White Robed Chief Chapter 372

Chapter 372 Demote

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Chu Li turned around and sneered, “Royal Highness, since you’re so insecure about me, it will be meaningless for me to be the Head Chief anymore, why not you simply strip this post away from me, so as to spare the others the loss about what to do!”

“Don’t think that I won’t dare to do it!” Prince An stared at him coldly.

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, you’re the master of the residence, of course you can do whatever you like, no one can stop you, Royal Highness! … As the Head Chief, no matter how much effort I put into doing something, or how much risk I take, I won’t gain your trust anyway, Royal Highness. Hence, very well, I don’t want to be the Head Chief, it will be better for you to demote me, Royal Highness, so I can be at ease and just be by the Lady’s side!”

Prince An sneered and said, “You really think so?”

Chu Li did a fist salute and said faintly, “Please heed my request, Royal Highness!”

“Alright!” Prince An scoffed in a hoarse voice.

“Royal Highness!” Song Liuying immediately called out and cut him off.

Prince An stared at her unhappily.

Song Liuying said, “Royal Highness, if it wasn’t for the Head Chief to make such a prompt decision, I’m afraid that the four maids in our residence would have lost their lives, no matter what, the Head Chief performed a meritorious service.”

Xue Ningyu added, “Royal Highness, Sister Song is right, it’s better to be prudent. Royal Highness, once you go into coma again, no one can take charge of the residence, two women like us really won’t be able to do it at all! Since the Head Chief has the highest rank, he can be out pillar during crucial times!”

Xue Ningyu and Song Liuying’s words made Prince An even more restless.

This man with the surname Chu was too good at winning over people’s support, even both his Princesses were standing on his side, he had completely become an isolationist. He was indeed a scary man, which was more the reason to forbid him from creating anymore mess. After he recovered, he must find a way to get rid of him!

During the period of him being seriously injured, should he still allow Chu Li to jump up and down to pull strings, he would probably buy the support of the entire Imperial Residence, which would make himself fall into isolation. Thus, he must not allow something like that to happen, as for whether it would be unfair for him to do that, he could not be bothered at all!

“You don’t have to talk about this anymore, Chu Li transferred Protectors without any authorization, he is guilty of the taboo in the residence, from today onwards, he will be demoted from his position as the Head Chief!” Prince An declared coldly.

“Royal Highness!” The two ladies exclaimed.

Chu Li smiled and did a fist salute, “Thank you very much, Royal Highness, if you have no more orders for me, Royal Highness, I’ll return to the Lady as her Protector, I will leave now!”

Right after that, he turned around and left the study room, a glimpse of smile could be seen on his face.

It seemed like Prince An must be very carried away, after he got injured, he became dismayed and had extreme emotions, he actually did something so foolish as that.

While his decision reinforced his authority, it would cause dissension and discord. As the Head Chief who performed an extremely meritorious service, but was punished by the Royal Highness because he saved lives, even if the people in the residence dared not revolt, they would empathize with him, which would imperceptibly increase his prestige.

As prestige could only be achieved through paying a certain price, being the Head Chief allowed him to achieve sufficient prestige!

As for the position of being the Head Chief, it was just a figurehead. With his powers at the moment, he could easily rally multitudes in one call, moreover, since he was vaguely enthroned as the highest master in the Imperial Residence, his reputation was strong enough, so he did not need that fame anymore.

Xue Ningyu watched as Chu Li left elegantly, then she glared and said in dissatisfaction, “Royal Highness, what’s wrong with you, when the four maids went missing, Commander Zheng and the others were going to do nothing to save them because there were no orders from you. It was Chu Li who bore the responsibility and forced them to do something so they managed to save the four maids, but you imposed such a heavy punishment on someone who rendered a distinguished service, who would want to bear responsibilities anymore?”

Prince An waved his hand fretfully, “If it was someone else, I wouldn’t have handled it like that, but Chu Li is different, he’s a man with wild ambitions, I can’t let my guard down!”

“Which side of him shows that he has wild ambitions?” Xue Ningyu answered snappily, “He’s a loyal and devoted man, he didn’t have to do things that will cause suspicion, but he still did it without hesitation for the Imperial Residence, don’t you think that you decision will make the others be bitterly disappointed?”

Song Liuying added too, “Royal Highness, you shouldn’t have demoted him of his position as the Head Chief.”

“Shut it.” Prince An scowled and scoffed, “You’re not allowed to mention Chu Li in front of me anymore!”

The two of them looked at each other and sighed helplessly, it looked like the Royal Highness was jealous of Chu Li!

Well, Chu Li was still young but he already mastered legendary martial arts and was a first class, no matter how you looked at it, he was always better than the Royal Highness. Hence, it was no wonder that he was so unpleasant towards Chu Li, it was all out of jealousy.

Men could be narrow-minded as well, even the Prince could not escape from that.

“Alright, alright, let us not talk about him.” Xue Ningyu smiled and said, “Royal Highness, when will you recover from your injury?”

“Very soon.” Prince An said faintly.

“Without you, Royal Highness, the Imperial Residence will be rudderless, it will really become chaotic.” Song Liuying shook her head and said, “Royal Highness, please take care and get well soon!”

“Yes, I’m alright.” Prince An smiled.

At that moment, sounds of people arguing could be heard from the outside, followed by Zheng Lide’s rebuke in a hoarse voice.

“What’s going on?” Prince An frowned and scoffed, “Let Zheng Lide come in!”

Immediately, Zheng Lide strode towards the study room, he softened his footsteps as he was getting near, then he did a fist salute and greeted.

“Who are making all those sounds outside?” Prince An stared at him coldly.

He was very dissatisfied with him as the commander as he was easily persuaded by Chu Li to leave the residence, a man with weak aspirations like him would be incapable of holding great responsibilities!

“Royal Highness, it was just a small argument, I’ve already settled it.” Zheng Lide quickly replied.

Prince An said faintly, “Tell me!”

“… Royal Highness, there were just two Protectors who were grumbling about the unfair treatment towards the Head Chief.” Zheng Lide said carefully.

“Hah, how faithful!” Prince An sneered with mock, “Which two?”

“Ying Wuqiu and Deng Qi.” Zheng Lide said helplessly, “They said that the Head Chief performed such a commendable service but you treated him unfairly, Royal Highness, I’ve already scolded them about it, they have returned!”

“Ying Wuqiu and Deng Qi…” Prince An said faintly, “Since they’re so fond of the Head Chief, transfer them to Princess Siao.”

“… Yes.” Zheng Lide nodded, “But Royal Highness, our Protectors take turns on both sides.”

“Then ask them to leave the residence!” Prince An snapped.

It was a crucial time as the public feeling was unsteady, he needed to take extreme measures to frighten everyone, or else, if he went into coma again, the Imperial Residence will turn into chaos.

“Royal Highness!” Zheng Lide was utterly shocked.

Prince An stared at him coldly, “What’s wrong, you want to plead for them?”

Zheng Lide quickly shook his head, “Royal Highness, we’re already short-handed at the moment, if we banish them too, we will really have too many difficulties to cope with!”

“I see that they’re much more fond of the Head Chief!” Prince An sneered, “If that’s the case, there’s no point for them to stay in the Imperial Residence anymore, so I’ll fulfill their wishes!”

Zheng Lide said hurriedly, “Royal Highness, it’s because the Head Chief saved their lives, it will be inhumane of them if they remain silent at a time like this!”

“Oh——?” Prince An asked faintly, “Saved their lives?”

“When they were attacked by Chen Kong, their internal organs were severely damaged by his hit, if it wasn’t for the Head Chief’s Spirit Blessing Pill, they wouldn’t have survived.” Zheng Lide answered.

“Hmph, what a way for him to buy support!” Prince An laughed coldly.

Zheng Lide immediately added, “They can’t just keep quiet for his saving grace, they’re still very loyal and devoted to you, Royal Highness, they’re willing to risk their lives for you, Royal Highness!”

He scoffed to himself, whether he was buying public support or winning over their hearts, no matter what, Chu Li took out the Spirit Blessing Pill, a real life-saving thing.

On the other hand, the Royal Highness only relied on his honorable identity. As there would not be any difference in losing one Grandmaster, he did not even have to slightest intention to win over the people’s support, he was exceedingly stingy.