White Robed Chief Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Position

Chu Li bandaged his wounds and returned to keeping watch at Siao Shi's courtyard.

Xue Ling followed over and brewed a kettle of tea for him. She smiled, "Young master, you should return first to rest. There wouldn't be another assassination attempt, right?"

Chu Li smiled, "Not necessarily."

"There had just been an assassination and the Residence is at its intense moment with high security. Who would still come?" Xue Ling shook her head and laughed, "Which assassin would be so silly?"

"Little young miss's words are so interesting, I am that silly." A soft laughter was heard. The voice was soft and with melody yet had a crisp tone to it. It was unique yet charming.

Xue Ling's face instantly changed. She lifted her head to look around.

A white figure glidingly landed in the courtyard like the fall of a snow white feather. She lightly treaded forward, shortening the distance of ten meters and stood before Chu Li.

Her white robe wrapped her voluptuous body. A white gauze covered over her face, revealing her watery clear eyes that was bewitching at one glance.

"Young lady Lu, what are you butting into?" Chu Li put down this cup and quietly looked at her.

Lu Yurong dully replied, "I like butting into things. Two batches of assassins coming for second young lady Siao. How much hatred can she garner? Oh, is it because she's Ji Dynasty's first beauty? Killing the first beauty of Ji Dynasty would bring fame!"

Chu Li asked, "Young lady Lu also wishes to kill the second young lady?"

"What say you?" A cold glimpse flashed through Lu Yurong's eyes, she snorted, "Both our Houses are archenemies. Of course I want to kill her."

Chu Li shook his head, "What business do you have coming her, young lady Lu?"

"To kill second young lady Siao." LU Yurong dully replied, "Killing her is a good thing."

Once she was done, she didn't even wait for Chu Li's reply when she glidingly dashed into the room.

Chu Li flashed appeared in front of her, one palm was pushed out filled with surging fist energy.

"I had always wanted to duel you!" Lu Yurong scoffed, "Let's see how capable you are."

Lu Yurong had always tried to ascertain on Chu Li's abilities but Chu Li's Light Body Technique was too strong and being sneaky, it was hard to have a proper fight. This time he needed to protect Siao Shi but could duel to the fullest. She didn't have to worry that he'd escape.

"Bang bang bang bang..." Lu Yurong flawless porcelain white skinned arms lightly pressed forward with charming rhythm as though she was dancing.

The fist energy that was pushed out was volatile, colliding endlessly with Chu Li's fist energy. Their white robes were ripping from the turbulence.

Xue Ling couldn't help but retreated backward as though huge waves were pushing against her.

As Chu Li maneuvered his palms, he was surprised.

Lu Yurong's fist energy was strange but full. If it weren't for the Scripture of Life and Death, he wouldn't match as an opponent.

The inner energy of the Empyrean Fairy Power was different from the regular inner energy. It was a completely different energy source and could not be assimilated.

It was great that he has the Heavenly Demonic Energy and his inner energy could not be drove out. The Heavenly Demonic Energy leaked out and engulfed the inner energy of the Empyrean Fairly Power in one gulp, growing bigger by a tad.

As the two exchanged blows, the inner energy of the Empyrean Fairy kept surging in and the Heavenly Demonic Energy kept on growing.

"Bang bang bang bang..." The collision of fist energy from both parties became stronger and stronger, like the sound of war drums, echoing to the point that half the Imperial Residence could hear.

Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi rushed over once they heard the noise and saw the two exchanging blows.

"Lu Yurong?"! Zheng Lide yellowed with wide open eyes.

Lu Yurong did not bother with him as she focused on the fight.

It was always smooth sailing with her Empyrean Fairy Power. Even when there wasn't a cultivation level to match, she was at the advantage with the Empyrean Fairy Power. Moreover, she has high cultivation level, better than those Grandmasters that were close to a hundred years old.

She didn't think she could not take down Chu Li.

Chu Li's fist energy was pure. His inner energy was endless. What made her frustrated was that he wasn't afraid of the inner energy of Empyrean Fairy Power. They had fought for long now, close to fifty fist techniques yet his inner energy showed no signs of slowing down.

"This Chu Li does have some capabilities." Lu Yurong coldly snickered, "That's it for today. I will seek for another exchange another time."

"Where're you heading!" Zheng Lide growled, "Lu Yurong, this is not the Ren Public House. It isn't where you can just come and go!"

As he said these words, his fist came charging by.

Meng Zhi did not say a word and joined in.

Lu Yurong's feet made a turn and flashed appeared behind the back of the duo. Her porcelain hand glidingly pressed forward and palmed the back of the two. They spurted blood as they flew into the sky.

Prince An appeared out of nowhere like a fog, catching the two in the air and slowly placed them down. He came before Lu Yurong, "Lu Yurong, how dare you!"

Lu Yurong dully glanced at him, her eyes were as cold as ice, she snickered, "Your Royal Highness spoke so arrogantly. Oh, so your wounds have healed up?"

Prince An's face darkened. He snorted, "Just a little wound, no need to remind me!"

"Right! If you wish to treat it, come beg me!" Lu Yurong lightly glided and a string of soft chuckle was heard in the air, "Chu Li, I'll leave our matter for later. I'll leave first."

Chu Li scoffed.

Prince An's gloomy gaze turned to him.

Chu Li closed fist saluted, "Your Royal Highness should know how Lu Yurong is."

Prince An looked away.

He naturally knew how sneaky Lu Yurong could be. The words left by Lu Yurong did not carry any goodwill and she wanted to use his hands to rid of Chu Li.

"You guys go!" Prince An waved his arms and gestured Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi to leave. The two Grandmasters standing at the entrance left.

There were only Chu Li and Prince left in the courtyard. Xue Ling was excused to the house.

Chu Li asked, "Is there anything I can help Your Royal Highness with?"

"It's about your position." Prince An muttered, "You are fist rank and cannot remain with no title."

Chu Li smiled, "And to which position Your Royal Highness wish to award me?"

"I want to set a new head chief position in the Imperial Residence." Prince An added, "A general administration of the internal and external affairs."

Chu Li raised an eye brow, "Interior Chief, External Chief. Both have their individual tasks. What would this Head Chief be doing?"

"These two chiefs' authority are too huge." Prince An shook his head, "In recent years, I noticed that they aren't sticking to their own bounds yet I can't divide my attention on them. This Head Chief is to watch over these two chiefs."

Chu Li asked, "Don't tell me I'm appointed the Head Chief?'

Prince An dully responded, "You are first rank and most suitable for this position. The matters between the internal and external are too trivial. You have to watch over princess and cannot divide your attention, this position would be best."

Chu Li smiled and nodded, I will honor Your Royal Highness' kindness."

Prince An remarked, "You as the Head Chief will be under me. Any matter concerning the internal external Chief could be reported directly to me. I will personally handle it."

Chu Li smiled as he nodded.

At the end of the line, this Head Chief has no authority whatsoever. Even if there was a problem concerning the Internal External Chief, it has to be reported to him to handle. He couldn't even question how it would be handled. A nice sounding position yet an empty one.

However, he could converse with him at ease, this Prince An's mind was a hard one to read.

Prince An got up, "It isn't very safe these days. We'll have to depend on you with the princess here."

"Your Royal Highness is too polite." Chu Li closed fist saluted, "This is my job."

Prince An waved his hand and left.

Xue Ling came out from the house with a tightened face. She scoffed, "Head Chief?"

She took care of matters of the Glory Will's Courtyard in the House of High Duke. With her experience, she could see through the position of Head Chief which was in name but not in fact. It was held high yet not grounded. This was indeed crossing the line!