White Robed Chief Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Leng Qiu

Chu Li smiled, "No hurry."

Xue Ling frowned, "Young Master, the Prince is bullying you too much. This position only exists in name but not in power, and everyone now knows the Prince's intention. I only fear"

She said while shaking her head.

She knew very well how people thought. They only kept the good and threw away the bad, and were afraid of losing to other people.

Once people realize that the Prince does not think highly of Young Master, and was even afraid of him, they would definitely not remain so affectionate. She only feared that he would be shunned, and reckless people might even do something unscrupulous.

Chu Li said, "Although this Head Chief has no real authority, but its position is high enough. I will not be able to manage others, but others will not be able to manage me as well. That is more than enough for me. I only worry that they might come up with another high position and let someone else have it, then it will be troublesome."

"It is already troublesome." Xue Ling sighed and said.

Chu Li said, "For those who refuse to open their eyes, this is a good chance to show them what it means to be Rank One!"

"Let me do it instead," Xue Ling said.

Chu Li shook his head.

Just as the two were talking, Siao Shi's voice called, "I want to go too!"

"The Lady can come out to get some air." Chu Li said.

Yang Xu asked hurriedly, "Chief, the Lady's body is too weak, can she really go out?"

Chu Li said, "There is no harm in that. Going out for some air is good too. Staying inside for the entire day will be too boring."

Siao Shi harrumphed, "At least you have some sense!"

Xue Ling took out a low couch, and supported Siao Shi up together with Yang Xu. They carefully lay her down, so that she was only half lying on the couch.

The sun shone brightly, the air crisp and fresh.

Siao Shi reclined lazily, a thin blanket covering her graceful body.

She heaved a comfortable sigh, and breathed in deeply, a look of enchantment appearing on her exquisite face, "The outdoors really are the best!"

Chu Li laughed, "Then come out every day to get some sun."

"This is more like it," Siao Shi eyed him, "Prince An said he made you Head Chief?"

"He thinks very quickly," Chu Li laughed and said, "using an empty position to hang me up."

He knew that Prince An had no other choice.

A Rank One Scribe was by no means someone who could be easily dealt with, and was not someone who was to be trifled with. They had to be of a similar rank, like Chief to the Imperial Household.

But the jurisdiction of Chief to the Imperial Household was too large, Prince An would not be willing to give it to him.

And so he thought about this Head Chief. Although it cannot deceive the eyes of sharp-sighted people, it can superficially block up the mouths of others, and prevent them from saying anything.

"Head Chief" Siao Shi shook her head and scoffed, "To think he actually thought of this! ...Are you ready to go up against the Chiefs of two Houses?"

"I do not have the time for that now," Chu Li said, "lay quiet for now, I am still a newcomer, I would rather not get into any trouble.

"Even if you want some quiet, Prince An might not let you!" Siao Shi scoffed, "He wants nothing more than to just kill you right away."

Xue Ling said softly, "Young Master is protecting Lady, the Prince will not be able to send any messengers as well, and have no way of assassinating him."

Siao Shi rolled her eyes at Xue Ling, and scoffed, "You are underestimating Prince An!"

Xue Ling bit her tongue and said nothing more.

Chu Li sat beside the stone table, holding up a book to read. Siao Shi lay on top of the couch, squinting her eyes at the bright sun. The two made idle small talk while Xue Ling and Yang Xu stood to the side listening.

Siao Shi quickly became listless and lost her energy. Lying in the sun, drowsiness caught up quickly. Xue Ling and Yang Xu carried her back, and she fell asleep almost immediately.

Chu Li watched over her from her side, granting her peace of mind, so sleep came easily to her.

Chu Li sat by the stone table alone, reading the book with great interest.

The library of the Imperial Residence was far superior to the House of High Duke's. There were a lot of one of a kind books, as well as treasured and rare books, opening his eyes to a broad horizon.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps rang out. Leng Qiu, donned in a lake green robe, as well as a maid lithely entered the courtyard. Seeing Chu Li, her eyes brightened, and she quickened her pace forwards.

Leng Qiu was only around fourteen to fifteen, with an appearance that was elegant and pure, and a well-proportioned body. In the future, she would undoubtedly be extremely beautiful, perhaps even more so than her mother Xue Ningyu.

Chu Li closed fist saluted and smiled, "If Lady Qiu is looking for the Princess, she has already gone to sleep."

Leng Qiu hurriedly shook her head, looking at him, "I am not here to find Princess Siao, I am here to find you."

Chu Li laughed and said, "Me?"

Leng Qiu sat across from him, looking him from up to down, "Many people have told me to keep my distance from you. They said you were a ruthless killer."

Chu Li laughed, "But Lady Qiu still came here after all?"

Leng Qiu said, "Li Gui said your martial arts were very strong, and that you were the best in the Imperial Residence."

"I would not dare to be such." Chu Li hurriedly waved his hand, "Something like the best in the Imperial Residence, I am still very young, how could I have that title, Li Gui is trying to harm me!"

"Li Gui will not lie to me." Leng Qiu stared intently at him, "Your martial arts must be formidable."

Chu Li laughed and said, "He must have been lied to. I am still very young, how could I stand up to those more experienced Seniors?"

"That might not be the case," Leng Qiu harrumphed, "Your tone is as if you are speaking to a child. I am not small; I know that age has nothing to do with martial arts. Some people work laboriously their entire lives but are still unable to become an acquired master. You have only cultivated for two years, but you have already become a grandmaster!"

Chu Li said, "Commander Zheng's martial art is very strong, but the strongest is the Prince."

"Li Gui said, your martial arts is better than Commander Zheng's" Leng Qiu said.

Chu Li smiled while shaking his head.

Leng Qiu said, "Why are you a ruthless killer?"

Chu Li laughed and said, "Maybe because I have killed too many people."

"What kind of people did you kill? Evil people?"

Chu Li said, "During the journey when the Prince went to pick up the bride, we came across ten grandmaster assassins. I used the masters of the House of High Duke to kill those ten grandmasters, so everyone thinks I have a natural disposition to kill."

"In that case" Leng Qiu let out a smile, "then you are not a ruthless killer, it was only ten people."

Chu Li said, "Everyone might have exaggerated the rumors as they got passed along. What does Lady Qiu want a Master for?"

"For next month's Hunting Ceremony." Leng Qiu's mouth twitched, "I want to bring a Master to protect me, someone strong and impressive."

Chu Li's eyebrow twitched, "Is hunting very dangerous?"

"Hunting is not dangerous, but there are a few people who I hate," Leng Qiu scoffed, "and insist on bothering me. The past few masters whom I brought were all defeated by them!"

Chu Li smiled and said, "There are assassins here near the Princess, so I cannot leave her. Although I wish to help, there is nothing I can do."

He suddenly realized that she was vying for his attention.

"The Princess can come along too," Leng Qiu said, "the Princess should be able to ride on horseback by next month right?"

"I'm afraid not."

"Then she can sit in the sedan chair," Leng Qiu said, "Hunting Ceremonies are very lively, various people from the Imperial Residence will attend."

Chu Li considered for a moment, but shook his head, "I'm afraid the Princess's body will not be able to take the liveliness."

"That's really a shame then," Leng Qiu's youthful face let out a regretful expression, "it's really fun."

"How many times are these hunts held in a year?" Chu Li asked.

"Once every month," Leng Qiu said.

"Then there is no rush," Chu Li smiled, "the future days are long."

Leng Qiu tilted her head and said, "Chief Chu, how did you get your martial arts to be so amazing?"

Just as Chu Li was about to reply, he suddenly turned his head to look at the top of the wall.

A tall and fat silhouette fluttered over, flitting over the top of the wall, and charged straight towards them.

The tall and fat figure was lithe like a feather, eliciting a strange sense of shock, painting an unforgettable scene.

Chu Li stood in front of Leng Qiu to shield her and drew his sword out from the scabbard.

The tall and fat man was donned in gray garbs, with a black mask covering his face, only revealing a pair of wide copper bell-like eyes, a terrifying cold gaze shooting at him, staring coldly at Chu Li.

The longsword in his hands looked particularly small, he lightly lifted it towards Chu Li. The blade glinted like a silver waterfall, filling the air with a light whistle.