White Robed Chief Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Assassination

"What kind of fruit?" Chu Li laughed.

All the ladies were staring at Han Fei with much curiosity.

Han Fei thought about it before adding, "It looked normal. It was pink in color, about the size of a palm. It was when I entered the mountains for leisure and gotten thirsty but couldn't find any water. I saw this mouth-watering fruit and ate it."

"You're not afraid of poison?" asked Chu Li.

Han Fei sighed, "I was too thirsty at that point. Even if there was poison, it was eat first, talk later."

Chu Li gave it a thought but couldn't figure out what kind of fruit it was.

He searched every herb medicine book in his mind but couldn't find any record of a fruit that could elevate one's ability to Grandmaster's boundary.

But there was no lack of strange things under the sun and anything could happen, many of them unseen.

He relived the scenes inside Han Fei's head and saw how this fruit looked like. It was not out of the ordinary. No one would have thought that this fruit could produce a Grandmaster.

"The luck Brother Han has is envious," Chu Li shook his head.

Han Fei smiled, "Mine was obtained by chance so it's hard to appreciate. Unlike Brother Chu, who cultivated to Grandmaster at such a young age. This is hard-earned ability."

"It is also luck," Chu Li shook his head laughing, "Unlike Brother Han who is stronger than others. Come, another toast to our luck!"

Both of them took another gulp.

Chu Li was satisfied with the alcohol on this ship. Its aroma lingered. It was a rare find of good wine.

He looked at the four ladies.

Han Fei laughed, "Theirs isn't by luck but cultivated with their own abilities. Their aptitude is much better than mine."

Chu Li nodded without asking more.

The two started about issues pertaining to exchanging intel.

"Fat Cui!" called Han Fei out loud.

"Young master!" a big fat middle-aged man came running quickly. He had a round face with small eyes. His eyes seemed to be jostled by his fats, leaving only a tiny rift. The eyes from that tiny rift were simply deft.

He swiftly stole a glance at Chu Li and Siao Shi. His eyes were smiling to the point of disappearing, "Young master, you called?"

"This is the chief of Glory Will's Courtyard's House of High Duke," Han Fei introduced, "Please send a copy to Glory Will's Courtyard of any intel we receive from now onwards. Understand?"

"Yes, yes," Fat Cui closed fist saluted immediately and smiled, "Chief Han!"

Chu Li smiled, "I will be at the Fairy's Capital and where would Mister Cui be based at?"

"His name is Cui Yue, a shopkeeper of a restaurant," Han Fei smiled, "He has come with me this time because of his craft. I planned to send him over to Chong Ming Town. But since Brother Chu is heading to Fairy's Capital then let him go there."

Chu Li asked, "Brother Han is assigning men in Fairy's Capital?"

"Establishing connections," Han Fei laughed.

He had wild ambitions and Fairy's Capital was where the centralization of fame and power was. How could there not be one in charge of intel there?

Jiang Chuan was abundant in fund. Blazing the trail with capital wouldn't be that hard.

Chu Li mentioned further, "I will have the maids contact Mister Cui."

"No need for the salutation. Chief Chu can just call me Fat Cui," Cui Yue quickly waved his fat arms.

Chu Li smiled, "I wouldn't dare. I will have to trouble Mister Cui from now onwards."

Cui Yue smiled bitterly as he nodded, "Yes, yes, you can count on me. Once there's news, I will immediately communicate over without any delay."

Han Fei laughed out loud, "No need to be too courteous. You'll know this fellow soon enough. He's quite the sly old man!"

"Hehe, young master, I am sincere and honest!" Cui Yue giggled.

"Yeah right!" Han Fei flung his arm in an attempt to hit him.

Cui Yue's body full of fats agilely leapt. He shrunk away and closed fist saluted before taking off.

"Bang!" A crash sound was heard.

Chu Li raised an eyebrow and pointed below, "Brother Han, it seems we have uninvited visitors. Let's head down for a look."

"Heh!" Luo Chuan snorted.

"Old Lo? Let's go!" Han Fei's face changed.

His figure flashed over like a ghoul, reappearing on level one.

Chu Li ensued behind.

Luo Chuan was in close combat with a green clothed middle-aged man. He had taken a beating and was in a disadvantageous position.

The green clothed middle-aged man was a Grandmaster and was pulling punches in the air. The impact of his palm energy was fierce. An Innate Master such as Luo Chuan could withstand the number of rounds because of his agile technique and rich experience but was still at the losing end.

"A Grandmaster!" Han Fei's eyes lit up and leaned forward, "Old Lo, leave it to me!"

Luo Chuan took a step back before adding, "Careful there, young master. He has high-level cultivation!"

He had seen many Grandmasters but an exquisite level of cultivation such as this middle-aged man was scarce. The young master may not triumph.

Han Fei laughed out loud and reappeared quickly behind the middle-aged man. He pressed his palm out gently.

It was as though there were eyes at the back of the middle-aged man as his right palm reversed and pushed forward.

"Bang!" The collision of both palm energy created two giant waves, commanding a turbulence.

The four at the scene had their wear flapping wildly.

Chu Li scoffed, "There's one more!"

In a flash, he disappeared on site and reappeared on level two.

A middle-aged man in purple appeared on level two, distantly having one palm pressing towards Siao Shi.

Three beautiful maids yelled and blocked in front of Siao Shi, raising their fists in receiving the palm energy.

"Bang Bang Bang!" With the sound of three noises, the trio flew away. Blood spurted at the edge of their lips.

The impact of that punch soon faded away.

Siao Shi remained unmoved in expression as she stared at the middle-aged man in purple. She asked coldly, "Who are you working for?"

"Humph!" The purple clothed middle-aged man saw how calm she was and pulled another punch in anger.

With a flash beside Siao Shi, Chu Li appeared and grabbed her, vanishing from the spot and reappearing behind the purple clothed middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man in purple carried out his fist technique behind him.

"Swoosh!" With a slight swish, Chu Li flung his flying blade.

The middle-aged man in purple interchanged his fist to a punch.

"Swoosh!" With the sound of ripping silk, the flying blade went through the forces of the punch and penetrated the middle-aged man's left shoulder.

"Heh!" The purple-clothed middle-aged man's face turned purple, much like the color of his garment. The flying blade on his shoulder ricocheted.

Chu Li didn't think that he would be using his secret skill so soon.

Although he was caught by surprise, the movement in his hand did not lapse. He flung another flying blade.

"Swoosh!" The flying blade was blocked by the force of the punch and slowed down as it was shredded off its dynamism. The middle-aged man in purple dodged over.

The forces of his punch were more precise than before, enough to weaken the flying blade.

Chu Li shook his head and while holding Siao Shi, threw another flying blade.

The purple-clothed middle-aged man pulled another punch as he smiled coldly. The force of the punch was solid as the real deal. It was as though a snowball appeared mid-air as it crashed towards the flying blade.

He firmly believed that this punch was stronger than the previous one. Even more that the flying blade would be knocked back over!

"Poof!" With a glimmer of silver flash, the flying blade penetrated the snowball easily and struck the left chest of the middle-aged man.

He widened his pupils and lowered his head at the flying blade in disbelief.

Chu Li's blow may seem no different from the previous one but the inner energy of Scripture of Duality was using six fold of Infinite Sea of Azure. Its force was to be reckoned with.

"Swoosh!" Another flying blade made through his chest.

Chu Li looked at him dully, "From Feng Huang Hill?"

"You..." The purple-clothed middle-aged man pointed at him before falling into the river with his head tilted back.

In just a few swift moves and before Siao Shi and the three ladies including Young Qin returned to their senses, everything ended with Chu Li's four blows.

"Bang Bang Bang Bang..." Dull noises came from level one.

Chu Li smiled, "Three young ladies, thank you very much. Are your wounds okay?"

He took out a clay bottle and tossed over, "A pill per person."

At the same time, three spiritual energies surged through their body, aiding them in the recovery of their wounds.

They felt embraced with the presence of a hot spring, with unmentionable warmth and comfort. They knew it was Chu Li's doing.

Siao Shi curtsied towards the three ladies and smiled as she nodded at them.

Chu Li closed fist saluted and grabbed Siao Shi and disappeared before appearing on level one.

Han Fei was making a huge show of his martial prowess, having the middle-aged man in green retreating inch by inch and surviving on determination.