White Robed Chief Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Moon Eater

With a move of Chu Li's body, he dodged again, striking another punch.

"Bang!" A solid punch hit a spirit crane but it didn't bother as it continued to peck.

Another spirit crane joined in the attack.

The two spirit cranes were Grandmasters on a concerted attack with impeccable teamwork and extreme speed. If he didn't use the Limb of God and only his Light-body Technique, he wouldn't be faster than them.

"Bang!" Another punch hit the wings of the spirit crane, blocking it from nearing.

Another spirit crane pecked over as fast as lightning.

Chu Li dragged Siao Shi and disappeared.

He was slightly disheveled when he appeared at the bottom of the mountain. He lifted his head to look at the mountain and shook his head helplessly, "They are indeed powerful!"

Siao Shi was watching on in a daze.

The two spirit cranes in white figures moved swiftly, suddenly at the front and then at the back. There were times when Chu Li managed to strike them. That was when she could get a closer look at them. Majestic creatures spread an overbearing vibe. Got to give it to spirit beasts!

"Can't beat them?" She laughed.

Chu Li shook his head, "Impenetrable. Inner energy can't hurt them. Spirit beasts really enjoy all the benefits in life and are the love child of heaven and earth!"

There was no need for them to be afraid of human's spear and martial arts with such firm and tough feathers. They carried wisdom beyond their years, with instincts sharper than Grandmasters. Poisoning them proved unachievable. Humans could do them no harm.

"Let's just return," said Siao Shi.

Chu Li mentioned, "It is said that spirit cranes were the friendlier spirit beasts to humans. Doesn't seem so."

"Friendlier?" Siao Shi laughed, "Would you befriend an ant? More so that they couldn't bother you. Spirit cranes were indifferent and couldn't be bothered with humans and that's not friendly."

She read more books and was interested in spirit beasts. She had seen many of the odd and interesting feeds.

"How do you crush their feathers?" Chu Li asked.

"To crush their feathers, you must obtain the claw of a spirit beast," Siao Shi shook her head, "But to obtain such claw of a spirit beast would prove harder than crushing their feathers. It's all but a hope."

Chu Li shook his head.

"Do you have a grudge against them?" Siao Shi continued, "If you really hurt them, it's going to be troublesome."

Chu Li explained, "I'd like to get some of their blood samples."

He wanted to obtain some of the spirit crane's blood to make Concentration Talisman. It would be highly effective. There wasn't a need to kill them, just to obtain some blood.

"Don't be crazy!" Siao Shi was shocked, "If you really got your hands on their blood, they will kill you!"

Chu Li was filled with remorse, "Then I guess I have to leave it. Let's look elsewhere."

"We're lucky this time we met with spirit cranes. If they were other spirit beasts, there would be a real danger," Siao Shi said, "Let's just pick here. This mountain is enough for us to loiter around."

"Okay," Chu Li smiled, "Let's search for some spirit herbs."

He realized that this mountain had a lot of spirit herbs that the outside world did not possess. These were valuable.

Especially one of the spirit herbs that was most needed in producing the Taihua Gold Pill called the Moon Eater Grass. If it could be planted next to Glory's Will Tree in the House of High Duke, it could slowly enlarge the scale of its production.

With this, there was no need for him to worry Mei Aoshuang being at odds. Instead, she would be owing him a big time.

This Moon Eater Grass was almost extinct in the outside world. It seemed that Mountain Shiwan was a boundless treasure that needed to be excavated. It was a shame that there was almost no one who dared to enter. Even Enlightened Masters dared not take the chance.

If he didn't have the Limb of God, he wouldn't be able to escape the two spirit cranes. It would be a death by the beak.

Their long beaks were like wielded swords and they were as quick as lightning. Based on the firmness and toughness of their feathers, one could guess the solidness of their beaks. It may be firmer than a treasured blade. Although he had a strong build, he may not be able to take a hit.

"Let's go!" Chu Li grabbed her wrist and a flash appeared in front of a giant tree. He bent over to pluck two six-clover grass.

Siao Shi squatted down to size up, "What is this?"

"Moon Eater Grass," Chu Li smiled, "The spirit herbs most needed by the Tai Hua Valley. I plan to plant a few of these in Glory's Will Courtyard and sell it to Tai Hua Valley."

"Moon Eater Grass..." Siao Shi muttered.

Chu Li said, "It's the main ingredient to refine Taihua Gold Pill. It's almost extinct out there."

Siao Shi immediately flashed a smile. She knew his intention.

Suddenly, Chu Li's face darkened and grabbed Siao Shi and disappeared in a flash.

The two spirit cranes appeared where he was. When they saw them vanished, they immediately leapt into the air and disappeared into the sky.

Chu Li appeared in a flash in the original spot. He lifted his head to look at the spirit cranes flying in the sky. He let out a sigh, "They're really on my tail!"

Siao Shi eye-balled him, "This is their territory. Don't they be pissed about you stealing their spirit herbs?"

Chu Li responded, "It's better to head back then."

The duo returned to Glory's Will Courtyard but Xue Ling was not there.

She was currently occupied, not only on the news on New Moon Brothel but from below Glory's Will Courtyard as well. The intel received required gathering and tidying up before handing over to Chu Li. Apart from this, she still had to cultivate.

Chu Li planted the two Moon Eater Grass. With the spiritual energy from the Glory's Will Tree, they bore fruits quickly.

"You've only discovered this one herb?" Siao Shi laughed, "You could get more of these."

Chu Li smiled, "We'll take things slow and return for another look when time permits. One or two herbs per trip are sufficient. It would be troublesome if it's too many."

He was worried if they'd taken more, the spirit cranes may follow the scent of the herbs over. It would be trouble then.

He could escape but those from the House of High Duke wouldn't be able to. By enraging the two spirit cranes, the House of High Duke may be caught in a crossfire.

"How rare that you could restrain your greediness," Siao Shi nodded.

Normally when people laid eyes on precious herbs in Mountain Shiwan, they would be wiping the place clean. It was similar to falling into a treasure chest. Who could resist it!

Chu Li smiled, "I have a bigger aim it would be best if I could have a good relationship with the spirit beast."

Siao Shi laughed out and shook her head, "You really have your head in the cloud. Having a relationship with the spirit beasts? If you want to eat fish and the fish would like to have a relationship with you, would you not eat it?"

"It's different with the spirit beasts," Chu Li continued, "They are highly intelligent and could be communicated with."

"You are such a silly fool," Siao Shi wasn't in the best of mood, "Don't end up losing yourself instead."

But Chu Li was full of confidence.

He could see what others think through the Omniscient Mirror, just as he could with spirit beasts.

All humans had weaknesses and this applied to spirit beasts as well. There should be a weakness.

Siao Shi shook her head as she burst out laughing. She did not bother to advise him.

"I'm hitting the sack. All this running around has me beat up," Siao Shi waved her porcelain arms.

Chu Li grabbed her wrist and vanished in a flash, reappearing on the Island of Symphony.

Yang Xu was tidying up at the pavilion. She curtseyed upon seeing them.

Siao Shi waved her arm, "Have them far away. I don't want to see them!"

"Yes," answered Yang Xu.

Siao Shi said, "Chu Li, you leave too. Come back tomorrow."

Chu Li closed fist saluted and disappeared in a flash.

He twinkled a few times before appearing at Mountain Shiwan, that same giant mountain.

A spirit crane shook on the tree while the other was nowhere to be found. This had Chu Li let out a sigh of relief.

If it was only one, he wouldn't end up that disheveled. He could manage with difficulty.

This spirit crane seemed to have sensed Chu Li's prying and turned to look over.

Chu Li gasped with admiration within. It discovered him again.

This time, it did not rush over. It stood on the tree top and lifted its beak, chirping at a high octave, echoing to the skies.

Chu Li curled his lips to see what was going on.

Within the branches under the feet of this spirit crane was a little nest. There laid two eggs in the nest.

This nest was well hidden that he did not notice in a rush from before.

No wonder they were so agitated and easily angered. Once they saw him, they dashed over without hesitation. They were guarding these eggs.

There was another long howl and the other spirit crane arrived. Chu Li disappeared in a flash.

He sat in a pavilion in Glory's Will Courtyard, thinking of ways to settle this.