White Robed Chief Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Revisit

Lee Hanyan was practicing her swordsmanship in the martial arts field.

The martial arts field was bustling with activity, where almost all of the Snow Lunar Pavilion disciples were currently at.

In the vast ravine, the busiest place was always the martial arts field, which was never empty.

Some on the martial arts field were training diligently, silently working, some gathered together to make small talk, lazing about, chatting non-stop, and some were practicing with each other, swords exchanging flurry of blows, adding to the bustle.

Lee Hanyan practiced her swordplay alone, her sword glinting in the light. Unlike the original swordsmanship, where the movements were soft but carried steel underneath, in her hands it became full of killing potential. The scene drew chills, and the surrounding people gave her a wide berth, not daring to come close, lest they get accidentally injured by her.

While she was practicing, she did not notice that she was being influenced by the Seven Forms of Godly Knife, and channeled killing intent into her blade, causing the soft and fluid swordplay to strike fear into others.

Suddenly, she heard someone call, "Du Feng is here!"

"Ah? Du Feng? White-robed chief Du Feng?"

"Yes, Du Feng is already at the foot of the mountain. He going to climb the mountain soon!"

"He's finally here!"

The glint of the sword snapping her out of her trance, Lee Hanyan sheathed her sword, turned around and dashed out of the martial arts field like a lithe sparrow, entering Su Ru's Waterside Pavilion.

Su Ru, donned in an apricot yellow gown, was channeling on top of the couch, and slowly opened her eyes when she heard noises.

"Sister Du Qiu, Brother Du is here!"

"Du Feng is here?"

"I heard he has already reached the foot of the mountain!" Lee Hanyan's eyes sparkled, her voice chirping with excitement.

Su Ru did not share her excitement at all.

She was not as weak as she was when she first came here. She would not bear to let Chu Li leave.

Master Shen Yinghu no longer went into Isolated Cultivation after she recuperated, and she had Lee Hanyan to accompany her, so she would not feel lonely, and managed to go back to her original appearance as Su Ru.

She laughed, and said unhurriedly, "Since he is already at the foot of the mountain, he should climb up soon."

Lee Hanyan forcefully suppressed her anxiety and sighed, "I wonder what Brother Du has been up to all this while. There was no trace of him at all, and no news of him in the martial arts world either!"

Su Ru smiled, "Something might have happened."

Lee Hanyan let out a sigh, "Brother Du must have come back to see Sister Du Qiu right?"

Su Ru nodded her head and said, "He might be coming to see if Sister has come out of isolation."

"In that case" Lee Hanyan nodded her head.

The two chatted for a short time, but still did not see Chu Li come up. Feeling that something was strange, they left the Waterside Pavilion.

There was already a crowd of people gathered at the entrance of the ravine, all of them craning their necks to peer downwards.

Su Ru pulled on a Sister to ask.

The Sister said that Du Feng had been standing at the foot of the mountain as if in a trance, and had no intention of ascending,

Lee Hanyan could not take it anymore and rushed out of the ravine. She charged down the mountain, and even before reaching the foot of the mountain she waved her hand enthusiastically.

Chu Li stared at the large mountain, captivated.

This particular mountain was different from the ones beside it, as if it had been permeated with Siao Qi's force. Even looking at it caused the feelings in his heart to stir, making him hesitate in advancing.

Contradictory feelings clashed in his heart. One part of him wanted to see Siao Qi come out of isolation, but the other part was worried to see her out of isolation too.

He was not mentally prepared; he did not know how to face Siao Qi.

Looking at the mountain, his thoughts immediately went to Siao Qi whom he knew was inside. His heart secretly hurt and his longing grew stronger, like an invisible net wrapped tightly around him.

Standing here, every breath he took made it seem like he could smell the scent of her skin, like he could see her faint smile, and he could not help but want to hold her in his arms.

Having her cool, soft and delicate body would be akin to having the entire world. The two of them would not care about all the trials and hardships of the outside world anymore, and just stay in the Snow Lunar Pavilion and never leave!

"Brother Du-!" Lee Yanhan's voice trailed from far away, she stood atop a pine tree, stepping on the peak of the tree, and waved her hand energetically.

Chu Li saw her, put away his complex expression, and showed her a smile.

"Brother Du, why are you not climbing the mountain?" Lee Hanyan fluttered nearer, her bright eyes sparkling like jewels while looking at him.

Chu Li smiled, "Just thinking about something."

Lee Hanyan observed his expression, vaguely feeling his loneliness, and sighed, "Unfortunately, Sister Du Xia has not come out of isolation yet."

Chu Li said, "I've come this time to see you and Du Qiu, as well as pay my respects to the Seniors."

"Brother Du, you haven't come here in so long!" Lee Hanyan showed a smile.

Chu Li went up the mountain with her and asked how she was doing.

The two moved very quickly, and once they reached the entrance of the ravine, Yang Lingfeng and a group of people surrounded them warmly and welcomed him into the ravine.

As the sun began to set, Shen Yinghu sat at a Pagoda on top of a lake, reading a book.

The rays of the sun reflected off the lake, making it shimmer like a crimson brocade, and off Shen Yinghu's face like a cotton rose hibiscus, beautiful beyond measure.

She put down the scroll, and looked meaningfully at Chu Li as he approached.

Chu Li closed fist saluted and sat across her.

"I did not think you would dare to come here ever again." Shen Yinghu appraised him, her pale, thin mouth raising slightly, and let out a languid smile, "Your bravery is admirable!"

Chu Li said, "This time I'm here on official business."

"Speak." Shen Yinghu said.

Chu Li said, "I wish to request the help of one of the Elders of the Snow Lunar Pavilion on behalf of the House of High Duke."

Shen Yinghu could not help but laugh, "You are out of your mind!"

Chu Li said, "Black clothes and masks should be able to hide their figure."

"They can hide their faces, but they cannot conceal their martial arts!"

"As long as their faces are concealed, their martial arts do not matter."

"Nonsense!" Shen Yinghu said unpleasantly, "If anyone tries to investigate, they will know instantly that it is us!"

Chu Li laughed, "Senior only needs to safeguard the House, there is no need to show up personally."

"You have to mobilize all your people?" Shen Yinghu's eyebrows furrowed lightly, "Is it that malicious?"

"It is not my place to say if it is malicious or not, but Senior, you should have an inkling!"

"Ah we will need to consult Pavilion Leader about this." Shen Yinghu sighed, "This is no trivial matter. It concerns the fate of Snow Lunar Pavilion as well."

Chu Li said, "If the crucial moment can be blocked just slightly, I will be able to immediately support."

"You-?" Shen Yinghu laughed, "Although you are a Grandmaster, and have the title of White-Robed Chief, if you really were to encounter those old people, you will not win against them."

Chu Li laughed, disappearing before her eyes in a flash and appearing in front her Waterside Pavilion in an instant, and in another flash reappearing back at the Pagoda.

Shen Yinghu tilted her head and considered him, smiling, "This is not the Light-body Technique."

"Limb of God from the Temple of Titanium." Chu Li said, "However, Senior must keep it a secret that this was trained by the person Chu Li."

Shen Yinghu started to laugh.

Chu Li looked at her in confusion but did not use the Omniscient Mirror.

Shen Yinghu said, "Were you forced to become a monk?"

Chu Li said, "I cannot see past the mortal world, and thus cannot qualify."

"Becoming a monk is not a skill!"

"Please be at ease, Senior. I will not give up on her."

"You men" Shen Yinghu smiled melancholically, shaking her head, "but I hope you do not forget your words today!"

Chu Li nodded his head deeply.

"...Hm, now that you have the Limb of God, things have certainly become more convenient." Shen Yinghu sighed, "However, the decision still lies with Pavilion Leader. Do not hold out too much hope."

Chu Li nodded his head slowly, closed fist saluting.

After dinner, after drinking together with Yang Lingfeng, Zhao Feihu, and Shu Qingdie, Chu Li went to the lakeside to give pointers for Lee Hanyan's swordsmanship.

Lee Hanyan was indeed a genius in martial arts. Her advancement was incredibly fast and she had an excellent understanding of things. Whenever Chu Li gave her a pointer, she would be able to pick up three other points. If she did not meet a sudden end, her future was bright and promising. She could be a top-notch master.

In the early morning of the second day, when Chu Li reached the Pagoda above the lake, Shen Yinghu was already sitting there.

She looked as if she had been sitting in the Pagoda for a long time, dazed, letting solitude wash over herself.

Seeing him approach, Shen Yinghu sighed lightly and shook her dainty head.