White Robed Chief Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Hiding weakness

It was as though Chu Li was never wounded as his blade was as fierce as before. Instead because one person was dead and left the two, the duo felt the pressure and with virtually no resistance, they retreated step by step.

Chu Li's composure remained calm and collected. The Modesty Sword could not be seen in its blade form. It has turned into a dark misty cloud, shrouding the duo.

The duo were flustered with bloodshot eyes. They were angered and nervous yet they could do nothing.

Chu Li's Modesty Sword clung on without letting go, pressuring them to the point of breathlessness. They couldn't demonstrate their secret skill to tap into their potential. If they really activated their secret skills, even before they could do it, they would be dead by the blade.

"Swoosh!" A light howl and a silver blaze shot at Chu Li from the wall.

A layer of purple gold radiance flashed over Chu Li's body. The Modesty Sword in his hand did not block as he allowed the flying dagger to aim at his back.

If he flickered away from the flying dagger, it would have given the duo a chance to breathe.

Once they activated their secret skill, it would be troublesome.

He was now suppressing his blade technique and martial arts. If he were too outstanding, he may raise suspicion.

He never underestimated the wisdom of others. If he demonstrated extreme Light Body Technique, it wouldn't be a problem. If he were to also demonstrate superb blade technique, putting two and two together, Prince An may suspect if he played a part in assassinating Siao Shi.

Once there was such a doubt, there may be a falling out with Prince An. Chu Li was waiting for Prince An to go kaput.

If they had a fallout before he was dead and forced out of the Imperial Residence, and within this time period Prince An was found dead, then everything would be for nothing. The. Imperial Residence would have nothing to do with him.

A masked man in grey was standing on a wall. Seeing Chu Li so strong willed, he took another shot of lancet but this time, aimed at Xue Ningyu.

Xue Ningyu's face changed as her short figure attempted to dodge.

Alas, this lancet was too fast. She has yet to kneel down when the flying dagger neared and was to penetrate her head. She watched with her eyes wide open yet powerless to dodge.

"Ding..." A dark misty long blade blocked in front of her forehead, deflecting the flying dagger away.

Chu Li blocked in front of her and muttered, "Princess Xue, I'm sorry to offend."

As he spoke, her left hand grabbed her wrist and flash appeared in the house.

The three men in grey finally took a breath and has the opportunity to activate their secret skill. Their bodies expanded and martial arts increased by folds. Three misty smoke charged into the window and was welcomed by Chu Li's blade light.

"Bang bang bang bang..." The masked men in grey wield their fist like hammers as the intensity of their fists cut the air, continuously bashing against the Modesty Sword, echoing the flashings of metals.

Xue Ningyu yelled, "Where is everyone?"

Chu Li's chest and back were bolted with a flying dagger. His face did not change, "They should have a companion, holding up Commander Zheng and the rest."

His Modesty Sword sealed the window, preventing the trio from entering.

They violently exchanged another ten blows but seeing there was no hope in entering, they switched to teams of two. Two of them continuing with their assault while the other would enter from the hall. He drew open the curtains and dashed in, his eyes were filled with grim laughter.

Chu Li was held up by the duo and couldn't not split into two. He could only watch as he slowly closed the distance between the women.

Song Liuying was weak in her knees from fear, to the point of almost collapsing.

Although Xue Ningyu's heart was beating fast, she still glared at the masked man in grey, "Who are you? How dare you!"

"Hehe..." The masked man in grey inched closer with every step but his gaze would sweep at Chu Li from time to time.

He was this intimidating, and didn't believe that fellow wouldn't flinch. Once he was distracted, his blade light would disperse and he would be shot dead.

However, as he was peering, his gaze was slowly captured by Siao Shi and the remaining women.

"Swoosh!" Chu Li's left hand tossed out a light of silver.

This flying dagger came at the nick of time.

When the masked man in grey first stepped into the room, his body was tense and awareness was to its fullest. He was afraid Chu Li may turn unstable or have any trump card. Seeing Chu Li was engaged with his companions and watched as he neared the ladies, he was rendered powerless.

The masked man in grey's alertness then let up. Seeing Song Liuying, Xue Ningyu, Siao Shi and a house of beauties, it caught his attention.

Just as he was distracted, then came Chu Li's flying dagger.

A Grandmaster's sharp senses had him alerted and was about to dodge. Alas, the distance was too short and the flying dagger was too fast for him to avoid.

The flying dagger penetrated his throat, and scrapped past Leng Qing's ear as it landed into a wall.

Leng Qing was caught by surprise and her face went pale.

If this was higher by an inch, she would have been dead!

"Er...." The masked man in grey held onto his throat at glared at Chu Li with resentment before collapsing onto the ground.

"Ah!" The remaining two masked men in grey outside the window screamed and charged in. They snuck into the house through the window with the energy of their fists paving the way.

"Swoosh!" Chu Li's Modesty Sword increased in speed, stabbing one in the throat in seconds.

This person glared with wide open eyes, extending his arm to grab the Modesty Sword, in attempt to slow down Chu Li's movements with his death, an effort to gain an opportunity for his companion.

Chu Li loosened his grip on the Modesty Sword and did not dodge the incoming energy of the fist. He glidingly struck a fist and sent the masked man in grey flying out the window.

"Bang!" A body of purple gold radiant flashed through and slide out the back by a foot, almost colliding into Song Liuying. It frightened Song Liuying to fall onto the couch in a hurry. She was stabled by Xue Ling from crashing onto Siao Shi.

Chu Li leapt out and landed in the courtyard.

The masked man in grey had a direct hit on Chu Li but received Chu Li's fist energy. His body wasn't as though as Chu Li's and even having activated the secret skill, he took quite a beating and spewed out blood.

Chu Li was in midair when he struck another fist. The masked man in grey returned with another fist. The exchanged of the fist energy had their clothes tattered in wild winds.

"Young master, take this blade!" Xue Ling plucked out the Modesty Sword from the corpse's throat and threw it out.

There were eyes at the back of Chu Li as he smoothly caught the sword and with a contortion, he reached towards the masked man and his dark misty shadow of a sword engulfed him.

"Ding ding ding ding..." With the clashes of metals, the masked man wielded his fists and retreated.

His fist was wrapped around with a layer of black metal, indistinctly flashing with a gold glow. It could block against the Modesty Sword.

Chu Li watched the route of the circulation of his inner energy. He wanted to see what kind of martial arts this was.

The masked man slowly retreated and was at the door of the courtyard.

The light of Chu Li's swords flashed and its speed heightened. One swing and it penetrated the masked man's throat.

He held onto his throat and fell onto the ground with resentment.

Chu Li drew his sword back to its scabbard and glided up the roof to check around.

"Chief Chu!" Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi shot over.

Chu Li swept his gaze at them but shook his head ignoring them. He glided down the roof and entered the house.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu let out a sigh of relief and they were still upset.

Siao Shi remained her calm composure and did not seemed the least bit shocked.

Chu Li has the Limb of God and if he couldn't beat them, he could leave in a flash so she wasn't nervous nor worried. She knew Chu Li was putting an act together for others to see. She only needed to string along.

After Chu Li entered the house, he closed fist saluted, "Young lady, you must be frightened."

Siao Shi answered, "You're excused."

Song Liuying quickly added, "Chief Chu, hurry and have your wounds treated. Are you alright?"

The ill feelings she had for Chu Li was quickly diminished. The power struggle didn't matter. If it weren't for him today, she would have lost her life.

Chu Li smiled, "I'm alright. Just a little wounded."

"It is not a little. Quickly get yourself treated." Song Liuying waved her arm and looked at the two flying daggers stuck in his body. She then quickly shifted her gaze away from the daggers.

Xue Ningyu stared at the two flying dagger with interest, "There's no poison on the daggers?"

Chu Li shook his head, "No poison."

"It's better to be careful." Xue Ningyu said, "I have a handed down Golden Wound Ointment. It is incomparable. I'll have someone send over later."

"Thank you, Princess Xue!" Chu Li smiled as he closed fist saluted.