White Robed Chief Chapter 371

Chapter 371 Infuriate

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When he returned, Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu immediately smiled.

“Head Chief, the four maids have been rescued and they have returned!” Song Liuying smiled and said, “It’s extraordinary that they’re all in one piece.”

Since the four maids were all quite pretty, it would be inevitable for them to be violated when they fell into the hands of those men who were like animals. However, contrary to that, they returned safe and sound, they must be really lucky!

Xue Ningyu smiled and said, “These lassies must really be in good luck!”

Chu Li said, “They owe it all to Miss Ding Ning, who was staunch and unyielding, such that she could daunt those men, or else none of them will be spared!”

“Sigh…” Xue Ningyu shook her head and said, “Ding Ning that lassie, her temper has always been like that.”

Song Liuying added, “Ding Ning is the lassie of the Xue Family, she entered the Imperial Residence together with Sister Xue. She always had a staunch temper and an unbending character, this time she almost risked her life, luckily you were there, Head Chief!”

Chu Li said, “She’s just blessed with good luck, …there’s nothing major anymore, right?”

“After taking your Spirit Blessing Pill, even her most severe injuries became minor issues.” Xue Ningyu smiled sweetly as she said, “She will be unable to recompense you for your saving grace, how about you let her serve you instead, after all you’re the Head Chief, you can’t have nobody serving you.”

Chu Li quickly waved his hand, “One of the Lady’s maid was already serving me, Miss Ding Ning doesn’t have to do it, she will be enough.”

“Is it Xue Ling?” Xue Ningyu said, “The one who is not just beautiful but good at martial arts too, right?”

“Her martial arts is far from that.” Chu Li shook his head and laughed, “Although it has been a long time, but she’s still handy.”

Xue Ningyu could tell that he intended to refuse the offer, so she no longer forced it, she smiled and asked, “So who was behind it?”

“Princess, it will be best if you don’t know,” Chu Li shook his head, “There’s a super master, it was already fortunate that everyone managed to escape safely!”

“A super master?” The two ladies frowned.

Chu Li continued, “A top-notch master like that can’t be from a usual force, this time, the Imperial Residence’s opponent is not an easy one, so we’ll have to wait for the Royal Highness to make the call when he wakes up.”

“Sigh…” The two ladies could not help but sighed.

With the Royal Highness’s condition, they were afraid that he could not deal with any matters for the time being.

Just as they were talking, Prince An suddenly moved and opened his eyes slowly.

The two ladies were overjoyed, they immediately sprang over.

Song Liuying said hurriedly, “Your Royal Highness?”

Xu Ning said, “The Royal Highness is still very weak at the moment, he can’t stay awake for long.”

Xue Ningyu quickly asked, “Royal Highness, are you feeling alright?”

Song Liuying said, “Royal Highness, who will take charge in the Imperial Residence for now?”

Prince An’s glanced at Chu Li, his eyes shone suddenly.

Chu Li said, “Princesses, I have a few words to report to the Royal Highness.”

“Do we have to excuse ourselves?” Song Liuying asked.

Chu Li shook his head.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu stepped aside as Chu Li moved forward and sat by the bed.

Prince An frowned and looked at him, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, we ruined someone else’s plan!”

Prince An was extremely wary of him, especially since he was very frail at that moment. Nonetheless, he was somehow certain that Chu Li would not kill him, so he was not worried about his own safety but only worried that Chu Li would take the opportunity to undermine the strength of the Imperial Residence.

“Whose plan?” Prince An scoffed.

As his thought became clearer, he concealed his emotions and looked at Chu Li calmly.

Chu Li replied, “I’ve just figured out that the whole thing about snatching children was nothing but a show, it was all done in preparation to save people in the end. However, you intervened in their business halfway through, Royal Highness, which not only made them return empty-handed, but they also compensated many people!”

Prince An’s face slightly changed, “Who?”

Chu Li said, “I’m just guessing, I’m afraid it’s Prince Cheng.”

“Ninth brother…” Prince An gritted his teeth as he thought, he was dubious.

If Chu Li mentioned someone else, he would definitely deny it flatly, but Prince Cheng…

He somewhat believed him instead, his ninth brother, Prince Cheng was certainly capable of doing something like that, he had always liked to use unusual schemes and unconventional gambits!

Chu Li said, “They took revenge on us as they were outraged, so they kidnapped four maids from our residence. When I went to save them with Commander Zheng and the others, we met a top-notch master, Chen Kong, outside of the town, do you happen to know him, Royal Highness?”

“Chen Kong…” Prince An sighed, but he completely believed him then.

Chu Li shook his head and said, “None of us were Chen Kong’s match.”

“How many did we lose?” Prince An’s eyes glowed in a way that it looked like sharp swords were pointed towards his eyes.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Fortunately, we managed to escape safely, …but Chen Kong is a huge threat to us, as long as he’s here, the Imperial Residence will not be safe. By any chance Prince Cheng turns furious and sends Chen Kong to out residence to assassinate us…”

He shook his head and sighed, “I’m afraid that even I might not be able to hold him down!”

“Chen Kong…” Prince An raised his head and looked at the Caisson ceiling in the room, he sighed, “This man is really a genius, we can’t use force against him.”

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, in case he intends to harm you, … This must have made Prince Cheng angry, or else he wouldn’t want to lure us over and ask Chen Kong to settle us!”

He already knew the plan of those people, they wanted to lure the martial art masters into the Imperial Residence of Prince An, then use Chen Kong to kill them and to wreck the strength of the Imperial Residence of Prince An, to give Prince An a warning.

However, they did not think that Chu Li could come to them so quickly, and beat them up by surprise.

In their original plan, Chen Kong was supposed to wait there, once Chu Li and the rest arrived, Chen Kong and the other martial arts master would make their move. Sure enough, it was going to be a deadly trap that would be impossible to fail.

Prince An sighed and said, “Don’t worry, he won’t assassinate me.”

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, even if was somebody else, after being snatched away like such a huge piece of meat, that person would go mad too!”

“Above us is my father, my father will certainly not have mercy on whoever has their hands on any ins and outs.” Prince An said faintly, “No matter how ruthless the fight is, you’re not allowed to endanger the opponent’s life, …Chu Li, you acted too recklessly this time!”

Chu Li put his hands out, “The maids were kidnapped, we can’t just ignore them, can we? If that’s the case, there will be no more maids left in our residence. Sooner or later, they will force us to make a move, so we might as well make a move at the first opportunity, before they can even set up. Else, this time, if they have already laid everything out, we will be entering a trap, no one will survive!”

“Sigh…” Prince An shook his head.

When he thought about Prince Cheng, his head ached. That man was like a mad dog, who happened to be wily and mischievous, and impossible to guard against, so if anyone ever provoked him, it would be a huge trouble.

As he thought about that, he stared at Chu Li harshly, it was all because of him who caused him all the trouble!

Chu Li said, “Your Highness, I’m planning to strike first to gain the advantage, let them have a taste of cruelty!”

“Are you out of your mind?” Prince An changed his countenance suddenly, he shouted in a hoarse voice, “We’re already getting unceasing troubles now, yet you still want to provoke him?”

Chu Li frowned and said, “Your Highness, is Prince Cheng going to let this go just like that?”

“Well, it’s still much better than you taking the initiative to be provocative!” Prince An waved his hand and said, “Don’t mess things up, move aside!”

Chu Li said, “Your Highness, you’re just worried about me, you’re afraid that I will purposely make the people in the residence court death, am I right?”

Prince An’s face slightly changed, his face turned gloomy, “Good that you know!”

Chu Li said in a low tone, “Royal Highness, our resentments were originally serving their own masters, but now that I’m a part of the Imperial Residence, of course I will be loyal to the Imperial Residence. I will definitely not do something like that, can you really not let me be, Royal Highness?”

His eyes were glowing as he said that, he was magnanimous and calm.

A taunting sneer was seen on the edge of Prince An’s mouth, he did not buy it at all, he said coldly, “Whatever it is, you’re not allowed to act without any authorization. This time they left the residence arbitrarily without given any orders from me, I will look into their responsibilities!”

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, you may investigate me first then! I shouldn’t have brought them to save people without authorization before you’ve woken up, Royal Highness!”

“Shut up!” Prince An shouted out loud.

He suddenly coughed violently, his pale face started to be flushed red.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu quickly went up to slap on his back gentle.

Chu Li did a fist salute then he turned around and left.

“Stop right there!” Prince An did not bother about his cough, he shouted again.

Chu Li stopped moving, but he did not turn around.

Prince An said coldly, “Chu Li, from now onwards, without my permission, you’re not allowed to use any Protectors, or else, I will banish you from the residence!”