White Robed Chief Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Exterminate

Chu Li turned around and gave a fist salute, "Your Highness, against these bastards, you cannot bring up forgiveness and patience anymore. They cannot be pardoned!"

Prince An frowned, "Just don't listen to their nonsense!"

Chu Li shook his head, "I'm afraid that if we spare their lives, they will talk and spread this everywhere. By then, Your Highness's name would be ruined; the second lady's name would be ruined. They really do have extremely evil intentions. Hence, we cannot forgive them!"

Prince An said in a deep voice, "The Grandmasters are the pillar of the country. Killing them would be such a shame!"

Chu Li's face turned gloom, and he looked at Prince An with a straight face, "Your Highness has once again stopped me from killing them, unless"

"Unless nothing!" Prince An's face darkened. It was so dark, it seemed like his eyes were watery as they glowed coldly -- he was ready to kill him anytime now.

However, Chu Li turned a blind eye, and said plainly, "Unless, what they say is true?"

"That's nonsense!" Prince An grumbled.

"Chief Chu, how presumptuous of you!" Zheng Lide said coldly, "Your words were disrespectful to His Highness!"

Chu Li held out a fist salute, "Your Highness's actions made me a little suspicious Before this, I have also heard some rumor saying that Your Highness was not happy about this engagement and that you did not want to marry the second lady. I didn't think that was true. The second lady is Ji Dynasty's most beautiful woman; her looks are unparalleled. Furthermore, she is refined and kind, gentle and modest. She is every man's dream woman. How is it possible that Your Highness is not satisfied with her? But by observing Your Highness's actions now, it has given me some doubt. I'm starting to wonder if there is a reason behind this assassination."

Prince An frowned, "Chu Li, how dare you say things like that!"

Chu Li bowed and gave a fist salute again, "Your Highness, please forgive me. As the second lady's Scribe, I have to get this out of my chest! Your Highness is a descendant of the Emperor, and that's really noble but neither is the second lady a coarse person. If I were to have a say in whether she's a match for Your Highness, then, of course, she's the most suitable one for His Highness among everyone else. She's more than enough!"

"Ridiculous!" Prince An cried out, and said coldly, "Chu Li, could it be that I would have to kill you?"

Chu Li bowed again to show his apology. He gave a fist salute as he said, "Do forgive me, Your Highness. Since Your Highness had no intentions of ruining the wedding, then please behead all of these evil ones to ensure that there is no misunderstanding!"

"Whether I want to behead them, it's my decision to make!" Prince An snorted, "On the wedding day, blood is a sign of unluckiness! So, let them go!"

Chu Li chuckled.

"Ridiculous!" Prince An gritted his teeth, and said seriously, "Chu Li, if you do that again, don't blame me when I decide to behead you!"

Chu Li shook his head as he smiled, "It seems like those rumors are true. Your Highness has stubbornly covered it up. Obviously, there are ulterior motives Your Highness is such a noble prince, but when you put the name aside, you actually resorted to such circumstances. I find this really funny!"

The crowd stared at the both of them who were going head to head, against each other. All of them did not dare to even breathe loudly, in case they attract attention and get dragged into the situation.

All of them could sense that Prince An was on the brink of losing his control and he could explode anytime soon. Once the Prince gets angry, blood would spill and they did not want to be the unlucky ones.

Prince An clenched his teeth again and said, "Shut up for me!"

Chu Li laughed, "Since these are Your Highness's men, then it gives us more reason to kill them! The rest of the people do not know what's best for Your Highness, and neither can they advise Your Highness which path you should take. They might even use this trick again! That's why they should be killed!"

He then turned his head over and shouted, "Behead them!"

"Yes!" One of the blue-robed men replied with a shout. As the light of the knife glimmered, the Blinking Technique of ten men was used under the knife. Immediately, the blood that flowed out of the bodies was made into a river.

That blue-robed man was Yue Jintao.

"Chu Li!" Suddenly, Prince An's eyes were stained with blood. His whole body was shaking as he roared out loud.

The crowd was shocked by what they had just witnessed. Along with Prince An's unpreventable scream, it made their hearts beat so fast, it was as if it might jump out of their chest.

For ten years of blood, sweat, and tears, ten Grandmasters had lost their lives in just one day. As these knives slashed downwards, it had chopped off more than half of the Imperial Residence's vitality. This made Prince An's heart ached so much that it might have bleed. Even worse, he almost fainted!

"Pu!" Prince An spit out a gush of arrow-like blood towards the sky.

"Your Highness!" Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi immediately rushed forward to support him.

Prince An wiped off the blood from his mouth. After he had spit out the blockage, his chest felt clear and he could finally breathe again.

Chu Li was quietly observing Prince An as a sense of happiness filled his heart.

Beheading all those bastards meant chopping off one of Prince An's arm. Even though the remaining Grandmasters had lost their best colleagues, but the pressure for them to enter the government would be much lesser.

Prince An had about twenty Grandmasters. If Chu Li himself had killed three before this, followed by Gu Yue and Ding Jian, as well as these ten more, a total of fifteen Grandmasters had died in his hands.

There should not be more than ten of Prince An's Grandmasters remaining. Of course, there could be a possibility that he was hiding some of his men. But according to Prince An's intense reaction, he should not be hiding a lot more.

As a result of the killing, their strength would now be similar to the House of High Duke's strength. The House of High Duke should be able to deal with but it had solved all of his worries.

However, Prince An anxiously wanted to kill him now. He had to deal with this carefully.

"Your Highness?" Zheng Lide looked carefully at Prince An, and then back at Chu Li. Both his eyes were cold as they stared deep into his eyes. Meng Zhi did the same thing too.

Chu Li's face looked as if nothing had happened. Then, he asked with concern, "Is Your Highness alright?"

Prince An was enraged, but he immediately cooled down. He looked at Chu Li calmly and shook his head, "I'm fine. Chief Chu, I will remember what happened today and I will replace the Grandmasters we lost!"

Chu Li smiled, "Your Highness, you're too serious."

Prince An simply glanced over the dead bodies lying on the floor, and shook his head."

They were dead. There were no benefits if he said anything more, neither would it allow them to come back to life. The House of High Duke had the Spirit Blessing Pill, but their Imperial Residence did not. The Forbidden Palace had some. He himself had two or three as well, but he could not give it to them.

Although the Grandmasters were tough to find, with his name and by doing a detailed search, other Grandmasters could be found; as long as he would be able to slowly replace those who were dead with the new ones he found. The emperor was at a prosperous period of his throne, but fighting for the throne was an awfully long process. The emperor's throne was a prosperous period, and the imperial dispute was a long process and it was not in a moment.

"The smell of blood here is too strong. Let's continue with our journey," Prince An said peacefully.

"Yes," Zheng Lide quickly replied.

Chu Li waved his hand.

The group of men in blue-robes fluttered away, and went into the woods like a ghost, disappearing without leaving a trace.

Zhao Qingshan and Lu Donglou returned to Chu Li's sides, giving Chu Li a complicated look.

No matter how hard they thought about it, they could not believe that Chu Li could be so ruthless -- he could really kill ten Grandmasters all at once. This would definitely become some earth-shaking news. Maybe this news might spread to everyone in the martial arts by tomorrow.

The Grandmasters were always unfriendly. Besides, with their ability to detect danger, it was as if they would never fall into a trap because they would always avoid danger. They rarely died.

In the eyes of all the masters of martial art, as long as they achieve the state of a Grandmaster, they did not need to worry about a peaceful death. Instead, they just had to let loose and live boldly.

However, Chu Li actually killed ten Grandmasters with a single breath. Ten Grandmasters! Even Ji Dynasty's martial arts did not have more than two hundred Grandmasters. Yet, he killed ten Grandmasters in one go!

Chu Li continued to fall behind. His expression was calm and poised as if nothing had happened before that.

However, those of them from Prince An's residence could see a change in his eyes. Under his unbridled behavior and condensacion, they were beaten down by his arrogance. When they looked at him, they avoided his eyes and dared not look him in the eye. They were genuinely afraid that he would kill them.

If he could kill a Grandmaster, what about them?

Chu Li's actions gave him a great effect that established his power. Those who were jealous of him, or wanted to ruin him had slowly retrieved that thought. They had decided to a little more honest than before. If he dared to disobey the Prince's words and killed ten Grandmasters in one breath, what else won't he do?

The afternoon of the second day, they had arrived at the borders of Chong Ming Town.