White Robed Chief Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Counter Ambush

Seeing him act subserviently, Prince An felt his heart swell with wrath and fury. His killing intent burned fiercely, and he wanted nothing more than to just give the order for someone to hack him into pieces.

Logic held him back, he pressed his lips together tightly, not screaming at anyone.

This Chu Li was obviously exceptionally arrogant, bossy and domineering, but he always acted perfectly according to etiquette, further demonstrating his arrogance.

Prince An felt that he could not tolerate this much longer, and had to get rid of him as soon as possible, lest his entire being starts to suffer.

Chu Li kept his face blank, stern and solemn, not uttering a word.

After a long while, Prince An smoothened down his rage and killing intent, and asked coldly, "I heard that Second Lady is not very willing to become my bride?"

Chu Li said evenly, "Your Highness, it was Second Lady who personally sent someone to Your Highness to say no one would be more willing to be your bride than her. Pray tell where did Your Highness hear such a baseless rumor?"

Prince An said lightly, "It seems that was just a rumor. That is good. Although I am engaged to Second Lady, if Second Lady really is not willing, I will not force myself on her. I would have personally petitioned to my father the Emperor to call off this wedding.

Chu Li said, "Many thanks, Your Highness. However, even if Second Lady was unwilling, is it not too late for Your Highness to say something like this now? Something such as stopping the engagement, can Your Highness really do that?"

Fury erupted inside Prince An's heart, and his eyes turned icy cold.

Chu Li cast his gaze downwards, not meeting Prince An's gaze.

Even if it meant that he had to fawn and curry favor with Prince An, he had to make sure Prince An did not change his mind to kill him. If that was the case, if a chance appeared for Chu Li to humiliate Prince An, then he definitely would not let that opportunity go. He would rile Prince An's fury, and cause him to lose his rationality.

A Prince An who has lost his rationality would be easy to deal with.

He glanced over to Xu Ning at Prince An's other side.

This little monk's eyes were half-lidded, not uttering a word. There was no sound coming from him at all, which caused others to involuntarily ignore him.

But in Chu Li's eyes, Xu Ning was very conspicuous. The sarira prayer beads in his hands emitted a golden light, shrouding Prince An and him, preventing Chu Li's Omniscient Mirror from looking into Prince An's thoughts.

Chu Li thought to himself, he needed to think of a way make Xu Ning leave.

If a monk from the Temple of Titanium wished for him to obey, he would need to use cultivation to act.

As the horses galloped, no one in the group spoke a word. They all clearly heard the conversation between Chu Li and Prince An, and were scared witless. Even if Chu Li was Rank One, for him to dare to talk to Prince An so brazenly, he must be tired of living!

Prince An gradually suppressed his anger, and said lightly, "I heard you wish to follow along to the Imperial Residence?"

Chu Li said, "The Lady must be served by a person from her house."

"If she needed someone from her house, she should have sent a maid to come over! Why did she bring a grown man like you!" Prince An lightly said.

Chu Li said seriously, "The Imperial Residence is incomprehensible and impossible to predict. If Second Lady is alone with only a maid to accompany her, she would not be able to put her heart at ease! Did Princess Xue and Princess Song bring maids when they entered the Imperial Residence? The two concubines brought Protectors into the Residence. Second Lady will be the Princess consort, but she is not allowed to bring Protectors? It seems that in Prince An's eyes, the old people are more important. Lady Wang respects Your Highness' virtue, and admires Your Highness' integrity, which was why once she recuperated her health, she did not care even if Your Highness is over forty years of age. She insisted on fulfilling the marriage contract. If Second Lady knew of Your Highness' thoughts, who knows how heartbroken she would be. As the Lady's Scribe, my heart aches as well!"

Prince An's face darkened, and he interrupted with a shout, "Presumptuous!"

Chu Li's expression did not change, "I am only speaking based on logic, pray tell what exactly was presumptuous about that?"

"You dare to instigate disharmony between me and Second Lady, is that not presumptuous?!" Prince An coldly said.

Chu Li said, "As Second Lady's Scribe, I have seen how biased and unfair Your Highness is. If I was being presumptuous, I only hope for Your Highness' forgiveness!"

"If there is a next time, it will not be forgiven!" Prince An glared at him coldly, full of killing intent, "In in the Imperial Residence, the law is merciless. Do not blame me for not warning you!"

"Thank you for the reminder!" Chu Li closed fist saluted and said seriously.

Seeing him act like this, Prince An's anger rose and bubbled, but he knew that his anger would not help matters.

He would find a chance and just slaughter him. If two Grandmasters was not enough, then he would use three. If three was not enough, he would use four, six, eight. If he deployed every last Grandmaster in the Residence, this boy would definitely be killed!

Thinking about this, his temper abated. There was no need to waste his energy on a dead man.

He waved his hand, and said lightly, "You can leave. I wish to have some peace and quiet."

"Yes, Your Highness. I shall take my leave." Chu Li close fist saluted and withdrew.

He went to the rear of the procession.

Zhao Qingshan and another Grandmaster Lu Donglou gathered around.

Zhao Qingshan asked lowly, "Chief, was it necessary to antagonize Prince An?"

Lu Donglou said, "It is indeed gratifying, but I only worry that it will leave a grudge. This Prince An does not seem like he is a magnanimous person."

Chu Li laughed, "I know my limits. Elder Zhao, Elder Lu, be careful. If there are any assassins, do not be too fast to pursue them."

"Haha, yes." The two laughed while responding.

The following day, Chu Li stayed at the rear of the procession, not meeting with Prince An. Prince An also did not bother to see him.

They continued onwards with their journey. The sixteen porters were all masters in the Light-body Technique, their speed was not inferior to a quick horse. The rest rode on horseback, and they carried on with the expedition.

Around evening of the second day, they missed the lodging house, and rested at a post house in a forest.

Chu Li, Zhao Qingshan, and Lu Donglou gathered together. They had been well-behaved when following the procession for the past two days, which let Meng Zhi, who had been eyeing them from the shadows, let out a sigh of relief.

Around midnight, surrounded by his entourage and tending to the campfire, Prince An sat cross-legged.

The bonfire raged fiercely, illuminating the surroundings.

The people sat in groups of twos and threes, all sitting in meditation, but remaining vigilant.

The road was too quiet, even the crowd felt chills in their hearts.

If they had to guess, this road should have many twists and turns, there was bound to be some unpleasant disturbances.

However, the road was quiet and tranquil, and no one ambushed them.

This made them even worried. The more peaceful it was now, the more dangerous the threat later. Especially since they would most likely reach Chong Ming Town tomorrow, if anything were to happen, tonight would be the best time for them to take action!

"Who is it!" Chu Li interrupted with a shout, opening his eyes.

Ten men in black leaped out from the trees, like ten wisps of smoke, and struck their palm technique through the air.

The most exterior Guard of Honors, even though they possessed martial arts, they were not masters.

They were struck with a shapeless Palm Energy and got blown away.

Chu Li flashed and appeared by Prince An's side. Zhao Qingshan and Lu Donglou hurriedly joined by his side too.

Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi were also beside Prince An. The other two grandmasters rushed out too, and they confronted the ten people.

"Bang bang!" Two grandmasters were immediately sent flying.

The ten assaulters were actually Grandmasters, Prince An's grandmasters did not stand a chance against their ten Palm Energy.

Prince An asked gravely, "Who are you people!"

"Hehe, Prince An has ventured far. You've worked hard!" One of the men in black laughed and waved his hand. The ten men in black immediately lunged, charging towards Prince An.

Chu Li faced the sky and let out a long whistle.

When the sound died down, another dozen or so whistles began to ring nearby.

The cacophony of whistles became one, piercing the night sky.

The ten men in black's faces changed slightly, and they stopped their advance.

These dozen or so whistles were at the cultivation level of grandmasters who were not inferior to them, and in fact were perhaps even slightly superior.

Chu Li smiled at Prince An's unpleasant expression, "Do not worry, Your Highness. Since we are already at the boundary of our land, the House of High Duke will not allow Your Highness to get injured. Your Highness, watch how we take care of these traitors!"

Fifteen Grandmasters donned in blue robes, and blue masks appeared behind the ten men in black, surrounding them from all sides.

Chu Li said gravely, "Do not let even one of them escape. Kill them all!"

"Yes!" Fifteen Grandmasters shouted lowly.

Chu Li turned his head, "Elder Zhao, Elder Lu, you two go as well!"

"Yes!" Zhao Qingshan and Lu Donglou closed fist saluted, and joined in the midst of the blue-masked men.

Prince An's complexion was ashen, he coldly glared at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled at him, "Your Highness, just enjoy the show!"