White Robed Chief Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Rescue

Song Liuying could no longer contain her usual calm and tranquility, and paced back and forth repeatedly.

Siao Shi looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li looked like he was thinking about something.

They were capable of running rampant in Fairy's Capital for so long, but anyone with even the slightest bit of insight would be able to tell that there was something amiss about this. The water inside was deep, and it would not be easy to stir it.

This matter had now involved Princess Song, he could not just stand by and watch things happen.

"Young Ya, go ask His Highness, perhaps there is news!" Song Liuying strode a few steps and waved her hand.

Xue Ningyu said, "Sister Song, there's no need for that! If His Highness really had news, how could he keep it from you, he would have sent someone to deliver the report immediately! There probably is no news."

Song Liuying patted her forehead, she really was getting slightly muddled.

But her worries were running rampant, she simply could not calm her heart down enough to think rationally.

Her nephew was the only son of the Song family. If he really were to be taken away, then the Song family bloodline would be cut off. If she could not even protect the bloodline of her own family, then what use was her as a Princess!

"Sister Song, do not be hasty.' Siao Shi's calm voice said, "There will be a way."

"If there really was a way, then those people would have been caught a long time ago!" Song Liuying shook her head while sighing, "Could this be Heaven's will? Is the bloodline of my Song family destined to end here?"

"Chu Li, you really are calm!" Siao Shi said unpleasantly, "Hurry up!"

Chu Li shook his head helplessly, "My lady, we are free to act however we want in Fairy's Capital with no repercussions, but using a resource such as this, would His Highness allow it?"

"Whether we dare or not, it has already happened to us!" Siao Shi said unpleasantly,

"Don't tell me that His Highness will just turn the other way and pretend not to notice?"

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu turned their heads to look at the two.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing also looked over

Siao Shi said, "Besides the two Sisters, everyone else get out!"

"Get out get out!" Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu hurriedly waved their hands, staring at Siao Shi.

The dozen or so maids quietly left the courtyard, and only Chu Li, Leng Qiu and Leng

Qing were left. Even Yang Xu and Xue Ling had left.

"Those two" Siao Shi looked at Leng Qiu and Leng Qing.

Chu Li said, "Those two will be fine as long as they don't tell anyone."

"What exactly is this about, for it to be so solemn?" Xue Ningyu said, "Could it be something which can find the Young Master of the Song family?"

Siao Shi lightly pointed at Chu Li, "He can."

"You can find Xiao Bao?!" Song Liuying looked overjoyed at the news, but still showed a look of skepticism, "Head Chief, can you really do that?"

Everyone in Fairy's Capital had no way of doing it, but Chu Li could?

In her heart, she hoped that it was true, but in her mind, her rationality could not help but be suspicious.

Siao Shi said, "Chu Li stayed in the Temple of Titanium for a while, and learned the All-Seeing Divine Power."

"All-Seeing Divine Power?" The two women looked at her in confusion, obviously not hearing about it before.

Siao Shi said, "As long as Chu Li gets a strand of hair from the opposition, no matter how far he goes, Chu Li will be able to feel him, and find him."

"Is it that divine?" Xue Ningyu asked in surprise.

Song Liuying hurriedly said, "The divine power of the Temple of Titanium?"

She had heard about the Temple of Titanium before and knew that the monks there had divine powers. However, the Temple of Titanium did not go out into society and shut themselves in, like they were cut off from the rest of the world. As such, no one had seen their divine power before.

"Yes," Siao Shi nodded her head lightly, "Which is why, Sister Song, what is crucial now is to find something with Young Master's blood, hair, or anything that he carries on himself. If there isn't, then there will be no other way!"

"I'll order someone to find it!" Song Liuying hurriedly said.

She raised her voice and shouted, "Uncle Sun!"

The calm middle-aged man once again entered the courtyard, and closed fist saluted while bowing.

Song Liuying said, "You go back and ask Brother if he can find any trace of Xiao Bao's hair, or something that he carries on himself. You must not speak of this to anyone else, hurry and go!"

"Yes," The calm middle-aged man closed fist saluted, turned around and left.

Song Liuying let out a deep breath and sat down.

Siao Shi smiled and said, "Sister Song, don't worry. As long as we find his hair, we will be able to find Young Master."

"I only worry there aren't any," Song Liuying sighed.

Siao Shi turned to look at Chu Li, "If there really isn't, what do we do then?"

Chu Li said lowly, "Things that he carries on himself, an item which attracts his force can also work, however, the distance must not be too far."

Xue Ningyu appraised Chu Li while laughing, "Chu Li, how did you manage to cultivate the divine power of the Temple of Titanium, could it be during that time when you left home to become a monk?"

Chu Li said, "I grew up in the Temple when I was small, and have studied Buddhist austerities for many years. But because I could not I could not see through the vanity of the world, and my mind is still restless, I entered the House of High Duke. My cultivation of the divine power from the Temple of Titanium was a mere twist of fate."

"So you are a master of Buddhist austerities," Xue Ningyu smiled and said, "No wonder you are so knowledgeable."

Chu Li shook his head and laughed, "Princess Xue is overstating my abilities."

Song Liuying fidgeted with a silk handkerchief to the side in worry, for fear that the hair could not be found.

After a quarter hour of effort, the middle-aged man appeared yet again, and presented several strands of thin, light blond hair, "My Lady, we have found a few strands of Young Master's hair."

Song Liuying hurriedly gave them to Chu Li, "Grand Chief, I'm counting in you!"

Chu Li took the hair.

"Xue Ling," Siao Shi called lightly.

"My Lady," Xue Ling fluttered over.

"Bring a low couch out," Siao Shi said.

Xue Ling acknowledged the order, and moved a low couch to place in front of Chu Li.

Chu Li sat cross-legged on the low couch, both hands formed into hand signs. He chanted an incantation and finally brought both his hands together, folding the few strands of hair in his palms, and remained completely still, his face solemn, as if he was an experienced monk entering the zen of meditation.

Song Liuying felt like the days stretched into years, terrified that what comes out of Chu Li's mouth next would not be good news.

She stared at Chu Li without blinking.

After ten minutes, Chu Li slowly opened his eyes. His expression was slightly abnormal, as if it could carve a hole through someone's heart.

Xue Ningyu hurriedly asked, "Grand Chief, did you find him?"

Chu Li nodded his head. "Congratulations, Princess Song, the Young Master is still in the city."

"Still in the city?" Song Liuying was overjoyed, "Where?"

Chu Li said, "Please call Commander Zheng here for a moment."

"Young Ya, hurry and call Commander Zheng!" Song Liuying shouted.

Zheng Lide was not far, for he knew that the Young Master of the Song family had been kidnapped, it was a season of great turbulence. If there really is no peace in the Residence, His Highness will have yet another matter to worry about!

Hearing the call, he hurriedly went over, closed fist saluting while bowing.

Chu Li gestured his hand, "Commander Zheng, please come forward!"

Zheng Lide hesitated for a moment, but advanced a few steps to reach Chu Li. He felt a sliver of fear deep in his heart towards Chu Li.

Chu Li said, "Commander Zheng, I will be going out for awhile. I'm leaving the Ladies to you. If there are any unexpected accidents, you know the consequences."

"Understood." Zheng Lide said hurriedly, "Don't worry, Grand Chief."

Chu Li turned and smiled, "Princess Song, I shall be out for awhile, I will come back get quickly along with the Young Master"

"I am counting on you, Grand Chief!" Song Liuying hurriedly said.

Chu Li nodded. His white robe billowed as he left the courtyard and disappeared from their eyes.

Song Liuying stood up to start pacing again, her feelings in turmoil

"Sister Song, you should sit down. Worrying will do no good," Xue Ningyu said, "Drink some water. The only thing we can do now is to pin our hopes on Grand Chief."

Siao Shi smiled and said, "Chu Li is very reliable. Since he is acting personally, he will not make any mistakes. Sister Song, you can just wait for Young Master to come back."

Song Liuying forced a smile, sat in a chair, and took a teacup.

Her action of lifting the teacup suddenly stopped. Her eyes widened, and she forcefully put down the teacup, striding forwards with hurried steps.

Chu Li was already holding a young boy of six or seven years of age, a fair and smooth looking boy stood in the courtyard.

Song Liuying went forward and raised her hand, and gave the boy a big tight slap.

The boy let out a 'wah' in surprise and started to cry loudly. He laid on the ground and rolled around, crying so hard it shook the heavens and rocked the earth.

Chu Li laughed and shook his head, and sat on the couch to the side.

Anyone who looked would immediately know what the young boy was the Young Master of the Song family.