White Robed Chief Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Hidden Troop

Chu Li laughed and said, "The Second Lady's wedding is a big event. It is inevitable that there will be some disturbances. The manpower we have in the Public House might not be enough."

Mei Aoshuang said coldly, "Chu Li, you should know that I do not want to have any association with the House of High Duke!"

Chu Li sighed and said helplessly, "If only the Third Lady were here, things would be so much better, it is a shame"

Mei Aoshuang narrowed her eyes at him.

The Public House announced to the public that the Third Lady went into isolation to cultivate and will not leave until she successfully advanced her mastery. Even if it was the Second Lady's grand wedding, she would not leave the isolation.

Mei Aoshuang grew extremely furious.

That infuriating Chu Li really got on her nerves. He had always used Siao Qi to force her.

"If Siao Qi were here, she would not let me do such a thing!" Mei Aoshuang scoffed coldly.

Chu Li smiled, "Yes, it is a pity that she is not here. There really is no manpower in the Public House. If something were to happen to the Second Lady because there was not enough manpower to stop it, once the Third Lady leaves the isolation, who knows how heartbroken she will be!"

"You with the surname Chu, you really are despicable!" Mei Aoshuang glared at him with eyes full of hatred.

"I beg your pardon, Valley Leader Mei," Chu Lu shrugged, smiling bitterly, "But I really have no other choice. There are too many covetous eyes watching the Second Lady's grand wedding. If it really is ruined, then the reputation of the House of High Duke will be destroyed. They would lose their deterrent power in the borders of the martial arts world and not be able to suppress others. People will definitely take the chance to wreak havoc. Who knows how many innocent lives will be lost!"

Mei Aoshuang's eyes flashed.

Although she was furious and could not stand Chu Li, she had to admit that what he said was correct and hit the nail right on the head.

Once the House of High Duke lost its deterrent power, the various martial factions which had been suppressed would not let go of this chance. They would take the opportunity to cause harm and destruction and countless people will die in the crossfire!

Chu Li sighed, "However, if Valley Leader Mei is really unwilling, then I do not dare to force you. Besides, if anyone were to know about Valley Leader Mei's identity, Tai Hua Valley would then certainly become the common enemy of the martial arts world.

"Hmph, as long as you understand!" Mei Aoshuang glared at him.

Chu Li smiled and said, "However, Valley Leader Mei need not become a maid. You can hide in the shadows with black robes and masks and become a hidden troop. If the situation does not call for it, then Valley Leader Mei would not have to act at all."

"In that case" Mei Aoshuang muttered.

It was much better if that was the case. Even Fong Xiaofeng nodded her head.

Chief Chu offered compromise after compromise. If they were to reject him, it would reflect badly on them. After all, he did do them a great service in finding the Moon Eater Grass.

For this Moon Eater Grass, it would be fine even if they were to be utterly blamed by the martial arts world. As long as there were enough Taihua Gold Pills, the strength of the disciples will be guaranteed and rise to the first-rate sects, and those people will only be left with awe and reverence.

Mei Aoshuang pondered for a moment, seeing through Chu Li's sinister intentions.

He was asking for unreasonable prices then lowered the price to the ground. He had planned for her to be a hidden troop from the start but did not say so earlier. He first asked her to do an unreasonable task then slowly withdrew his demands until they were here so that she could not refuse even if she wanted to.

"You really are an incorrigible bastard!" Mei Aoshuang hated him until the roots of her teeth itched. She wanted nothing more than to give him a few tight slaps.

Chu Li smiled, "Has Valley Leader Mei agreed?"

"Hmph, all right, I agree!" Mei Aoshuang spat, "If it weren't for the Moon Eater Grass, there would be no use even if you used Siao Qi!"

Chu Li laughed and nodded his head.

The more she said such things, the more it was proven that using Siao Qi was an effective measure. Every blow hit its mark.

Fong Xiaofeng said, "Chief Chu, may I be bold to ask you a question? Where exactly did you find this Moon Eater Grass?"

She also knew that this question was slightly overboard but the Moon Eater Grass really was too important. If it was for the Tai Hua Valley, she did not mind acting shamelessly like this.

Chu Li said, "In a ravine. However, all the Moon Eater Grass there has been transported here, so there should not be any left. When do you want it?"

"The Moon Eater Grass has not finished growing, so we will have to wait for around half a month." Fong Xiaofeng said, "If picked now, they would lose their medicinal properties. It would be such a waste!"

Chu Li nodded his head, "That is true."

Mei Aoshuang harrumphed, "You needlessly wasted a Moon Eater Grass. This could have become one Taihua Gold Pill!"

Chu Li said, "That does not matter, does it? There are seeds for the Moon Eater Grass. All we have to do is plant some."

"Don't even think about it, the seeds are completely unreliable!" Mei Aoshuang coldly said, "Why would it go extinct otherwise?"

Chu Li exclaimed, "Hmm?"

Mei Aoshuang scoffed, "The Moon Eater Grass requires the feces of Spirit Beasts to serve as fertilizers. Did you think you could just make it grow that simply?"

Chu Li was struck with a realization, "I planted them on Spirit Land, they have not died yet."

"For now, it does not matter that there are no Spirit Beast feces as the most crucial key is the germination period," Mei Aoshuang said, "Without Spirit Beast feces, those seeds will not even be able to germinate. That ravine of yours"

Chu Li said, "Is a certain ravine near Mountain Shiwan."

He pondered, it seemed like the mysteries of the Scripture of Life and Death exceeded his expectations.

"That is no wonder then," Mei Aoshuang said, "There is a very large possibility that a Spirit Beast roams there. That ravine is too dangerous; it would be better if you don't go there."

Chu Li smiled.

Mei Aoshuang said coldly, "You think your capabilities are impressive enough to be able to go against a common Spirit Beast, don't you?"

Chu Li laughed, "Are Spirit Beasts really that strong?"

"It is like this, even going up against the weakest Spirit Beast guarantees death," Mei Aoshuang said, "They are beloved creatures from the heavens. Their bones are ten times harder than ours, they are ten times quicker than us and their strength is ten times stronger than us. How do you expect to go up against them?"

Chu Li muttered to himself and nodded his head.

He had experience in this. If Mei Aoshuang met a magical crane, her death would be guaranteed. Martial arts in the face of magical beasts was just a joke, even a treasure sword would be useless; it would be akin to an infant holding a wooden stick.

Mei Aoshuang said, "Besides, it was just a stroke of luck this time that allowed the Moon Eating Grass to grow. It might not be the case next time!"

Chu Li said, "I will mobilize the people of the House of High Duke."

"It would not be that easy!" Mei Aoshuang shook her head and said, "Spirit Beasts rarely venture outside the Mountain Shiwan, where are you going to find them?"

"On the outskirts of Mountain Shiwan, there should be occasional sightings of Spirit Beasts, right?"

"That is too dangerous, forget about it," Mei Aoshuang said, "The lives of your House of High Duke will be at stake. That makes me uneasy too, plus Siao Qi will also blame me!"

"All right, then we shall wait until Second Lady enters the Imperial Residence and use the Imperial Residence's powers, then we should be able to find some," Chu Li said.

Mei Aoshuang rolled her eyes at him and scoffed, "Just listening to you makes it obvious that you have no good feelings towards the Imperial Residence of Prince An, and you still want the Second Lady to marry there?

"What other choice is there?" Chu Li shook his head.

Mei Aoshuang said, "All right then, I shall act as a Hidden Protector, and act from within the shadows."

"Thank you, Valley Leader Mei," Chu Li laughed and said, "Why don't you stay inside the Public House? It will be easier for you to take action any time."

"Forget it, I have a residence in the city," Mei Aoshuang waved her hand and said, "Don't worry. I will not run away!"