White Robed Chief Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Gifting Grass

The two drank at the New Moon Brothel, enjoying the exceptional singing and dancing the Brothel offered.

Jiang Kuai took advantage of the dark of night and left the city sneakily.

As soon as he left the city, he used his Light-body Technique to the fullest and became like a wisp of smoke under the moonlight. Every once in a while, he took a Pill of Energy and continued his journey.

Around midnight, he reached a small town and went to an inn to ask the innkeeper a few questions.

Finally, he knocked on a door of a small courtyard.

The small courtyard was already very quiet where the occupants were asleep, so the sound of knocking resounded loudly.

A young woman's voice called from inside. "Who is it?"

"I am a Protector from the House of High Duke, tasked with presenting an item to Valley Leader Mei," Jiang Kuai deepened his voice.

"A moment, please," the young woman said.

After a moment, the doors of the courtyard were pulled open. The inner courtyard, as well as the main hall, were already brightly illuminated.

Mei Aoshuang sat in an armchair in the center of the main hall, her face heavy like water and her gaze strict and fierce as if she just woke up.

The charming middle-aged woman, Fong Xiaofeng sat on one side and two young and delicate girls stood behind Mei Aoshuang, staring at the entrance.

Jiang Kuai took large strides towards the main hall and closed fist saluted as a greeting. "Valley Leader Mei, by order of Chief Chu, I have arrived to present you an item."

He took out an envelope from his bosom as he spoke, holding it out with both hands.

A young woman stepped forward to accept the envelope and handed it to Mei Aoshuang.

Mei Aoshuang smiled coldly and asked, "Chu?"

"It is indeed Chief Chu," Jiang Kuai answered.

"Chu Li is deliberately trying to pick a fight, is he?" Mei Aoshuang held the letter, glaring at Jiang Kuai with a little amount of hostility, "What time do you think it is now? Could it not wait until tomorrow? It is the middle of the night. What would be of such importance?"

Fong Xiaofeng laughed and said, "Valley Leader, Chief Chu knows the difference between serious and unimportant matters. Maybe we should see what this is about first."

"Hmph!" Mei Aoshuang held on to her anger, opened the envelope and glanced inside. Suddenly, her expression changed and she poured out the slightly withered Moon Eater Grass hurriedly.

"Oh?" Fong Xiaofeng exclaimed, turning to look at Mei Aoshuang. "Valley Leader, is this?"

Mei Aoshuang's countenance was solemn and grim. She picked up the Moon Eater Grass and scrutinized it a few times and raised her head to look at Jiang Kuai, "What did he say?"

"Chief Chu did not say anything. He only urged me to hand this over to Valley Leader Mei," Jiang Kuai said.

"He did not say anything?!" Mei Aoshuang scoffed coldly.

Fong Xiaofeng said, "Valley Leader, is that really the Moon Eater Grass?"

Her voice trembled slightly.

She knew more than anyone what this Moon Eater Grass implied.

The reason that the Taihua Gold Pills kept diminishing in numbers was that the Moon Eater Grass could not be found and was thought to be extinct.

Among the numerous Spirit Herbs, the Taihua Gold Pill only lacked the Moon Eater Grass. As they did not have the Moon Eater Grass, they could not cultivate the Taihua Gold Pill.

The Taihua Gold Pill represented the lengths of Tai Hua Valley disciples' achievements and determined Tai Hua Valley's capabilities.

In order to find the Moon Eater Grass, Tai Hua Valley expended a huge amount of manpower and resources. However, the outcome was disappointing. Even after searching the entire land, the Moon Eater Grass was nowhere to be found.

Who would have thought that she would see the Moon Eater Grass here today!

"Hmph, go back and tell Chu Li this: I will be there tomorrow!" Mei Aoshuang placed the Moon Eater Grass back into the envelope carefully and tucked it away and said unpleasantly, "Tell him not to worry!"

She saw through Chu Li's intentions in an instant; he disliked that she was delaying, so he was trying to hasten her actions!

Jiang Kuai fist saluted, "I apologize for the disturbance. I shall take my leave now!"

He turned around and walked away, disappearing into the dark of night.

"What does Chief Chu mean by this?" Fong Xiaofeng asked.

"He is urging us to hurry over there," Mei Aoshuang said coldly. "That cunning bastard! If he has something to say, then just say it! Why use this kind of roundabout way, acting like a smartass!"

Fong Xiaofeng hid a smile.

If Chief Chu really were to just say it, Valley Leader would not only ignore him but would dawdle even longer. She would insist on waiting until Chief Chu left the House of High Duke and went to the Imperial Residence of Prince An, only then would she arrive at Chong Ming Town.

"Valley Leader, how much Moon Eater Grass do you think is in Chief Chu's hands?" Fong Xiaofeng asked excitedly.

Mei Aoshuang knitted her well-formed eyebrows, thought for a while, and harrumphed, "It certainly will not be any small amount or he would not have shown off like this! That infuriating bastard!"

Fong Xiaofeng said, "The Moon Eater Grass is very important to us so Valley Leader must be sure not to lose her temper. Negotiate courteously with Chief Chu and we shall buy as much as they are willing to sell!"

"Elder Fong!" Mei Aoshuang stared at her with a face full of displeasure, "For such an important matter, of course, I will not act recklessly!"

"Haa" Fong Xiaofeng was, however, not assured.

Valley Leader hated men and usually just ignored men when she met them, not bothering to talk to them. But when it came to Chu Li, she would immediately become full of vigor, swell with fighting spirit, and insist on outwitting Chu Li.

She was exactly like the arch enemies from the previous generation. Don't bother telling her to not worry as it would be weirder if she could actually be reassured.

Mei Aoshuang said, "I only worry that this bastard will ask for unreasonable prices."

"Chief Chu will not do such a thing," Fong Xiaofeng said, "Do not forget about Chen Ying. He might even give it to us for free."

"For free?" Mei Aoshuang smiled coldly, "Do you really think this bastard will willingly sustain business losses like this?"

"Valley Leader, you" Fong Xiaofeng shook her head helplessly.

Mei Aoshuang raised her voice and said, "All right, everyone will not sleep. We travel through the night. By tomorrow, we will definitely reach Chong Ming Town!"

"Yes!" the crowd responded.

Chu Li and Han Fei drank their fill at New Moon Brothel, only returning late at night, and slept right away without even cultivating.

When dawn broke, sighing heavily, Chu Li finished washing his face with the help of Xue Ling. Just as he was about to cultivate, a bright cry of jade called from outside.

Xue Ling sauntered over gracefully.

She came back very quickly, smiling, "Young Master, Valley Leader Mei has arrived!"

Chu Li laughed heartily, "As expected of Brother Jiang, he must have worked hard."

He went straight out of the House of High Duke and arrived at the Town of Clouds together with Xue Ling.

The Town of Clouds had always been lively. They were famous for their breakfast so a large number of people would come straight here to eat in the morning then walk around the town for a few hours. After the food was digested, they would go home.

From the third floor, Mei Aoshuang sat at a table by the windows and looked coldly at Chu Li making his way upstairs.

Chu Li fist saluted and smiled, "Valley Leader Mei, thank you for coming all the way here."

Mei Aoshuang's complexion was pale, but that only added to her charm like a haggard beauty, alluring people.

Her jade face pulled tautly and she said coldly, "Great Chief Chu, is everything going on to your liking?"

Chu Li sat across her, smiled at Fong Xiaofeng and nodded.

Mei Aoshuang had wanted to attend the banquet alone but Fong Xiaofeng insisted on coming along, worrying that Mei Aoshuang would lose her temper again and mess things up.

In normal circumstances, if things messed up then that was that. She was the Valley Leader so Fong Xiaofeng did not wish to meddle too much. However, the current matter was very significant and had to do with Tai Hua Valley's prosperity and decline.

Chu Li laughed, "There is no hurry, Valley Leader Mei. I intend on letting them wait until after Second Lady's marriage before I leave."

Mei Aoshuang originally planned on not picking a fight with him. For the sake of the Moon Eater Grass, she would tolerate a little.

However, after hearing his words, she was momentarily stunned into silence, "No hurry? No hurry, you"

Chu Li interrupted her words with a laugh, "However, I had wanted to let Valley Leader Mei know of this good news as soon as possible, so I sent someone quickly to you."