White Robed Chief Chapter 378

Chapter 378 Awe Stricken

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Chu Li sighed and helplessly said, “I’ve already been stripped of the Head Chief position, His Royal Highness still isn’t letting me off the hook?”

Meng Zhi smiled deceitfully, “Head Chief, you’ve misinterpreted. His Royal Highness wanted you to check out their martial arts so that you’ll trust to hand Princess Siao over to them, so that you have time for other matters.”

“Other matters?” Chu Li narrowed his eyes and smiled, “His Royal Highness must have mistaken? I keep watch by the young lady’s side, how can I possibly leave?”

“If there’s better candidates than the Head Chief to be Princess Siao’s protectors, wouldn’t that be safer?” Meng Zhi chortled, “There is no need for the Head Chief to remain here. There’s a shortage of men in the Imperial Residence. Having Head Chief to take charge is equivalent to three men!”

Chu Li smiled, “His Royal Highness really has thought about this and planned carefully.”

This tactic was brutal enough, taking the second young lady as hostage in case he fled. He was forcing him to go against these three.

“Hehe, His Royal Highness has always been so. Plan before execution and it works without fail!” Meng Zhi closed fist saluted at the direction of the study den and respectably remarked.

Chu Li answered, “Alright then. A fight can’t be avoided, then the three of you should gang up.”

“What an arrogant tone!” Liu Xing coldly smiled, “Let me see what you’ve got!”

Chu Li smiled, “Great, if you can take in one punch of mine, I’ll consider that you’ve won!”

As he spoke these words, he swiftly pulled a punch.

The time he spent on talking, spiritual energy was surging from all directions, creeping without attracting their attention, circulating through the heart technique of the Scripture of Duality. It purified the inner energy to operate the Infinite Sea of Azure, piling up fold by fold.

By the sixth fold, his meridian indistinctly swell in pain, but he kept going until the seventh fold.

The impact of the seventh fold was double the sixth fold as his meridian shook. With a slight external force, it could crumble instantly.

It was a move where he had no other alternative and it had to be a striking move, that would intimidate the three or else if the three were to gang up, he could only linger in battle with his Light Body Technique and once locked in a stalemate, his reputation would be affected.

“Alright, then we’ll take that hit!” Liu Xing smiled without a care.

His body technique was uniquely fast. His fist technique was also one of the best. He proclaimed that not many could take his one hit.

Seeing Chu Li’s incoming gliding fist attack, his internal alarms were blazing, warning him to dodge but his hot bloodedness in his veins was not bulging.

His inner energy circulated all over his body and pushed forth one fist with all his might.

“Pop!” It sounded like little stone fell into a deep well.

It was as though as Liu Xing was trampled by the hinds of a horse as his body flat out flew and pulled back by a string when he knocked onto a wall.

“Bang!” The walls trembled. Liu Xing was hanging onto the wall like a painting, without sliding downwards with gravity.

Chu Li retrieved his fits into his long sleeves and smiled with his hands behind his back, “Careless, are we?”

Liu Xing was blank as if frozen as he stuck onto the wall.

“Old Liu?’ The handsome charming Huo Yuhao went up to pat on his face.

Xiang Feixue was waving his folding fan with a smile as if he did not witness this fist technique.

Liu Xing suddenly opened his mouth and blood was vomited at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao quickly moved out of the way to dodge. He thanked his lucky stars that he was quick enough or else with such a short distance and sudden move, it would be hard to him to avoid.

“You alright?” Huo Yuhao asked.

He knew that the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence’s martial arts was to be reckoned and unmatched within the Residence. However, seeing his age was similar to his, and even he had a chance encounter and high level cultivation, the difference wouldn’t be that huge that Liu Xing couldn’t even take one hit.

While they were on their way, when they were unconvinced with each other, they had already exchanged fists plenty of times.

The three of them were neck to neck with superb Light Body Technique and high level cultivation. They were rare talents.

They originally thought they were the only ones. After all, chance encounters were chance encounters, with the possibility visually slim. They couldn’t believe there were another two of them so they valued each other.

After the spewing of blood by Liu Xing, his body went limp and sluggishly slid down the wall.

Huo Yuhao grabbed onto his and had him standing by balancing onto the wall. He couldn’t care less on the cleanliness of his garments at that point.

“I… I’m alright.” Liu Xing smiled with difficulty.

He looked to Chu Li with a solemn expression.

He thought that having the three of them take care of a young man would be this easy. He never would have thought that this fellow was stronger than him by so much. Such a level of cultivation was undefeatable even with the three of them ganging up.

Chu Li smiled and looked at Xiang Feixue, “And young master Xiang would like to try it out?”

Xiang Feixue closed his folding fan and smiled with confidence, “Head Chief must have activated some potential secret skill, right?”

Chu Li responded, “To go against a master such as Chen Kong, then there’s a need for secret skill but with you guys…”

He shook his head and smiled, “Then let’s wait a while before we exchange blows then.”

“No need,” said Xiang Feixue. “I heard how superb Head Chief’s Light Body Technique us. I want to see so myself.”

Chu Li flashed appeared behind him with his hand on his shoulder. He smiled, “Like this?”

Xiang Feixue instead felt chills down his spine.

He was confident with his Light Body Technique. Even if it wasn’t the world’s first, it must ranked within the top ten. There could be others that were comparable but not surpassing his.

Chu Li’s move had him terrified. With that earlier show, he couldn’t beat the speed. He would have died once already!

“Okay, I am convinced!” Xiang Feixue closed fist saluted, “I admit defeat.”

Meng Zhi’s facial expressions went through a roller coaster while watching besides.

First it was Liu Xing an then Xiang Feixue. Both of them admitted defeat. The remaining Huo Yuhao didn’t seemed interested in a fight. The three of them were at a similar level of cultivation.

Chu Li turned to look at Meng Zhi, “I would like to learn a thing or two from deputy chief.”

He flashed disappeared and Meng Zhi contorted his body to attack but came empty handed. He quickly threw another blow but that came to nothing as well.

Once he heard laughter, he turned to look and saw Chu Li still standing where he was, as if he never moved.

Chu Li smiled, “Deputy Chief, it was just a joke.”

Meng Zhi felt his face burning with shame as though someone had slapped him a few times. He gritted his teeth and death stared at Chu Li, “Head Chief is indeed capable!”

Chu Li suddenly flashed appeared behind him and with a push of his palm, he threw up.

“Wah!” Meng Zhi spitted out blood and fell weakly onto the ground.

The trio did not went up to pick him up. They stared at him with pity.

Chu Li lowered his head to stare at Meng Zhi. He smiled, “Deputy Chief, if you want to kill someone, you shouldn’t be discourteous so that people don’t look down on our Imperial Residence. Don’t you think so?”

Meng Zhi closed fist saluted and swallowed the upcoming blood with difficulty. He spoke with trouble, “Thank you for your teachings, Head Chief. I will never forget.”

Chu Li light nodded and smiled, “Okay. It’s best if you can remember or having a person like out there is an embarrassment to His Royal Highness.”

Meng Zhi bit his tongue and did not say a word.

Chu Li flashed retreated by the stone table and closed fist saluted, “Then I won’t bother you three young heroes. I myself will keep watch of the young lady. Commander Meng, it’s best you return and help me thank His Royal Highness for his kindness.”

“Yes, we shall take our leave!” Meng Zhi gritted his teeth and slowly spoke.

Chu Li waved his hand, “Then I will not see you off.”

The trio left Tianshu Courtyard, disheartened.

Once out of the courtyard, Meng Zhi instantly collapsed, as he could not bear any longer.

Huo Yuhao was helpless as he extended his other arm to help him up,

His right arm held onto Liu Xing while his left arm on Meng Zhi. Xiang Feixue was fanning himself, with a carefree smile. It did not cross his mind to help out at all.

Huo Yuhao glared at him but could do nothing of it. This was what he’d get for being friends with one with mysophobia.