White Robed Chief Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Liuying

"Humph! You old farts can be quite treacherous!" Song Liuying dully remarked.

Song Sansi laughed out loud, "Yes, I am such a person."

Song Liuying asked, "Have you seen Chu Li?"

"Yes, he was drinking at one of the tables." Song Sansi shook his head, "He's indeed an amazing person, as just the rumors."

"Oh?" Song Liuying dully responded, "No matter how amazing he is, how can he beat you, a treacherous old fart?"

"Do not underestimate him, princess." Song Sansi sighed and shook his head, "Based on my observation, although Chu Li is proud, he never looks down on others. Moreover, he has a sharp observation and quick reflexes. I can't beat him."

"Is that so?" Song Liuying's shapely long brows was slightly raised, "So you're saying that you can't suppress him?"

"Hehe..." Song Sansi laughed and shook his head, "What goes around comes around. He was originally first rank but once he entered the residence, he tried to snatch my position. This can't be helped but the assassination of Princess Siao gave us a window of opportunity!"

"What opportunity?"

"It's said that Chu Li has requested His Royal Highness that he remain in a courtyard beside Princess Siao in order to personally protect her from the return of the assassin." Song Sansi laughed and shook his head, "He must have feelings for Princess Siao. And this is understandable, seeing that he's still young."

"I think it's quite rare to have this sort of feelings." Song Liuying dully replied, "Such loyalty is not a common sight."

Song Sansi quickly rebutted, "I am loyal towards Princess!"

"You are sneaky. Once something's not right, you'll be running faster than I am." Song Liuying side glanced him and scoffed, "Speak, what opportunity?"

"If Chu Li wants to protect Princess Siao, then he shouldn't be distracted." Song Sansi smiled, "Then he wouldn't be suitable for this position for internal chief, don't you think?"

"Mmm..." Song Liuying lifted her chin slightly, "He can't leave Princess Siao's courtyard, restraining his movements. He is unsuitable to be internal chief."

"That's it!" Song Sansi added on, "So Princess could suggest to His Royal Highness that it's better we take this internal chief position."

"You old fart are all about the money and fame, huh?" Song Liuying said.

Song Sansi laughed out, "It is hard to let go. Princess, holding this internal chief position in your hands would have the entire Imperial Residence eating at the palm of our hands. Handing this position out and this group of people will turn their back on us and attend to Princess Siao's every need instead."

"Uh huh, it is human nature." Song Liuying nodded, "Let's talk about fame and not feelings, you want this position because you don't want to patch up the debt?"

"Hehe..." Song Sansi smiled embarrassingly, "I can't hide anything from Princess."

"A hundred thousand silvers. It is not a small number." Song Liuying dully said, "I think it's better you pay up. Time's are changing. If His Royal Highness really gave the position to Chu Li, he might make an example of you."

"Sigh..." Song Sansi sighed and shook his head helplessly, "Princess should know about my kid. He blew off all my money. I can't even take out a hundred thousand, even ten thousand is a problem."

He gritted his teeth and scoffed, "No matter what, Chu Li cannot be the internal chief."

Song Liuying duly added, "So it's not for me, but for you."

"Princess, you're framing me!" Song Sansi explained himself, "Even if you don't think about yourself, you should think for the young lady. I've looked after the young lady since young and am closer to the young lady than my own child. I don't want to see the young lady suffer! ... Not taking the consort position and without the internal chief position, the group of ass lickers will look at the young lady with contempt, and ignore her even!"

Song Liuying frowned and she thought about it and lightly nodded.

Song Sansi's words hit where it hurt. Even if she didn't for herself, she should think for Little Qing.

"Uh huh, I will mention to His Royal Highness but it is His Royal Highness' pet hate for women to meddle into such matters." Song Liuying shook her head, "Still on that, pay up the debt before Chu Li catches on."

"I will think of a way," Song Sansi quickly nodded.

Song Liuying waved her arm, "Go, I will pay a visit there and see this Chu Li."

"Do you need me to come along?"

"What could he possibly do there?" Song Liuying waved her hand, "Go be occupied with your matters and stop troubling me."

"Yes, I'll excuse myself." Song Sansi close fist saluted and bowed. He left.

He stopped at the entrance of Precious Light Courtyard. His face glum.

Cutting off other's fortune was equivalent to killing other's parents. This person with the surname Chu has blocked his monetary fortune. He has to think of a way to eliminate him completely!

Chu Li was sitting by the stone table in Siao Shi's courtyard. He was holding a scroll and beside him was a plum tree.

The book collection within the Imperial Residence was highly valuable. He was now a first rank scribe. Although he has yet to officially take over, the guards and scribes of the Imperial Residence has started to fawn on him. With one word, the scribe in charge of treasured books immediately sent over a bundle.

Siao Shi was recovering from her wounds on the couch. Yang Xu and Xue Ling were beside her in waiting, accompanying her with chit chats.

Chu Li sat alone in front of the stone table, flipping through with major interest.

This scroll recorded about spirit beasts and one would consider as strange news. He found the section on spirit cranes but found it wasn't all rubbish.

The spirit cranes were just as written on the books. They produced a nest of two eggs and the male and female would take turns to keep watch at arm's length. Once there were signs of other spirit beasts around, they did not take it lightly.

As for other information, the spirit cranes were indifferent and felt no hostility to all beings. They enjoyed feeding on roots and mostly the roots of exotic flowers and rare herbs. Their speed was also faster than mortal vision. The human eye could not catch a glimpse of them.

At this very moment, the maid outside announced, "Princess Song has arrived."

Chu Li got up and put down his scroll. He closed fist saluted at Song Liuying who treaded in. As well as bowed at the graceful young lady next to Song Liuying, "Princess."

"Chief Chu, you need not be polite." Song Liuying was elaborately dressed. She was dignified in bearing, distinguished and elegant. She sized up Chu Li.

The young lady next to her has a petite body, blossoming face and clear eyes. Her gaze evidenced an indifferent attitude.

Chu Li carefully studied. This young lady must be Princess Song's daughter, Leng Qing. She seemed impatient with everything. It wasn't similar to Siao Shi's indifference. Hers was more towards hatred against all being.

"How is Princess Siao's wounds?" Song Liuying asked.

Chu Li seemed gloomy. He shook his head. "The assassin is too cruel and arrogant. It was one stab to the young lady's heart. If it weren't for the Spirit Blessing Pill, the young lady would be gone! ... The physician came but said there's nothing that could be done and only time could tell. It would probably be a year or so before there's hope for recovery."

"This severe?" Song Liuying was surprised.

She found it unexpected. She didn't think that Siao Shi's wounds were this troublesome to recover up to a year or so. She thought that with the Spirit Blessing Pill, recovery was in a matter of days.

Not only was she not happy, she felt a chill down her spine.

Princess Siao has the Spirit Blessing Pill but she didn't. If the assassin were to target her, then she'd end up dead and Little Qing would be left alone in this world!

Chu Li shook his head and sighed, "It is pure luck that the young lady is still alive!"

"Chief Chu, the young lady has invited Princess Song in for a talk," Yang Xu gracefully walked out and gently spoke.

Chu Li extended his arm to gesture Song Liuying in.

Song Liuying lifted her chin and brought her daughter treading in.