White Robed Chief Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Return

Chu Li checked him out.

Han Fei's fist technique wasn't that bad. His inner strength was bountiful, even better than those attained from cultivation.

Chu Li yelled out, "You from Feng Huang Hill, your other companion is dead."

There was a slight change in the look from the middle-aged man in green clothing. Seeing Chu Li standing over there, he knew his companion did not make it.

Rose with thoughts to leave, he scoffed. His body immediately ballooned up and his face turned purple. He had initiated the secret skill.

Chu Li had already witnessed the secret skill from the likes of Feng Huang Hill. A short cycle of the heart technique while activating it was quick. The faces turning purple were the same symptoms.

It was a shame that the sacrifice was huge. Even if he were to learn it, he would use it cautiously. He had the Limb of God, after all, he could flee if he is unable to win the battle. He didn't need to use such a secret skill that could cut his longevity short.

The middle-aged man made a prompt decision to use the secret skill. He understood that since his senior brother was dead, he wouldn't be able to escape without using the secret skill.

Realizing the sudden surge of his palm energy, the impact doubled. Han Fei smiled, "You did hold back. Great!"

His palm energy solidified, increasing its impact. He was in a neck-to-neck battle with the green-clothed middle-aged man.

Chu Li smiled, "Brother Han, let me."

"I'll take care of him myself!" Han Fei said excitedly.

It was rare for him to be in combat with a Grandmaster. The Grandmasters in the world of martial arts were limited and couldn't be bothered with a third-rate alliance such as Jiang Chuan Alliance. At the same time, he wanted to conceal his cultivation so he rarely battled himself.

Now that the opportunity presented itself before him, he would of course, grab it to hone his skills.

This sort of brilliant Grandmaster was scarce. If he were to encounter an exceedingly brilliant one the next time, he may be gone due to his lack of experience.

He thought far and wide about it and so he gave it all his might into this fight.

Chu Li watched on with a smile on his face. A murderous intent surged within him. He was not prepared to let this person go.

Feng Huang Hill sure had guts. They dared to come assassinate him because of Gu Yue. Now with this matter, Chu Li could wield the power of the House of High Duke to take care of Feng Huang Hill.

Feng Huang Hill dared to do so was because they were unafraid of the House of High Duke. This was a drive of a first-rank sect.

The Yi Public House was in a weak state. If they were to really deal with Feng Huang Hill, it would bring forth an unpredictable outcome. It may lead to retaliation of other sects and factions. Henceforth, the Yi Public House may not be able to suppress them and in turn cause raging war flames.

"Bang Bang Bang..."

The impact of the palm technique spread and clothes fluttered from the howling wind.

Siao Shi frowned. She felt it wouldn't look too good continuing the battle.

Han Fei's palm energy was getting fiercer by the minute. In the beginning, he was slightly at the losing end but now he was by no means inferior.

That miracle fruit's buried energy laid hidden within and had yet to be completely absorbed. Under the pressure of this Grandmaster, it was slowly stirring out.

Chu Li watched the sudden increase of his cultivation and shook his head as he sighed. He got to give to his chance encounter, it simply couldn't be envied.

"Bang!" A direct hit on the chest of the green-clothed middle-aged man. He spurted blood and flew off.

He took advantage of the force and emboldened his Light-body Technique. At a fascinating speed, he flipped over the ship.

"Swoosh!" A silver flash caught up to him and penetrated through his chest.

The middle-aged man in green paused and widened his eyes, death staring at Chu Li. He fell into the river begrudgingly.

The torrential rivers swept him away in a matter of seconds.

"Brother Chu, your flying blade is swell!" Han Fei complimented.

Chu Li smiled, "It was a steal. If it wasn't because Brother Han wounded him, it wouldn't be that easy to shoot him. Grandmasters have amazing instincts on danger and can avoid their vital points from getting hit."

Han Fei smiled, "It's your flying blade that's too fast."

Chu Li burst into laughter, "Brother Han, let's stop flattering each other."

He was speaking the truth.

He would usually use the Limb of God to force himself before the opposite party and use the flying blade to commit murder so that the other party would not be able to react in time even if their alert bells were ringing. Such a distance would not kill a Grandmaster. Once the distance was far enough, it would be the moment they were alerted, a Grandmaster could then avoid his vital points.

"How liberating!" Han Fei had a catharsis time and laughed out loud, "Let's go for a couple of drinks up there!"

Chu Li and Siao Shi followed him up a level to the upper deck.

Three ladies sat crossed legged on the carpet, channeling and meditating.

"Young Qin, are you okay?" Han Fei was concerned, "Any severe wounds?"

Young Qin opened her eyes and smiled elegantly, "Young master, we're fine. Mister Chu came on time and saved us."

Chu Li laughed as he waved his arms.

What a bright woman. It was them who protected Siao Shi but in turn, he was the one who protected them. He really owed them one.

The remaining two ladies opened their clear eyes. Their complexions were bright.

Chu Li's pills coupled with the aid of spiritual energy from the plants plus their non-severe wounds, they were completely healed in mere minutes.

It was their first in encountering such a swift recovery. It was new and exciting for them.

Siao Shi opened up, "If these three little sisters are bullied, please come find me. I will make it worth your while."

Han Fei looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled, "Brother Han, this is the Second Lady who is to become the wife of Prince An."

Han Fei was stunned and added quickly, "Brother Chu, please don't kid around."

He had always thought that Siao Shi was the wife of Chu Li.

She almost never talked, only sat beside quietly like a virtuous and kind-hearted woman. There were a few times when she would glance over, giving him an odd feeling.

He knew that Chu Li had never wed but such a talented young man couldn't be without a woman. He himself was only a young alliance leader yet he had plenty of beauties already.

He concluded that Chu Li did not wed but both of them sat together like husband and wife. He naturally thought Siao Shi was Chu Li's woman and addressed her as his spouse.

He would have never thought that this was the Second Lady of the House of High Duke.

Chu Li smiled, "Treat it as a joke then."

"You're really...the Second Lady?" Han Fei looked at Siao Shi hesitantly.

Siao Shi's eyes were deep as waters in autumn. She swept a glance at him dully but did not speak.

Han Fei believed it. No wonder the manner of this Missus Chu was not quite right. She carried herself with overbearing pride. She was the Second Lady, that's why!

Chu Li waved his hands in laughter, "The Second Lady's identity is not to be spread to avoid gossip. Please treat as if you're not in knowledge of."

Han Fei glared at him and smiled bitterly, "I can't do it."

"Brother Han is so frank," Chu Li laughed.

Han Fei tried his hardest to not look at Siao Shi. He sighed, "This trip to Chong Ming Town is so eventful!"

He was curious beyond words. The Second Lady was tagged as the first beauty of Ji Dynasty. How did she look like? Was she really that beautiful?

Siao Shi lowered her head and did not look at him any further.

The ship fleeted at an extreme speed with no obstacle on its way. There were times when it docked at a jetty for a moment to replenish on items before continuing its journey.

Seven days later, the ship reached the dock outside Chong Ming Town.

To enter the town, it had to be done through the town gates. The waterway was barely used within Chong Ming Town.

Xue Ling was already waiting at the dock.

Dressed in a snow-white gown and with a clear porcelain face and cool demeanor, she stood out in the bustling dock.

People instinctively avoided her. The space around her was empty.

Seeing Chu Li standing on the ship, her cold porcelain face instantly flashed a smile, like the first dawn of the winter. Her complexion captured gazes as she glided to the front of Chu Li lightly and silently, "Young master! Second Lady!"

Chu Li smiled at Han Fei, "This is my maid, Xue Ling. This is Brother Han, Han Fei."

Han Fei closed fist saluted, "Miss Xue Ling."

Xue Ling curtseyed, "Young master Han."

Chu Li said, "If there's any intel, please have Mister Cui contact Xue Ling."

Han Fei laughed out loud, "Old Cui would gladly oblige."

"Brother Han, until next time, see you in town!" Chu Li closed fist saluted and disappeared out of sight with his left arm around Xue Ling and right arm around Siao Shi.

Han Fei shook his head and sighed. He couldn't match up to that sort of Light-body Technique. It seemed that he should head back to practice his Light-body Technique. His Light-body Technique was fast enough but not cool enough.