White Robed Chief Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Demonstration

Chu Li maintained his state of surprise, "Your Highness, I'm afraid I do not understand. What do you mean by ploy?"

Using the Omniscient Mirror, he knew from the beginning that Prince An was watching from the dark.

H turned around to look at Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi, and frowned, "Commander Zheng, Commander Meng, I suggest you two go back and retire. How could such an assassin be allowed inside so brazenly. We even fought or so long, but no one came to investigate at all!"

Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi's expressions turned sour, and they lowered their heads without saying anything.

Chu Li scoffed, "No wonder, is the Lady that unimportant? You know very well that there are martial arts masters out to assassinate her, and yet you do not assign more masters to protect her. On the contrary, you open the gates wide, and leave all the burdens to me? Could it be that you are trying to kill us?"

Zheng Lide close fist saluted and sighed, "Head Chief, your subordinate is incompetent, and is truly unable to send anyone. There is still Princess Song as well as Princess Xue at His Highness's side that requires people. Princess Siao has the Head Chief here. The Head Chief's martial arts are unsurpassed, so we are able to rest assured.

Chu Li laughed coldly, "Rest assured? If something were to happen, who would take responsibility?"

He turned his head while closed fist saluting, "Your Highness, I have a suggestion is Lady Qiu alright?"

Prince An supported Leng Qiu up and touched her pulse. She had just fainted from the shock, but did not have any major problems. Administrating some calming decoction would be enough.

"She fainted from shock, nothing serious. What suggestion do you have?" He glared coldly at Chu Li, wanting nothing more than to take a sword and slash him into ribbons. However, he suppressed the urge and said lightly after recovering his somber face, "Speak. A suggestion from the Head Chief will surely be brilliant."

Chu Li said, "Since we are so lacking in manpower, perhaps we could request the help of the Imperial House Protectors."

Prince An's expression changed slightly, and he shook his head. "The Imperial House has not enough manpower as well, and we should not bother the Empress!"

Now that Xu Ning was not by his side, Chu Li could see through his thoughts.

Prince An will definitely not use the Imperial House Protectors. For one, he did not want to let the Emperor think he was lacking in power, and two, he did not want to let the Imperial House Protectors into the Residence, for fear that his every move would be revealed to the Emperor, and by extension have his ambition exposed.

Chu Li said, "There Imperial House Protectors may lack manpower? ...In that case, there is only one other suggestion."

"Speak," Prince An lightly said.

Chu Li said, "Let the three Princesses be together. Bring Princess Song and Princess Xue here, as a result, the Imperial Residence Protectors need not divide their power by splitting up, and at the same time, there will be martial arts masters here. There will be no need to be afraid!

Prince An frowned at him.

The proposal was not bad, but he could not analyze deeply.

The reason why Precious Light Courtyard and Jade Pearl Courtyard were so far from each other was because he did not want them to gather together, and here he was with his good deed, to suggest that those three women came together. He must think that the Imperial Residence is not chaotic enough, and had sinister intentions!

If those three women were to be in one place, he could guess what would happen without even having to think too much. They would definitely fight and cause turmoil. The entire Imperial Residence will know no peace!

When it came to that point, it would become a joke to others. He would become the joke of Fairy's Capital. The reputation he built for half his life would be completely lost, and his grand plan would be ruined!

If he could not even control his residence, once he becomes the emperor, how would his harem, and his land be peaceful?!

Zheng Lide said hurriedly, "Your Highness, this is a great idea!"

Meng Zhi also nodded quickly, "Yes, this way the problem with manpower can be solved immediately."

They had long since thought of this idea, but did not dare voice it out.

The Prince was astute, he definitely already thought about this. However, the fact that he did not say anything showed that he did not like the idea. If they were to mention it, it would cause the Prince to bear a grudge against them. In this kind of situation, to provoke the Prince was to be tired of living.

Chu Li's words made them rouse their spirits, finally someone came forth to say it!

If their manpower were to be split to two batches, one at Prince An's side, one at the three Princesses' side, then no matter how many martial arts masters come in, they would be able to face them. There was no risk at all!

In any case, as long as things are arranged so that assassins are unable to get their way, then they will have no responsibilities as Commander anymore.

The recent string of assassination attempts had left them bruised and battered, and unable to lift their heads high in the Residence. None of the Princesses looked at them pleasantly, and even some servants were starting to become impertinent. They had enough of people rolling their eyes at them.

Chu Li smiled cheerily towards Prince An, "Your Highness, if things carry on like this, the Imperial Residence will really become a joke. Put aside other matters, and focus on settling the problem with the assassins for now.

"The assassins keep coming, how do we settle that?"

"Kill them!" Chu Li said lowly, "As long as the manpower is centralized together, they will not be killed off individually. Assassins will advance but will never retreat. If one comes, then we kill one. If two comes, then we kill two, just like this assassin right here!"

He pointed at Zhu Tianshou lying on the ground, and scoffed, "Our Public House will not gain prestige if we do not kill them! ...Grandmasters are all pillars of the various factions. Once a few of them die, the other martial arts factions will not dare to send anyone else to their deaths!"

Prince An glared coldly at Chu Li.

He suspected that Chu Li already saw through Zhu Tianshou's identity, and delivered the killing blow even when he asked Chu Li to stop. He even completely cut off Zhu Tianshou's life. Chu Li was showing his might towards him!

Zhu Tianshou had various kinds of skills, his speed was fast, his power was strong, and he even had cross training techniques. It could be said that his specialty was to restrain Chu Li, and he had a large chance to kill Chu Li.

He paid a hefty price prince to hook him over here. He initially planned on letting Zhu Tianshou kill Chu Li as an assassin. If that really did not work, he would just appear at the scene and stop Chu Li from killing Zhu Tianshou, and tell him that he was just testing Zhu Tianshou's martial arts capabilities.

He never expected the situation to change that fast. Zhu Tianshou had the upper hand, but in the blink of an eye, all of a sudden, Zhu Tianshou got stabbed. The moment he opened his mouth, Chu Li's second sword made its appearance. There was no saving him anymore!

Chu Li might not have said anything, but given his intelligence, he might have realized that something was fishy, and killed Zhu Tianshou to beat him at his own game and teach him a lesson!

Thinking about this, Prince An gritted his teeth, his desire to kill Chu Li growing even more intense!

The Imperial Residence was his territory. If he wanted to kill Chu Li, it would not be hard. Even if one of his plans failed, there were still other ways. He definitely will not let him continue living!

Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi nodded their heads.

"Your Highness, the Head Chief's idea is feasible!" Zheng Lide said lowly, "Let's move the two Princesses to Tianshu Courtyard!

"Don't be impertinent!" Prince An said lowly.

Chu Li said, "How could we let the two Princesses stay at Tianshu Courtyard, how about the two Princess come to courtyard compound at my side, where they will be well taken care of.

"That sounds good too," Zheng Lide hurriedly said.

Prince An stared quietly at Chu Li, "You mean to say, let Princess Xue and Princess Song live with you?"

Chu Li smiled and said, "Of course, I will not let the two Princesses live to my West. I will be living to the Princesses' West. Although this might be a little brazen, but for the safety of the Princesses, there is no other way!"

Prince An said lightly, "If the three Princesses start to argue, will you be able to stop them?"

"That will require Your Highness's skill." Chu Li laughed and said.

"Your Highness" Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi bowed and closed fist saluted.

Prince An swept his eyes over the three, and he massaged his eyebrows.

Princess Song was soft on the outside but tough on the inside, and Princess Xue was firm and shrewd. None of them were easy to humor, and would require a large argument. He truly did not want to waste his energy on those women, this Chu Li!

"How about this," Prince An said lightly, "Since this idea was suggested by Chu Li, then he can take care of it. You will be in charge of convincing the two Princesses."

Chu Li hurriedly said, "Your Highness, I have to protect the Lady, I truly cannot leave her side."

"They will come here to visit Princess Siao, you can just use the chance to convince them. We'll leave it at that." He turned and carried Leng Qiu, and walked away.

Zheng Lide and Meng Zhi did not rush to catch up.

A person had already come to the Courtyard to clean up the mess, and get rid of the smell of blood. The two closed fist saluted and thanked Chu Li.

In the Imperial Residence, the one who would dare voice out this suggestion would only be Chu Li.

He was Rank One, and had enough confidence to face the Prince head-on, but they could not do that. If the Prince felt even the least bit displeased, he could just fire them or even kill them off.

Chu Li said, "Commanders, the person I killed earlier, was he a master taken in by His Highness?"

"About that" The two hesitated, and helplessly shook their head with bitter chuckles.

Chu Li nodded his head, "I understand. I shan't send you off then."

In the end, they are Prince An's men, and definitely will not go up against the Prince. The moment Prince An orders them, they will immediately come to kill him.