White Robed Chief Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Return Home

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Siao Shi’s sweet voice was heard, “Chu Li, come in!”

Chu Li withdrew his eyes from Princess Xue’s graceful rear view, he turned around and entered the house.

Siao Shi was laying sideways on the bed during that time, a thin blanket covered her attractive curves.

She looked listless, her limpid eyes looked at him lazily, “You meddled with something again?”

Chu Li nodded.

Siao Shi laughed and said, “Is it true what you told Princess Xue, doing whatever it takes to fight for justice?”

“This time, those were true words.” Chu Li smiled and said, “I have no other intentions, I just really can’t sit and watch anymore!”

“It’s such a rare event for you to be so chivalrous.” Siao Shi pursed her lips and laughed, “Now Prince An must be so mad, for all you know, he will send someone to eliminate you directly, then blame it on the someone from the Imperial Residence.”

Chu Li shook his head and laughed.

Siao Shi sighed, “You must have felt so wronged to be tied up in the Imperial Residence.”

Chu Li stared at her.

Siao Shi pursed her lips and laughed, “But the Imperial Residence feels much smaller than the House of High Dukes, it’s such a bore!”

“An inch of land in the Fairy’s Capital is worth an inch of gold, it’s not as broad as the House of High Dukes, even the Imperial House is not as huge as the House of High Dukes.” Chu Li shook his head, “Lady, if you’re feeling bored, how about we take a stroll?”

Siao Shi smiled and asked, “Whereabout?”

“How about the House of High Dukes?” Chu Li smiled and said.

Siao Shi casted a sidelong glance at him delightfully, “At least you’re sensible, let us return to the House of High Dukes then!”

After being here for just a couple of days, she already began missing home.

Chu Li removed the sarira prayer beads from his hand and passed it to Xue Ling, “If anyone comes looking for the Princess, crush one of the beads.”

“Yes.” Xue Ling smiled and said, “When will you return, Young Master?”

“We’ll return tomorrow, early morning.” Chu Li asked, “Do you have anything you want me to bring back for you?”

The two ladies shook their heads.

Without delaying anymore time, Chu Li bent over and carried Siao Shi, spiritual energy that were like silk and thread entered her body and slowly restored her body from her injured.

After he flickered for a few times and returned to the Island of Symphony in the House of High Dukes, Siao Shi’s injuries had greatly recovered. Although she was still weak, but she could walk around freely like a normal person.

The Island of Symphony was brightly lit, Siao Tieying was daydreaming as he sat in the pagoda in the center of the sea of flowers.

The both of them happened to appear in the pagoda, right opposite of Siao Tieying.

During that time, Siao Tieying was filled with melancholy, he missed his second sister dearly and wondered how she was doing, he wanted to know if Prince An was bullying her.

Once he thought about that, he burnt in raging fire and wanted to save her from the Imperial Residence of Prince An so badly.

When he suddenly saw the two of them appeared, his eyes widened.

Chu Li put Siao Shi down and stood aside.

Siao Shi laughed at Siao Tieying, “Eldest brother, what are you doing here?”

Siao Tieying quickly rubbed his eyes, he thought that he was dreaming.

“Eldest brother, you’re not dreaming!” Siao Shi chuckled, “I secretly returned home!”

“Second sister, is this really you?” Siao Tieying suddenly stood up.

Siao Shi laughed and said, “Who is it then if it’s not me! … What are you doing out here on a night like this? Oh, I get it, you’re thinking about me!”

Siao Tieying was a little embarrassed, he waved his hand and said, “No I wasn’t, I just wanted some time alone to chill, I’m thinking about some things.”

Siao Shi chuckled again, “Where is sister-in-law?

“She went back to her parents’ home.” Siao Tieying said, “My mother-in-law fell sick, so she had to return to take care of her.”

“You didn’t fool her into going back and never return, did you?” Siao Shi scoffed and said.

Siao Tieying shook his head and said, “She’s really ill, …my parents-in-law have already agreed to the marriage, the ceremony will be one month later, it’s unfortunate that you won’t be able to attend, second sister.”

“Why can’t I come back?” Siao Shi scoffed, “I’ll return for sure.”

“You just got married into the Imperial Residence, can you leave?” Siao Tieying frowned.

“No problem.” Siao Shi said.

Siao Tieying smiled, “It looks like you haven’t been wronged, …just that you don’t look so well.”

“I’m sick.” Siao Shi said, “I’m just not acclimatized to the place, no big deal.”

Chu Li’s spiritual energy was still lingering around her body, which made her feel warm and comfortable.

“How is Prince An treating you?” Siao Tieying found it difficult to ask.

He was always afraid to think about that question.

From his perspective, since Prince An hated the marriage so much, after his second sister was married, she would certainly live a tough life, it was the same as jumping into a fire pit, so when he thought about it, he would be so worried that he became sleepless.

Siao Shi smiled and said, “After the ceremony, I fell sick, he lost interest in me as I ignored him, so he never came to see me anymore, it’s as if I’m not even married.”

“That sounds good…” Siao Tieying sighed a long breath of relief.

He looked towards Chu Li and sighed, “Chu Li, thank you for the hard work.”

“You’re being too polite, Eldest Master.” Chu Li shook his head and smiled, “Anything serious happened at home?”

Siao Tieying laughed at said, “It has been calm and tranquil, we owe it all to you after you killed those ten Grandmasters. Now the people from the martial arts world are being more honest and well-behaved like never before, even the Huay Public House is unusually peaceful, I’m really not used to it!”

In the martial arts world, there were about a hundred over Grandmasters, when Chu Li exterminated ten of them in one breath, it seriously shocked the entire martial arts world, let alone the martial arts scene in the borders of the House of High Dukes, there were probably only ten Grandmasters altogether.

Even if they were gathered together, it would not be enough for the House of High Dukes to kill. As the House of High Dukes secretly possessed such an astounding power, they could not help but to be disheartened, so before they actually accumulated sufficient powers, they dared not mess around, in case they would be suppressed by the House of High Dukes.

Siao Shi said, “Now that the House of High Dukes is peaceful, the Imperial Residence is in chaos. Their powers are seriously damaged, which caused them to be bullied at their doorstep, Chu Li even had to personally make a move, I guess you can never really imagine the odd things in the world.”

Siao Tieying quickly asked, “What happened?”

Siao Shi told him about everything.

Siao Tieying frowned and said, “Prince Cheng…, that doesn’t sound good! … According to what I know, Prince Cheng was already naughty and mischievous since young, when he grew up, he became more aggravated, more capricious and horsed around, acquired a reckless behavior, and became an outlaw!”

Siao Shi scoffed and said, “Why didn’t the Emperor correct him?”

“His temper suited the Emperor’s taste, he’s rash, frank and straightforward, which is completely different from the shrewdness of other Princes, so the Emperor couldn’t bear to punish him.” Siao Tieying shook his head and said, “This also made him more and more uncontrollable, so if anyone provoked Prince Cheng, it’s definitely not going to sound good.”

“Prince An can handle it, right?”

“In terms of being favored by the Emperor, even ten Prince Ans will not be a match for one Prince Cheng!” Siao Tieying shook his head and said, “Prince Cheng is very generous with his money and possesses a magnanimity of a martial arts hero, so he managed to hook in quite a number of martial arts masters, you’ll have to be careful!”

Siao Tieying took out a white jade porcelain and handed it to Chu Li, “There are ten Spirit Blessing Pills inside. The efficacy of the Flaming Sun Grass that you brought previously was very strong, these the Spirit Blessing Pills were cultivated from those herbs, it’s much more powerful that our usual Spirit Blessing Pill.”

Chu Li smiled as he received it, he thanked him for the pills.

Back when they paid a visit to Mountain Shiwan, they simply picked up some Flaming Sun Grass.

The Flaming Sun Grass was rather scarce outside, but the House of High Dukes was not lacking of it. Since it was one of the main ingredient used to refine the Spirit Blessing Pill, it was always planted in the Herb Garden in the public house, however, the efficacy of the Flaming Sun Grass cultivated on their Spirit Land was at a world’s difference from the Flaming Sun Grass in Mountain Shiwan.

“You must use these ten Spirit Blessing Pills sparingly.” Siao Tieying briefed them seriously, “Not only can it save lives, it can also cure someone completely, it can be called as a panacea, as it will potentially turn things around during a crucial time!”

Chu Li nodded earnestly.

Usually, the Spirit Blessing Pill could only save lives, even if one was left with a final breath, that person could be saved. Nonetheless, the injuries would only recover through proper rest, it would not be restored in a flash.

Unlike that, the Spirit Blessing Pills that he was carrying at that moment could actually restore one’s injuries immediately, what a remarkable power.

While the three of them were chatting and laughing away on the Island of Symphony of the House of High Dukes, Meng Zhi brought three young men with imposing demeanors to the courtyard where the study room was located at.

Meng Zhi made the three of them waited for a while, then he entered Prince An’s study room first.