White Robed Chief Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Confrontation

Siao Baihe was a little embarrassed, "You guessed it?"

Chu Li laughed and said, "Fourth Young Master, I didn't think that you have such an unpredictable swordsmanship!"

"I'm still no match for a Grandmaster." Siao Baihe shook his head.

Chu Li said, "Fourth Young Master, if there was only one Grandmaster, it would be a cinch for you, three of them then, ... what's your swordsmanship, Fourth Young Master?"

"Lethal Sword Technique." Siao Baihe sighed, "It's a pity that I didn't master it well."

"Lethal Sword Technique..." Chu Li said in lament, "The sword fits that name."

Siao Shi scoffed, "Fourth brother, are you silly or confused, there were four Grandmasters there, and you still provoked them?"

"Second sister, if I don't kill some people, I really have no other way to let go of this resentment!" Siao Baihe gritted his teeth and continued as he scoffed, "If it wasn't because of me not being able to kill Prince An, I would've made my move long ago!"

"You're out of your mind!" snapped Siao Shi, "What's the point of killing some people! ... If any mishap happens to you, what will our eldest brother and we do, how are we going to explain it to mother hundred years later?"

Siao Baihe looked at her helplessly.

Siao Shi said, "Don't ever test your strength against the people from the Imperial Residence of Prince An anymore, or else, I will personally break your leg!"

Siao Baihe sighed, "It's just that I got out of bed on the wrong side, second sister, you must be careful, Prince An is a very treacherous man!"

"Of course I know!" Siao Shi rolled her eyes at him and humphed, "You just have to save me some worries, quickly go back!"

Siao Baihe looked towards Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and shook his head, at that moment, an invisible power entered Siao Baihe's body and restored his internal organs, as if he was submerged in a hot spring.

The palm energy of Meng Zhi kept lingering inside his body, he could not get rid of it no matter what, after all, it was from a Grandmaster with such pure inner energy, so he could not just drive out the palm energy.

Nonetheless, through the warm power, the palm energy from Meng Zhi dissipated and melted away, it felt like when snow was shone upon by the Sun.

"Chief Chu, thank you so much." Siao Baihe did a closed fist salute.

Chu Li smiled, "Fourth Young Master, be wary, the people from the Imperial Residence of Prince An won't just let this go, if you ever go out you have to be with a Grandmaster."

"Yes, I understand." Siao Baihe nodded.

It was his first time going against a Grandmaster, so he finally knew how powerful they were, indeed, he was just not as good, he would have to train with great concentration for some time to have hope in that, unfortunately, the path to the Grandmaster's Bounder would be a tough now, one could not just surmount it if they wanted to.

As he thought about that, he looked towards Chu Li again.

Chu Li was not much older than him, but he managed to breakthrough and became a Grandmaster, he wondered what odd encounter did Chu Li have.

"Alright, quickly leave." Siao Shi said, "Be careful on your way back, don't get beaten up by them!"

"Second sister, I'm a man of experience!" Siao Baihe laughed and said.

Siao Shi scoffed, "It's people with experience like you who will fall head first, don't let your guard down!"

"Yes, I'll be on my way then!" Siao Baihe did a closed fist salute, his dark shadow flashed away and disappeared in the forest.

Siao Shi shook her head and said, "This fellow, he really doesn't save people from worries."

Chu Li replied to that, "The Fourth Young Master has a profound knowledge in martial arts, he will certainly be successful in the future, let us leave!"

"Sigh..., once I think about having to go through the ceremony, I just wish that I was dead!" Siao Shi scoffed.

Chu Li did not say a word.

He was upset about it too, should all his plans be ineffective at all, and if they still could not kill Prince An, Siao Shi would have really gotten herself into a fire pit, then she could only fake her death to get away from that situation, or he would just kidnap her and disappear with no trace, which would be an unsolved case.

When Siao Shi saw Chu Li's look, she smiled and said, "Don't look so down, since we didn't manage to get the Spirit Crane, how about we try another mountain?"

"Another mountain?" Chu Li frowned and shook his head, "I've already witnessed the powers of Spirit Beasts, what if we go do another mountain and provoked another Spirit Beast then it hunts us down from Mountain Shiwan? Let us just forget about it!"

After Chu Li saw the Spirit Cranes, he realized that Spirit Beasts were far stronger from what was recorded in books, and made him even more hopeless.

Spirit Cranes were still alright, but if he met a more malicious Spirit Beast that would kill himself at all costs, even if it would hunt him down outside of Mountain Shiwan, once it was out from Mountain Shiwan, it would go into slaughter mode, then even he would not be able to stop it, and could only watch it kill, and that would be grievously sinful.

If they really wanted to look at another mountain, they would have to wait until his Omniscient Mirror was improved, so that he would be able to look even further, or if the Scripture of Life and Death became better, then they might actually stand a chance.


Soon enough, Prince An and the rest saw the towering and magnificent Fairy's Capital, they also saw the four people who were outside of the Fairy's Capital.

Siao Shi was dressed in a white gown and a white veil, beside her were Yang Xu and Xue Ling, whereas Chu Li stood behind her.

Even though it the outside of the town was packed with crowds of people, the four of them still stood out.

Once they saw Prince An, they paced towards him, Siao Shi entered the sedan, and the two ladies stood beside the sedan.

Chu Li walked towards Prince An instead and did a closed fist salute, "Greetings, Royal Highness."

"You were quite ahead of us." Prince An said calmly, "Did you meet the assassin?"

"What assassin?" Chu Li pretended to be shocked.

Prince An smiled faintly, "You joined force with Lu Yurong, didn't you?"

Chu Li replied to that, "Both the Ren and Yi Public House are in a blood feud, we've both lost many men because of that, do you think that it's possible, Royal Highness?"

Prince An said faintly, "Nothing is impossible in this world, especially when two wise individuals like you get together, even the impossible will become possible!"

Chu Li said in a serious manner, "Royal Highness, you've overestimated me, I don't have such capabilities, I can't resolve this enmity between our Public Houses."

"Lu Yurong!" Prince An smiled faintly again, "One day, I will take her down!"

Chu Li said, "Then I wish that you'll succeed, Prince An!"

Prince An casted a sidelong glance at him and waved his hand to signal him that he could move aside.

Chu Li got the picture, so he walked to the side of the marriage sedan.

At once, the Guards of Honor were set up, music was played, which attracted the attention of the people who were present, they suddenly remembered that His Highness Prince An had escorted the Second Lady from the Yi Public House, the most beautiful lady from the Great Ji finally returned!

The people immediately crowded towards then, if it weren't for the Holy Light Army who were there to maintain the order of the scene, the overly passionate people would go forth and overturn the sedan to take a look at the gracefulness of the most beautiful lady from the Great Ji.

Chu Li walked beside the sedan with Xue Ling and Yang Xu, they followed the parade of people and horses, then entered the Fairy's Capital and arrived at the Imperial Residence of Prince An.

Followed by that was a series of liveliness, a ritual of bowing to heaven and earth, and entering the bridal chamber, which was much more grand than a big marriage of the commoners', and much more cumbersome. They hustled and bustled from afternoon till night time, and the banquet was held, as Chu Li represented the bride's side and was a first class Scribe, his identity allowed him to be seated at the tables that were further front.

On his table, there were five people, other than Chu Li, he did not recognize any of the other four people.

The person who sat on the seat at the end was a skinny young man, who seemed to be roughly at Chu Li's age, he had a smiling face with some hint of wickedness, and looked like a gangster.

Chu Li did not underestimate him, everyone who was able to be at that table had a certain status.

The young man stood up and did a closed fist salute, then he said with laughter, "Chief Chu, come, let me introduce myself, I'm Li Gui, currently the Interior Deputy Chief in the Imperial Residence, this is General Xue, Xue Tie, the eldest brother of our Princess, this is Song Menglin, also known as Lector Song, the brother of Princess Song, this it Chief Song, Song Sansi, who it the Interior Chief of our Imperial Residence."

Chu Li raised his brows as he did a closed fist salute and smiled, "Greetings, General Xue, Lector Song, we'll be like a family in the future, if I have any wrongdoings or offenses, please kindly forgive me, General Xue and Lector Song!"

He secretly scoffed to himself, among the people who were on the table, he had the highest class, but those people deliberately put on airs and bullied a stranger like him, they wanted to show him their strengths, and did not even initiate the greetings, they made him do it first instead!

He had already found out about Xue Tie and Song Menglin beforehand, as their identities were quite different, he could not be over presumptuous, as for the two Interior Chief, he had no reason to be polite to them, he was already the superior above them, so he did not have to be nice to them at all.

"Chief Chu, you're already classified as a first class at such a young age, we're all extremely envious of you!" Xue Tie said and laughed out loud.

He had an ordinary look, a long face, narrow eyes, which gave out a chilly feeling when he looked at him, clearly, he was a man with hands that were covered in blood, a rigid and mighty man.

Chu Li held his silver glass up and smiled as he said, "General Xue, you've guarded the frontier for the country, you've worked hard and performed a toilsome service, here's a toast to you, General Xue!"

Right after that, he drained all the drink from his glass.

Xue Tie laughed in jubilant, then he held his glass up and downed his drink too.