White Robed Chief Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chase to Kill


The sound of a whistle could be heard. A light flashed towards Chu Li. He avoided it easily .

"Amitabha Buddha*!" a loud voice said, coming from and echoing throughout the woods.

The voice of a monk got louder. "Our savior, Chu Li. It's truly an honor for me, a mere monk, to meet you!"

Chu Li scoffed, "Monk! I spared your life and now you're trying to give it away?"

"Care for a fight?" taunted the monk.

As soon as the sound ended, the monk along with two other monks in grey robes appeared. They stood ten meters away from the woman and lifted their heads to look at Chu Li. They wore a calm yet solemn expression.

The monk was smiling but the other two middle aged monks did not wear an expression and was only staring coldly at Chu Li. Even when they lifted up their heads, they looked at him arrogantly as if they were looking at an unworthy follower.

Chu Li glanced over at Zhao Ying and hinted to her to stay next to him for morale support.

He flew five steps away from the monk. Chu Li could tell that the two monks are brothers as they looked alike bald heads as flat as a plate, the looks of a naturally-talented master.

Even though the two of them looked so thin to the point where they looked like they had been dried out and were suffering from nutrient deficiencies, Chu Li could still tell that they had very powerful forces within their body. Their level was not as terrifying as the main monk's, but the three of them together posed a threat to his life.

The two middle-aged monks looked at Chu Li, towards Zhao Ying, before turning their eyes towards the women. They furrow their brows, their face filled with resentment as if they hadjust seen some ugly creature.

Chu Li could tell what they were thinking and he shook his head.

They despised women as they believed femininity to be the root of all evil. They were the cause of their followers' downfall. The women exuding attractiveness, no self-control would be sufficient and so it had caused them to lose control themselves! They were the main culprit of the disaster!

Chu Li could feel their killing intent they had towards the womenfolk.

"You are so young but so powerful, I feel ashamed. Seems like we'llfight you together." said the monk with a smile.

"Well, if you are willing leave, I won't stop you. You just have to turn around and walk away,"

retorted Chu Li with a smirk. He knew that the monk was just trying to distract him and cause Chu Li to lower his guard so they could take him down.

"Savior Chu Li, how about we spar for a little longer?" asked the monk with a smile.

Chu Li nodded. "My sentiments exactly!"

"Please !" The monk's smile widened. It was full of killing intent.

The other two monk's eyes were moving and blinking rapidly, murderous intent filling their chest.

The three of them had all the intentions to kill Chu Li. Between the three of them, they were able to work together to form a Triplet Formation, thus increasing their overall power dramatically. Even with Chu Li's ability to connect with the Gods, there was little chance of escape.

Chu Li leaned on his sword and sighed, "So are you not gonna give up until you die, monk?"

"Why would you say such thing?" The monk said with a smile. "It is only practice!"

Chu Li shook his head. He had nothing to say about the fake mannerism coming from the monk. It was rare to see such fake mannerism, much less coming from a monk. Monks are not allowed to lie and it was a strict rule in Buddhism, and the monk was borderline lying.

Chu Li raised up both his hands in a sudden movement.

"Swush! Swush!" Came two light ray, flashing out of his hands.

Both the middle-aged monks were stunned. They held onto their throats and stared at Chu Li as they widened their eyes. They could not believe it.


Both men fell to the floor faced up, a flying blade lodged in their throat. Their blood gushed out and stained the dried leaves surrounding them.

Chu Li looked at the monk, his expression unchanged.

The smile on the monk's face stiffened as he looked at his juniors before looking at Chu Li in disbelief.

"You You"

His face turned to a faintly concealed golden light as he circulated the Sentient Menace.

"Amitabha Buddha" chanted the monk as he put his hands together, his expression turning serious. He looked at his juniors with a sad expression before lifting his head to look at Chu Li.

"Savior Chu Li, are you not afraid of being hunted by the temple?" the monk asked.

Chu Li smiled and said, "I am the Scribe to the Public House. The Temple of Tempest wouldn't come into the Public House to catch me, would they?"

"Are you certain the Public House will back you up?"

"Of course!" replied Chu Li.

"Alright Very well then. I shall leave," said the monk with a sneer. He looked at all the women.

Chu Li watched the monk walked away, without an intention to pursue him.

There was a weapon concealed under the monk's robe and he was ready to shoot it towards the women. If Chu Li were to make a move, he would shoot another weapon at Chu Li, thus, distracting him.

Zhao Ying landed with a flourish next to Chu Li. She glanced briefly at the two monks lying dead on the ground and sighed helplessly. This scene was the very scene she dreaded most, but in the end, it still happened.

The monks were already killed. She could only be worried for Chu Li's life. She urged him, "Brother, chase him down! If he gets away, the Temple of Tempest will know!"

Chu Li shook his head and said, "It's fine. Let him go."

"Brother, how could you let him slide?" said Zhao Ying impatiently. "You have to catch him and stop him from spreading the news!"

Chu Li smiled, "Our guards from the Public House aren't afraid of the Temple of Tempest, let us go."

The monk had no semblance of kindness that's expected of a monk. He was cruel and he did things without regards for the means. Chu Li should not have allowed him to leave, but with all the women here, he had no choice but to send them to the Chong Ming Town first before planning the next move.

Zhao Ying stomped her feet on the ground, her eyes widened and impatiently said, "Brother, I don't know what to say about you!"

"You'll have to be careful from now on. The Temple of Tempest might come after you too. I'd suggest you not to go about so often!" said Chu Li.

"I " Zhao Ying furrowed her brows and slowly nodded.

She was actually worried about this. The Temple of Tempest operates in a tyranical manner and they would definitely say that she was part of the gang that had killed the monks, and come after her as well. This was a real headache!

She glanced at Chu Li and shook her head.

Chu Li smiled, "No worries, no matter how unruly the Temple of Tempest is, they wouldn't dare to cause trouble at the Chong Ming Town!"

"I hope so," said Zhao Ying with a sigh.

The women were showing signs of worry, and so they urged them to leave the area as quick as possible. They left during the night and reached Chong Ming Town the next day, late in the evening.

With a team of more than a hundred horses arriving at the gates, it had startled the crowd. Even the town guard was wary of the large herd. When Chu Li showed him his waist tag, the guard let out his guard and smiled at Chu Li apologetically.

The Public House directly oversaw the business of Chong Ming Town. If the guards of the Public House was going about their business, the lowly town guard could not do anything except letting them do as they please.

Over fifty pretty women entered the town. It had attracted many people which surrounded them. Even though they did not necessarily qualify as the most beautiful, they were still all around counted as a beautiful women with their own kind of beauty. It was sufficiently so that everyone around them could still find a lady that suits their own cup of tea.

Zhao Ying rode on a horseback to look for Lee Yue while Chu Li brought the women to buy a new residence.

When they reached the house, Lee Yue had already opened the gate and was waiting for their arrival. He knew that there was a lot of people but when he saw all the women, he widened his eyes, startled. He looked at one lady and another, and felt as if he would not have enough time to look at all of them.

"This.this" He pulled Chu Li over. "Where did all these women come from!?"

Chu Li shook his head and smiled. "We'll talk about it later. Settle them for now."

"At least tell me something!" Lee Yue was getting more curious. "Where did all of them come from?"

"I'll tell you, so go back to work," Chu Li said as he pushed Lee Yue.

Lee Yue helplessly went ahead and attended to their needs.

These past two days he had made sure that he was familiar with the residence, and so he could efficiently assign the rooms to the women. Although there were many rooms, it was not enough to give each one their own room. The women had to share with two people in a room.

Chu Li pulled Zhao Ying over and told her to get the women settled down, to get a tailor to make two set of clothes for them, and clean the house.He then told her to bring them on a walk to allow them to become accustomed to their surroundings.

Zhao Ying nodded. "Not a problem, leave it to me. Brother, where are you going?"

"I'm going after the monk!" said Chu Li.

"Isn't it too late to chase him?"

"I'll try."

"How would that be possible?"

"I'd have to try either way."

"You're better off not going!" exclaimed Zhao Ying as she shook her head. "You won't be able to chase after him. Even if you catch him, the news would've spread. There's no point in wasting your effort, is there?"

Chu Li shook his head. "The monk is very dangerous, we need to get rid of him!"

"What if he still have other help? It's better to be careful," said Zhao Ying. "If he can find two, he can surely find more."

Chu Li nodded and silently left.

Zhao Ying looked at the silhouette of his back. She furrowed her brows and wore a worried look. The monks from the Temple of Tempest were not people to make light of!

"Where's Chu Li?" Lee Yue walked over and asked, "Zhao Ying, are you alright?"

"Nothing." Zhao Ying hid her worried face. "Thank you for everything, Brother Lee Yue."

"Hah, just some chump's job. It's such an honour to help so many beautiful women," said Lee Yue while waving his hand. "Why were there so many beautiful women though?"

"I'll let Chu Li tell you about it," said Zhao Ying with a smile.

Lee Yue pouted, nodded helplessly and sighed. Everyone was so tight-lipped, but his gut feeling told him that the background of this group of beautiful ladies would be problematic.

Luckily they were easy-going, and not crafty nor unruly.

Chu Li left the town gliding and without a horse, showcasing the extent of his levitation skills. The spiritual energy around him all rushed into his body endlessly, allowing him to perform his levitation at its peak.

When he finally arrived at the place where they had initially rested, Chu Li traced the monk's footprints with the Omniscient Mirror. The mirror covered a radius of three miles and this allowed Chu Li to find the monk's footprints without him having to stop to investigate.

He tracked him with a pause until dawn broke. Chu Li arrive at the tip of a mountain and stopped in front of a stonewall more than ten meters tall. Halfway through the stonewall was a cave. The monk was meditating in the cave with his legs crossed on the floor. He felt Chu Li close presence and he opened his eyes.

He probed around. Chu Li stood under the stone wall and waved. "Monk! We meet again!"

"What do you want..?" The monk's appearance was gloomy as he got up and stood at the cave's entrance and yelled, "Is it possible that you want to kill me? Without any mercy?"

"Isn't this the same thing you did to us? I'm merely re-paying my dues," said Chu Li as he glided up into the air.

The monk suddenly took a pill and throw it into his mouth. He immediately turned red, as if he was drunk. He did not even attempt to avoid Chu Li's sword. His face was covered in a layer of purplish-gold color.