White Robed Chief Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Order

Chu Li pressed on her delicate shoulders, "Young Yan needs to build up her strength. Stop fidgeting."

"But of course!" Han Fei responded.

Young Yan felt surging forces creeping into her body, all the way towards her heart. The pain in her chest was slowly dissolving. She smiled, "Much better now."

Han Fei went pale from the fright and had yet to recover. He was displeased, "You'll really lose your life over this if this continues!"

He turned his gaze over to the remainder trio, "The same goes for you. Don't take others lightly just because you're good at martial arts. Those wandering the world of martial arts have their own trump cards. One wrong move and you might get hit."

"Yes, young master!" the female trio nodded.

Their faces were also pale white. It was apparent that they were shocked of their wits.

The earlier turn of event happened too fast and roulette death was in a blink of an eye.

Han Fei lowered his head, looking at the river. He antipathetically muttered, "I will not let this slide."

The few hefty men that leapt into the river did not reveal their heads. It was unknown where they had fled to. He couldn't direct his anger at anyone.

Although the ship of the River Alliance was slanting slowly, its speed was as fast as lightning. It wasn't long when it got nearer to the shore without any danger.

For these riverside masters, a sunken ship could not wipe them out.

Chu Li removed his arms from Young Yan's shoulders, "Brother Han, they wouldn't be able to take this shame. They will return."

"That would be great!" Han Fei smiled coldly. A killing intent was written all over his handsome face.

"Young master, I'm all right now," said Young Yan.

Han Fei snorted, "You have yet to thank brother Chu."

"Mister Chu, I'll never forget your rescue favor!" Young Yan did a curtsey by slightly lifting the edge of her skirt.

Chu Li waved his hand off with a smile, "There's no need for that."

Young Yan was brimming with a smile, the feeling of escaping by the skin of her teeth was simply too magical.

"Young Mo, help Young Yan back to the house to nurse her injury," said Han Fei.

Young Yan immediately cut in, "Young master, I'm all right now. There's no need to return."

"We're about to stir something up later. It's dangerous for you to be here," Han Fei flung his arm, "Go down and stay put!"

"All right then," Young Yan nodded helplessly.

Once the two ladies went down, Chu Li and Han Fei took their seat once again.

"If it wasn't for you, I really don't know what I would do..." Han Fei had lingering fear recalling the earlier scene. His face was still pale green.

Chu Li smiled, "Docking Brother Han's ship is also fate."

"Brother Chu, you are one to befriend!" laughed Han Fei.

Chu Li replied, "All right but don't bring up anything about gratitude. Come now!"

He picked up a white jade cup and drank in one gulp.

Han Fei downed the drink.

Then, the two talked about the River Alliance and the earlier Zou Dajiang.

Zou Dajiang was a respectable figure. He was also a clan leader of the River Alliance.

The River Alliance was divided into two branches and fifteen clans. Each city had one clan. A clan leader would be the person in charge of that area.

"So, that would mean that there's still many Innate Masters in the River Alliance?" Chu Li drank some alcohol and took a piece of meat to chew slowly.

Han Fei responded, "They would surely have Innate Masters or else hold their base. If those from the martial arts world do not see an Innate Master, they would take River Alliance lightly."

Chu Li fell deep into thought.

Han Fei smiled, "Don't worry, Brother Chu...Sigh, I worry for nothing. With Brother Chu's ability, they are merely worms."

Chu Li shook his head in laughter.

Siao Shi yawned gently.

Han Fei smiled, "Brother Chu, why don't you return to the house for a break. We'll begin the banquet one hour later. A great feast to get over the shock."

"Sounds good," answered Chu Li.

Han Fei said, "Young Qin, take Brother Chu and his missus to the room."

"Yes," a beautiful maid nodded.

She was the maid that was playing the zither earlier. She carried herself with such elegance and led the duo to a beautifully decorated room.

The space wasn't large but it was cozy.

Once she left, Siao Shi sat on the couch and sighed, "Do we have to follow him?"

Chu Li smiled, "Brother Han is a talent with an unconventional lifestyle. He's also the young alliance leader of Jiang Chuan Alliance. No harm in getting intimate."

"Young alliance leader," Siao Shi snorted.

Chu Li responded, "I need to return to the House of High Duke to see the young master."

"What about?" Siao Shi asked, "How long?"

"About an hour," Chu Li mentioned, "If Brother Han comes along, help me to stall."

"All right," Siao Shi replied unwillingly, "Leave early and come back soon."

Chu Li vanished out of sight and reappeared at the House of High Duke in Iron Eagle Island.

The moment he appeared, he coughed lightly.

Lin Quan quickly came out and let out a sigh of relief once he saw it was him, "Chief Chu!"

"Old Lin, I wish to see the young master," Chu Li closed fist saluted.

"Okay, I will pass on the message," Lin Quan entered the house.

Siao Tieying's voice was soon heard from the hall, "Enter, Chu Li."

Chu Li entered the hall and saw Siao Tieying sitting on an armchair with a gloomy face. He glared at him with ill intentions, "Second sister went with you?"

Chu Li nodded.

Siao Tieying gritted his teeth and snorted, "It's better that she doesn't return!"

Chu Li understood he fell into the verge of conflict and fret and did not continue that conversation, "Young master, this time, it's about River Alliance."

He informed everything he knew about the situation.

Siao Tieying was in a fiery mood. He snorted, "Talk, how are you prepared to take care of this?"

"Take the bull by the horns and destroy them completely!" Chu Li snorted, "Fifteen castellans cooperate together to protect and control the river. How can we sit back and watch?"

"If we make a move, they will surely report it to the officials!"

"Then let them!" Chu Li answered dully, "There are Innate Masters in the River Alliance and many of these Innate Masters are our House's jurisdiction. It's not their place to order around."

"It's going to be another hot mess," Siao Tieying frowned.

They were in the midst of chaos with the Imperial Residence of Prince An. Adding this into the mix would be even more hectic.

Chu Li said, "Young master, you can't say for sure that Prince An isn't involved in this. It doesn't matter which royal family it is, they can't make the rules. Path of Chong Ming belongs to Ren Public House. It is not up to them to decide!"

Siao Tieying was provoked by the heroic spirit of Chu Li's words.

The melancholy air that clouded over him had been swept away and replaced with surging heroic and battle spirit. He smiled coldly, "Right, make it swift! Lin Quan, put out a High Duke order, capture all Innate Masters of River Alliance in one swoop and seize all higher-ups."

"Yes, young master," Lin Quan answered with a low voice.

He got up to grind the ink stone. Once he was done, he took out fifteen plain writing papers. He picked up a brush and wrote fifteen orders and handed over to Siao Tieying.

Once Siao Tieying looked through them, he pressed a pitch-dark ring on his ring finger onto these letters.

The letter was sealed with a peculiar floral design a floral design that seemed to have burnt and melted.

Chu Li witnessed him circulate a special heart technique that invoked the energy from the ring to engrave on the paper. It was not something that could be imitated.

Once the floral design of this ring was sealed, this meant that it was an order by the High Duke at his highest authority. It must be executed immediately without any delay.

"Distribute it!" Siao Tieying snorted, "Let them know that the House of High Duke is the House of High Duke!"

Chu Li closed fist saluted and smiled, "Wise young master."

"When are you and second sister planning to return?" Siao Tieying asked.

Chu Li responded, "Second Lady said she'll return after the wedding."

"All right then, just let her be. She can't be this carefree in the future," Siao Tieying sighed and flung his arms, "Let her do as she wishes."

Chu Li closed fist saluted, "I'll excuse myself."

Siao Tieying sighed, "She's used to doing things at her will. Don't let her suffer too much."

Chu Li smiled and left the hall.