White Robed Chief Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Re-assassination

Song Liuying's face did not flinch but her heart sank.

She knew Song Sansi had embezzled a large sum of silver no lower than a hundred thousand but she didn't think he was this audacious to do such a thing.

Xue Ningyu shook her head and sighed, "Those who paid little, he would arrange for the dirty and tedious work. Those who paid more, who be arranged less and lighter work. This interior chief is really having it his way. More powerful and prestigious than His Royal Highness."

"I don't believe that Li Gui is not involved," Song Liuying duly added.

Xue Ningyu said, "How could Li Gui say no? If he dares speak up, he would be targeted by Song Sansi!"

"Sister Xue, hold your tongue!" Song Liuying frowned, "No matter how much of a bastard Song Sansi is, he wouldn't dare hurt a soul!"

"Haha!" Xue Ningyu laughed out loud. Her hair ornaments dangled as she shook her head, "Song Sansi would of course hang his head in shame in front of you like an old dog but in front of others, he shows a different color. Don't be decieved by him!"

Song Liuying frowned, "His Royal Highness is actually aware of the things that Song Sansi has done. It didn't go unnoticed... His Royal Highness is generous and did not point it out. Seeing how loyal he is, His Royal Highness did not punish him but should he cross the line, His Royal Highness will not hesitate to straighten him out,... This old fart understood this and has always been grateful and apprehensive from doing bad."

"Not necessarily." Xue Ningyu snorted, "Who are we to guess His Royal Highness' thoughts? The way I see it, if Song Sansi knows what's best for him, he should just write off to resignation. If he long for fortune and authority and making it harder for His Royal Highness, then it won't be pleasant, ... Right, sister Song?"

She fake smiled at Song Liuying, gleaming in sarcasm.

Carrying such a manner, she still looked sweet and beautiful.

Chu Li who was listening from the outside shook his head.

Siao Shi was watching on with great gusto. She found it interesting, it was much more interesting than staring into blank space alone.

She coughed softly then smiled, "Sisters, the way I see it, let's leave it. Chu Li has to be guarding on the outside and wouldn't have time to do anything else. Even if he becomes the chief, it is only by name and can't be attending to matters."

"That's different." Xue Ningyu smiled, "Sister Siao, you're from the House of High Duke. A prestigious aristocrat that would know how these servants behave. If Chu Li becomes the chief, these servants wouldn't dare neglect their duty. Without this position, you may be in for it."

Song Liuying dully said, "Li Gui is also a deputy chief. Don't tell me sister Xue was bullied? Which servant would dare to?"

"Li Gui is still a deputy chief after all. Compared to Sister Song, there's still a difference. Whatever good items in the Imperial Residence would go to Precious Light Courtyard first. My Jade Pearl Courtyard will always be at the end of the line," said Xue Ningyu.

"Perhaps it's because I entered the residence earlier than you by two years." Song Liuying answered, "People are nostalgic, after all."

"Do you believe the words you said?" Xue Ningyu snickered.

Siao Shi nodded while in consideration, "Uh huh, what sister Xue said makes sense. He should have a position, even if he can't do it, he can have his subordinates to handle it."

Song Liuying's face changed.

Xue Ningyu scoffed, "Chu Li is first rank and the highest position in the Imperial Residence is the Interior Chief, there is no other."

Song Liuying fell deep into thought before adding, "It's not as though we can decide on this matter on arrange Chu Li. I think His Royal Highness has his view. It's better for us women to discuss this less. You don't say, sister Xue?"

"Sister Song is right." Xue Ningyu smiled, "However, we as women should relieve His Royal Highness of his worries. Even if at the wrong, it's better than Song Sansi who's hogging the fortune and authority. Whether or not His Royal Highness agree to it, it's a different story. Whether or not Song Sansi resign from his position, is also another story, what do you say, Sister Song?"

Siao Shi smiled with her narrow eyes as she watched the both of them struggle with political infighting. She lightly coughed, "It is better to stay put than move. Let's have His Royal Highness say in this. I believe His Royal Highness will not wrong Chu Li."

"Yes yes." Song Liuying nodded and smiled, "I like making snacks. I will make a few for sister Siao to taste. I'm not sure if you need to avoid any certain food?"

Siao Shi sighed, "I'm taking medicines now, so I'm on a special diet."

She sighed internally as the curtain fell on such a great movie. She couldn't have enough of it.

She had the mentality that she could leave at any time and detached herself. She never really treated herself as part of the Imperial Residence so she could be on top of the fence and watch at the sidelines. She thought the fight between the two women was interesting similar to watching a good show.

Xue Ningyu smiled, "Lying down on the couch and not moving. Just the thought of it, shudders. I won't last a day!"

Song Liuying lightly nodded, "Sister Xue is from a general's family and used to display. Naturally it's hard to slow down."

"With display comes with a healthy body. Studying from day to night is not good for your body. And that's not a great sight." Xue Ningyu smiled.

Song Liuying said, "It's better for ladies to be quieter."

"His Royal Highness already sitting in the study the whole day. It's too quiet," Xue Ningyu laughed, "That's why he likes to head over to mine. Think about it, Sister Song. His Royal Highness broods over matters, added to Sister being so reserved, isn't that boring?"

Song Liuying clenched her fist within her sleeve, and hatefully glared at Xue Ningyu.

At this very moment, someone yelled from the outside, "Assassin!"

"Catch the assassin!"

The female trio's faces took a slight change.

Xue Ling took two steps to the couch and blocked the front of Siao Shi. Yang Xu retreated back and hid in a corner.

It has been rehearsed before. The two executed it easily and swiftly.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu's face changed.

Xue Ningyu was petite, nimble and cute but daring and bold at the same time. She scoffed, "Another assassin! They think the Imperial Residence is where they can come and go at will?"

She took strides to head out.

Chu Li's voice echoed, "Princess Xue, let me do it!"

Xue Ningyu took large strides to the entrance and saw Chu Li in white, quietly standing at the courtyard door. He wasn't the least bit nervous. "Chu Li, it's better that you take Sister Siao and leave. They could be after Sister Siao."

Chu Li closed fist saluted at her and shook his head, "Too late for that now."

Saying this, three masked grey clothed men tumbled down the wall and flew to Xue Ningyu with their backs to Chu Li.

Chu Li glidingly threw three punches.

The masked trio in grey swiftly dodged.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Three blows was heard coming from the wall and the window crashed open.

Xue Ling demonstrated the Boundless Fist Shadow, blocking off the flying wood wreck that spewed into the house.

Chu Li had made an appearance before these masked trio. The long blade wrapped around his waist became a dark misty light that stabbed towards the trio's throats in a flash.

The trio were surprised and dodged in a hurry.

They didn't think that Chu Li's swordsmanship was that swift.

The light of Chu Li's blade was dark and misty, caging the trio within in a blink of an eye.

The trio did not have time to counterattack and could only dodge continuously. One wrong move and the tip of the blade would be at their throats.

It a matter of second and Chu Li has already struck more than a hundred times. The force of his blade was fiercer than before, trapping the tree within the light of his blade.

The trio were sitting ducks, as they were becoming powerless in their struggle. They were bound to be stabbed at any given moment.

Xue Ningyu was flabbergasted as she watched on.

"Swoosh!" With a light whizz, one masked man in grey was stabbed in the throat but managed to threw a flying dagger at the verge of death.

The purple gold glow on Chu Li instantly disappeared as the flying dagger stabbed his right chest.

The force of Chu Li's blade did not stop as though the one who was hit by the flying dagger wasn't him.