White Robed Chief Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Rejection

He was the Deputy Chief of the Imperial Residence and had seen his fair share of beauties but Xue Ling was the first ever to get his heart beating.

Her cold gaze and beautiful looks were as sharp as a treasured sword. It struck him in his heart. He had a sudden urge the urge to make her his own!

His thoughts whirred in his mind. He knew that she was Princess Siao's maid so her status was different from the rest. Although he was a Deputy Chief, he was not above Princess Siao. If he ever angered Princess Siao, the Head Chief would definitely not forgive him.

Hmph! Although the Head Chief was great and rumored to have many lives on his hand, he was only someone who knew how to fight and was in the prime of his youth!

He was throwing his weight around during the feast. He was probably someone who was unwilling to be below another. He took the bait of his own plans this time. As soon as the Royal Highness wakes up, dealing with the Head Chief would be the first thing he does!

At that moment, with the Head Chief's arrogance, he would definitely end in conflict with the Royal Highness. The Royal Highness would possibly get mad and kick him from the Imperial Residence or even kill him!

Moreover, his position as a Head Chief was merely a title. He did not have any actual power nor rights to be in charge of him!

At the thought of that, he let out a conceited smile. There was no use in such a great martial arts skill. In the end, he was only someone who knew how to fight. Intelligence was what made a person a cut above others. To be able to decide a person's fate with a single sentence, that was the actual power!

He was standing outside of the courtyard, listening.

"Princess Xue, the Deputy Chief Li outside is an interesting person," Chu Li took the embroidered bag as he smiled at Xue Ningyu.

Xue Yuning said, "Li Gui has his own cunning schemes. I will have to reprimand him for a bit."

"If that's the case, I shall refrain from speaking," Chu Li smiled, "But I can tell that he seemed to be interested in Miss Qiu Er."

"Hmm--?" Xue Ningyu was startled. She then shook her head, "Nope! Not possiblehe should at least know his place!"

Chu Li smiled, "Princess, sometimes people can't control themselves. They know they can't but they would still do it. Although my eyes are not exactly omniscient but I still have some confidence in perceiving people."

"Not possible, nope," Xue Ningyu said as she shook her head.

"I hope I was wrong," Chu Li smiled, he changed the topic absentmindedly, "Let's not gossip anymore, back to serious business."

"Right, right, serious business," Xue Ningyu said quickly.

But she started to mumble to herself.

Although Li Gui had a stomach full of bad ideas, he was not a brave person. He probably would not have any improper thoughts of Qiu Er.

But the Head Chief was not a normal person, being able to be the first rank at such a young age. He was definitely not one to speak before thinking. From what he said, there was probably some developments on the issues he brought up.

People change especially in the environment of the Imperial Residence. Power and influences could change someone in an instant. Even though Li Gui seemed to be no different from before, it did not mean he had not changed. He was only good at pretending, hiding his true side!

She still firmly believed that Li Gui did not have any improper thoughts but it was better to prevent trouble before it happened. Why not take a look into this?

With two different opinions entangled with each other in her mind, she made a decision after a while.

She would just have to check on it in secret, making sure that Li Gui did not find out.

If there was really a problem, he could not stay any longer. If he was this bold to have sexual desires, it was possible for him to do everything. He would have to be kept away from Qiu Er as far as possible.

Chu Li was merely commenting on it but Li Gui, who was listening outside, couldn't help but tremble.

Chu Li had exposed his deepest thoughts in a few words.

He was afraid, his face as white as paper. Even the radiance from the sun could not warm the icy cold feeling he felt in his heart.

Chu Li took two strands of hair and sat on the couch which Xue Ling dragged out. He started to circulate the All-Seeing Divine Power.

After a while, he opened his eyes and looked as if he was deep in thought.

"Have you found them?" Xue Ningyu asked hurriedly.

Chu Li furrowed his brows and muttered, "They are out of town! This time, they are well prepared. I don't think I can handle this alone. I need the Protectors of the Imperial Residence to help."

"Of course!" Xue Ningyu said quickly. "But I would like to ask you, the Head Chief to personally lead them."

Chu Li said, "I shall meet the Royal Highness then."

He looked towards Siao Shi.

Siao Shi waved her delicate hands, "Don't worry about me, I have seven Grandmasters protecting me. You just need to come back as soon as possible!"

Chu Li nodded. She had the sarira prayer beads. He could return whenever he wanted to. There was no need to worry so much.

He arrived at the study room along with Xue Ningyu.

There were only three people guarding the study room. There were Xu Ning, Zheng Lide and Song Liuying.

"Now that they are out of town, the Head Chief will need people to save them," Xue Ningyu looked towards Zheng Lide, "Commander Zheng, you shall prepare a group of people and go with the Head Chief!"

Zheng Lide's face hung a helpless expression, "Princess Xue, what about the Royal Highness?"

"If it really doesn't work out, we shall let Sister Siao come over first. The Protectors there shall follow as well," said Xue Ningyu, "That should be enough people if that's the case!"

Zheng Lide shook his head, "Without the command of the Royal Highness, we can't shift any manpower in the Imperial Residence."

"Not even the Head Chief?" asked Xue Ningyu.

Zheng Lide looked towards Chu Li and he nodded helplessly.

Chu Li looked towards Xu Ning.

Xu Ning remained silent. His brows were lowered and furrowed like an old monk who was meditating.

At that moment, Li Gui reported from the outside, "Princess, there are another two maids who went missing."

"What happened?" Xue Ningyu raised her voice, "Come in!"

Li Gui bowed as he carefully entered the study room and lowered his voice, "There are another two maids who have yet to return."

"How many maids are still out there?" Xue Ningyu said petulantly, "Did you not ask all of them to return after the first two went missing?"

"Please forgive me, my Princess," Li Gui lowered his head.

Xue Ningyu said petulantly "How about now?"

"Yes, they have all returned," Li Gui quickly answered.

Xue Ningyu scoffed as she turned her head and looked at Zheng Lide, "Commander Zheng, are you just going to cross your arms and watch them die?"

"Princess Xue" Zheng Lide had a helpless expression on his face as he looked at the unconscious Prince An.

Song Liuying said, "How about this, Commander Zheng. Both Sister Xue and I agreed on the Head Chief leading people to save them. If the Royal Highness wakes up, we will be the ones responsible! Commander Zheng, now that the Royal Highness is in a coma, does that mean our words do not hold any power?"

"That was not my intention!" Zheng Lide answered quickly.

Xue Ningyu said, "Then stop talking so much, hurry up and bring someone there!"

Zheng Lide turned his head and looked at Chu Li, "Head Chief, how many people do you need?"

Chu Li said, "They must have been prepared for them to extract revenge in such a way. We can't do anything without enough people. Gather up eight Grandmasters!"

"Eight?!" Zheng Lide furrowed his brows.

"Commander Zheng, if anything happens to them because you are wasting time, you will be the one to take the blame!" Xue Ningyu waved her delicate hand impatiently, "Quickly, I shall bring Sister Siao over!'

"Understood," Zheng Lide shook his head helplessly, "Please follow me, Head Chief."

Chu Li can tell that he was unwilling but did not care.

Zheng Lide griped to himself for being unlucky.

Prince An and the Head Chief were not from the same side. They were enemies!

If the Head Chief actually leads people to their deaths, he will then truly have nowhere to turn for help. Even if he escaped death, his subordinates would have perished. When the Royal Highness wakes up, he would not be able to run from his sins!

The two arrived at the Courtyard. Zheng Lide greeted them as eight Grandmasters appeared.

"The Head Chief wants to bring us to save the missing maids," Commander Zheng said in a deep voice as he glanced at all the eight Grandmasters. "In the end, they are still people from the Imperial Residence. We can't just leave them to die."

"Commander, is the Royal Highness awake?" one of the middle-aged men asked.

He was tall and tough, with stunning looks. The only thing was his eyes that were a little too gloomy, like the stare of a viper.

"Ying Wuqiu, the Royal Highness is not awake yet," Zheng Lide shook his head, "But Princess Siao will come over. Ji Laowu and his people will come and look after the Royal Highness as well."

"Since the Royal Highness has not regained consciousness yet, we can't make a move without his order," Ying Wuqiu said subtly while making a closed fist salute and glanced at Chu Li, "My apologies, Head Chief, our job only to protect the Royal Highness, anyone else than him is not under our responsibility!"