White Robed Chief Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Decision

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Xue Ling came out of the house and smiled, “Young master, are these the masters that Prince An so painfully sought after?”

Chu Li answered, “Do not look down on them, they are indeed powerful.”

“They couldn’t even take one hit from young master,” Xue Ling wasn’t impressed.

Chu Li shook his head, “That hit was with all my might. If Liu Xing is able to block against it, then it would be long fight.”

“It seems that they were intimidated by young master,” Xue Ling smiled.

Chu Li responded, “The masters that Prince An sought after this time are impressive.”

“Young master can finally have some peace and let them go up against Prince Chong,” said Xue Ling. “Lest Prince An blames you for taking his limelight.”

Chu Li nodded.

The trio and Meng Zhi returned to the courtyards where they stayed.

Meng Zhi sat by the stone table and spat out blood.

“Motherfucker, this fella with the surname Chu!” Meng Zhi went pale and hatefully scorned.

“There’s a grain of truth in every rumor,” Xiang Feixue waved his fan and smiled. “No wonder His Royal Highness is worried of him.”

“You three can’t team up to take him down?”

Xiang Feixue answered, “His Light Body Technique is too good, teaming up would be fruitless.”

Meng Zhi snorted, “His weakness is Princess Siao.”

“Commander Meng, we dare not disrespect the consort princess,” Xiang Feixue waved his fan and smiled. “To others we can but the consort princess is out of the question. His Royal Highness may harbor a grudge.”

The trio shook their heads. This was a lousy idea. Meng Zhi must have knocked his head and lost his mind.

“His Royal Highness is not that concerned about this Princess Siao,” Meng Zhi scoffed.

“It doesn’t matter whether His Royal Highness was concerned or not. She is a princess consort. With this in mind, we dare not offend,” Xiang Feixue smiled as he shook his head.

Liu Xing and Huo Yuhao glared at Meng Zhi with disdain.

This was merely treating the three of them as a collateral, using them to rid of someone.

They took orders from His Royal Highness and not this Meng Deputy Commander. He didn’t seem to realize this and still pestered them.

Xiang Feixue was getting impatient and felt he didn’t know his place. He smiled, “It’s better for Commander Meng to return and treat your wounds. Don’t delay it further.”

“Sigh…” Meng Zhi shook his head. “His Royal Highness sought you out to defeat that guy with the surname Chu. And now that it has come to this, it’s hard to report back to His Royal Highness.”

The three of them exchanged glances and frowned internally.

This was indeed troublesome. Initially they thought that as it was a young man and at almost the same age as them, his cultivation level wouldn’t be higher than them. They didn’t think that he was this great and couldn’t be taken care of.

Prince An sought them out to defeat this Chu Li and now they have lost this value.

“Why don’t we just leave?” Xiang Feixue smiled.

He had an inkling.

The three of them were now high in demand. They weren’t here just for Chu Li, there was still threats from the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng.

If men from the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng were to wage war and His Royal Highness as well as the protectors of the Imperial Residence could do nothing of it, hope would then fall on the three of them.

Chu Li has already exterminated two of the protectors of Prince Cheng, indicating they weren’t that powerful and the three of them could take care of it.

Meng Zhi clenched his teeth and snorted, “Ah well, we must take our time in this.”

He knew the situation. Even if they couldn’t defeat Chu Li, they still had their values and could not be let go.

“Commander Meng, it’s better to return and treat your wounds,” Xiang Feixue smiled.

“Alright, I’ll go,” Meng Zhi asked for a snub and left in a huff.

The trio stared at this figure until it disappeared before they shook their heads. The Imperial Residence was not that simple, and well politicked. The three of them have to hold onto each other and build spirit before they were enveloped in all of these.

Meng Zhi took a few pill medicines and came to Prince An’s den, reporting the earlier scene.

“Humph, this Chu Li!” Prince An gnashed his teeth. He looked murky and seemed to come to a decision as he dully responded, “Although these three are unable to defeat Chu Li, they should be enough to handle the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng. Even if Chen Kong comes over, they would be able to handle it!”

“Your Royal Highness, are we just going to let Chu Li go?” Meng Zhi was unwilling.

He was heavily wounded by Chu Li’s fist. This didn’t really matter. What could not be forgiven was his tone, which left him burning with shame.

Prince An threw him a dull look, “Patience. We will find a time to rid of him. Go now.”

“… Yes,” Meng Zhi helplessly lowered his head and left.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu exchanged glances, not knowing what to say to Prince An.

“You two should leave first. I’ll need a word with Revered Sir,” Prince An turned to the two females.

“Your Royal Highness, do not overtire yourself. Rest well and earliest recovery,” Song Liuying gently wished.

Prince An nodded.

Once the two females left, Prince An turned his gaze upon Xu Ning.

Xu Ning pressed his palms together, “Your Royal Highness.”

“Revered Sir, it looks like I don’t have any other choice,” Prince An dully began.

Xu Ning responded, “Your Royal Highness, there’s thousands of doctrine under Buddhism, all seeking for Ultimate Land Of Bliss. The Revered One of the World has taught everyone that the most important wisdom is to let go. To let go is to obtain release. Your Royal Highness should let go.”

“Let go…” Prince An laughed.

Xu Ning pressed his palms together and bowed.

Prince An shook his head, “If I were to let go, then it is a carefree life to be a peaceful prince but what’s there to life then? It’s just so close to touch that position, to step into Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary land and be conceited. How can I let go?”

“This is the source all Your Royal Highness’ worries,” Xu Ning sighed. “Grudges and gratitude, love and hatred, it’s all but futile.

“If Revered Sir were to give up Nirvana, could you?”

“Amitabha…” Xu Ning shook his head and sighed. “It seemed Your Royal Highness has made up your mind.”

“Yes, I can only do so,” Prince An dully replied. “Chu Li has become my inner demon. If I can’t even exterminate this inner demon, how can I talk about emperorship and conquering territories?”

“Amitabha…” Xu Ning pressed his palms together and spoke no more.

Four Grandmasters encircled the Imperial Residence of Prince An and if anyone dared to come out, they would gang up on them.

Two masters were dead and following the instructions of Prince Cheng, they were going to raid the Imperial Residence of Prince An for revenge.

Chen Kong managed to advise Prince Cheng that doing so was too extreme. Encircling the outside and have the people of Imperial Residence of Prince An on pins and needles was enough.

These four were the ones to hunt down protectors and scribe of the Imperial Residence of Prince An. Whoever dared to come out, regardless of identity, would be sentenced to death.

It was in the afternoon where the sun was brightly shining. The gates of the Imperial Residence of Prince An opened up and out came a scribe and three young protectors following behind.

The four Grandmasters’ eyes instantly blinked brightly.

There was four! This would be enjoyable enough, especially the three Grandmasters at the back. They were Grandmasters at such a young age.

If they could kill them, it would be a great rush of adrenaline. They hated those people who had chance encounters or talents. God was so unfair. It was better to get rid of them if they ever laid eye on them!

The four harbored raging murderous intent at the incoming four.

Suddenly they were stunned, the three young protectors disappeared out of sight, out of thin air.

“This is bad!” The four men’s heart sank. From warning instincts, he charged forward with all his might, dodging the attack from the back.

Liu Xing, the trio teamed up to go up against one.

Although that person was vigilant and dashed up ahead, his technique was no match to the trio. They caught up to him and was hit in the back which sent him flying away. The assault by the trio was enough to be deeply wounded.

The trio then teamed up to assault another person.

The remaining three saw the situation disfavored them and immediately had their backs faced each other for a face off.