White Robed Chief Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Escaped

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“What a lad, you have an amazing Light-body Technique!” the man said cheerfully. His movements suddenly quickened, transforming him into a flickering shadow. It was like he had become Chu Li’s shadow. No matter how Chu Li used his body movement techniques, he stuck close behind him.

“Peng peng peng peng peng!” Endless muffled sounds rang out between them.

A fist of energy clashed against a palm like roaring waves crashing each other.

Green leaves around them started to swirl together with dirt and sand. It slowly enveloped the two bodies as if they were in the eye of a tornado. They were surrounded by a whirling mess but it was relatively calm where they were.

The spectators around were wide-eyed. They were forced to constantly take a step back because of the invisible force.

In their eyes, Chen Kong was one of the top-notch masters in the world. His Light-body Technique was impeccable and his skills were profound. But now, it was hard to decide the victor in his fight against this young man.

Chen Kong praised, “Little kid, how did you cultivate such skill?”

His fists of energy were hard to predict. It would come from different directions as if it could curve around corners. It was impossible to guard against.

Using the Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li could clearly see his fists of energy so he could guard against them. If it were someone else who could only depend on his senses along with Chen Kong’s amazing speed and body movement technique, it would be hard to guard against.

Chu Li smiled, “It was only by luck, nothing to be surprised of. Rather, with senior’s profound cultivation, you should not be someone with no reputation!”

“My name is Chen Kong.” Chen Kong’s palms and body movement technique were fleetful. He was closely following Chu Li, trying to find a mistake in Chu Li’s movements. The moment Chu Li hesitated, he would find an opportunity and regained a hold on the situation.

“Chen Kong” Chu Li shook his head.

He had really never heard of this name. It seemed that he was a hidden master.

There were more than a hundred Grandmasters in the martial arts world but they were hidden. There were many that the world did not know of. They had their own reasons to conceal their identity. Some would hide in an Imperial Residence, others would hide in a Public House, or even a faction.

An example would be the Temple of Tempest. There was an unknown number of hidden masters.

Chen Kong let out a laugh, “It’s not surprising that you’ve never heard of me. I rarely ever enter the Fairy’s Capital!”

“What do you hope to gain from kidnapping Officials?” Chu Li scoffed.

He was constantly guessing. There was no way that they were kidnapping Officials to recruit them as disciples. There should be another motive.

A smile formed on Chen Kong’s charming face as he said, “We really don’t have ill intentions anyway!”

But Chu Li saw through him. He shook his head, “Cunning schemes, it is of an unjust manner. It’s been long enough. Time for us to bid farewell!”

He praised him silently, his cunning schemes were getting better and better. However, this was only but a show directed by Prince Cheng.

He had first let his subordinates kidnap the little ones and Prince Cheng would then make a move and rescue the little ones, reaping an enormous merit then gaining the Chancellors’ gratitude.

He never thought that Prince An would intervene midway and harvest the pickings.

Prince Cheng put in a lot of effort prepare such a scheme and he was about to reap his rewards. But it had instantly turned to nothing. It was impossible for him to not fly into a rage and exact revenge.

Chu Li was guarded against Prince Cheng as he dared to use such underhanded tricks. He was someone who should not be underestimated.

He guessed that Zheng Lide had already fled far away. Chen Kong would not be able to catch up and there was no reason to entangle himself in that situation anymore.

Chen Kong had skillful body movement techniques and a cultivation that was more profound than his. If he wanted to deal with him, he would have to pay a hefty price. There were still a few Grandmasters that were eyeing on him.

Furthermore, with Chen Kong’s skill, he definitely had a trump card. He might not have been able to kill him but rather be killed instead. It was better for the both of them to let each other go. With their level of cultivation, there was no reason to go all out if they did not have any deep resentment between them. Otherwise, it would mostly end in casualties on both sides.

Cheng Kong laughed subtly, “Little kid, it won’t be easy for you to run!”

Chu Li flashed abruptly and slipped away instantly from Chen Kong’s pestering and stepped on the tip of a pine tree and glided away.

“Don’t think about escaping!” Chen Kong followed him closely. The other Grandmasters could only watch what was happening as the both of them had disappeared in the blink of an eye.

All the spiritual energy around rushed into him and turned into extremely refined inner energy, quickening his movements. Chen Kong chased him for a while and realized that the distance between them did not shorten. If this continued on, he would not be able to catch up even when they reached the Fairy’s Capital.

He shook his head, “Little kid, I am looking forward to meeting you again!”

Chu Li turned his hand back to wave his hand and disappeared without a trace.

After running for a mile, he spat out a mouthful of blood. Chen Kong’s skill was better than his. If he continued fighting, he would really have to use his finishing blow.

He arrived at the Imperial Residence and immediately looked for Zheng Lide.

Nine of them were in a courtyard with a serious look on their faces.

As soon as they saw Chu Li, Zheng Lide asked, “Head Chief, are you hurt?”

Chu Li said, “Just a little, nothing serious. His name is Chen Kong, have any of you heard of him?”

“Chen Kong” they furrowed their brows.

Ying Wuqiu said, “Head Chief, I think I’ve heard of him. Sixty years ago, Chen Kong was a popular youth genius like you. His Light-body Technique was impeccable and his palm technique was bizarre. There was no news of him after a while. Everyone thought he had fallen but we never thought he would appear again!”

Chu Li said, “Which faction is he from?”

Ying Wuqiu shook his head, “His past is a mystery. It is said that he came from some hidden sect nobody knows about.”

Chu Li seemed to be in deep thought.

He took out a white jade bottle and produced two Spirit Blessing Pill from the bottle. He gave them to Zheng Lide, “Let them have this!”

“Spirit Blessing Pills?” Zheng Lide said hurriedly.

Chu Li said, “They are heavily injured. Only the Spirit Blessing Pill can save their lives. Chen Kong’s palm technique is too strong. We will have to be more careful the next time we go out. If you happen to meet him, there is no point in running. Quickly shout for assistance!”

They nodded slowly.

The wounds of their comrades made them feel worried. Chen Kong had only landed his palm lightly and it instantly crushed their internal organs. With a palm technique this odd and scary, they definitely could not block it.

If not for a Grandmaster’s strong vitality, they would have already stopped breathing with stiff bodies.

Although they won, they did not feel excited at all.

“Head Chief, I see that you do not have enough Spirit Blessing Pills,” Zheng Lide said.

Chu Li smiled, “I still have two left, one for Lady Siao and another for me. Everyone here must be careful and not carelessly throw your lives away or else you’ll be using my Spirit Blessing Pill!”

“Don’t worry, Head Chief!” the crowd laughed.

They all understood how precious the Spirit Blessing Pill was. Every pill was as valuable as someone’s life. It is already extremely generous for Chu Li to use two in one go. If it was the Royal Highness, he would not be so generous. You were dead if you died. He would just simply look for another master.

Chu Li said, “Those who are coming for us harbor ill intentions. If they dare to strike the tiger whiskers of the Imperial Residence, then they must not be an ordinary bunch. Chen Kong is truly skillful. Everyone must remember to carry a signal arrow with you. Use it immediately if you ever meet him. I will personally rush over!”

“All right!” the crowded answered in a deep voice.

If they faced Chen Kong, they would only get hit. Their Light-body Techniques were not great and their skills were not adequate.

But the Head Chief had extremely good Light-body Technique, his skills were profound. He would be able to stop Chen Kong. If they actually met Chen Kong, they could only depend on his help.

Chu Li smiled, “Since we killed three of their Grandmasters, we managed to let off some steam. No matter how we see it, we gained from that. We showed them the might of our Imperial Residence. There is no need to be in low spirits, everyone!”

“Head Chief, the Imperial Residence is still not strong enough,” Zheng Lide shook his head as he sighed, “We don’t have a top-notch master like Chen Kong.”

Someone laughed, “We have the Head Chief.”

Zheng Lide shook his head, “The Head Chief has a powerful position, how can we have the Head Chief do it with his own hands?”

Chu Li said, “No matter how high my position is, I am still a part of the Imperial Residence. I will definitely not cross my arms and watch!”

“Thank you, Head Chief!” Zheng Lide said as he made a closed fist salute.

Chu Li waved his hand, “The rewards will be sent here later. You guys had a hard time, back to work you go.”

He turned and left the courtyard. Then, he returned to Prince An’s study room.