White Robed Chief Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Spirit Crane

The trio including Chu Li appeared in Glory's Will Courtyard at the House of High Duke.

Siao Shi sat in a pavilion, listless and unwilling to move. She didn't even think to return to the Island of Symphony.

Xue Ling frowned her curvy brow, "Young master, it's odd that there's no activity at the other Houses as if they're unaware of a wedding."

Chu Li fell deep into thought, "It won't be calm. Take an extra notice of Ren Public House."

"Will they come to create trouble?"

"It's hard to say."

Siao Shi added listlessly, "I thought it was already agreed with Lu Yurong?"

"Even if we are teaming up but we still have to be wary," Chu Li answered.

He couldn't see through Lu Yurong's thoughts and with her history of sneaky tactics, it would be hard to say if she would create havoc. He would have to make a trip to Ren Public House to get to the bottom of the truth.

Siao Shi responded, "It's better if they come. Let's see what they can drum up!"

Nearing the wedding date, she suddenly tasted fear.

Although she was ready to make self-sacrifices but when the day really came, she couldn't help but feel fear and anxiousness. It would be beset with difficulties every step of the way entering the Imperial Residence.

Chu Li could see her insecurities and laughed, "Let's go for a ride somewhere?"

"Where to?" Siao Shi was listlessly lethargic.

"To Mountain Shiwan?" Chu Li asked.

Siao Shi regained her spirits, "Mountain Shiwan?"

Mountain Shiwan was a forbidden land to the humans. It was the territory of the spirit beasts. Even to Enlightened Masters, it was a land of no return.

However, he had the Limb of God. Even if he encountered a spirit beast, he could make his escape.

She had never seen a spirit beast all her life.

Xue Ling was hesitant. She wanted to say something but stopped short.

Mountain Shiwan was too dangerous. If they were to encounter a strong spirit beast, cries would be unheeded and death was imminent.

Chu Li smiled, "Let's take a break and see some spirit beasts. What say you?"

"All right, to Mountain Shiwan we go!" Siao Shi responded, "However, we'll just make rounds on the outside and not venture too deep. It is said that the further inside, the spirit beast gets stronger. Even Enlightened Masters are unmatched."

"Of course," Chu Li nodded, "Take a look on the outside would suffice."

Xue Ling lowered her voice, "Young master..."

Chu Li smiled, "It's okay. We're not taking a risk. Just a peek. Right, could you find out about Brother Han and meet with his subordinate, Cui Yue, to see if he has any intel for you?"

"Yes," Xue Ling helplessly nodded. She knew her words would fall on deaf ears.

"So, this is Mountain Shiwan?" Siao Shi checked out the luxuriant mountain range. She frowned, "That's not right?"

Chu Li and Siao Shi stood at the bottom of a large mountain peak. During the time when he came over with Zhao Ying to plant Fairy's beard, it was in a valley of this mountain peak.

But this would only count as the outer mountain range of Mountain Shiwan with no existence of the spirit beasts.

To enter Mountain Shiwan, one had to cross this mountain and once inside, it was officially stepping foot into Mountain Shiwan, which was another world.

He had never been to Mountain Shiwan. Hence, he could not imagine it in his mind nor could his Limb of God pass through.

Chu Li smiled, "This is the outer end. After this mountain is entering Mountain Shiwan."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go," said Siao Shi.

Chu Li said, "You better think it through. It is really dangerous inside. Legend has it that it is a land of no return."

"Isn't it better being on the land of no return?" Siao Shi scoffed.

Chu Li nodded and grabbed hold of her waist, disappearing from the original spot and appearing on the mountain peak.

Standing on the mountain top looking at the mountain range, lush and luxuriant lofty mountains came to sight.

Magnificent and firm, densely packed without any end.

Each mountain peak was towering, even blocked by the white clouds midway. The peak was shrouded by lingering gauzy mist and cloud. It was as though they have arrived at a mysterious wonderland.

Mountain Shiwan was also called the ten thousand mountain peaks. It was said that it was larger than human territory. Even with his Light-body Technique and running for a month, he may not be able to cover all bases.

If one had not witnessed the majestic Mountain Shiwan, then one would not know how measly humans are.

"How magnificent!" Siao Shi sighed.

Seeing such a majestic sight before her, she felt free of worries and her anxiety was swept clean.

She turned and looked at Chu Li, "Shall we enter?"

"Let's go in for a look," laughed Chu Li.

He grabbed Siao Shi's wrist and disappeared out of sight, reappearing at the bottom of a large mountain.

Once inside the mountain, they felt their body lightened instantly.

The surrounding air was exceptionally fresh. Taking a breath in, every pore of their body relaxed and their internal organs were cleansed and they felt lighter.

"What a heavy spiritual energy!" Chu Li gasped in admiration.

Circulating the Scripture of Life and Death, spiritual energy from all around started surging into his body.

This spiritual energy was dense and active, quite similar to Glory's Will Tree. Slightly inferior but not that different.

"A good place!" Siao Shi felt comfortable all over. Her eyes were filled with crisp green and luscious emerald. Everything was full of life.

Standing at the bottom of the mountain, she was in euphoria, joyous and vibrant.

"If only I could live here!" Siao Shi gasped in admiration.

Chu Li smiled, "Not a bad idea."

He checked out the surroundings with his Omniscient Mirror and did not discover any spirit beast, only luscious spirit herb and spirit tree, and some bugs. There were also various birds. Compared to the birds out there, they were livelier with no other noticeable difference.

These birds were pecking the bugs on the trees in a carefree manner. There were times they leapt down to catch the worms in the earth.

Apart from these birds, there were no other beasts.

"Let's take a look up there," suggested Chu Li.

Siao Shi cautioned, "Better be careful now!"

Chu Li grabbed her wrist and disappeared from the spot before landing halfway up the mountain. Mist and fog curled up and the temperature dropped.

He saw a flying beast through his Omniscient Mirror and made a stop quickly without making any sudden movement.

In the Omniscient Mirror, there were two birds similar to white cranes standing on a pine tree. It was standing firm on a single limb while the other shrunk under their abdomen. It had a red crest on top of their head with a narrow and long beak. Their eyes were like jewels, bright with wisdom.

He recognized these were spirit cranes and dared not move. These two spirit cranes had already discovered his prying and turned their heads over to look.

He dared not move.

These spirit beasts bore intelligence not interior from men and far more wisdom than human.

This was the first time that his prying was sensed from his Omniscient Mirror. The sharp-wittedness of their spirit was indeed far greater than men!

"What's wrong?" Siao Shi saw him froze and whispered.

Chu Li smiled bitterly, "Spirit cranes."

Siao Shi's face changed, "Let's leave quick!"

Spirit cranes were amazing creatures and humans couldn't match up with them.

Chu Li responded, "Let's see how it goes first."

He was really tempted to be in contact with spirit beasts. He was simply too curious about them.

"Honk..." A clear crisp howl was heard. The two spirit cranes spread their long wings and flapped twice before leaping into the air, forming two white light appearing in plain view. They shot over like bolting arrows in overbearing forces, with an intention to rob their lives.

He was startled and pulled Siao Shi beside him, hurling his palm in response.

"Bang!" A dull crashing sound was heard. He dodged away from the pecking of the spirit crane's long beak, hitting straight on the spirit crane but ricocheted away as though hit by dashing horses.

In midair, another spirit crane shot over, its long beak served as a stabbing sword.

Chu Li crouched to avoid the long beak, hurling another palm.

"Bang!" His palm struck the spirit crane.

The feather of the spirit crane was firm and polished, struck by numerous attacks yet his palm energy could not even penetrate their bodies.

Another white light flashed over and a pecking was in sight.