White Robed Chief Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Helping Each Other

"Mister Fei..." Chu Li checked out Han Fei and showed a smile.

Siao Shi turned around and looked at him, "You're envious?"

Chu Li could not help but laughed.

Siao Shi continued, "He has so many ladies around him, he must really be a wealthy Mister."

Chu Li shook his head and said, "This man is not a simple manwhat a party!"

He pointed behind them again.

When Siao Shi turned, another big boat sailed out from the mist in the vast river.

The big boat was inferior to the boat belonged to Mister Fei. It was even more luxurious and its speed was even faster like an arrow that had left its bowstring. It was catching up to Mister Fei's big boat. Twelve boatmen were paddling at the same time, which really made the boat looked like a fish in the water.

Siao Shi looked at the old boatman.

The old boatman rested his hand on his brows and tried his best to look with his turbid eyes then said quickly, "Mister, Lady, it's better for you to return to the boat."

"Tell me, who exactly are those people?" Siao Shi asked.

She had already seen all the people from that boat.

There was a burly and sturdy young man at the bow of that boat. He had a chubby face and clear big eyes that kept blinking. His purple cloak fluttered wildly in the wind.

Around him were four middle-aged men who had a long knife in their hands. They had an aura filled with killing intentions.

When the big boat passed the boat of Mister Fei, he cast a sidelong glance and sneered. He looked at the protectors for a while then finally stopped and looked at Chu Li and Siao Shi instead.

The eyes of that burly and sturdy young man looked like it was gleaming with light.

The boatman said quickly, "This is Young Clan Leader Zou from the River Alliance. He's not one to mess with. You better go hide inside the boat quickly. He likes pretty ladies the most."

Although Siao Shi already put on her white veil covering her face but her graceful and elegant body could still be seen. Everyone could tell that she was an extremely beautiful lady.

Siao Shi just came out from the boat and now was forced by a nobody to return to the boat. She was upset and sneered and said, "What's wrong? He couldn't possible forcefully snatch ladies away!"

When the boatman saw that Young Clan Leader Zou was looking at their direction, he stomped his feet and said, "Sigh...the River Alliance is known to be outlaws. Who can control them?"

"I would really like to see if he'll dare to do anything to me!" Siao Shi scoffed.

She looked towards Chu Li and forced a smile.

It was a good chance which gave Chu Li something to hold against.

Chu Li was just worrying about how he could make a move. After all, he was from the House of High Dukes so he had no business with the matters in the River Alliance and would be crossing boundaries if he suddenly made a move, which was a taboo for him as it would definitely cause the impeachment of officers from the imperial court.

However, if the people from the River Alliance initiated a provocation against the House of Hight Dukes, it could not be blamed then.

Chu Li smiled and said, "Thank you very much."

Siao Shi scoffed, "What's the point of fooling with a Mister like him?"

Chu Li shook his head and laughed, "Once I provoke the smaller one, it will bring the bigger one in. Then, I'll be able to find out the actual situation."

"All right, your call," Siao Shi said.

"Stop our boat right over there!" Young Clan Leader Zou pointed at Siao Shi as he stood on the bow of the boat.

The big boat slightly shifted their direction and arrived in a flash before the boat with black awning.

The boatman did not dare to move anymore so he put the oar down and looked at Chu Li and Siao Shi helplessly and said softly, "Both of you, please bear with this for a while or you'll bring death upon yourselves. Lady, if the ancestors favor you, you should just accept your fate!"

Siao Shi rolled her eyes at him, "You, shut up!"

The boatman shook his head and sighed and secretly pitied her.

He thought to himself that she was still young and vigorous. It was just too bad that it was a troubled and difficult world where the situation overpowered the people.

Things had already turned out to be that way. If there was any argument, he could be digging his own grave with his own temper so since there were already innumerable women who died because of Young Clan Leader Zou, adding her to that would not make a difference!

Young Clan Leader Zou looked at Chu Li and Siao Shi from slightly above, cupped his fist and smiled, "Both of you, I'm Zou Shaohe. Where are you heading towards?"

"Chong Ming Town," Chu Li cupped his fist as well and said, "Do you have any suggestion or advice for us, brother?"

"Haha, Chong Ming Town is a great place to visit!" Zou Shaohe laughed aloud, "What a perfect timing. My boat is heading towards Chong Ming Town too. How about I bring you along? The journey can be quite lonely, so it will be nice to have people around to divert my boredom!"

"Thank you for your kind offer, brother," Chu Li cupped his fist and said, "We've come a long way and we really want to know more about the local customs and culture. Our boat is a perfect fit for that. We really appreciate your kindness brother, but there will no need for that."

"When will you ever arrive at Chong Ming Town with this small boat?" Zou Shaohe laughed out loud again and said, "It will only delay your time. Come, come. Come aboard quickly!"

Then, he gave a signal.

A middle-aged protector behind him leapt up immediately and swooped towards their boat with black awning.

"Hmph!" With a soft humph, a light from a sword shone.

The middle-aged protector could not maneuver in time in the air and wielded his knife familiarly and slashed it ferociously.

"Ding..." A lancet was hit and it fell into the water.

Another middle-aged protector wielded a long bamboo spar.

The middle-aged protector in the air tipped his tow on the tip of the bamboo spar then leapt back onto the big boat and looked coldly elsewhere.

Another gorgeous big boat arrived.

In front of the boat railing, a beautiful maid held a flying blade in her hand and posed as if she was about to throw it. When he saw the middle-aged protector returned to the big boat, she kept her flying blade. Her pretty face had sneers and disdain hidden on it.

While all these were happening, the sound of the harp and flute never stopped. Mister Fei was still reveling in the music and was not bothered by his surroundings at all.

The beautiful maid was originally leaning on his left side looking ever so lovely and pliable. At that instant, she became valiant and formidable-looking with sharp eyes. It was as if she transformed into a different person.

"Who are you?!" Zou Shaohe shouted. It sounded like a clap of thunder that intended to stop the music.

The two maids who were playing were not affected at all. They continued and focused on playing the harp and the flute and paid no attention to him.

Mister Fei had his eyes shut as well and looked completely entertained.

"Stop putting on an act!" Zou Shaohe gnashed his teeth in anger and shouted again, "If you don't speed, don't think about getting away too!"

When he saw the elegance of Mister Fei who was attended to by pretty women and was surrounded by music, sure enough, he must be in much pleasure. Then he looked at the four upright men behind himself and got enraged and overflowed with a killing intent.

At that moment, Han Fei waved his hand and the sound of the harp and the flute stopped immediately.

Han Fei opened his eyes and looked at Zou Shaohe and asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Zou Shaohe!"

"Oh, Zou Shaohe...who is Zou Shaohe then?" Han Fei turned around to look at the four pretty women and asked with a smile, "Have you heard of him before?"

"Mister, I've actually heard of Zou Dajiang but I've never heard of Zou Shaohe," the beautiful maid on his right chuckled, "Are we lacking in knowledge?"

"Zou Dajiang is my father!" Zou Shaohe scoffed with a hoarse voice and stuck his chest out.

Han Fei held up a white jade cup and took a sip of alcohol then said leisurely, "Only when Zou Dajiang is here, he deserves to speak to me. You ---? Get lost!"

Zou Shaohe sneered, "What high-sounding sentiments. Name yourself!"

"You're not worthy to hear my name, get lost!" Han Fei put down his white jade cup and laughed without even once looking at him, "Young Yan, your skill in brewing wine has become more exquisite!"

The beautiful maid on his right pursed her lips and smiled, "Thank you for your praise, Young Master."

Zou Shaohe gritted his teeth but still scrupled.

With such a manner and high-sounding sentiments, what if he actually picked a wrong quarrel?

He swallowed his anger and decided to send people to investigate this. It would not be too late to decide after that anyway.

No doubt, he had been rampant for so long and remained safe and sound all those while thanks to his father's powers but it was also the very reason that he was being cautious. Once he realized that he was being reckless, he could hold back at crucial moments to not get into trouble.

On the other hand, Chu Li felt that it was unexpected and surprised that Zou Shaohe withdrew himself.

Han Fei cupped his fist and smiled at Chu Li, "Brother, how about you get on my boat and have a talk?"

Chu Li smiled, "I dare not. Thank you for your help, brother. What a chanced acquaintance, thank you for your hospitality but no thanks."

"Haha..." Han Fei laughed out loud, "No sweat at all. These mischief-makers, crushing them is no different from crushing a bug anyway!"

Zou Shaohe looked at Chu Li and Siao Shi coldly then glanced at Han Fei. He gritted his teeth and commanded loudly, "Go!"