White Robed Chief Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Taboo

He did a lazy stretch and smiled as he said to the maid aside, "Come on, let us go back."

"Yes." The made smiled sweetly and led the way.

Right after Chu Li said down, he yawned and shook his head as he said, "I'm really not good with alcohols."

"Then use you martial arts to force yourself to drink, Chief Chu." Xue Tie laughed out loud, "We won't complain."

"That's right, that's right." Everyone quickly nodded.

Chu Li said, "I'm still quite worried about the Lady, after one more drink, I'll go over to take a look."

Song Sansi waved his hand and smiled, "Chief Chu, you're being too cautious, you're underestimate the Imperial Residence, I won't speak for the rest, but you can definitely be assured about the safety of the Princess, no one can barge into the Princess' courtyard!"

Chu Li shook his head, "The House of High Dukes repressed the world of martial arts and offended innumerable martial arts masters, it's inevitable that there will be a top-notch master among them who would want to kill the Lady at all costs by showing his resentment ruthlessly, so it will be best to be more careful."

"The Imperial Residence has already ordered all our masters to set up the tightest formation, don't even mention those martial arts masters, even a fly wouldn't be able to enter!" Song Sansi smiled, "Thus, you can drink at ease, Chief Chu."

Chu Li smiled and did not say a word.

Li Gui added on too, "That's right, that's right, the defense of the Imperial Residence tonight is the tightest even, so you can relax, Chief Chu!"

Xue Tie laughed out loud, "The Imperial Residence is quite strong in power."

Lector Song nodded gently as he smiled.

They sound like they vaguely knew about Prince An's doings, who secretly collected masters in the world, so the Imperial Residence had quite a number of masters around, but they were not aware that Chu Li had already slaughtered half of the Grandmasters at once, the Imperial Residence was no longer powerful like it used to be.

"Very well, since all of you say so, then I'll have another drink." Chu Li laughed and said as he held his silver glass up.

Just as he was about to drink, Yang Xu ran over by holding her skirt, she was panting for breath, and her chest was undulating severely,
Chief... Chief, the Lady was assassinated!"

"Qiang lang", he accidentally dropped the silver glass and it fell to the ground, Chu Li's countenance changed and he suddenly stood up, then disappeared like wind from everyone's sight.

Yang Xu was relieved, her body suddenly felt feeble, so she quickly held on to the chair to not collapse.

She was extremely anxious as she ran over there immediately in one breath, she just only felt fatigue and realized the pain from her burning chest.

"What's the matter?" Li Gui quickly asked, "Miss Yang, the Princess ------?"

Song Sansi said in a low voice, "The Princess, is she alright?"

Yang Xu shook her head and bit her lower lips tightly, "The Princess was stabbed at her heart by a sword."

"The Princess perished?" Xue Tie immediately called out.

Yang Xu showed a worried look and said, "Fortunately, Sister Xue Ling was there, she gave the Spirit Blessing Pill to the Lady, but the injury is too severe, moreover, it's right at her heart, so I'm unsure of how she will be!"

While she said that, she paced outside slowly.

The four men on the table looked at each other and were speechless.

Just a moment ago, they persuaded Chu Li to be at ease as they said that the Protectors in the Imperial Residence would not fail under any circumstances, contrary to that, now an assassin had broken in and stabbed the Princess' heart, which was almost a deadly hit, if it wasn't for the renowned Spirit Blessing Pill from the Yi Public House, it would have most likely been a death of a fair lady!

They did not rush over to look, the Imperial Residence must be alert now, it would only be more chaotic if they hurried over.


Chu Li fluttered and flew to Siao Shi's courtyard, at the entrance, Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi were already on guard.

He glanced at the two of them coldly and said, "If anything misfortunate happens to the Lady, the both of you will be dead too!"

Zheng Lide's face turned gloomy instantly, Meng Zhi stared at him as well, but could not fight back with any malicious words.

Indeed, they had seriously neglected their duties in this matter, an assassin actually broke into the courtyard blatantly and stabbed the Princess at her heart, then blatantly left, the worse part was that they did not manage to chase after that man at all!

That really left them completely muddled, it showed their inabilities.

That issue not only offended Chu Li and the Princess consort, but it would make the other two concubines and even the Royal Highness to doubt the both of them, and to question their abilities.

The assassination not only inflicted a serious damage towards the Princess, it also made them suffer heavy losses.

Chu Li hurried into the courtyard and arrived at the main hall, he saw Prince An who was dressed in marriage clothing and sat beside the table with a heavy-looking face, beside him stood Xu Ning.

Chu Li did a closed fist salute and entered the bedroom directly.

Xue Ling was seen sitting with her legs crossed on the bed, both her hands were on the back of Siao Shi, and white vapor transpired from her head.

At that time, Siao Shi was already in a coma, both her eyes her shut tightly, even her pretty face was as pale as paper, she sat over them without moving an inch, which made one pity.

Chu Li secretly sighed to himself, his hit was quite strong indeed, other than stabbing his heart, inner energy also entered her body, which was raging in her meridian, her internal organs were severely injured as well, it was no wonder that Xue Ling entailed a strenuous effort.

"Let me do it." Chu Li said.

Xue Ling sighed a long relief and opened her eyes, "Young Master..."

Chu Li waved his hand, "What matters is that she's alive."

Xue Li said as she condemned herself, "It's because I was too slow to react, I couldn't protect the Lady in time."

"It not because you're slow, it's because the opponent was too fast, alright, it's fine now." Chu Li said, "It's good enough that she managed to take the Spirit Blessing Pill in time."

"The efficacy of the pill has already spread out." Xue Ling said.

Chu Li sat behind Siao Shi with her legs crossed, he placed his palms on her back and spiritual energy gushed from all directions into her body.

Prince An entered the house and said in a hoarse voice, "How is she?"

Chu Li looked at him with a cold shoulder, then he scoffed faintly, "She won't die!"

A sense of dissatisfaction overflowed through his words and his expression.

Prince An was secretly enraged, but he knew that it was not the time for it.

He looked at Siao Shi who was as pale as paper, "We've already asked the physician from the physician bureau to come over, she'll be here in a minute."

Chu Li asked, "The imperial physician can heal an injury like this?"

"... With the Spirit Blessing Pill from the Siao Family, the Princess' life won't be in danger." Prince An continued, "After the physician comes over to take a look, she should be alright."

Chu Li was channeling with both his hands, his clothes were fluttering as he did so, then he said faintly, "I wish so, ...do you want to take a look, Royal Highness?"

Prince An frowned and said, "I've taken a look at her injury, the inner energy is the more troublesome part, which is really quite odd."

The inner energy was Chu Li's Heavenly Demonic Energy, it was weak but contained an ability to engulf, the more the pure inner energy was getting rid of it, the more it will be strengthened, but if the inner energy was not pure enough, it wouldn't bother it instead.

Chu Li let go of his hands and shook his head, "Let us see what the physician can do then!"

Right after, Yang Xu's voice was heard from the outside, "Chief, the physician is here!"

"Let her in!" Chu Li said.

Very quickly, a short old woman entered, she had silvery white hair that was shiny, a rosy face, and clear eyes, she looked like she was eighty or ninety, but also looked like she was fifty or sixty, a contradicting temperament was seen from her body, which made her look young yet old at the same time.

"Grandmother Dong, sorry for the trouble." Prince An did a closed fist salute and bowed.

Grandmother Dong greeted him as she held the lower corners of her clothing, "Don't mention it, Prince An, let me take a look."

She moved towards the bed and pressed on Siao Shi's pulse, her emotions did not change.

Nonetheless, Chu Li saw her heavy mind through the Omniscient Mirror, but she put on a poker face.

Prince An stared at her without blinking at all.

After a long while, Grandmother Dong let go of her hand slowly.

Prince An immediately asked, "How is it?"

Grandmother Dong sighed again and said hesitantly, "Royal Highness, I'm afraid that my words won't be pleasant to hear."

"It's fine, just say it." Prince An quickly said.

Grandmother Dong sighed and said, "The Princess suffered too severe injuries, even if she recovers from it, I'm afraid that there will be troubles in the future, her body is considered to be ruined."

"What future troubles?" Prince An asked hurriedly.

Grandmother Dong looked around.

Chu Li said, "We're the Lady's family, there's no need for you to evade."

Grandmother Dong sighed, "The Princess' body will be unusually weak, intense activities will be a taboo, she can't have extreme fluctuations of emotions as well, she can't be angry and can't be excited, most importantly, ...you can't live in the same room, or else, her life will be endangered."

"What?!" Prince An's face immediately changed.

Grandmother Dong shook her head and said, "I know that this is very tough for you, Prince An, but if you want the Princess to live on, everything I've said must not be done, her injury is right at her heart meridian, once her heartbeat rises, she might die anytime, be very very sure to keep that in mind!"

"Grandmother Dong, your medical skills are God-like, is there really no other way?" Prince An asked.

Grandmother Dong sighed and said, "Treating with medicine won't kill anyone, the Princess' injury is too severe, she is already very fortunate to be kept alive! I can only do so much."