White Robed Chief Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Re-Entry

"My Lords, this piece of land, plus a house as big as this, ten thousand taels is truly a bargain. You can ask around the other places for the price of their properties. I can gladly assure you, that if mine is more expensive than theirs, I will cut my head off for you, hah!"

"You freak, why would we want your head!" Lee Yue stared at him.

"Ten thousand taels, let's just deal then." Chu Li patted on Lee Yue's shoulder resolutely.

He had used his "Omniscient Mirror" enchantment to scout around the interior of the house, and he was very satisfied. The general layout, the front porch, living room, backyard, garden, it was well-equipped with everything. It would not be a surprise if it could accommodate a hundred people, and still have plenty of room left.

"Brother, isn't this too haste a decision?" Lee Yue's eyes widened in disbelief, "We haven't even looked inside!"

"That won't be necessary. Go settle the paperwork." Chu Li smiled widely at the businessman, "You better not pull off any tricks. We usually stay inside the Federal Public House, we don't have much time. We don't want any trouble!"

"Of course. Of course!" The middle-aged man could not stop nodding his head, accompanied by an awkward smile. Deep down, he was shocked. He literally broke into a cold sweat. He knew, that he had almost screwed up!

"We can move in immediately starting today, right?"

The businessman hurriedly nodded again in response. He smiled guiltily and said, "That is for sure. But this house has been vacant for quite some time now. It's best if you find someone to clean it up a little."

"Right. Got it, thanks."

"Heh, no worries. I owe you two a big thank you! If you allow me, I will now finish up the required paperwork immediately, it won't be long!"

Chu Li nodded, "When you're done, send it over to the Federal House. Just tell them it's for Chu Chu Li of East Garden."


The two soon retraced their steps back to where they came from. In a low tone, Lee Yue asked, "Brother, we are purchasing such a huge property, so it's best that we keep it down a little. Why would you ask him to send it to the Federal House?"

Chu Li shook his head, "There's nothing to hide, don't worry."

"You may be right, but what if someone finds you trouble? Now that you have ascended the 6th Rank, there are so many out there who envy and despise you, and they could not wait for a better chance like this to pull you down, and strip you of your rank!"

"What's wrong with that then?"

"People will ask, where did all your money come from?"

"A reward from the Federal Government."

"People will then ask, what have you accomplished, to earn you that large sum of money?"

"That is not a matter for you to worry."

"Sigh... My point is, this is way too publicised!"

"Alright, alright. Just drop your worries, nothing would happen to me. I have already discussed with Chief Su Ru about all of this."

"Oh, she knows?"


"That's good. That's good." Lee Yue finally let out a breath of relief.

As soon as they returned to the Federal House, they met with the graceful Zhao Ying. Upon seeing them, Zhao Ying hurriedly approached them.

"Senior!" she showed a happy smile. "Senior Lee."

Chu Li watched her for a second, before smiling back at her, and said, "Congratulations, Sister!"

Zhao Ying smiled sheepishly, "No no, it's nothing really. Let's depart now!"

"Right, we shall leave right now!" Chu Li nodded.

Lee Yue couldn't figure out what was going on, as Chu Li had not told him about the trip to the Raging Tiger ravine just yet.

Chu Li promised that he would explain when he returned. After that, both him and Zhao Ying scurried to look for their horses. They then reunited at the south gate. On their horses, they passed through the streets of Chong Lee Yuning town, having exited the south fort door.

Because of the delay, by the time they started their journey, it was already noon. The Sun shined fiercely directly above them. It's a luck that they both has inner chi to shield their bodies, hence they did not feel the heat. Their horses galloped on energetically.

"Senior, once the restaurant finishes its construction, will they come?"

"Let them choose for themselves. If they like to live a quiet life, then they will stay. If they prefer a merrier atmosphere, they will come."

"I have a feeling that the Raging Tiger ravine is not safe."

"Yes, which is why I bought a new house, it is intended to have them over as guests."

"Wow senior Chu, you really had everything sorted out!"

"Let's hope that the rest will be smooth sailing."

As a human being, he was aware that not everything in life would go according to plan. Even with a thorough planning, things were just as likely to go awry.

"I'm still worried that someone will find out about that place. If so, no one would have a peaceful state of mind when staying there."

"You catch up to stuff really fast."

"Senior, why couldn't I notice earlier that you know how to do martial arts?"

She had always been curious about this matter. She knew that Chu Li had already achieved enlightenment, but how come he did not look like someone who had practised martial arts? There was not a single indication on him. He did not have the aura of a martial arts master.

Judging by his looks, Chu Li lacked the hot-blooded appearance any martial artist would have. His eyes did not look as sharp, and his temples looked ordinary too, he had to be a normal person!When he told everyone else that he did not practise martial arts, it sounded very convincing. Unless you know what was really going on, you would have taken his word for it.

"It could be the effects of the Sacred Fruit." Chu Li brushed it aside with a smile.

Normally, he would only preserve a small portion of his inner strength inside him, a portion so small it was unnoticeable. It was in case of an emergency. He kept all his remaining inner strength in the Earth. He only needed to tingle a sense for his inner strengths to surge back into him.

Without this surge of power, he would of course appear like a normal person. No outsider would know that he practised martial arts.

"What a Sacred Fruit that is!" Zhao Ying praised Chu Li. "Senior, since you're so well versed with martial arts, why don't you try challenging the Nine Ranks? It's nice to be a Protector!"

"It's nice to be a Protector?"

Zhao Ying nodded, "Well of course! You can come out and have fun when there isn't a job, and the pay is great."

Chu Li smiled after hearing what she said.

"What's so bad about being a Protector then?" Zhao Ying asked curiously.

Chu Li laughed, "Being a Protector isn't bad. It's just... It's not what I want in life."

"Then what's your plan?" The answer made Zhao Ying more curious.

All the fighters in the Federal House had fought hard to become one of the Protectors. They trained hard in martial arts. In this world where martial arts held a high place in the crowd's eyes, people's judgement on you largely depended on how skilled you are in the field.

Chu Li purposely ignored the fact and chose to lead his life in the opposite direction. He clearly had great skills, but did not become a Protector. He was satisfied at staying in the lower ranks, as a humble Imperial guard.

Chu Li replied to her, "In my opinion, being an Imperial guard is less dangerous."

"Senior, but you don't look like a timid person at all!" Zhao Ying cocked her head towards him, as if searching for an explanation.

Chu Li shook his head repeatedly, "I, am a man who holds life dearly."

Zhao Ying watched him intently, with head full of questions. "Senior, you are just taking my questions lightly. I am sure you have other intentions!"

"Every man has their own plans. I, for one, love living a stable life. I could not stand being a Protector." Chu Li smiled, "Is it really that hard to understand me?"

"If you were 20 years older, I would believe you. But with that young age of yours..." Zhao Ying laughed as she shook her head.

Chu Li waved his hand and laughed it off. "I will never become a Protector."

"Then that will be a waste!"

"At least I am also a Rank 6 as of now!"

".... You're right." Zhao Ying nodded. A Rank 6 Scribe and a Rank 6 Protector had little differences in terms of power. The only difference was that one was paid half as much as the other.

Chu Li smiled as he looked at her.

The things that he looked for in life are different than the others. Besides martial arts, he sought for greater power.

A man could not live a day without power. In his past life, he had endured a great deal of suffering. As a researcher, the research funds were controlled by his superiors. It was like his balls were grabbed, that feeling was excruciating. Countless times had he swore to himself, that he must become an official in the government.

Now in this world, he abandoned the temples for the luxuries in life. He wanted so badly to enjoy the majestic feeling of being a powerful man.

Martial arts might be the world's greatest power, but power within the governing ranks were stronger. Having skills in martial arts only gives you a free life, but having great power was a whole new level. That was the determinant that would make you feel like you had lived your life to the fullest.

By being a Protector, one could only seek for greater skills in martial arts, it was difficult to climb up the political ranks and become one of the commanding personnel within the government. That was why he never wanted to take a shot at the Nine Ranks.

The two of them were on their horses as they chatted. The following day, when it was noon, they arrived at the Raging Tiger ravine. When they saw an opening of the cave, their expressions changed.

It turned out that the giant boulder had broken apart into a million pieces, scattering all over the ground below.

Chu Li looked at the pile of small rocks, and sighed, "Whoever did this must have immense inner strength. What a hell of a hit that was!"