White Robed Chief Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Rescue

Chu Li spoke before Han Fei could, "Brother Han, you should tell Lady Jiang about this, be honest with her and let her decide, if she decides to marry you, in the end, everybody will be satisfied, if she can't accept your other soulmate, then you can think of another way."

"She won't agree to that for sure." Han Fei sighed.

Chu Li smiled, "That depends on how you'll do, Brother Han."

He could tell that Han Fei was an affectionate man and he wanted to possess all the beautiful women in the world. The reason he had wanted to call off the engagement with the Lady from the Jiang Family was all because she was from a prominent family. Once he entered their house, he would definitely be controlled and would no longer be amorous.

Han Fei took another drink.

Siao Shi scoffed as she cast a sidelong glance at him.

Han Fei looked towards Siao Shi.

Suddenly, Chu Li pointed to their opposite direction, "Another boat is coming!"

Han Fei turned around to look, then he laughed and said, "That fellow must have dragged someone else along, but the River Alliance only have that much up their sleeves, there's no need to bother about them."

"They don't have a Grandmaster?"

"I don't think so."

"Then there's nothing much to be afraid of." Chu Li smiled and said, "With the masters on your boat, Brother Han, it will be sufficient to go rampant."

Han Fei laughed out loud, "In terms of power and strength, our Jiang Chuan Alliance doesn't have to be afraid of them!"

They had every intention to show where their powers stood during this trip.

In the recent years, the River Alliance had constantly been in the limelight, the alliance was so strong that they had slowly eaten up all the territories of Jiang Chuan Alliance. Hence, they needed to go and knock the spirit off the River Alliance.

He wanted to teach them a real lesson in person and let the people around the world know who's the real boss!

"What high-sounding sentiments!" A dignified shouting was heard.

The big boat passed through the mist and arrived before them. A skinny middle-aged man sat at the bow of the boat, whereas the burly Zou Shaohe stood behind him. He grinned and sneered.

The skinny middle-aged man sat up straight in an armchair with a pair of lazy-looking eyes, before he faintly said, "Welcome to the River Alliance. Young Alliance Leader Han, please excuse me for not coming to welcome you earlier!"

His words sounded half-hearted and contemptuous with no attempt to conceal it.

"Oh it's you, Clan Leader Zou. You've finally made an appearance." Han Fei held a fan and flapped it as he said, "Your son didn't turn out to be a useful person, acting all tyrannical and committing all sorts of evil. Clan Leader Zou, how can you allow that and disregard his actions? Aren't you afraid that he will provoke some martial arts master and gets his pathetic head chopped off?"

Instantly, Zou Dajiang's face turned gloomy, "That's none of your business, Young Alliance Leader Han!"

"If your River Alliance doesn't produce useful people, my Jiang Chuan Alliance will be humiliated as well, and people will think that the associations in Li River are all useless!" Han Fei flapped the fan and sighed, "A motley crew that knows no discipline, will only make a laughing-stock of oneself!"

"Whether or not we're a motley crew that knows no discipline you'll find that out very soon, Young Alliance Leader Han!" Zou Dajiang secretly cursed him for having the gift of a gab, then he waved his hand, "Kill all of them!"

"Yes!" Twenty well-built and strong men did a closed fist salute and leaped into the sky like twenty golden eagles. They swooped down towards the big boat Chu Li was on.

"Tss tss tss tss..." A lancet shot towards them head-on.

"Ding ding ding ding ding..."Five of the big men wielded their sword to go against the lancets, the reflection of their sword flashed continuously, no lancets were missed.

Five of the men fell into the river while the remaining fifteen man charged towards the big boat.

Four beautiful maids went forth.

Eight of the men were entangled with the four ladies, leaving the other seven to charge towards Chu Li and the rest.

"Luo Chuan!" Han Fei shouted.

"Here, master!" A hoarse sound was heard.

Right after that, a burly old man who looked like a bear appeared before him, six men beside him.

"Finish them!" Han Fei pointed with his fan.

"Understood!" Old man Luo Chuan replied in a deep voice.

Together with the six men, he went forward to face the seven men.

"Bam bam bam."

Luo Chuan's attack was as quick as lightning. Of the seven men who had charged towards them, he managed to knock three of them down in a moment.

The remaining four men were faced by the six men and they locked up in a battle.

Although Luo Chuan had a physique like a bear, his movement was like a leopard cat. He charged into the chaotic battle of the four ladies and eight men in a flash with his lightning-fast moves.

"Bam bam bam bam" Four men hurriedly left with their Light-body technique.

Luo Chuan glided back to Han Fei and cupped his fist, "Master, you better leave now. The master of the River Alliance is about to make a move."

"There's no rush." Han Fei scoffed, "I'd really like to see what their capabilities are."

Luo Chuan shook his head, "They're definitely keeping a lot of masters."

"So what about it?" Han Fei said, "Just a motley crew that knows no discipline, they're none of my concerns."

"Isn't this Idle Hands Luo Chuan from before?" Zou Dajiang pointed at Luo Chuan and scoffed, "What a surprise, an Innate Master would become a servant, this has really opened my eyes!"

Luo Chuan glanced at Zou Dajiang indifferently, he remained silent.

Zou Dajiang continued, "But no matter how powerful you are, Luo Chuan, you're still only a human!"

"Clan Leader Zou, is that all you've got?" Han Fei shook his head, "You're waiting for your people who are in the waters, aren't you?"

Right after he said that, pools of blood gathered on the river surface.

The pools of blood spread into belts of blood and its flow was disrupted as a few men appeared on the river surface. They floated on the river along with the stream, their blood spreading out continuously.

Zou Dajiang's expression turned gloomy.

Han Fei flapped his fan and smiled as he said, "We all make a living in the river, how could we not have such precautions? Haha, interesting!"

As Han Fei finished talking, Zou Dajiang's big boat swung and tilted downwards.

Zou Dajiang was a man who spent too much of his time on boats. He could not possibly know what was happening and why his trap against Han Fei failed. He even had a trap laid on him. His boat had been chiseled!

"Retreat!" He shouted with a deep voice.

"Father!" Zou Shaohe called out as he was dissatisfied, "What a good opportunity!"

Zou Dajiang stared at him and shouted again, "Retreat!"

"Leave!" The men who were still battling replied as they continued to fight while backing off at the same time.

Their situations were dire as they were forced to parry in a flurry by the four ladies and the six men, almost losing their foothold against them.

As the four maids saw that they had an intention to leave, they no longer rushed them.

"Tss!" A sword light shot out and eight of the men somersaulted before falling into the river.

Among the eight men, a middle-aged man took the opportunity to shoot a flying blade as the when the four ladies were inattentive. He leaped off and disappeared as he dove into the waters.

The flying blade was quick and ruthless as it caught the four ladies unaware.

The beautiful maid who poured drinks for Chu Li was defenseless as the blade striked right at her chest, she looked down in utter shock.

"Young Yan!" Everyone screamed.

Han Fei appeared behind the maid at an ethereal speed, he held her and shouted in a deep voice, "Don't move!"

The beautiful maid, Young Yan looked at Han Fei in complete disbelief, "Young Master"

As she spoke, blood gushed out from her mouth.

Han Fei's face turned dark as he quickly said, "Do not speak! Young Yan, don't worry, you won't die!"

However, more blood kept gushing out from Young Yan's mouth, and everyone's heart started to sink.

With a blade shot through one's chest, it was a death sentence for sure.

Han Fei pressed on her chest for a few times and proceeded to take out a jade bottle. His hands were quivering and trembling but he managed to open the cork after some effort.

Chu Li went to him and place the pill at the Young Yan's mouth, then he gently pressed on her buccal acupuncture point.

Young Yan opened her mouth involuntarily and swallowed the pill.

Han Fei stared at Chu Li.

Chu Li said, "Spirit Blessing Pill, she'll be alright."

"Spirit Blessing Pill?!" Han Fei sighed a long relief, "Is it really the Spirit Blessing Pill?"

Chu Li smiled and said, "Don't worry."

Han Fei's gloomy face suddenly turned bright again, "I forgot your identity, Brother Chu! Young Yan, don't worry, it's the Spirit Blessing Pill from the House of High Dukes, you're blessed!"

Young Yan smiled.

The Spirit Blessing Pill from the Yi Public House was renowned in the world. As long as one was still breathing, one could be saved. It was one of the best miraculous pills and medicines, and it remains one of the biggest reasons why many people wanted to seek shelter at the House of Dukes and the Spirit Blessing Pill.

Chu Li slapped her shoulder gently and with a "tss", the flying blade shot out and fell into the water. Her chest bleeding stopped and blood no longer gushed out from her mouth.

Spiritual energy flowed out from the river continuously and entered Young Yan's body, slowly healing her injury.