White Robed Chief Chapter 365

Chapter 365: The Revenge

Xu Ning looked calmly at Prince An and kept quiet.

Zheng Lide was worried. The Royal Highness was badly hurt. What should he do?

"Revered Sir?" said Zheng Lide in a low voice.

Xu Ning glanced at him and said calmly, "Sir Zheng, please invite both of the Princesses here."

"About that" said Zheng Lide, "Revered Sir, the Princesses cannot interfere with anything outside of the Imperial Residence."

"We should inform the Princesses of the Royal Highness' condition," said Xu Ning, "After all, the Royal Highness still trusts the Princesses the most."

"Yes," Zheng Lide answered helplessly.

He was afraid that if the Royal Highness was seriously ill, both the Princesses were going to fight each other for power.

Both of the Princesses were not easy to deal with. They would possibly do something unpredictable before anything even happened to the Royal Highness.

As soon as they heard Zheng Lide's report, Song Liuying and Xue Yuning, who was talking to Siao Shi in the Tianshu Courtyard were shocked.

"The Royal Highness is hurt?" Song Liuying furrowed her brows, "Who hurt him?"

"The Royal Highness was consumed by his cultivation last night," Zheng Lide answered obediently. "He regained consciousness for a moment and took a few pills before falling asleep. I purposely came here to report to all three Princesses, please do not worry."

"How did he get consumed by his cultivation?" Song Liuying muttered, "Where did the Royal Highness cultivate?"

"In the cultivation courtyard," said Zheng Lide.

Song Liuying let out a sigh. If so, there was no problem, nobody could have bothered him over there.

Xue Yuning scoffed, "Is the Royal Highness's injury bad?"

"He had some pills, he is fine for now," Zheng Lide said, "Xu Ning, the Revered Sir is currently by the side of the Royal Highness, taking care of him. His life is not in danger."

Siao Shi said, "My two sisters, please visit the Royal Highness for me. My health does not allow me to. I would like to but it cannot be done."

"All right, we will go and have a look, please do not worry, Sister Siao Shi. Remember to take care of yourself," Xue Yuning stood up quickly.

Song Liuying stood up as well.

The two of them left quickly, one followed by the other. Zheng Lide followed hurriedly.

When Chu Li arrived at the Tianshu Courtyard, Siao Shi had a happy smile on her face.

She waved her hand when she saw Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and walked towards her, an aromatic scent drifted into his nose.

She lowered her voice and smiled, "Prince An was consumed by his cultivations!"

Chu Li nodded.

"Did you do that?" Xiao Shi lowered her voice even more.

Chu Li smiled, "You could say so."

"Well done!" Xiao Shi's smile was bright as a flower, her beauty indescribable.

Chu Li cast away his gaze and shook his head, "Too bad it was just out of reach. He is lucky to be still alive."

"There will always be a next time," Siao Shi said, "With your schemes, we can definitely kill him!"

Chu Li smiled as he nodded, "Don't worry."

Siao Shi smiled gently, "Was he heavily injured?"

Chu Li said, "He can recover."

"Sigh that's a pity," Siao Shi sighed as she shook her head, "If he would have to stay in bed for the rest of his life, that would be for the best!"

"Don't be too hasty, easy does it," said Chu Li.

Song Liuying and Xue Yuning arrived at the study room. They saw Prince An who was unconscious and had an unpleasant expression on his face. They looked at Xu Ning worriedly.

Song Liuying said, "Revered Sir, is the Royal Highness fine?"

Xu Ning put his hands together in front of his chest, "No need to worry Princesses, Prince An is worthy of help from the heaven. His life is not in danger.

"That's good," Song Liuying nodded gently and furrowed her brows, "When will the Royal Highness wake up?"

"During the evening, perhaps," said Xu Ning.

Song Liuying said, "Then we shall look after him here."

Xu Ning nodded lightly. He shut his mouth and remained silent.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu sat beside the bed. They looked at the unconscious Prince An, their faces lined with worry.

Prince An was the master of the entire Imperial Residence. If anything happened to him, they would be a widow and a fatherless daughter, alone and miserable. They would be bullied and would suffer for the rest of their lives.

"Princess!" A young voice could be heard from outside. "There are two maids that went missing."

As soon as she heard that it was Li Gui, Xue Yuning said in a petulant tone, "Come in and speak!"

Li Gui was wearing an embroidered uniform. He pushed the door open, came in and bowed with respect in front of the two Princesses.

Xue Ningyu asked, "What is it?"

"There were two maids that went out this morning to buy some rouge but they have yet to return," Li Gui lowered his voice, "I sent some people to look for them but they couldn't be found."

"Do you think that they fled with the money?" Xue Yuning scoffed.

Li Gui shook his head, "It was not enough money for it to become a reason for them to run away. Besides, their luggage is still with us as well as their jewelry and valuables."

"Then what actually happened?" Xue Yuning was starting to get impatient, "Spit out whatever you have to say. I have no time to waste on you!"

Li Gui lowered his head and sighed, "Princess, I'm afraid that someone may have kidnapped them! "

"Hmm--?" Xue Yuning stared at him with her furrowed brows.

Li Gui nodded, "We still haven't found them. They might not be missing but kidnapped by someone instead!"

"Who would be so brave?" Xue Yuning scoffed.

Li Gui said, "Yesterday, the Royal Highness solved a huge case where he caught all of the human traffickers, I am guessing that"

Xue Yuning said impatiently, "Is it that there is a fish that slipped through the net who wants revenge?"

"This is just my humble guess. It shouldn't be taken seriously," Li Gui said quickly.

Xue Ningyu furrowed her brows and remained silent. She turned her head and looked at Song Liuying.

Song Liuying said, "If it is really them, this is going to be troublesome! The Royal Highness is still not awake. Who should be the one to make the call?"

Li Gui rolled his eyes and lowered his voice, "Princess, why not we ask the Head Chief? The one with the highest rank in the Imperial Residence is the Head Chief."

Xue Yuning stared coldly at him. She knew that he harbored ill intentions. She scoffed, "You do not know how to do things in a proper manner, only knowing how to come up with back-handed ways. Be careful of your head!"

Li Gui said quickly, "I am just giving my humble advice. It's still up to the Princess to decide!"

Song Liuying glanced at Li Gui and looked towards Xue Ningyu, "Although Li Gui has ill intentions, what he said was not completely wrong. Both of us can only be in charge of the inside matters of the Imperial Residence. What lies outside of this place is out of our control. Since the Royal Highness can't make a choice now, then it is up to the Head Chief to decide."

"But the Head Chief just joined us not long ago. He does not understand the situation of the Fairy's Capital," Xue Ningyu said as she furrowed her brows.

She was worried if Chu Li actually did something wrong, Prince An would reprimand them when he regained consciousness. With subordinates like Li Gui that harbored ill intentions, they would only delegate tasks but never work on it. He wanted to show some severity to Chu Li.

On the other hand, Song Liuying felt that it was like Chu Li had divine powers. It was what he did best.

"If even the Head Chief can't deal with it, then we can't really do anything about it," Song Liuying glared at Li Gui, "With these useless people here, what can we actually do?"

"All right, we can only invite the Head Chief over," Xue Ningyu scoffed, "Li Gui, can you look for some hair from these two maids?"

"Hair?" Li Gui hesitated.

Xue Ningyu said, "Shut up and look for their hair then send it to the Tianshu Courtyard!"

"Roger," Li Gui nodded quickly and made a closed fist salute.

Xue Ningyu said, "Sister Song, you shall stay here with the Royal Highness while I inform the Head Chief about this."

Song Liuying nodded gently.

Chu Li was reading in the Tianshu Courtyard while Siao Shi was basking in the sunlight on the couch. Xue Ningyu came in and told them everything.

Chu Li furrowed his brows, "There are maids missing"

Xue Ningyu smiled, "Head Chief, with the Royal Highness unconscious and the incident in the Imperial Residence, we women can't just come out and do something by ourselves. We can only have the Head Chief to do it for us!"

Chu Li nodded, "This is a responsibility that cannot be relinquishedlet me see where they are now."

Li Gui's light footsteps could be heard. He reached the Tianshu Courtyard.

Under Siao Shi's orders, Xue Ling walked out from the courtyard. She picked up an embroidered sac from Li Gui who was outside.

Li Gui's eyes brightened when he saw Xue Ling as if there were lights in his small eyes.

Xue Ling simply looked at him and took the embroidered sac. She then turned and returned to the courtyard.

Li Gui stared at her graceful back and swallowed his saliva.