White Robed Chief Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Assassination

Chu Li held up his glass again and smiled as he looked at Song Menglin, "Lector Song, you have an encyclopedic mind, and gifted with an ability to rule to country, to serve the people, I admire you, here's a toast to you, Lector!"

Once again, he downed his drink.

Lector Song smiled and nodded, then finished his drink as well.

To Chu Li's heart's content, he proposed two toasts to them, then he looked towards Song Sansi and Li Gui who were smiling and laughing all the while.

The two of them had no intentions to exchange toasts, they acted silly and did not do anything.

Chu Li smiled and looked at Li Gui, "Chief Li, you're Princess Xue's scribe, aren't you?"

"Haha, that's right." Li Gui smiled and nodded in reply to that, "I was born in the Xue Resident, and I grew up with the Princess."

"I see you're a man of loyalty." Chu Li smiled, "Then Chief Song, you're the scribe of Princess Song?"

Song Sansi raised himself slightly and smiled, "Yes, I used to be the scribe for the Young Master, but when the Lady entered the Imperial Residence, I served her instead, I still have much more to learn from you in the future, Chief Chu!"

Chu Li laughed, "I dare not accept the honor, you're the Interior Chief, Chief Song, I'll have to seek advice and assistance from you instead!"

Although he was suppressed by Prince An and could not become the Interior Chief, his rank was high enough such that he did not have to yield to Song Sansi.

Furthermore, if Prince An dared to do that, then he should be prepared to be encircled and attacked.

Class was the basis of the establishment of the Great Ji Dynasty, which would be firmly upheld by any officer, they would certainly not allow anyone to trample or go beyond them, as it concerned the immediate benefits of the chancellors, even the emperor would not do that.

Song Sansi was only a third class, whereas Chu Li was a first class, so their class were quite far apart.

Xue Tie sighed and said, "Chief Chu, I'll have to give you a prior notice first."

"Please go ahead, General Xue." Chu Li was all ears.

Xie Toe said, "My younger sister lost her parents since young, I was the one who raised her up, but most of the time I'll have to lead soldiers, so I seldom return home in a year, which leaves her all alone at home and in turn spoiled and pampered her, it will be inevitable that she might offend you in the future, I hope that for the sake of me as his eldest brother, you won't quibble with her, Chief Chu."

Chief Chu was stunned for a while, he quickly did a closed fist salute and said, "General Xue, you're overwhelming me, Princess Xue is a Princess, we're just scribes, how can we dare to make a fuss about it?"

"Sigh..., that lass has a good mind, it's just that she has doesn't have good temper." Xue Tie shook his head and said in lament, "While I was daydreaming, she has already grown up, and her temper can't be changed, fortunately, the Royal Highness is forgiving, he could bear with her temper!"

Chu Li smiled and said, "The Royal Highness has a nature of compassion and benevolence, he has a magnificent forbearance, as someone from the Imperial Residence, I should follow the footsteps of the Royal Highness!"

"Haha, with your words, I feel relieved." Xue Tie looked at him deeply.

Chu Li said, "I've heard about this when I was outside, not only Prince An who is benevolent and kind, both Princess Xue and Princess Song are also virtuous, the Lady from our Public House must be very fortunate to be married to the Imperial Residence, here's another toast to all of you!"

Everyone else looked at him profoundly, as they watched him lying through his teeth, they all thought in their minds that he was certainly not a good man, for him to speak about nonsense like it was real, he was definitely not a gentleman!

Li Gui laughed jubilantly, "Chief Chu, we're most curious about how you managed to become a first class, we heard that you've been in the Public House for less than two years, Chief Chu, it's really marvelously quick!"

Chu Li squinted his eyes slightly, he chuckled and thought to himself that Li Gui came with ill intent, he wanted to get a hold on his qualifications to write it into an essay.

Chu Li smiled, "Speaking about that, it was all destined, when I first entered the Public House, I was a common man with no foundations, and I was a servant with no class, but after that, I experienced fortunate encounters one after another, now that I think about them, it was like a dream, during that time I've rendered a couple of meritorious services and saved the Lady twice, but if it wasn't because of the wise Eldest Master, who only looked at credits, did not matter about my qualifications, my background, and was full of vigor when he made that decision, I'm afraid that I wouldn't even be classified as first class."

Chu Li did not give Li Gui a chance to speak, he continued, "That's why, for me to be a first class, it's not just destined, but it's also man-made, if it wasn't for the Eldest Master, if it's another House of High Dukes, even if I have great credits, with my limited qualifications, I'm afraid I'll only be a third class!"

"I see..." Everyone looked shocked as they said that.

They had a detailed understanding of the information related to Chu Li, after all, he was a scribe in the House of High Dukes, so he was an important figure for sure, his position is second only to the High Duke, Masters and the Ladies in the House of High Dukes, sometimes his words were even more effective than the Masters and the Ladies.

Li Gui forcefully smiled, "A commoner with no base practice at all into a master in just two years' time, I'm ashamed of being inferior!"

Chu Li laughed and said, "If it's just a normal cultivation, without the help of God, it wouldn't be possible no matter how brilliant that person is, Chief Li, you can't be compared with me."

Li Gui's smile became even more forceful, he noticed the overtones in his words.

What Chu Li meant was that he was a man favored by God, so Li Gui did not deserve to be compared with him!

"Come, come, let us talk less and drink more!" Song Sansi laughed with joy.

Chu Li held his silver glass and waved at the maid who was a sommelier, then he smiled and said, "Chief Song, please forgive me, I have a poor alcohol tolerance, those three glasses were already my limit, I forced myself to drink as to not be impolite towards General Xue and Lector Song, I can't drink anymore, please enjoy yourselves, gentleman, I'm sorry for not being able to be of company anymore."

Song Sansi laughed and said, "Chief Chu, you're at fault then, as a martial arts master, how can you have a liquor capacity like that!"

Chu Li smiled, "Martial art is unrelated to one's liquor capacity, unless I use martial arts to force myself to drink, then I might as well not drink at all."

He looked towards Xue Tie and Song Menglin, "General Xue, Lector Soo, my apologies, I'm worried for leaving the Lady on the other side, I'd like to go take a look, please excuse me!"

"The Imperial Residence is being strictly guarded tonight," Xue Tie laughed and continued, "Didn't you notice that Commander Zheng and Commander Meng weren't at their tables? They're both patrolling around, so you don't have to worry, Chief Chu, this is the Imperial Residence!"

Chu Li pondered and said slowly, "That's quite true, I believe that the protectors of the Imperial Residence are quite good, alright, I'll have two more drinks."

Song Sansi laughed out loud and was busy winking at the maids.

After two drinks, Chu Li left to the lavatory.

Once he entered the toilet, his body disappeared and reappeared at the house in Qing Yun Town, he exercised to get rid of the tipsy feeling, and was left with no smell of alcohol.

While he changed into another set of clothes, he performed the Heavenly Demonic Power and transformed into a different person with a skinny physique and a long face.

He picked up his sword from the table and appeared in Prince An's study room after that.

No one was guarding outside of the study room, so he left the study room and fluttered soundlessly and silently towards the courtyard of the newly-appointed Princess, Siao Shi.

Meng Zhi was standing at the entrance of the courtyard, he personally guarded the place as he was afraid that there might be any mishaps.

Meng Li swooped past Meng Zhi like a ghost and managed to enter the courtyard, then he slammed open the window with his palm and entered her room, with a shine from the sword at his waist, he instantly stabbed right at Siao Shi's heart.

In the room, Yang Xu and Xue Ling were talking with Siao Shi, Siao Shi threw away the red cloth that covered her face aside and sat on the bed as he munched on melon and fruits to overcome her boredom, she was caught off guard.

At that moment, Yang Xu was completely stunned, whereas Xue Ling leapt up to go against him, but she was not quick enough for Chu Li's body movement technique.

Siao Shi only gave out a horrible shriek and fell on the bed, Xue Ling had no time to bother about the assassin at all, she immediately took out the Spirit Blessing Pill and put it inside of Siao Shi's mouth.

Meng Zhi was shocked and alerted, then he shouted out loudly, "Assassin!"

Chu Li quickly escaped and swooped past Meng Zhi like a ghost again, Meng Zhi chased after him tightly along with two other Grandmasters behind him.

Chu Li directly entered Prince An's study room and slammed away a window, he opened the floor board on the ground and entered a secret passage underneath, he waited as held the floor board with both his hands.

When Meng Zhi and the two men arrived, they paused for a moment, they recognized that it was Prince An's study room, so they could not just enter without notifying him.

He gritted his teeth and waved at the two Grandmasters, then he barged into the study room and saw Chu Li who was smiling at them with a sarcastic look, then closed the floor board and disappeared.

They immediately rushed over to open up the floor board, which revealed an underground passage.

Meng Zhi could not be bothered by anything else, he quickly chased after and speeded through the passage hurriedly, at last he appeared outside of the Fairy's Capital, in a dense forest, but he lost the man.

Once Chu Li entered the passage, he used the Heavenly Demonic Power to transform himself back to his own looks, then he reappeared at Qing Yun Town, where he hung his long sword up, changed back to his original clothes, and reappeared at the toilet, then walked out leisurely.

Overall, he only took ten over breaths to do it.