White Robed Chief Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Wildcard

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Prince An just woke up, his eyes were shining brightly.

Besides him were Princess Song and Princess Xue, Xu Ning was there as well, but was subconsciously neglected by the others.

“Greetings, Royal Highness!” Meng Zhi was dark and skinny, his face was full of dust, as if he travelled a long way in one breath.

Prince An said faintly, “You found those men?”

“I met your expectations, Your Highness, I managed to find them!” Meng Zhi was suddenly uplifted, he did a fist salute and said, “They’re waiting outside!”

“Very well, let them in!” Prince An’s eyes suddenly became clearer, he said in a low voice.

“Yes.” Meng Zhi did a fist salute again and backed away.

Both Princess Song and Princess Xue looked at Prince An with curiosity.

Prince An smiled faintly, “While I kept enduring, I was doing something as well, now I finally don’t have to put up with his attitude anymore!”

“Who did you find, Royal Highness?” Xue Ningyu asked.

“Top-notch masters.” Prince An was a little overjoyed as he said, “With them in the residence, we won’t have to be afraid of my ninth brother’s men anymore!”

“Are they really so powerful?” Xue Ningyu was doubtful.

She knew that martial art masters like that were hard to come by, there were only a few of them in the whole world. Moreover, most of them were unrestrained like wild stocks or floating clouds, they would not be attracted to the Imperial Residence for sure.

Prince An smiled and said nothing.

“Greetings, Royal Highness!” When the three men followed Meng Zhi into the study room, they did fist salutes and said in a hoarse voice.

Xue Ningyu looked at the three men from head to toe.

The three of them were rather good-looking, two of them were handsome, one of them overflowed with a heroic spirit, they looked sharp and threatening.

Prince An put his excitement aside and glanced at the three men casually, then he gently lowered his head and said, “Liu Xing.”

“Here!” An eminent young man stepped forward and did a fist salute reverently, “Greetings, Royal Highness!”

“Xiang Feixue.” Prince An said.

Another handsome young man who held a fan gently shook the fan to close it, he smiled and did a fist salute, “I’m Xiang Feixue, greetings, Royal Highness.”

“Huo Yuhao.” Prince An lowered his head and looked towards the last person.

Huo Yuhao had a threatening martial arts spirit, he looked arrogant and cold. He only did a fist salute and did not say a word.

“Very well, I’ve been expecting you for a long time, you’re finally here!” Prince An nodded calmly, it looked like he only did it out of courtesy, as if he did not bother about them at all, then he said faintly, “Get some rest tonight, report to Zheng Lide tomorrow, you’ll join the other Protectors and listen to his orders!”

“Yes.” The three of them did fist salutes.

Prince An said faintly, “Although Zheng Lide’s martial art is slightly inferior to yours, he is very well-experienced, and knows every inch of the Imperial Residence and the Fairy’s Capital. You must not be conceited or contemptuous and ignore his words, or else, if you commit a big mistake, I can only shed tears as I kill you, I will not show mercy at all! … Don’t say that I haven’t warned you!”

“Yes.” The three of them did fist salutes firmly.

Although Prince An looked sick, his power was still astonishing. Even if the cultivation level of the three men were sufficiently profound, if they really provoked Prince An, they would not be able to faze him, moreover, they had requests to make of Prince An.

Prince An waved his hand and signaled them to leave.

Meng Zhi led the three men out of the study room and made arrangements for them personally.

He knew very well how much the Royal Highness valued those three men, so in spite of the fact that the Royal Highness seemed to be slight, he could not actually be slight at all.

“Royal Highness, are the three of them really competent?” Xue Ningyu frowned and said, “They’re all very young!”

Prince An said faintly, “They’re all rare talents.”

“Since you trust them, Royal Highness, we’re relieved too, we’re no longer afraid that Prince Cheng will come and cause trouble anymore!” Song Liuying nodded and said, “Royal Highness, but the three of them look like they’re not going to be easily controlled.”

“It’s no bother.” Prince An smiled and continued, “They long for high ranks and great wealth, since I can provide them with that, they will naturally listen to me.”

“Alright…” The two ladies stopped doubting them, but secretly they were still dubious.

There were many people out there who could supply them with the glory and splendor in the world, many Princes were capable of that too, why did they choose to be loyal and devoted to none of them but Prince An? After thinking for some time, they felt that the Head Chief was still the most reliable man, it was a pity that the Royal Highness chose not to keep him due to past grudges.


Early morning, Chu Li brought Siao Shi back to Tianshu Courtyard.

After Siao Shi’s trip back home, she became much more light-hearted. Since she could return anytime, she did not miss home as much anymore.

Once Chu Li left the house, Xue Ling followed behind him.

Chu Li looked at Xue Ling as she bawled with her rosy lips.

The both of them arrived at Chu Li’s courtyard.

“Young Master, yesterday night, Prince An recruited three top-notch masters.” Xue Ling said softly, “Liu Xing, Xiang Feixue and Huo Yuhao, they’re all young talents.”

Chu Li raised his brows, “Have you met them?”

Xue Ling shook her head, “They’re here to deal with Prince Cheng, but I’m guessing that they will be going against you first, Young Master.”

Chu Li nodded.

As expected, Prince An found those men, he paid an enormous price to recruit those three masters. He promised them tons of benefits and even accosted them with the secretly transmitted antique study of the Imperial House, all of which he did to deal with him.

Yesterday when Xu Ning was not around, he saw through Prince An’s mind.

“Young Master, since Prince An is willing to recruit them, he must be confident about it.” Xue Ling said softly, “You must be wary of those three men, Young Master!”

“Yes, I understand.” Chu Li smiled and nodded, “You’re progressing well, you even managed to retrieve and information like that!”

Xue Ling pursed her lips and chuckled, “All thanks to your hard work, Young Master.”

Chu Li had become very popular and welcomed in the Imperial Residence, the protectors, maids and scribes were all grateful for him. Hence, should there be any unfavorable news about him, it would be delivered to them immediately, so she did not have to put too much effort into stretching her antenna to all corners of the Imperial Residence.

While the both of them talked, Chu Li suddenly frowned, “Someone is coming, let us go take a look.”

The two of them returned to Tianshu Courtyard, Xue Ling entered the house.

Right after Chu Li sat at the stone table under the prune tree, Meng Zhi came with three men.

Chu Li took a glance and noticed that those were all unfamiliar faces, they must be the three newly-arrived young talents.

“Greetings, Head Chief.” Meng Zhi did a fist salute and smiled.

Chu Li waved his hand and said, “I’m not the Head Chief anymore, what order does the Royal Highness have for me?”

“These three men are martial arts masters recruited by the Royal Highness.” Meng Zhi smiled and continued, “The Royal Highness is worried about Princess Siao’s safety, so he sent them over as Protectors, to ensure the Princess Siao will be safe and sound!”

Chu Li lowered his head and said faintly, “I’ll thank the Royal Highness on behalf of the Princess, it’s very thoughtful of the Royal Highness, these three men are…?”

“Liu Xing, Xiang Feixue, Huo Yuhao.” Meng Zhi introduced them respectively, “They’re all top-notch masters, but of course, still far from you, Head Chief!”

Chu Li waved his hand, “I don’t deserve that, I merely have skills like a farmer, but these three young heroes are fearsome and threatening, I can only admit my incompetence!”

“I hear that you’re a martial arts genius, Head Chief, you’ve achieved a high level of cultivation at such a young age. I’m Liu Xing, I’d like to ask you for advice of your martial arts, Head Chief!” Liu Xing who was exceedingly good-looking stepped forward and did a fist salute as he said that coldly.

Chu Li laughed and looked at Meng Zhi, “Is this the Royal Highness’ idea? He can’t trust these three young heroes so he wants to see what they’ve got?”

“Haha, of course the Royal Highness believe in these three young heroes, he’s afraid that you won’t trust in them, Head Chief.” Meng Zhi said smilingly.

Chu Li glanced at the three of them, they were all eager for action and itching to try.

They knew very well that Chu Li was their target, as for the people of the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng, they were secondary to him.

If they really managed to kill Chu Li, they would be able to obtain everything they wanted, be it secret manuals of martial art, beautiful ladies in Fairy’s Capital, or flagrant powers!