White Robed Chief Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Team Up

Chu Li appeared in a flash in Siao Shi's room.

Siao Shi was lying on the couch, revealing her voluptuous waistline while staring at a book blankly.

The appearance of Chu Li had her glance over, "You've seen big brother?"

Chu Li nodded.

"How does he plan to handle this?"

"Get rid of them."

"How so?"

"First, vanquish all Innate Masters before capturing the higher-ups of River Alliance," Chu Li replied dully, "This time, this will serve as a reminder to these town guards who is the boss!"

Siao Shi side glanced him, "It's your idea, huh?"

Chu Li smiled, "It's the thoughts of the young master."

"Big brother is not that impulsive," Siao Shi shook her head, refusing to believe.

Chu Li explained, "The young master was in a raging mood. River Alliance happened to be on the receiving end. So, it's their bad luck."

"Vanquishing the River Alliance wouldn't solve anything?" Siao Shi frowned, "The Jiang Chuan Alliance would monopolize then?"

"There's only going to be a change in management for River Alliance. Those below remains unchanged," Chu Li further implied, "The young master is a wise man. He knows what to do."

This was a great opportunity to control the River Alliance. He wouldn't believe if Siao Tieying wouldn't seize it.

Siao Shi rubbed her brows, "And you only think about dealing with people all day."

Chu Li burst into laughter.

Siao Shi added, "Have you checked Xu An's history?"

"Couldn't investigate anything," Chu Li shook his head, "Too little leads. The truth will come out sooner or later. Not many are able to demonstrate the Vitality Sealing Finger."

"Could it be Prince An?"

"It's possible."

"Sigh...Poor young child," Siao Shi shook her head and sighed, "If he's in danger and crushes the sarira, you better not stand on the sidelines!"

"Don't worry, I like him too," Chu Li smiled.

It was dawn when Xu An got up to practice his fist technique and ran loose with the little novice Buddhist monks before retreating to his house. He opened the cabinet and carefully took out a cloth wrap.

After he had placed the cloth wrap on his bed, he slowly opened it to reveal the three middle wear and three yellow cowls.

Today was his first day entering the temple. It could count as a birth date. He was prepared to wear this cowl that he would usually reluctant to.

Taking out the middle wear and cowl at the very bottom, which was also the smallest in size, he carefully stroke them. His face was all smiles.

He took off his middle wear and was prepared to put on the new outfit. Just as he picked up the middle wear, a letter from the outfit fell onto the ground.

He picked up the envelope nakedly and took out the letter within.

Only a row of fine writing was found on the letter, "Little monk, wear the sarira always. When you meet with any danger, crush it and someone will come save you. Remember this."

Xu An poured out a bead of sarira from the envelope.

He rubbed this sarira and knew that Master Senior Kukei had gifted this to Siao Shi.

His face was covered with smiles as he slowly stroke the sarira. He found a fine string and tied it around his neck. He then put on the middle wear and new cowl.

Before his eyes emerged Siao Shi's beautiful face. A warmth feeling filled within him as if he was embraced with warm water.

Young Qin came knocking on the door.

When the two went out, there was already an abundance of dishes on display. Fragrant aroma filled the air.

The ship continued its journey in the river as they drunk alcohol carefree and leisurely.

Once they were done with their meal, Chu Li and Han Fei were drinking while chit chatting. It was noon yet they did not see anyone from the River Alliance.

Chu Li smiled and did not speak. He was wondering how long until there was any action once the High Duke's order was spread.

It was past afternoon when the ship docked at a large jetty to replenish travel items.

Once the ship was on the move again, Luo Chuan went up to Han Fei and whispered in his ear.

Han Fei was surprised, followed by a glance at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and knew that the House of High Duke had started to make a move.

Luo Chuan excused himself.

Young Qin and Young Qi were just about to play the zither and flute.

Han Fei smiled, "Brother Chu, I can't believe that your Public House has struck!"

Chu Li responded, "The House of High Duke has derelict its duty, hence the move."

Han Fei shook his head and smiled, "I can't believe your Public House dared to do so. You must know, it is fifteen castellans!"

He was familiar with official circles. Although the House of High Duke was aloof and couldn't suppress the castellans, the castellans could restrict the Houses. The River Alliance belonged to third rank alliances and did not count under the House of High Duke's jurisdiction.

These castellans were clear on the House of High Duke's rules and were avoiding the reach of the House of High Duke by disallowing Innate Masters in the alliance.

However, although these castellans' initial thoughts were great, executing it depended on the lower-downs.

These people from down below knew the importance of Innate Master. Without Innate Masters, they carried no authority so they could only secretly harbor some Innate Masters.

Han Fei initially thought that the House of High Duke would turn a blind eye on the fifteen castellans and it wasn't that they had not known but rather, they simply couldn't be bothered and that both parties were all coordinated. Now it seemed like his guess was far off.

Chu Li smiled, "It's only fifteen castellans."

"Hahaha, so this is the boldness of the House of High Duke!" Han Fei laughed out loud, "Come, a toast to your Public House. You should have taken care of them ages ago!"

Chu Li smiled as he gulped the drink.

Han Fei put down the glass and fell deep into thought, "But, the action taken by the House of High Duke would also serve as a warning to our Jiang Chuan Alliance, no?"

Chu Li smiled, "Jiang Chuan Alliance has a good reputation. The House of High Duke wouldn't take force for personal gain."

"Then I can relax. We can still be friends then," Han Fei laughed.

Chu Li said, "Brother Han is full of wisdom, of course, we can be friends."

"Brother Chu, do you think we can team up?" Han Fei laughed, "I know that the House of High Duke has its influence and would not take one glance at our little alliance but we have our advantages. We're much better in intelligence gathering."

Chu Li's brow arched.

Han Fei was indeed wise and understood where he could make the most of.

If he could have connections to the House of High Duke, then he needed not worry about the forceful threats. As long as they stayed within the boundaries, the position of Jiang Chuan Alliance would be as firm as a rock.

Chu Li smiled, "Teaming up with the House of High Duke does have its disadvantages for Jiang Chuan Alliance."

"Well, it's the lesser of two evils, nothing I can do about it," Han Fei laughed with carefreeness.

Teaming up with the House of High Duke would mean alienating from the world of martial arts. Every faction would be against it.

However, comparing to going against the House of High Duke, he was more inclined to cooperate.

Within half a day, the vast River Alliance was crushed in one blow. All Innate Masters were either dead or surrendered. The Clan Leader and above were captured and held captive in the House of High Duke.

The River Alliance was powerful and dynamic, monopolizing half the Li River and creating fear all around. However, when faced with the House of High Duke, it was the difference between an infant and an adult. They stood no chance.

He had witnessed the strength of the House of High Duke and grew a thought to team up.

If the House of High Duke changed their minds and took care of Jiang Chuan Alliance as well, then Jiang Chuan Alliance was defenseless. No matter how powerful his martial arts were, he was only one person. He could only withstand the House of High Duke.

Chu Li smiled, "All right. Since Brother Han asked of it, then we shall cooperate. Brother Han can secretly team up with Glory Hill's Courtyard and conceal from outsiders."

"All the better!" Han Fei laughed, "Come, let's drink to collaboration!"

The two gulped down their drinks.

Chu Li put down the white jade glass, "Since we are no longer outsiders, Brother Han, I am curious about the history of your ability."

"Brother Chu could tell?" Han Fei laughed.

Chu Li nodded, "Brother Han could conceal well. This forbearance martial arts are quite something. No one in the martial arts world knows that the young alliance leader of Jiang Chuan Alliance is a Grandmaster, right?"

"Haha, they hadn't a clue," Han Fei laughed with delight, "With Young Qin them four, I need not lay a hand. As for this ability, it's all natural and didn't come from me."

Chu Li stared at him with curiosity.

Han Fei laughed, "I ate a fruit and immediately became a Grandmaster. It was overnight and without warning."