White Robed Chief Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Escorting the Bride

"Pavilion Leader did not agree," Shen Yinghu sighed.

Chu Li slowly nodded his head.

This was a reasonable outcome.

Snow Lunar Pavilion was different from Taihua Valley. Taihua Valley had always been isolated. They had the protection of various formations, so they did not have to worry, and the number of outsiders who knew about Taihua Valley were few and far between.

On the other hand, Snow Lunar Pavilion was a sect. Their martial arts were well known. If news that they were involved with the House of High Duke were to spread, the repercussions towards Snow Lunar Pavilion would be severe.

"Are you disappointed?" Shen Yinghu laughed lightly.

Chu Li said, "I understand, Pavilion Leader."

"It is normal to feel disappointed." Shen Yinghu smiled, "It cannot be helped. What Pavilion Leader needs to consider is not his own feeling of the matter, but the interest of Snow Lunar Pavilion However, even if Snow Lunar Pavilion cannot help you, I am able to."

Chu Li laughed, "Many thanks, Senior."

Shen Yinghu sighed, "My position is different. If I act personally to help you, outsiders would not be able to say much either When do we depart?"

"Once Senior finishes making arrangements, we can leave. Is that alright?" Chu Li said, "Don't worry, Senior, staying at the House of High Duke on my island, no one will cause any disturbances."

"Alright, then I'll leave it to you." Shen Yinghu nodded lightly.

After some time, Shen Yinghu returned again.

Chu Li separated his sleeves and tugged on her wrist. After a few flashes, they arrived at the House of High Duke.

There were a few courtyards on his island, which he used to entertain guests, and he led Shen Yinghu to one of them.

The only people who usually come to the island are only Bi Liu and Siao Shi.

Outsiders will not come by, so they did not have to worry about anyone seeing Shen Yinghu.

In the evening, Yue Jintao sat in a restaurant, drinking.

His long blade laid atop the table, he raised the cup, looking downwards at the people walking to and fro on the streets, feeling full of emotion.

The ordinary person's life was beautiful, but so fragile. It was just like a bubble, just the lightest touch will cause it to pop.

His own life was monotonous and boring, and yet it was superior in longevity.

Protecting these ordinary people and letting them enjoy their life just that little bit longer brought peace to him. Those people who wantonly destroy others for the sake of their own selfish desires should all die!

From common civilians to masters of the martial arts world, to high-ranking aristocrats and even the Prince, there were countless wicked people. They were all born evil and deserved to die. He wanted so badly to use his longsword to chop off each and every one of their heads, and return peace to the land!

Thinking about his, his heroic spirit swelled up, and he downed the cup while looking at the heavens.

When he put down the cup, he thought about Prince An.

When he helped Prince An the last time, it caused both gratitude and grievances.

Prince An was renowned for being virtuous, but underneath he was insidious and merciless. If someone like him really ascended the throne, a disaster will befall, and the common folk will suffer.

Unfortunately, he was just a lone martial artist, hailing from rural mountain villages. He could kill evil people, but he could not kill someone like Prince An. The Prince had too many martial arts masters by his side, he would die before even coming close to the Prince. It really was a pity!

Chu Li was also lucky the last time. If that man had died because of him, his sins would be too great.

That person Chu Li, although he was a lackey of the House of High Duke, his nature was bright and promising, which was certainly rare.

His previous way of thinking was wrong; not all lackeys were evil and deceitful. There existed people like Chu Li, who was righteous and honorable. Unfortunately, due to the difference in their identities, their paths would not intersect, it was truly a pity!

Thinking about this, he poured his cup to the brim and downed it in one go again.

The sound of footsteps sounded, and his ears twitched. The footsteps were light, and almost indiscernible, akin to a profound Light-body Technique, and they were headed straight towards him!

He placed the cup down and pressed on his longsword, ready to draw it at any moment.

"Are you Hero Yue?" A man's voice trailed from behind him, "I work under Chief Chu, and have been tasked to deliver a letter to Hero Yue on his behalf."

Yue Jintao turned around to look.

A strong young man held out a letter with both hands.

Yue Jintao lowered his voice, "Chief Chu of the Yi Public House?"

"Indeed," Jiang Kuai said.

Yue Jintao flicked his longsword, and with a glint of the blade, the envelope was cut off at one end. He used the tip of the blade to lightly pick up the letter.

He raised his hand to shake open the letter, swept his eyes through it, and knitted his brows.

Jiang Kuai close fist saluted, "The letter has been delivered, I shall take my leave now!"

Yue Jintao said, "Does Chief Chu not need to wait for my reply?"

Jiang Kuai shook his head, "I was only sent to deliver the letter, and nothing else."

"Alright, I understand." Yue Jintao scoffed, "I owe Chief Chu a debt, but I will definitely repay him. Tell him not to worry!"

"Farewell!" Jiang Kuai close fist saluted, and fluttered away.

Yue Jintao put the letter away, looked downwards at the people walking to and fro, and returned back to his thoughts.

Chu Li took Siao Shi out of the House of High Duke again, and went to Qing Yun Town.

Living in Qing Yun Town, it would be as if Siao Shi was isolated from the rest of the world. She would not need to care about anything, nor think about the wedding that would be taking place in a few days. She would not have to care about commonplace affairs, and have peace and quiet.

But time ticked on nevertheless, the grand wedding would happen sooner or later.

If it was just a commoner's daughter's wedding, or if it was a concubine of the Imperial Residence, the bride would first have to be received at Fairy's Capital. On the day of the marriage itself, Prince An would not have to venture too far to escort the bride. The ceremony would be completed that day itself.

But this was regarding the Lady of the House of High Duke, and also Prince An's Princess consort, not to mention it was the Emperor himself who arranged the marriage. Naturally, the normal tradition would not suffice.

The wedding had to be of the greatest scale, the grandest of ceremonies.

In the early hours of the morning, Prince An, seated in a sixteen-portered sedan chair, brought all the Guard of Honor of the Imperial Residence, and left Fairy's Capital in a grandiose manner towards the House of High Duke of Chong Ming Town to escort the bride.

Once they left the city, the Guards of Honor withdrew, and the procession picked up their pace. They would be able to reach Chong Ming Town by the third day, but if they wanted to move closer to the auspicious hour, they would enter the town on the fourth day.

An entourage of six Grandmasters protected Prince An.

Gu Yue and Ding Jian were killed by Chu Li, accompanied by Prince An's side was the Buddist Xu Ning, the Protector Commander of the Imperial Residence Zheng Lide, Deputy Commander Meng Zhi, and four other Grandmasters.

As a Prince, six Grandmasters was already the limit, any more and it would be excessive.

Early the second day, just as they set out, Meng Zhi came forth to report, "Your Highness, Chief Chu Li of the Yi Public House has come to welcome Your Highness."

"Chu Li?" Prince An's face grew somber, and he said coldly, "He is here?"

Meng Zhi lowered his head, not daring to say more than what was needed. "Yes, he has brought two Grandmasters, and said he was here to welcome Your Highness."

"Hmph, bring it on then!" Prince An said coldly.

Meng Zhi carefully withdrew.

He knew what was weighing on Prince An's heart. Prince An wanted nothing more than to have Chu Li killed, but did not manage to kill him even after trying to dispose of him, he even lost two Generals.

As a Prince, how could he suffer this disgrace!

But that man's status was special, so he could not go against him head-on, and could only resort to acting from the shadows.

A moment later, Chu Li came at full gallop with two Elders, the sound of hooves thunderous. When they reached nearer, he pulled on the reigns fiercely.

"Whoa" With a long whinny from the horse, the three riders stood up.

Chu Li jumped off the saddle, ignoring the sharp glares from the various Protectors beside Prince An, who were emitting killing intent like they were going to attack him anytime, and gave a closed fist salute and bowed, "Rank One Scribe of the House of High Duke, Chu Li, pays his respects to Your Highness Prince An!"

"Since when did you advance to Rank One?" Prince An sat atop his horse, narrowing his eyes, looking down from his position at Chu Li, and said coldly, "Weren't you promoted too quickly?"

The House of High Duke and Imperial Court, as well as the Imperial Residence, shared similar standards.

If Chu Li was Rank One in the House of High Duke, when he comes to the Imperial Residence, he would be Rank One too.

As of now, the Imperial Residence of Prince An did not have any Rank One Scribes or Protectors. Once Chu Li enters the Imperial Residence, he would have the highest rank, and even the Protector Commander Zheng Lide would have to bow to him.

Prince An cursed inwardly, what a distasteful method this was!

"Everything was bestowed upon by Eldest Master Meng." Chu Li closed fist saluted southwards towards Chong Ming City, and said seriously, "Eldest Master position is different, and is not able to personally welcome Your Highness. He has specially dispatched me to receive you on his behalf, and hopes for your forgiveness!"

"Hm, I understand. Let us be on our way then." Prince An said lightly, "Chu Li, you will remain by my side. I have matters I wish to ask you."

"Yes, Your Highness." Chu Li nodded his head solemnly.

He climbed on his horse and backed his horse to follow a step behind Prince An.

He carried out all these proprieties meticulously. There was no room for mistakes.