White Robed Chief Chapter 340

Chapter 340: The Help

"Great!" Prince An clenched his jaw as he said those words.

Seventeen Grandmasters were up against the other ten of them in a way that two Grandmasters would be fighting against one of the ten opponents at once. Then suddenly, the fight began.

As the palm power raged, the palm's strength surged. It was as if everyone was in a sea of heavy waves. The powerful energy was everywhere but if anyone was not careful, they could die.

Prince An's followers were continuously forced to retreat as the ubiquitous powerful energy pushed them outwards, involuntarily. However, their eyes were fixed on the battle scene.

Chu Li twisted his head around and said, "Your Highness, what do you think of my Masters?"

Prince An snorted, "Didn't you say that the House of High Duke only has eight Grandmasters?"

Chu Li shook his head and his chuckled, "By then, the outsiders have already found out about the details of the House of High Duke. That was why I only mentioned eight. If the martial arts faction rebels, they might presumptuously feel that they could take over the House of High Duke and attack us immediately."

"Won't this just tempt their idea of rebelling?" Prince An snorted again, "If they know about the House of High Duke's twenty Grandmasters, they will not attack."

Chu Li shook his head, "Your Highness is wrong about this. If they have the intention to rebel, they will attack anyhow. If we wait any longer, their intent to rebel will get stronger, the damage will be worse. When they've accumulated enough power and when they really do end up crushing the House of High Duke, then the world will be in utter chaos!"

"Utter chaos?" Prince An coldly grunted, "Shocking!"

Chu Li said, "Your Highness is extremely experienced, it cannot be that you can't see it coming? One day, if they really do crush the House of High Duke, our building will be destroyed. Then, the House of High Duke will lose their strongest deterrent force, giving those who have the intention to rebel a sense of hope. They will then send out much stronger forces to attack us and by then, it will be time for a new regime!"

"With Father around, no one would dare to start a chaos!" Prince An simply said, "These thoughts of yours are not worth mentioning!"

Chu Li shook his head and said, "You Highness has forgotten that there isn't only one Enlightened Master in this world. Other than Ji Dynasty's, there are still Ji Dynasty's, Zheng Dynasty's, Fu Dynasty's, and Qiu Dynasty's. How can they watch His Majesty wage an insurgent under their bare eyes and do nothing about it?"

Prince An's expression changed.

As his gaze fell onto the black-shirt Grandmasters, his expression eased a little.

Under the siege of the House of High Duke's blue-robed men, the black-shirt men were strongly holding up against the attack; they were still able to sustain it, despite the wind. Yet after an hour and a half, there were still no deaths. It seemed like they would be able to get through this easily.

Chu Li was also observing the on-going fight.

The martial arts of these black-shirt men were indeed powerful, and their skills were solid. It seemed like they could still hold on to their lives even though they were fighting two men at once.

Chu Li shook his head and watched the fight, silently.

Prince An turned his head to look at him. Then, he gave out a sarcastic laugh and said, "It seems like your House isn't that dominant at all. I'm just afraid that they will not be able to take down these assassins. It can't be that a pair of them can't even take down one enemy?"

Chu Li smiled as he looked at Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi, "Both Commanders, why don't you give them a hand?"

Zheng Lide shook his head.

Meng Zhi grunted, "Our responsibility is to protect the Prince. We cannot leave him alone, not even for a second. "

Chu Li laughed, "Now is the time to protect the Prince, or are you here to prevent me from killing the Prince?"

"Although this is the first batch of assassins, there might also be a second batch. We have to take that precaution." Meng Zhi snorted, "Whereas you, Chief Chu, why don't you help?"

Chu Li took a look at Prince An and laughed again, "Protecting the Pince is also my responsibility. If anything happens, it will affect the wedding. And if the wedding is canceled because Prince An is injured, then I would have sinned too much!"

Prince An said lightly, "It's fine, you can help out."

Chu Li smiled, "Thank you, Your Highness, for your good intentions. If they really have the ability, they would have fled. As long as they don't disrupt the wedding, then just let them be!"

Prince An replied, "How can you do that! They wanted to kill me! How can you let them go so easily?"

"Mm, how would Your Highness want me to handle them?" Chu Li asked with a smile.

Prince An gave out a snort and said in a cold voice, "Kill them all!"

"Understood." Chu Li revealed a smile and nodded his head, "I was waiting for Your Highness to say this! Lady Lu, it's time to reveal your true self!"

He shouted loudly, like a thunder ringing through the night sky.

A girl in white robe fluttered in the moonlight as if she was a fairy that flew down from the moon. Her face was covered with white-veil, only revealing a pair of Autumn-like eyes.

"Chu Li, great estimation!" She lightly hummed as she landed on the field.

Once she arrived at the field, her graceful figure suddenly accelerated. She was recognised as a smoke, taking a quick walk around the field.

Those black-shirt men, who were fighting, did not care about the Prince anymore as they continued to fight for their lives. But eventually, one by one, they wanted to retreat.

As the situation continued on, it was impossible for them to turn the situation around. Their only way was to retreat, and as long as they were here, there might be a possibility of an unexpected encounter.

Lu Yurong was like a light smoke that cut through each of the black-shirt men, while shooting out rays of finger forces.

"Chi chi chi" As if she was shooting out secret weapons at the black-shirt men.

From the start, they had already fallen under the wind. The moment the finger forces shot outwards, they had no time to dodge it and could only defend themselves with their palm.

Suddenly, the finger force entered. It strangely penetrated their body but it did not spiral inwards. However, it did disrupt the circulation of the body's inner energy, causing their body figure and movements to immediately slow down as their power decreased.

Chu Li laughed, "Lady Lu, what finger force is this?"

"You don't need to know!" Lu Yurong let out a cold snort, stepped onto the tree branch and floated away.

For a moment, her gracefulness appeared. Like fairy dust, even though she was gone, her lingering aura was left behind. People couldn't help but praise her, yet feel a sense of melancholy as well.

Through the Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li saw these wonderful finger forces.

This was the Elusive Ninth Heaven Maiden's unique inner energy, as well as Prince An's pure inner energy of his self-cultivation on the Scripture of Duality. Encountering the Elusive Ninth Heaven Maiden Technique was a huge disadvantage. They would never be able to get rid of her.

In a battle between Masters, every move was key.

These black-shirt men were attacked by Lu Yurong's finger forces. The delay of their inner energy circulation might have caused a slight change. Instead, fighting both Masters of the same level had become a deadly key.

One by one, the black-shirt men got hit on the palm and fell under the joint attack of the blue-robed men.

As some of their colleagues fell, the black-shirt men immediately tried to escape. However, it was too late now. Following the fall of the three black-shirt men, more blue-robed man showed their weapons and joined the circle. Those who wanted to escape were now outnumbered.

A glimpse of Lu Yurong's gracefulness has caused a fatal blow.

As the situation quickly shifted, ten of the black-shirt men fell to the ground with just a mere Blinking Technique. All of them were seriously injured and surrounded by the blue-robed men.

Chu Li laughed out loud, "Thank you Lady Lu for your help!"

Lu Yurong's elusive voice sounded like it came from the sky, very vaguely but still clear, "You don't have to thank me. Just steal a few jade carvings for me and that will do!"

Chu Li's expression did not change. Instead, he looked at Prince An, "It is very fortunate that they did not kill Your Highness! According to what Your Highness meant, killing these people will be a warning to the others!"

"Slow down!" Meng Zhi quickly said, "Chief Chu, on His Highness's wedding day, it is not advisable for him to witness blood. The sight of blood is considered as unlucky."

Chu Li squinted slightly and smiled, "As a practitioner of the martial arts, do we still consider these things?"

Meng Zhi said, "The death of these people will have no value at all and because of that, it will ruin the happiness of the wedding, which isn't worth it at all."

Chu Li nodded thoughtfully and looked at Prince An, "What about Your Highness's orders?"

Prince An stared at these black-shirt men in silence, with a frown on his forehead.

Chu Li laughed, "It seems like His Highness wants them killed. Then let's kill them!"