White Robed Chief Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Idea

At a time like this, the spirit beasts would be unusually sensitive and possessed an extreme reaction. A slight rustling of change would trigger an attack. It would be unwise for him to head there now. Not only would it be any better but instead, it will worsen the situation. Things had to be calmed down first.

He sat in front of the Glory's Will Tree and emboldened the Scripture of Life and Death as well as the Moon Eater Grass.

The Moon Eater Grass grew a section at a quick pace and soon like a tasselling millet. They then withered to yellow slowly.

They withered within the mud but left thousands and thousands of seeds.

Chu Li planted hundreds of these seeds and emboldened their growth.

Once Xue Ling returned, these seeds had sprouted into Moon Eater Grass with the width of a finger.

"Young master, what are these?" Xue Ling who was in white was surprised to see dense-packed Moon Eater Grass. She was amazed, "I didn't see these in the morning."

"Moon Eater Grass," Chu Li replied, "Tai Hua Valley needs this."

"Moon Eater Grass..." Xue Ling tilted her head to think but did not recognize this grass, "For Tai Hua Valley?"

Chu Li nodded.

Xue Ling answered with a bright smile, "Young master is worried about Chen Xue and the rest, afraid they may be aggrieved?"

"There are many of them there, not much of a problem," Chu Li said, "Valley Leader Mei has not arrived?"

"Not yet," Xue Ling shook her head, "The intel that came from below says that they would arrive two days later."

Chu Li frowned, "This Valley Leader Mei is too much of a dilly dally."

He understood the moment he heard that this Mei Aoshuang was doing this on purpose to prank him.

Xue Ling answered, "Yes! But it seems the journey isn't too short neither."

"They must be dragging their heels on the way!" scoffed Chu Li.

He originally hoped that Chen Xue and the rest could leave before the big day to avoid being caught in the crossfire. These people were out to get him and they may turn their attention to Chen Xue and the rest.

Mei Aoshuang chose to take the longer journey. She must have seen through his thoughts and was intentionally going against him by training her disciple all she wanted or else she would have arrived already.

"Should we rush her?" Xue Ling asked.

Chu Li flung his arms, "Tomorrow onwards, have Chen Xue and the rest enter the House."

"To our island?" Xue Ling asked.

Chu Li said, "Coming to our island would garner much attention. Arrange them an accommodation elsewhere. There are many houses on the island. It's best not to let others know."

"Yes," answered Xue Ling.

Xue Ling continued, "Oh, right, young master. Young Alliance Leader Han had bought a place in town and met with the governor Mister Jiang. It did not end well."

"Brother Han..." Chu Li flashed a smile.

Xue Ling smiled, "Young master hit it off with him. Should I initiate an investigation?"

Chu Li waved his hand, "No need for that. He is a wise person. Worth the friendship. Help me send this invitation out. Tonight, at the New Moon BrothelOh right, have Brother Jiang meet with Valley Leader Mei and present this Moon Eater Grass to her!"

"Yes," answered Xue Ling in a clear and crisp voice. She then started to grind the ink.

In contrast with the ink stone, her porcelain hand was exceptionally white against the dark tone.

She opened an invitation, picked up the brush and dibbed into the ink slightly, "What time?"

"When the first lantern is lit," Chu Li said, "No need to make dinner, let's eat at New Moon Brothel."

Xue Ling responded and went through the invitation quickly. Then, she pulled out one of the Moon Eater Grass from the spirit land and wrapped it up. She left glidingly.

Chu Li and Xue Ling arrived at New Moon Brothel.

New Moon Brothel was lively. At the sound of woodwinds, there were countless people entering and being led to various floors.

Chu Li and Xue Ling went up to the second floor and found a place to sit.

Bi Liu was dressed in a lake green gown. Her slight build body gracefully trod over. She gave a sweet smile, "Chief, how rare of you to grace us with your presence."

Chu Li closed fist saluted and smiled, "Treating a friend to dinner. Miss Bi Liu, we'll have to trouble you for company."

"It's rare for Chief to come," Bi Liu pursed her lips and laughed lightly, "I couldn't wait. Is there a need to call some sisters?"

"Let's talk once my friend arrives," laughed Chu Li.

Xue Ling held onto Bi Liu's arm and smiled, "Sister Bi Liu was to rest tonight but when she heard young master was coming, she especially came over."

Chu Li answered, "There's no need for that."

Bi Liu pursed her lips and laughed. She shook her head without saying a word.

She was quiet in nature and did not like to talk. This was to Chu Li's taste.

Just as they were in a conversation, Han Fei brought Luo Chuan along the stairs in large strides. He saw Chu Li and closed fist saluted with a smile, "Thanks to Brother Chu, I have finally set foot in New Moon Brothel!"

Chu Li closed fist saluted and laughed as he led him to sit, "Have Brother Han meet with Miss Jiang."

"Sigh..." Han Fei was filled with melancholy. He smiled bitterly and helplessly, "I have seen her but it's better that I didn't!"

"Miss Jiang is courteous and kind-hearted. Why did Brother Han react this way?" laughed Chu Li.

Han Fei sighed, "She has a soft character but she's soft on the outside and firm on the inside. She said that if I were to break off the engagement, she will commit suicide!"

Chu Li raised an eyebrow, "So Miss Jiang likes Brother Han?"

"We've just met, what can she like?" sighed Han Fei.

Chu Li answered, "Brother Han is handsome and charming. It may be love at first sight for Miss Jiang."

"Really? Brother Chu loves to kid around!" Han Fei looked at him helplessly.

Chu Li smiled, "With Brother Han's tactics, I don't believe you can't tame Miss Jiang."

"I am most afraid of women with this type of character," Han Fei shook his head, "I really can't do anything about her."

As he spoke, his eyes lit up when he saw Bi Liu.

Chu Li smiled, "This is Miss Bi Liu. Brother Han, you can choose a lady to accompany you. Two men sitting opposite each other is no fun."

Bi Liu raised her arm slowly and waved.

A cute maid came over, "Sister Bi Liu."

"Is sister Bai Ying available?" asked Bi Liu.

The delicate-looking maid expressed her reluctance, "Sister Bai Ying has a guest."

"What about sister Ning Lu?"

"Sister Ning Lu is available," answered the maid.

Bi Liu said, "Then have sister Ning Lu come over."

"Yes," the delicate maid breezed away.

Bi Liu smiled at Han Fei, "Young master Han, I have made a decision for you."

Han Fei flashed a smile, "Thank you, Miss Bi Liu. Miss Bi Liu must have invited over the most beautiful, right?"

"Yes," Bi Liu nodded.

A beautiful maiden in an apricot yellow gown entered gracefully and curtseyed, "Chief Chu."

Chu Li returned with a closed fist salute.

She sat opposite Bi Liu and smiled at Han Fei, "Young master Han."

Han Fei immediately returned to spirits and smiled, "No need for all the polite gestures. Let's be casual. Come, let's toast!"

He gasped in admiration at New Moon Brothel. The beauty of Miss Ning Lu was indescribable. Sitting beside him, a slight scent floated by and the world around became increasingly interesting.

All of them downed their drinks in one go.

Bi Liu and Ning Lu were pouring wine for both of them.

Xue Ling and Luo Chuan were sitting beside each other, not making a sound and making themselves scarce.

Chu Li responded, "What is Brother Han preparing to do? Break off the engagement or marry?"

"Things have come to thisI can only marry," Han Fei sighed, "I can't see her go through with suicide."

Chu Li smiled, "You're doomed, Brother Han. You'll be subjected to the whim of her in the future. I have an idea."

"What idea?" Han Fei asked.

Chu Li replied, "I'll give you two Spirit Blessing Pills."

Han Fei's mind spun fast and immediately understood. With his eyes brightly lit, he laughed out loud and closed fist saluted, "Thank you, Brother Chu!"

"You still have to marry her though," said Chu Li, "After the wedding, if she were to use this tactic, the Spirit Blessing Pill will come to use."

Han Fei laughed with delight, "Hahaha, the rest of my life is saved by Brother Chu!"

PS: A slight spoiler, Miss Jiang is not a passerby.