White Robed Chief Chapter 375

Chapter 375 For Justice

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“… Got it!” Xue Ningyu scoffed and said.

Li Gui backed away slowly.

He knew that the Princess was definitely in a terrible mood, so he would not be inconsiderate to go even closer. If it wasn’t because of him being the Deputy Chief, he would like to have avoided getting involved in this matter as much as possible, like Song Sansi did!

Xue Ningyu looked towards Prince An.

Prince An looked calm and indifferent, it was as if he did not hear the news.

Song Liuying sighed gently, “Royal Highness, are we not going to do anything about it?”

“Endure!” Prince An spit out a word coldly.

Song Liuying said, “I’m only afraid that they will keep killing more people!”

“Even so, we have to endure it!” Prince An said coldly, “As long as they don’t kill you and me, we will just endure!”

“… Royal Highness, please regain your martial arts as soon as possible!” Xue Ningyu said.

Prince An gritted his teeth and looked like he was struggling, then he finally said slowly, “I will try my best to recover as fast as I can, I will teach my ninth brother an unforgettable lesson!”

The two ladies nodded quietly, they had no interest to talk at all.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard from the outside again, Li Gui’s voice was heard once more, “Princess!”

“What is it now?!” Xue Ningyu thought that she was about to hear another bad news, so she scoffed impatiently, “Quickly tell me!”

“… Princess, good news!” Li Gui said excitedly, “Those two martial art masters have been killed by the Head Chief!”

“The Head Chief? Did you hear it wrongly!” Xue Ningyu scoffed and looked at Prince An.

Unfortunately, Li Gui was not right in front of her, so he could not see her signal.

Li Gui continued, “I heard it right, it was the Head Chief who managed to beat those two men up, they were all Grandmaster! It was really…”

Li Gui was busy being happy about it, he did not realize that Xue Ningyu’s tone was a little odd.

“Shut up!” Xue Ningyu scoffed with a low voice.

Li Gui’s voice halted, he was extremely surprised.

Xue Ningyu said coldly, “Alright, I got it, you may leave!”

“… Yes.” Li Gui was baffled, he felt that he had just reported a good news so the Princess should be happy about it, she might even reward him instead, contrary to that, she reacted in that way!

In the study room, the atmosphere was exceedingly stifling, it was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

Prince An’s face was so gloomy that water droplets might even drip out from it, his eyes were flashing like lightning, and he was burning in anger.

The two ladies looked at each other and secretly sighed to themselves, the Head Chief was a wise man, why did he do such a foolish thing!

Prince An sneered abruptly, “Hah! He’s everywhere!”

The two ladies remained silent.

They knew that it would be best for them to keep quiet at a time like that.

If they pleaded for the Head Chief, they would aggravate the situation, but if they did not plead for the Head Chief, they were afraid that the Royal Highness would continue along his words, perhaps he would instantly make an irreparable decision.

Prince An was breathing heavily, his body was already weak at that moment, then he became irritated after hearing the news about Chu Li. Once his state of mind was agitated, he immediately felt unwell, his cheeks on his pale face were flushed red, as if he was drunk from drinking.

“Royal Highness!” The two ladies were shocked, they slapped his back hurriedly to ease his breathing.

Xue Ningyu said, “Royal Highness, don’t overthink about it, calm your mind and get some good rest, it’s more important for you to recover as soon as possible!”

“Don’t bother about a trivial matter like that.” Song Liuying agreed and nodded.

“Who informed him about this matter?!” Prince An tried his best to calm his anger, he said coldly, “Look into it and banish that person from the residence!”

The two ladies instantly looked reluctant.

During a time like that, leaving the residence would be no different from digging one’s own grace, the Protectors of Prince Cheng outside the residence would certainly not let anyone slip through their hands.

Song Liuying twisted her thoughts and scoffed, “It was me!”

Prince An’s face turned almost immediately, his eyes were like swords pointing at her, “You——?!”

Song Liuying said, “I went to urge Chu Li to be more honest and to stop infuriating you, Royal Highness, so as to prevent you from really getting outraged and kicking him out of the residence, … I can’t believe that he didn’t listen to my dissuasion and still did something like that!”

“Hmph, he will surely not let go of a chance like that to win over people’s hearts!” Prince An sneered and said, “What a man with wild ambitions, it’s all too clear!”

Song Liuying said, “So are you going to oust him from the residence?”

“Oust him out of the residence?” Prince An said coldly, “For what reason, because he did us a favor and took revenge for the people in the residence, I’ll have to kick him out?”

“Just banish him, there’s no need for a reason.” Song Liuying said.

She understood very well that since Chu Li did something like that, it would be unlikely for the Royal Highness to tolerate him any longer, so it would be best to just let him go to save him from a fatal disaster.

“No way!” Prince An shook his head and said, “He’s a first class, without a proper reason, I can’t oust him just like that!”

Xue Ningyu said, “Then just find an excuse afterwards, …Royal Highness, just set your mind at rest, don’t bother about him!”

“I will warn him again and ask him to be more honest.” Song Liuying said.

Prince An suddenly regained his calm and said faintly, “Pigs will be flying if he even listens to you! … Alright, let us not bother about him, let him be if he wants to buy people’s support, we’ll see how long we can frisk around for!”

At the edge of his lips, there was a faintly discernible sneer.

The two ladies had chills after looking at him, they knew that he started to have a killing intention, he was going to kill Chu Li no matter what!

Very soon, Prince An became sleepy again.

Xue Ningyu bid farewell and left, then she hurried over to Tianshu Courtyard.

In the Tianshu Courtyard, lanterns were lit, the courtyard was lighted up like it was daytime.

Siao Shi had already entered the house at that time, she could not stand the cold anymore.

Chu Li was still dressed in a white robe, he sat at the stone table quietly and held a book in his hands, he was reading attentively and would smile a knowing smile from time to time.

When Xue Ningyu arrived at the courtyard, she saw that he was all smiles, so she said snappily, “Head Chief, how can you have to mood to read at this time!”

Chu Li put down the book and did a fist salute as he got up, “Princess Xue, the Lady is in the house.”

“I’m looking for you!” Xue Ningyu scoffed, her sweet and loving face showed a helpless look, “Why did you meddle in matters again!”

“I see that’s why you’re here.” Chu Li laughed.

Xue Ningyu stared at him closed, then she sighed and said, “Don’t you know that it will only infuriate the Royal Highness?”

Chu Li said, “The Royal Highness must be blaming me for winning over people’s hearts again, that I’m up to no good!’

“Since you already know, why did you still provoke the Royal Highness!” Xue Ningyu said snappily, “Initially we wanted to look for an opportunity to turn round the Royal Highness so that he will suppress his killing intention towards you, but you overdid yourself and aggravated the situation!”

Chu Li sighed and said, “Princess, should I have watched helplessly as someone else bully the residence to this extent and kill our men recklessly?”

Xue Ningyu sighed, “You saved the people from the residence, but brought a fatal disaster upon yourself!”

She was already very direct with her words, she believed that Chu Li would have gotten the hint.

Chu Li said, “Even if the Royal Highness wants to kill me, I can’t just put up with the people of the Imperial Residence being bullied or being killed unscrupulously!”

“Why are you so stubborn?!” Xue Ningyu said snappily, “Why do you have to kill them, you can just secretly beat them up so that they will run away!”

“They killed our people from the residence, how can I just let them leave like that!” Chu Li said coldly.

Xue Ningyu looked at him helplessly.

Chu Li continued, “Princess, you don’t have to convince me anymore, as long as I’m still in the residence, whether or not the Royal Highness decides to kill me, I will certainly not let anyone bully us at our doorstep!”

“You, you…” Xue Ningyu pointed at him, she was very touched yet helpless, although she was feeling lamented, she was speechless.

Chu Li said, “Princess, you shouldn’t persuade the Royal Highness too, if the Royal Highness makes a firm decision to kill me, I will leave first and return to the House of High Dukes if I see that the tides are turning against me!”

“From what I see, you should just leave now.” Xue Ningyu said, “Don’t wait until the Royal Highness wakes up again.”

Chu Li looked towards the house.

Xue Ningyu said, “Sister Siao will be alright.”

Chu Li shook his head and said calmly, “I’ve once promised someone to take good care of the Lady.”

“Sigh…” Xue Ningyu stomped with her delicate feet, then she turned around and left Tianshu Courtyard.