White Robed Chief Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Kill and Behead

Chu Li flashed sideways, took a step back, and scoffed lightly, "Who are you!"

"I'm here to take your life!" The tall and fat man raised his sword, brandishing his sword twice, and laughed wickedly, "Boy, prepare to die!"

Chu Li frowned, sensing the man's killing intent.

Leng Qiu shrank behind the stone table, looking at Chu Li in worry, and shouted, "Hey, fatso, are you an assassin?"

"Of course I am an assassin!" The tall and fat man scoffed, "I heard that he of the surname Chu is very strong, I've come to see for myself!"

Chu Li said, "You are not an assassin, right?"

"Hmph, I am an assassin, take this!" The tall and fat man laughed loudly and brandished his sword. The longsword became streaks of silver waterfalls advancing towards Chu Li, the blade thirsting for blood.

Chu Li lightly dodged to the side, easily and effortlessly, and finally retreated to the front of the stone table. He said lowly, "Stop!"

"Die!" The tall and fat man bellowed, slamming the sword down ferociously.

"Ching!" Chu Li dodged sideways, and the longsword descended on the stone table.

The stone table split into two halves, cut open as if it was tofu, and even Leng Qiu, who was hiding behind the stone table let out a cry of surprise.

Chu Li scoffed, "In that case, do not blame me for being merciless!"

He flashed behind the tall and fat man in one step, and flung a flying blade.

"Whoo" The flying blade let out a strange hiss.

The tall and fat man turned his body strangely, his speed oddly quick, and his long sword even quicker.

"Ding" The flying blade was knocked away.

The tall and fat man chuckled, "You have such a great title, but this is all you got? What flying blade, this is just mere backscratcher!"

Chu Li frowned. He never thought that a person with such a figure would be able to move that quick. He even managed to deflect his flying blade, looks like he came prepared!

"Ching ching!" He shot out flying blades from both of his hands, with an even faster


The tall and fat man once again deflected the swords, as if they were coming at him at slow motion and he could see clearly the trajectory of the knife, and could accurately

deflect the two flying blades.

"Ding ding!" Two sounds rang out, the flying blades were deflected.

The three fine and exquisite flying blades all fell in front of Leng Qiu.

She bent down to pick them up, inspecting them curiously.

Under the sunlight, the flying blades glimmered with a cold sort of light, and there was also a vague pattern. One look at it and it was obvious that it was a killing tool. If one really were to get hit by one of these, they would definitely tear a bloody hole.

Chu Li exclaimed, "What skillful swordsmanship!"

"Heh heh, this is nothing, it is only fast!" The tall and fat man chuckled, amused,

"Chu Li, what else do you have up your sleeve? Show me, or when I kill you in one hit, I will feel bad!

Chu Li said lightly, "You are not an assassin. Are you here just to take me on?"

"Heh heh, you could say that!" The tall and fat man shook his head and laughed, "In order to kill the little beauty inside there, I must get rid of you first. Do not worry, I will make sure the two of you share the same fate!"

Chu Li narrowed his eyes, and said lightly, "Who sent you?"

"You do not have to know that!" The tall and fat man waved his large hand, and fiercely stepped in front of Chu Li, brandishing his knife as fast as lightning, "Take this!"

Chu Li turned his body to evade, "It seems it is someone I know!"

"Die!" The tall and fat man exclaimed, swinging his knife quick like lightning, fast beyond measure.

Chu Li's body movement technique was faster by a fraction, and he managed to dodge, angering the tall and fat man until he started to scream. The long knife became quicker and quicker, until eventually, even the blade was no longer visible, becoming just a cage of flashes of light encasing Chu Li.

Chu Li suddenly unsheathed his sword.

"Ding" The long knife clashed with the Modesty Sword, the clear ringing sound causing Leng Qiu's heart to shiver and occupy herself by covering her ears.

Chu Li's Modesty Sword became a hazy blur of light, becoming even faster than the longsword.

"Ding ding ding ding" The blades clashed ceaselessly.

Chu Li realized that this man had incredible brawn, and was not inferior to himself. It seemed like he was naturally had superhuman strength, and his inner energy was startlingly thick. This person was far superior to normal people, enough to let normal people feel jealous and envious of him.

"Hyah!" The tall and fat man cried out angrily, the knife flashing suddenly, and shocked away the Modesty Sword, coming straight at Chu Li's chest.

Chu Li flashed behind him, and with a glint of the blade, it was already buried deep in his back.

"Ding" The long knife rose in response, hitting the longsword.

Chu Li frowned.

When he stabbed the tall and fat man's body, it was first slightly blocked by his formless inner energy, and by his own body as well, only then did he get hit by the long knife.

According to his speculation, this tall and fat man also practiced torso tuning, and was very adept at the technique.

"What thick skin!" Chu Li exclaimed.

The tall and fat man laughed gleefully, "I stood here just to let you stab me, but you cannot stab me anyway, so it is a wasted effort. Just quietly let me kill you!"

Chu Li said, "What torso tuning technique is this?"

"Do you think I'm stupid enough to tell you?!" The tall and fat man laughed coldly and said, "Take this!"

He had flown into a rage out of humiliation and said some things that might have overstated his abilities, that he would definitely cut Chu Li open. He did not think that this boy would be so slippery He could wield a knife so fast he was untouchable, and he was not inferior to the torso tuning technique of the Sentient Menace from the Temple of Tempest, but he still was not able to kill this boy.

Chu Li muttered lowly, "Inner Cuirass Technique"

He had never heard of such a torso tuning technique before. It seems that the skill of this tall and fat man is able to resist the attacks of a Grandmaster, such a thing happening was incredibly rare. Even though his Sentient Menace was strong, but he could never cultivate it to even higher heights, it still could not compare to his Inner Cuirass Technique.

The tall and fat man struck blow after blow, each one faster than the previous.

Chu Li raised his sword and stepped back, somehow managing to evade the long knife.

Leng Qiu stared with wide eyes, watching Chu Li's white robe billow, suave and refined, and could not help but be dazed.

"Take this instead!" The tall and fat man shouted in anger, his long knife suddenly becoming bright as if the sunlight got absorbed into the blade. The blade was no longer visible, and only a blinding white light could be seen.

"Ching!" The knife slashed, and a cracking sound resounded, as if the air itself had been split open.

The tall and fat man smiled in satisfaction. This knife, no matter how strong the master was, this would definitely kill them. It was the God Killer Knife!

His smile suddenly froze on his face, and he looked downwards at his chest.

Chu Li slowly pulled out the Modesty Sword, shaking his head.

Zhu Tianshou should not have used that knife. Using that knife caused his body to become empty for a moment, and gave Chu Li a chance to act.

"Stay your hand!" From far away the sound of Prince An's voice shouted.

As if Chu Li did not hear him, he swung his sword downwards, and sent Zhu Tianshou's neck flying.

"Halt!" Prince An's extremely unpleasant tone of voice reached in front of him.

"Ah!" Leng Qiu let out a cry and immediately fainted, collapsing above the stone table.

Chu Li turned to look at Prince An rushing towards him and closed fist saluted, "Rest assured, Your Highness, the assassin has been eliminated."

"You You" Prince An's eyes glared at him like pits of fire, his somber face layered with killing intent, his fists clenched so hard even the veins were visible, as if he wanted to raise his hand.

Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi also rushed over.

Chu Li looked at Prince An in surprise, "Your Highness, did I kill the wrong person?"

Prince An grit his teeth, and laughed coldly, "Alright! Alright! Chu Li, that was a clever ploy!"

He looked downwards at Zhu Tianshou, whose head had been decapitated from his body. Even if he were to use the Spirit Blessing Pill, the man could not be saved. That damn Chu Li, he obviously saw through Zhu Tianshou's identity, and deliberately killed him in front of the Prince!