so that he could enter the Imperial Residence with no worries.

"Young Master, the big marriage is only half a month away." Xue Ling frowned and said.

"I'll just look into it first." Chu Li said: "I'll go take a look myself."

"I'll follow you along, Young Master." Xue Ling said.

Chu Li shook his head and said: "You should stay here to collect any information, I'll need more detailed information about the River Alliance."

"... Yes." Xue Ling agreed helplessly.

While the both of them were busy talking, Siao Shi appeared.

"Let's go, we'll go to Tai Hua Valley!" She wore a bluish-white gown, with a white veil covering her face, only her eyes that were as clear as autumn water could be seen.

Chu Li asked: "We're going today?"

"Why are you still dawdling?" Siao Shi said: "Oh, I understand, I haven't discuss it with Chen Xue and the rest, they'll have to call the shots, am I right?"

Chu Li laughed and said: "Alright, today it is."

"Then let's go." Siao Shi hurried: "It's so boring in the Public House, let's quickly get out to relax."

"It'll be a waste of time if we go, I'm afraid that we'll only embarrass ourselves." Chu Li said: "Mei Ao Shuang won't agree."

"Bring up my third younger sister's reputation then." Siao Shi said: "If it doesn't work then forget it."

Without a doubt, she only wanted to settle the Leisure Cloud Pub, to make his anxiety go away, but she also wanted to relax as she did not want to stay put in the Public House.

As the day big marriage creeped closer, the atmosphere in the Public House became more and more oppresive.

All of which were caused by the eldest master, Siao Tie Ying, Siao Tie Ying seemed to not have the slightest interest or excitement at all, on the contrary, he looked worse each day.

The people of the House of High Dukes seemed to have felt the eldest master's mood, they too felt that the big marriage was odd and vaguely felt that something was off, so they did not show any joy or happiness at all, and became very careful as to not mention about it.

In that way, the maids in the Island of Symphony became more cautious, which chafed her, so she did not want to stay there.

Chu Li said: "Xue Ling, bring me that baggage."

"Alright." Xue Ling entered the house with light footsteps and returned with a big baggage.

Siao Shi took a glance and said: "What's inside of that? We're moving!"

"We're sending this to Chen Ying." Chu Li said.

"Everyone in Tai Hua valley is sheltered with luxurious clothes and sumptuous food." Siao Shi continued: "No one lacks anything!"

Chu Li shook his head: "Who wouldn't suffer hardships from martial arts trainings, let's go."

He held baggage with his left hand, then held Siao Shi's wrist with his right, then the both of them disappeared.


After the both of them loomed for a few times, they appeared at a huge lake, the huge lake was exactly the one located at Tai Hua Valley.

Siao Shi checked out the surroundings and said: "This is Tai Hua Valley?"

When she first heart of the name, she thought that it was a deep mountain.

Chu Li laughed and said: "Surprised right?"

"The ancestors of Tai Hua Valley are quite something." Siao Shi nodded and said: "They actually thought of such an idea."

Tai Hua Valley was a very mysterious place, even until now, nobody actually knew where it was, many people wanted to look into it but always resulted in an empty conclusion.

Now she realized the reason, people always looked at deep mountains and old forests, how would lakes cross their mind?

Chu Li turned and looked at Siao Shi: "Valley Leader Mei has a bad temper, you'll have to bear with it for a while, Lady."

Siao Shi said: "Mei Ao Shuang is only harsh to men, she won't be so mean towards ladies."

"She's not fond of the people from the House of High Dukes." Chu Li said.

Siao Shi nodded.

Mei Ao Shuang and Siao Qi were great friends, they were friends from wandering the martial arts world who sworn to live or die together, it would not change because of their different identities now.

As for herself and Chu Li, it would be a different story.

Since she herself was from the House of High Dukes, she might not show respect, Chu Li was worse, not only was he a man, he was also from the House of High Dukes, as he was both, it would be lucky if he was not killed.

If she wanted to solve the problem, she had to do it herself.

"Don't worry, it's just a cold-shoulder treatment, I can take it!" Siao Shi said: "Let's look for her first!"

Chu Li did not waste anymore time, he made a long wheezing noise in the air.

The whistle sounded low, it spreaded out slowly across the lake like a wave, it was endless and boundless, which spreaded out through the entire lake.

After a brief moment, a same whistling sound was heard.

Right after that, a small boat sailed towards them.

From far, it looked like a leaf that drifted along with the stream, but its speed was oddly fast, in a blink of an eye, it arrived before them.

Mei Ao Shuang was dressed in a snow-white gown that was spotless, she stood alone at the bow of the ship.

Her looks were like electric as she scoffed and said: "Chu Li, why are you here?"

Chu Li said: "Valley Leader Mei, let me introduce you, this is the Second Lady, Siao Shi."

"Welcome, Second Lady Siao, what a rare event." Mei Ao Shuang still had a cold look, she scoffed and said: "How can I help you?"

Chu Li cupped his fist and said: "Valley Leader Mei, I'd like to meet Chen Ying."

"No way!" Mei Ao Shuang said coldly: "She's under isolated cultivated, she can't be disturbed."

Chu Li said unhappily: "Valley Leader Mei, we've agreed on this, I can visit her anytime, why is it changed now?"

"It hasn't changed." Mei Ao Shuang was not bothered, she said coldly: "If she's not in isolated cultivation, you're free to visit anytime, but now that she's in isolated cultivation, there's no choice, I can't just ask her to stop halfway, right? Then how many years and months will she take to become a Grandmaster?"

Chu Li frowned as he stared at her.

Mei Ao Shuang scoffed, her face looked like she was asking Chu Li if he was going to do something about it.

Chu Li felt that his tooth root was itching very much, he could not wait to beat her up.

He predicted that it would be a wasted journey.

Siao Shi said: "Miss Mei, I have some words for you and I'd like to speak to you in private."

"... Follow me then." Mei Ao Shuang looked at her neither hostile or friendly and nodded her head, the small boat sailed towards the bank.

When Siao Shi entered the ship, Mei Ao Shuang brought her far away, they became further and further, until they disappeared from his view at last.