White Robed Chief Chapter 374

Chapter 374 To The Doorstep

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“Head Chief, Protector Ying and Protector Deng are outside, they’re requesting to see you.” One of Song Liuying’s maids walked over gently and reported in a clear voice.

All the ladies looked towards him.

Chu Li waved his hand and said, “Ask them to leave, I know what’s on their minds.”

“Yes.” The maid went out gently.

“Those two Protectors were outraged by the injustice towards you, Head Chief, they were almost banished from the residence by the Royal Highness.” Song Liuying sighed and said, “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll hurt them for not seeing them at all?”

Chu Li shook his head and sighed, “Meeting them won’t do any good to them anyway, we might as well not meet.”

Song Liuying looked at his eyes deeply then shook her head.

If the Royal Highness could be magnanimous and make Chu Li one of his subordinates, it would redouble his powers, he was indeed a genius hard to come by! … Unfortunately, the Royal Highness was not such a broad-minded man. It could not be helped as well, breadth of mind and natural disposition were both qualities bred in the bone, it would be difficult to acquire it after, so the Royal Highness could not force himself to be big-hearted.

After Song Liuying had her dinner, she arrived at Prince An’s study room.

In the study room, only Xue Ningyu was there, she did not see Xu Ning.

When Xue Ningyu saw her enter, she yawned and was about to leave.

Song Liuying pulled her back and told her everything that Chu Li said.

Xue Ningyu’s suddenly widened her clear eyes and looked at Song Liuying in shock.

Song Liuying shook her head and sighed, “Looks like the Head Chief will not be a part of the Imperial Residence after all, the Royal Highness will not allow him in for sure.”

“That is really a pity.” Xue Ningyu frowned and said, “For a figure like him to be unable to be one of ours, the Royal Highness is really…, forget it, we can’t control so much, so what do we do?”

“It seems like we can’t let the Head Chief meddle in the business in the residence anymore.” Song Liuying shook her head and said, “The Head Chief had this intention when he told me about all of that, he wants to hold aloof from the worldly matters, so he will only be looking after Sister Siao.”

“Sigh…, what a pity!” Xue Ningyu sighed and said, “I initially wanted to find an opportunity in the future to persuade the Royal Highness to be more broad-minded, but I guess it won’t work anymore, but the Head Chief has a saving grace for us, we can’t just blindly watch as he gets killed.”

“I wish the Royal Highness will forget about him.” Song Liuying said.

If the Head Chief only guarded the Tianshu Courtyard without any movements, followed by the passing of time, the Royal Highness might eventually calm his mind, out of sight, out of mind, then he might forget about dealing with him.

“Princess!” Li Gui’s voice was suddenly heard from outside.

“What’s the matter now?” Xue Ningyu scoffed impatiently.

After he heard what Chu Li said, when she watched over Li Gui quietly, she noticed a suspicious clue.

As expected, this man had improper thoughts towards Qiu Er, so she found an excuse to send him away to prevent him from lingering around here, which would make him get rid of those thoughts.

Li Gui said, “The Protectors who were guarding at the entrance have been beaten up!”

“Isn’t the gate of the Imperial Residence shut?” Xue Ningyu scoffed.

Li Gui said, “Even if the gate is closed, there must be Protectors, but we did not expect that someone would be so daring and beaten up two of the Protectors!”

“Are they alright?”

“Their legs and shoulders are broken, their muscles are torn too, even if they recover, I’m afraid that there will be not much left of their martial arts.” Li Gui sighed and said.

Since he practiced martial arts as well, he knew that an injury like that would be most terrifying.

Xue Ningyu said, “Go get our Golden Wound Ointment handed down in our family, treat them well!

“Yes.” Li Gui replied, “Princess, do we still want to send anymore Protectors outside?”

Xue Ningyu looked at Song Liuying.

Song Liuying frowned and thought for a while, then she shook her head.

If they sent anymore Protectors out, they would probably end up in the same situation. The opponent made it clear that they were bullying them right at their doors, it must be Prince Cheng who did it, so hateful and detestable!

Nonetheless, the Royal Highness exhorted them before he went to sleep, no matter what they had to bear with it patiently, furthermore, if Chen Kong was there, the Protectors in the Imperial Residence would not be able to do anything even if they went out.

Xue Ningyu scoffed and said, “What is the point of sending anymore Protectors, sending them to court death?”

Li Gui replied carefully, “Yes.”

“Quickly go treat them!” Xue Ningyu said, “You can’t invite the physician over anymore, so just use the Golden Wound Ointment as much as needed, don’t let them become handicapped!”

“Yes.” Li Gui answered and backed away slowly.

Song Liuying sighed and shook her head, “Prince Cheng is a reckless man, he won’t just stop right here, he will only go further beyond the mark!”

“As far as he can go, he can’t just barge into the residence, can he?” Xue Ningyu gritted her teeth and said hatefully, “If they really dare to enter the residence, we must teach them a lesson for sure!”

“I’m just afraid that the Protectors in the residence won’t be able to go against those men.” Song Liuying shook her head and said.

“Let us see what the Royal Highness has to say when he wakes up.” Xue Ningyu said.

Just as the both of them talked, Prince An slowly woke up.

“Royal Highness!” The two of them were overjoyed.

Prince An smiled, when he saw that the two Princesses were so caring and watched over him, a glimpse of warmth rose from his cold heart.

“Royal Highness, the Protectors who were guarding outside the residence were beaten up, their limbs are broken now and their muscles snapped.” Song Liuying sighed and said, “I’m afraid that there will be lingering effects of their injuries. Not we’re out of ideas, what should we do?”

Prince An’s face immediately turned gloomy.

Xue Ningyu said, “I’m worried that Prince Cheng will barge into the residence for his next move, that damn fellow!”

“Hmph, if he dares to!” Prince An scoffed coldly.

Xue Ningyu said, “I think he might actually dare to!”

Song Liuying sighed and said, “I’m afraid that the Protectors in our residence are not effective anymore, what if Chen Kong barges into our residence, what happens then?”

Prince An frowned and pondered.

“This won’t work, I think we better seek help from the Protectors from the Imperial House.” Xue Ningyu said, “Royal Highness, you shouldn’t keep your serious injury away from the Empress as well.”

“I don’t want my mother to worry.” Prince An shook his head.

Xue Ningyu said, “If the Queen knows that you’re injured, she will come over to visit for sure, then Prince Cheng won’t dare to mess around!”

Prince An casted a sidelong glance at her.

Once he sought help from the Imperial House, he would be seen as a weakling in his father’s eyes, but if he resolved the problems before him now, the harm towards himself would be a far-reaching impact.

Song Liuying said, “Royal Highness, now we’re out of ideas, I suppose Commander Zheng and the rest are helpless against Chen Kong, right?”

“… He won’t dare to go too overboard!” Prince An said in a hoarse voice.

Although Prince Cheng was known for his terrible temper, extreme measures, and unconventional gambits, they were brothers after all. Therefore, no matter how torturous he was, he could not go too over the board, he would at most vent his anger at the Protectors, but not harm the Princesses and himself.

“So we’ll just let him go against us unhindered?” Song Liuying scoffed.

Xue Ningyu stared at him with her shiny eyes.

Prince An frowned and remained quiet, he seemed to be thinking of something.

Xue Ningyu secretly sighed to herself.

As expected, the Royal Highness was so narrow-minded, he could not tolerate people at all.

Back when Chu Li murdered the Protectors from the Imperial Residence, he did not do it for himself but for the House of High Dukes, he was only serving his own master, and could not be blamed for. Nevertheless, the Royal Highness held on to that grudge and enmity, and it was also because of the jealousy he had.

Xue Ningyu could not hold it any longer so she said, “Royal Highness, should we mention this to the Head Chief?”

“No you can’t!” Prince An’s face turned cold, he stared at her indifferently, “You must not mention any of this to Chu Li at all, remember, seal the Tianshu Courtyard when you leave, do not deliver any message to that place at all!”

“Royal Highness…” Xue Ningyu wanted to persuade him.

Song Liuying quickly said, “Yes, we won’t tell the Head Chief at all! …Royal Highness, are we really going to just bear with it?”

“Bear with it!” Prince An scoffed and said, “Wait until my martial art recovers, then I’ll settle accounts with them, it’s not a big deal to wait it out and bear with it for a while!”

“… Yes.” The two ladies shook their heads helplessly.

Li Gui’s voice was heard from outside again, “Princess, two scribes were killed.”

“Didn’t I say that no one is allowed to leave the residence?” Xue Ningyu quickly said.

Li Gui replied, “There were junks in the residence that had to be sent out, they only had to send it as far as the side of the street, but…”