White Robed Chief Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Persuasion

"Ah!" Leng Qiu cried out, bolting upright.

Xue Ningyu, who had been tending to her by her bed, jumped in surprise. She saw

Leng Qiu's pale complexion breaking out into cold sweat, and she hurriedly took out a silk handkerchief from her sleeve, and used it to wipe her forehead, "Don't be scared, Mother is here!"

Leng Qiu's eyes looked straight ahead, staring vacantly at the window.

Xue Ningyu hurriedly patted her young, pure face, "Qiu Er! Qiu Er!"

Leng Qui turned around and saw Xue Ningyu, "Mother!"

"Qiu Er, Mother is here!" Xue Ningyu hurriedly pat her on her back, "Did you get frightened?"

"Mother, it was so scary!" Leng Qiu fiercely grabbed on to Xue Ningyu's hand, holding it tightly, slightly shivering, "I was so scared!"

"Qiu Er, you went over to Princess Siao's place, didn't you?" Xue Ningyu said unpleasantly, "Didn't I tell you before, do not go there!"

"Mother, an assassin came to Tianshu Courtyard today, his martial arts was really formidable!" Leng Qiu said, "But he got killed by Chu Li, it was so scary!"

"It is only killing an assassin, what is scary about that!" Xue Ningyu said unpleasantly, "It's not like you have never seen a corpse before!"

Leng Qiu shook her head, "Chu Li chopped off the assassin's head with one swipe. It really was"

She said this, and face became pale.

Xue Ningyu frowned and muttered to herself.

"Mother-!" Leng Qiu saw that her mother was not comforting her, but was instead staring blankly ahead, and unhappily shook her arm, "Mother-!"

Xue Ningyu snapped back to reality, and shook her head, "You silly little girl, aren't you bold. He is a ruthless killer, stay away from him, don't stir up any trouble!"

"He is quite gentle, he is only scary when he kills people!"Leng Qiu harrumphed stubbornly. Seeing Xue Ningyu once again fall into deep thinking, she called out in dissatisfaction, "Mother, what are you thinking about!"

"I'm thinking about that assassin." Xue Ningyu said, "Did you find that assassin a little weird?"

"Weird?" Leng Qiu tilted head and pondered, "Maybe just a little weird. He was tall and fat, but at the same time, he was really energetic, and very fast as well. If Chu Li's martial arts was not that good, he really would have been killed!"

Xue Ningyu's sweet face became somber, "In the past when Chu Li encountered

assassins, he would be able to kill them immediately. Was he as fierce in killing this time?"

Leng Qiu shook her head.

Xue Ningyu said, "His identity is a little strange Forget it, there is no point thinking about all this anyway. Mother has to go thank Chu Li for saving you."

Leng Qiu said, "I'm not going."

"You" Xue Ningyu shook her head and said, "You're too pampered!"

"Mother, I want to make Chu Li my Protector for the Hunting Ceremony." Leng Qiu said,

"He needs to protect Princess Siao," Xue Ningyu said, "how could he agree? You should just give up. Drink this medicine, you will be fine when you sleep and wake up!"

She took the medicine bowl the maid held out, and coaxed Leng Qiu into drinking it.

When Leng Qiu slowly fell asleep, she left Precious Light Courtyard and went to Tianshu Courtyard.

Xue Ningyu went to Tianshu Courtyard to visit Siao Shi, and came back out to speak with Chu Li.

She first thanked Chu Li for saving Leng Qiu's life and protecting her. Although she got scared silly, but it was true that she was saved.

Chu Li smiled and shook his head, and brought up the idea of letting them move here together.

"Head Chief, this idea was definitely not suggested by His Highness." Xue Ningyu smiled beautifully, and pursed her lips, "High Highness is most afraid of us gathering together. Who suggested this idea?"

Chu Li smiled and said, "It was me."

Xue Ningyu's smile dropped, "If it was anyone else, I would not care, but since it is the Head Chief who is suggested this, I cannot just not consider it."

"What conditions does the Princess want?" Chu Li asked.

Xue Ningyu looked to be sweet and nice, and she was also outspoken and straightforward, and was an extremely intelligent person.

"For next month's Hunting Ceremony, I hope you can accompany Qiu Er together." Xue Ningyu said.

Chu Li sighed and said, "Princess, that was just a child playing for fun, why must you pay attention to it?"

"In your eyes, it might just be a child's tantrum, but to me, it is not." Xue Ningyu shook her head and smiled, "Adults always think matters such as these are trivial, but to Qiu Er, it might be more important than anything else. I have experienced this before, so I know how it feels like."

Chu Li considered, and nodded his head. "Alright, I agree!"

Xue Ningyu smiled and said, "This suggestion would only be brought up by the Head Chief. Others definitely have thought about it, but they would not dare to say it out loud, lest they offend His Highness. You are able to think on behalf of the Imperial Residence, and for that, I am very happy!"

Chu Li shook his head, "My rank is too high, which is distasteful to His Highness, he is not happy about that."

Xue Ningyu waved her hand and laughed lightly, "His Highness's view of himself has always been extremely high. For a Rank One to appear so suddenly and be able to talk to him on equal standing, of course he will feel uncomfortable. Take it slowly and do not take mind of it, Head Chief."

"I hope so," Chu Li smiled and said.

Xue Ningyu smiled and said, "Head Chief, you really are a smart person. You stay by Princess Siao's side to protect her, but at the same time you are also avoiding His Highness to let him slowly get used to you. You really are clever."

Chu Li shook his head, "I was just lucky. There are many assassins, and if I were to rely on the Protectors of the Imperial Residence, the Lady would have lost her life long ago. The assassin from yesterday was very formidable."

"That is true," Xue Ningyu lowered her jade face and scoffed, "I wanted to send some Protectors over here, but His Highness did not agree."

Chu Li said, "The reputation of the Imperial Residence is important."

"Hmph, men are all the same." Xue Ningyu said unpleasantly, "Is reputation important, or our lives more important!"

Chu Li hurriedly nodded his head.

Princess Xue really dared to speak up, she even said things like this to him?

Xue Ningyu scoffed and said, "Alright then, I shall move here tomorrow. Which Courtyard?"

"The second one on the West side, is that agreeable?"

"The first is reserved for Princess Song, right?" Xue Ningyu scoffed and said.

Chu Li laughed abashedly.

"Chu Li, if you keep doing things to offend others, how can you live in this world as a decent human being." Xue Ningyu shook her head with a smile and sauntered away.

Chu Li sighed in relief.

Xue Ningyu really should not be underestimated. Her ability to wrap people around her finger was amazing.

Not long after Xue Ningyu left, Song Liuying appeared.

Chu Li talked to her about the matter, and Song Liuying's long eyebrows furrowed, not saying a word.

Chu Li said, "Princess Song, you will not be staying for too long. Princess Xue has already agreed to move in and live in the second room."

"She agreed?" Song Liuying lightly said, "How rare!"

Chu Li smiled and said, "The two Princesses are both reasonable people, and know the difficulties of the Residence. There certainly is not enough manpower, if split up, everyone will be in danger. Even though the assassins' target is only the Lady, is it inevitable that they might have the mindset of targeting another one."

"Hm, alright then." Song Liuying said, "I shall move here tomorrow. I heard that you killed an assassin?"

"Yes," Chu Li said, "if the three Princesses gather together, there will be no need to be afraid of assassins anymore!"

"I certainly hope so," Song Liuying said lightly, and gracefully sauntered away.

Chu Li watched her leave and heaved a large sigh of relief.

If he had not the Omniscient Mirror to look into their hearts and catch their weak points, how could he have so easily persuaded them? The two were both incredibly smart women, these kinds of women were the hardest to deal with!

In the early hours of the second day, Chu Li had not even gotten up to cultivate, but he heard noise coming from the outside. There was never-ending shouting, two groups of people were moving their stuff, as if they were competing on who could shout louder.

Chu Li knew it was the two Princesses starting to move house, and so they came to Siao Shi's courtyard.

The courtyard became rather lively.

Siao Shi was lying on the bed, with Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu by her side talking to her. Leng Qiu and Leng Qing gathered together and chattered softly. Seeing Chu Li come in, Leng Qiu shrank back.

Chu Li smiled and nodded his head in her direction. Her pure face became pale, and she hurriedly averted her eyes.

Leng Qing's eyes were clear and bright, and she looked curiously at him.