White Robed Chief Chapter 369

Chapter 369 The Encounter

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Chu Li muttered slowly, “Okay, then we shall go destroy their base. I shall send the ladies back with Commander Zheng. Please wait for me here for a moment!”

“All right. Let’s send them back first!” Zheng Lide said.

It was rare to see everyone so worked up. It was like they returned to the times of their youth. Chu Li did not want to spoil everyone’s high spirits.

The two of them held onto the maids by their wrists with the sleeves in between and glided away with their Light-body Technique.

Chu Li used his Light-body Technique while transferring some spiritual energy into Ding Ning’s body with the Scripture of Life and Death to help her heal her wounds.

Ding Ning’s hands were weak. The dagger’s cut was not deep but it was enough to hurt her vitality seriously. Even with the Spirit Blessing Pill, she would have to take a proper rest for a month.

The two were quick to reach the Imperial Residence. They left the maids in the Imperial Residence and turned around to leave immediately.

“Head Chief, this group of people must not be a simple bunch to have the guts to take revenge on the Imperial Residence,” Zheng Lide was following beside Chu Li, “Did the Head Chief guess their identity?”

Chu Li shook his head, “I will only know when I fight them. You fought them just now. Do you have any clues?”

“Their martial arts are very odd,” Zheng Lide furrowed his brow, “It doesn’t feel like an approach of martial arts from the Great Ji Dynasty.”

“Could they be from the Li Dynasty?” Chu Li furrowed his brows, “It wouldn’t be surprising if that was the case!”

“They’ve come with ill intentions!” Zheng Lide sighed.

“That’s why we must destroy them or even kill them all!” Chu Li scoffed, “We need to let them know that the Imperial Residence is not to be messed with. We will always return the favor a hundred folds so that they will be afraid and dare not mess with us again!”

“That’s the only way,” Zheng Lide said

He had the feeling that the opponents that they were going to face were not normal. It would not be easy to deal with.

The two reunited with the rest and rushed towards the south until they reached a ravine a few miles away.

“Are they here?” Zheng Lide and the people sized up the ravine. It was quiet and peaceful. It did not seem to be a place with many people and there was no sound at all.

Chu Li said, “Everyone, be careful. There are many masters here. Just flee if we can’t win!”

“Don’t worry, Head Chief, there are ten of us Grandmasters. There is nothing to be afraid of!” someone laughed.

Chu Li smiled as he shook his head.

There were ten Grandmasters but ten was not a lucky number. The previous incident at the Imperial Residence of Prince An resulted in him killing ten Grandmasters. Now, if it was his turn to have ten Grandmasters killed, that would be an insult.

As soon as they entered the ravine, someone shouted immediately, “Who is it?!”

More than twenty people appeared and rushed towards them.

Chu Li glanced at them.

There were twenty-five martial arts masters six of them were Grandmasters while the rest were Innate Masters.

Zheng Lide and the other nine people saw there were few people who escaped from before. This was definitely their territory. They flew into a fit of rage.

Seeing that there were only six Grandmasters, they felt relieved and shouted, “Kill them all!”

In an instant, thirty-five people fought together.

Without Chu Li to give orders, Zheng Lide and others had a good sense of synergy between them. Six of them fought the six Grandmasters while the other three Grandmaster dealt with the Innate Masters.

Chu Li was not in a hurry to start a fight. He observed the situation from the side.

The three Grandmasters were like tigers in a flock of sheep. There was nobody who was a match for them. In a matter of ten minutes, the nineteen Innate Master all dropped onto the ground.

The other six Grandmasters were evenly matched. Even though they were besieged by nine people, they could still hold on.

Chu Li furrowed his brows. The six Grandmasters were hard to deal with. They were not just ordinary martial arts masters.

He flung both of his arms.

“Tsk! Tsk!” Two instances of light whistling sounds could be heard as a silver flash shot towards an old man in a cambric shirt.

The old man in the cambric shirt did not look any different to a farmer. He had a rosy complexion and white hair. However, he was strong and healthy. He was the strongest within the six Grandmasters. Even two of the Grandmasters from the Imperial Residence could not handle him.

The moment the daggers were thrown, the old man in the cambric shirt sensed danger and suddenly swerved horizontally. He managed to avoid the two daggers narrowly and returned with two palms that were as quick as lightning. His Boundless Fist Shadow was enough to pressure the two Grandmasters from the Imperial Residence to the point that they did not have any time to catch their breaths.

For someone so powerful, he was definitely a renowned master in the martial arts world. Chu Li realized that an average person would not be able to be such a skilled master.

“Where are you people from?” Chu Li yelled.

“Hah!” The old man in the cambric shirt sneered, “You don’t even know who we are but you dare to step in our territory? It’s a miracle that you managed to live this long!”

Chu Li said, “I don’t care who you are. If you kidnap someone from the Imperial Residence, you will be executed without second chances!”

“What a statement!” the old man in the cambric shirt sneered, “Is the Imperial Residence of Prince An on the top of the ladder? Can you really kill us?”

Chu Li scoffed, “Commander Zheng, there are other martial arts masters that are coming. We need to deal with them as soon as possible!”

“Right!” Zheng Lide and the others responded as they started to rain attacks down onto them.

Two Grandmasters from the Imperial Residence were dealing with one opponent. One of the Imperial Residence Master suddenly left and turned to another side. He combined forces with two other Imperial Residence Masters so that three Imperial Residence Masters surrounded one person.

Their opponent was a middle-aged man. He could not hold off for long against the three Imperial Residence’s Grandmasters’ attacks. The people around him wanted to help but they were blocked. They could only stare as he was knocked out, spitting blood as he fell unconscious.

The three martial arts masters focused on another person, gradually beating them one by one.

Chu Li flung both his arms and another pair of daggers flew out, stopping the old man in the cambric shirt so that he could not rescue his comrades.

At that moment, two Grandmasters were already down.

Suddenly, Chu Li’s expression changed and spoke in a deep voice, “The other masters have arrived. Everyone, retreat!”

Zheng Lide smiled, “Head Chief, let’s destroy them before leaving!”

Chu Li groaned, “They will be here very soon. Let’s get away now!”

“Let’s wait for them to come and we’ll destroy them as well!” Zheng Lide said.

The others started to attack frantically again.

He could not blame them for not wanting to leave. They had an overwhelming advantage they had only four Grandmasters left while they had ten. It would not take much for them to destroy the remaining and return to the Imperial Residence with elated spirits.

Chu Li shook his head helplessly. His prestige was still not enough to execute orders to stop them.

A long whistle could be heard loud and clear. A shadow of a person could be seen darting towards them like smoke which reached them in a blink of an eye.

“Bam! bam!” Two of the Grandmasters from the Imperial Residence flew into the air, spurting blood from their mouths.

It was a handsome middle-aged man. He had a strong spiritual energy surrounding him, pressuring people around him to the point that they found it hard to breathe. Chu Li and the others suddenly felt as if they became a group of Innate Masters. They had no power to retaliate at all.

Chu Li ordered in a deep voice, “Everyone run first, I will stop him as much as I can!”

“Head Chief!” Commander Zheng called out, “Let’s all go for him together!”

“It’s useless even if we fight him together. Run, quickly!” Chu Li picked up the two Grandmasters from the Imperial Residence on the ground and threw them out, “I have great Light-body Technique, I am able to rush back. If you guys do not leave now, we are all going to die here!”

“Head Chief, please take care of yourself!” Zheng Lide clenched his teeth and replied in a deep tone.

Watching the middle-aged man’s martial arts, he was actually afraid. He knew what Chu Li said was not wrong. None of their own people were able to fight him. With his Light-body Technique, there was no point even if they surrounded him. They would only be killed one by one.

“Bam bam bam bam” Chu Li darted in front of the handsome man and swung his fist towards him.

Although his fist looked as light as a feather, it was High Duke Lu’s fist technique. It was concretely refined. Every fist that came out had the strength of a rock striking towards the opponent.

The good-looking man was a little surprised. After a few first fists, he realized that he could not do anything to Chu Li. He appeared behind Chu Li in a ghostly flash.

Chu Li flashed as well, disappearing from where he was and appeared behind him.

The both of them flashed around the entire time, turning into blurry shadows. Nobody could catch up with the other.

Chu Li exclaimed to himself of how great the man was although he had not use the Limb of God. His Light-body Technique was already enough for him to turn up his nose in the martial arts world. But the man was actually at the same level as he was.

The good-looking man was also surprised. He never thought that the young man’s Light-body Technique was as good as his.

He found it interesting and ignored the fleeing Zheng Lide and his people.