White Robed Chief Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Devising Strategy

Prince An stared blankly at Siao Shi, his handsome face went through phases of drastic change.

Grandmother Dong took out a row of silver needles from her medical box and slowly poked a few needles onto Siao Shi. She then grabbed Siao Shi's wrist, closing her eyes, concentrating on sensing the changes of her pulses.

Chu Li stared at Grandmother Dong.

Her few needles were pierced near Siao Shi's heart meridian. After the placement of the needles, her acupuncture points quickly emitted forces like water from a mountain spring.

These forces gathered together to form a strange strength, stopping the destruction from the Heavenly Demon Energy, easing Siao Shi's condition.

Chu Li was surprised as these forces that were out of nowhere did not come from Grandmother Dong but rather the acupuncture points from where the needles were placed. And yet they could stop the Heavenly Demon Energy. The wonder of the human body, was beyond him!

He has the Omniscient Mirror and could see the circulation of forces in and out of a human body. Grandmother Dong has this ability just through pulses. This sort of medical skill was amazing. If there was a chance, he would like to learn from her.

He had already remember this acupuncture point. He wanted to experiment with it after this. These few needles were miraculous and could be said a lifesaving technique.

"Ah..." Siao Shi slowly opened her eyes.

Chu Li quickly responded, "Young lady!"

Siao Shi saw that it was him, and nodded. She then looked around and frowned. Her voice was weak, "Is the assassin caught?"

Chu Li shook his head, "That person's technique is far too quick. He escaped!"

"Escaped..." Siao Shi coughed. Her pale face was flushed red.

Grandmother Dong exclaimed, "Princess, you must not be in rage!"

Chu Li explained, "Young lady, you wounded your heart meridian. Your emotional state should not experience major changes. Relax, His Royal Highness will have someone catch him!"

Siao Shi glanced at Prince An.

Prince An returned to his senses at this moment, He gave a gentle smile, "Relax, princess. I will avenge you. It doesn't matter where that fellow runs to, I will have him captured for you."

Siao Shi lifted her chin and dully replied, "I'm sorry to trouble Your Royal Highness."

"Please rest well." Prince An hatefully acclaimed, "What a lawless ruffian, I will not let him go!"

Chu Li mentioned, "Your Royal Highness, I am not at ease with the guards of the Imperial Residence."

Prince An frowned, "They have done their best. This person's technique is simply too fast."

Chu Li answered, "Because they have tried their best, therefore I am not at ease. If they have not done their best, then I need not worry. They just have to do better, ... It's not due to their lapse, but the lack of self-cultivation and Light Body Technique."

"What do you have in mind?" Asked Prince An.

Chu Li's voice was deep, "I will personally protect young lady here to guard against the assassin knowing he did not kill and coming back for the second time."

"Wouldn't this be appropriate?" Prince An's face darkened a few shades, "You, a man living in the back courtyard?"

Chu Li added, "Your Royal Highness have heard what Grandmother Dong has said, ... Young lady's body is currently at a fragile state. Any rustle of change and anything happens to young lady, who is going to be responsible?"

Prince An understood what he meant. Siao Shi's body was now too fragile. Even if they both were having an affair, they wouldn't be able to do anything even if they wanted to.

This had him calm down but was still uncomfortable.

Chu Li closed fist saluted and solemnly requested, "I hope Your Royal Highness could understand."

Siao Shi asked, "You think that the person would return?"

Chu Li coldly replied, "If he could kill young lady once, there would most certainly be a second time. If there is a second time, young lady won't be so lucky. He knows now about the Spirit Blessing Pill, how can he not think of other ways?"

The Spirit Blessing Pill was not a miracle pill. If after murder, the head was cut off and tossed aside, the Spirit Blessing could not grow back a head.

"... Okay." Prince An's mind went busy for a moment before slowly nodding, "If you wish to protect, then stay in the neighboring courtyard. You could hear if there's anything going on."

This assassin was too good. If he really succeeded in killing Siao Shi, he wouldn't be able to explain.

Yet the masters in the Imperial Residence could not guard against him. Moreover, if something were to happen and it was his men, then it would send tongues wagging.

If Chu Li wanted to take over this hot potato, it would be for the best.

"Thank you, Your Royal Highness!" Chu Li closed fist saluted.

Prince An waved off, "Princess, I will be attending out there. Don't get into trouble."

Siao Shi lightly nodded.

Once Prince An left, there was only Grandmother Dong, Yang Xu and Xue Ling left in the premises. Chu Li asked, "Grandmother Dong, when will young lady's wounds recover?"

"It was done by a martial arts master. There's hidden wounds within her body. It was hard enough stopping it from getting severe, as for recovery..." Grandmother Dong sighed and shook her head, "We're talking about a year or so before any healing begins..."

"This thug!" Chu Li muttered hatefully.

Siao Shi side glanced at him.

Chu Li turned and spoke to Grandmother Dong, "We'll have to trouble Grandmother Dong from now on."

As he spoke, he took out a ten thousand tael bank note and placed it in the medical box.

Grandmother Dong saw the face value, her rosy face changed, "It's too much!"

Chu Li shook his head, "This, compared to young lady's life, is incomparable. We hope Grandmother Dong won't forsake."

'Sigh..." Grandmother Dong sighed, "I will do my best but there's really nothing to be done with princess' wounds. We can only take it step by step."

Chu Li answered, "There is no rush. Let's play by ear."

Grandmother Dong nodded and did not explain further.

After a while, Grandmother Dong let go of Siao Shi's wrist and got up to write up a formula. She then excused herself and left.

Once there were only the two of them after the leave of Yang Xu and Xue Ling, Siao Shi side glanced him "So he's the guy you've found?"

She thought that this was the person Chu Li looked for but doubted that she may be wrong. Why was there a need to stab in the heart. He could stab anywhere else!

Chu Li smiled, "What do you think?'

"He wouldn't really kill me, right?" Siao Shi frowned, "As if I'm his nemesis."

Chu Li pointed at himself.

Siao Shi was surprised, "But you don't look similar."

Chu Li answered, "I learn the Bone Shrinkage Skill from brother Jiang. I can change my appearance."

"Are you secretly hating on me?" Siao Shi scoffed, "Hating on me for dragging you here instead to accompany third younger sister?"

Chu Li glared at her temperamentally.

Siao Shi responded, "No matter how I see, you looked like you really wanted to kill me."

Chu Li shook his head, "If I can't have you fooled, you would have gave it away earlier."

Prince An could read people well. If Siao Shi knew that it was him, it might show it in her face and not have hatred in her eyes. Prince An would be suspicious.

Although it was flawless, being suspected by Prince An would be troublesome.

If Siao Shi reacted normally then Prince An would not think twice about it, saving him the trouble.

"Looking at his face, it was really a pleasant sight!" Siao Shi scoffed, "Please be alert living beside! Once there's rustling, quickly get over!"

The moment she heard Chu Li would be living next door, she felt secure.

Chu Li smiled as he nodded.

Siao Shi asked, "When will I recover?"

"This would depend on His Royal Highness," Chu Li flashed a grin.

Siao Shi gave a brightly lit smile. She understood Chu Li. The moment Prince An was done was the moment she'd recover.

The morning of the second day was clear of clouds and the air was airy and breezy.

The Chief of the Imperial Residence of Prince An, Song Sansi arrived at Precious Light Courtyard.

When the maids in the courtyard saw that it was him, they curtseyed and did not make any stop.

He took large strides into the hall and closed fist saluted, "Princess!"

"Come in and talk," A husky moving voice was heard.

Song Sansi drew the curtains up and entered the hall. He lowered his head and took a few steps forced onto a lady sitting in an armchair. He closed fist saluted, "Princess!"

This lady was around her thirties with a snowy oval face. Her lips was small and full. Her eyes were almond shaped with bold brows. Her looks were divine. It was concubine, Song Liuying.

She was listlessly looking at Song Sansi, speaking casually, "I heard that Princess Siao was assassinated?"

"Yes." Answered Song Sansi, "A stab to the heart but saved due to the Siao's Spirit Blessing Pill. Her body, not quite though, .... Congratulations, princess!"

"What's the congratulations for?" Song Liuying carelessly answered.

Song Sansi smiled, As a consort, yet unable to bear a child, she wouldn't be able to hold her position. Your chance has arrive!"